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File: 1319070044087.jpg (251247 B, 1280x1024) [ GIS ]
No.858 [Reply]
251247 B

good evenin' ladies :3

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File: 1421744009387.jpg (89131 B, 500x669) [ GIS ]
No.6145 [Permalink]
2015-01-20 03:53
89131 B

Another pic of me thanks to macrotic. Moar on the way if you like :3

No.6146 [Permalink]
2015-01-20 05:13

I also wrote an erotic game for my friend Emmy. And she said it was okay to share so here it is :3

This will work on PCs but not phones just so you know but I think you'll like ;)

No.6158 [Permalink]
2015-01-28 18:25

yep pretty arousing
Having said that I always find Twine stories a bit lifeless without illustrations: you should draw some scenes for your next game ;)

File: 1418938706954.jpg (113408 B, 1920x1080) [ GIS ]
No.6054 [Reply]
2014-12-18 16:38
113408 B

Heya! Just making my way over from my old thread on the crossdressing board, comments/criticisms are gladly welcomed!

As of today I'm one week on HRT, still presenting primarily as male-ish at work and whatnot but gradually making the change over.

I'll post more if people want more, I'll hold off for now though!

19 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6155 [Permalink]
2015-01-26 18:11

:3 daww thanks so much. I wish I had someone's hand to hold!

Thank you! ^~^
That first pic wasn't great, I agree.

No.6156 [Permalink]
2015-01-27 13:10

You're beautiful. OMG.
I wish we could go on a date!

No.6157 [Permalink]
2015-01-27 23:44

^~^ thanks so much!

File: 1419711294177.jpg (496065 B, 1440x2560) [ GIS ]
No.6086 [Reply]
2014-12-27 15:14
496065 B

Slowly gaining more confidence, Now real signs of HRT showing yet besides a soreness in my nipular region
Any criticism is welcome, I can take it

7 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6117 [Permalink]
2015-01-06 00:12

Thanks everybody, I appreciate the kindness, when I get home this weekend I will defiantly take more pics :3

No.6129 [Permalink]
2015-01-13 18:06

Well, I'd stick your face or ass, even though you said "defiantly"

No.6154 [Permalink]
2015-01-26 08:41


y no more??
you're fucking gorgeous.

File: 1347449397933.jpg (3716636 B, 2736x3648) [ GIS ]
No.2684 [Reply]
3716636 B
109 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6120 [Permalink]
2015-01-10 12:03

>>6050 belong on /cd/? do you know what board this is?

No.6137 [Permalink]
2015-01-14 22:31


Halo 4 edition controller with some sexy legs. What more do you want?

No.6138 [Permalink]
2015-01-14 23:10


1) you are super sexy, keep it going
2) those legs drive me crazy
3) That is the Halo 4 edition Xbox Controller. I got it too.

File: 1419103585332.jpg (85268 B, 417x900) [ GIS ]
No.6059 [Reply]
2014-12-20 14:26
85268 B

hi!!!! It's been a while since I posted here (when I was still in the closet), now I have been on TRH for two years more or less and so happy to be myself at last. This is how i usually dress, if you like i can post some more sexier pics.... :)

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6062 [Permalink]
2014-12-21 13:52


Constructive Criticism:
Ok, the body looks good for a starting point. Your face in this pic looks like you have a 5 o'clock shadow, and your glasses don't look effeminine enough. Also, maybe a smile would help as opposed to the "I'm embarassed" grin you're sporting here.

Just an old lurker's $.02.

File: 1419218313001.jpg (79945 B, 426x900) [ GIS ]
No.6067 [Permalink]
2014-12-21 22:18
79945 B

The glasses are the ones i always use, i guess i´ll go someday for another different pair.... meanwhile i leave this here to see how the criticism evolves.... :)

No.6127 [Permalink]
2015-01-12 18:14

Keep an eye out on your body language! In the first two pictures you look a bit shy, insecure; while in the third you don't stand "naturally" if you know what I mean.


>shave everything
>put on make-up, experiment on how much
>get a nice pair of glasses

File: 1366851188565.jpg (517882 B, 1200x1476) [ GIS ]
No.4279 [Reply]
517882 B

New thread time :3

152 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6112 [Permalink]
2015-01-03 19:10


eh, I would probably just want to trade you magic cards for smiley pictures.

No.6115 [Permalink]
2015-01-05 00:02

I'm always good with that too :3

File: 1417403034700.jpg (41206 B, 437x959) [ GIS ]
No.6019 [Reply]
2014-11-30 22:03
41206 B

just stumbled upon here

17 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1420259580802.jpg (625098 B, 2693x958) [ GIS ]
No.6109 [Permalink]
2015-01-02 23:33
625098 B

New year New Hair

No.6110 [Permalink]
2015-01-03 02:04

Ur shit looks infected dog

prayin 4u

No.6111 [Permalink]
2015-01-03 02:13

>>6109 disinfect those titties and let a doctor see them

File: 1418070609167.jpg (836668 B, 1944x2592) [ GIS ]
No.6040 [Reply]
2014-12-08 15:30
836668 B


15 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1419774094289.jpg (362618 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.6097 [Permalink]
2014-12-28 08:41
362618 B

File: 1419774168050.jpg (56594 B, 827x620) [ GIS ]
No.6098 [Permalink]
2014-12-28 08:42
56594 B

I have the most perky tits! :D

No.6107 [Permalink]
2015-01-02 05:17

>>6096 Sharpie in pooper

File: 1419633483469.jpg (33025 B, 500x281) [ GIS ]
No.6078 [Reply]
2014-12-26 17:38
33025 B

Hi I'm Elizabeth.

4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1419633707425.jpg (159850 B, 1280x720) [ GIS ]
No.6083 [Permalink]
2014-12-26 17:41
159850 B

File: 1419633739225.jpg (129980 B, 1280x720) [ GIS ]
No.6084 [Permalink]
2014-12-26 17:42
129980 B
No.6088 [Permalink]
2014-12-27 20:15

Oh such a beauty we've got here.
Would cuddle/10

closed File: 1418192404371.jpg (47668 B, 338x600) [ GIS ]
No.6043 [Reply]
2014-12-10 01:20
47668 B

Queen Krahe
whatever other names she went by is a complete and total fraud.

Her current thread.

She was taking advantage of us by pretending she was a 21 year old trans girl who needed money when really she is a greedy 27 year old cis woman.

Here is her Fetlife:

her username name is BoundWraith

No.6044 [Permalink]
2014-12-10 01:35


File: 1418214919225.jpg (479293 B, 1440x900) [ GIS ]
No.6045 [Permalink]
2014-12-10 07:35
479293 B

Hate to shit on your parade (I don't) but...just a cursory look into her profile and you can find this

File: 1411901791850.jpg (293756 B, 897x1200) [ GIS ]
No.5918 [Reply]
2014-09-28 06:56
293756 B

Hay there. Been a while since I've posted on here. :)

27 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6010 [Permalink]
2014-11-20 21:48

Dat ass.

More like this please!

File: 1416560623073.jpg (168181 B, 1200x900) [ GIS ]
No.6011 [Permalink]
2014-11-21 04:03
168181 B

I know, and it's gonna take me so damned long! I make do with what I've got..

File: 1416561263900.jpg (217102 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.6012 [Permalink]
2014-11-21 04:14
217102 B

I don't have any more like that at the moment, so I will have to make sure someone takes a pic next time I do a scene. But here's a pic of my ass the next day.

File: 1371708301565.png (3055906 B, 1936x1296) [ GIS ]
No.4630 [Reply]
3055906 B

Soo... I know anon doesnt normally like Dark skinned... Anything. But hay, IDGAF!

Thought I'd say hey ^, ,^

72 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5930 [Permalink]
2014-10-01 20:19

LMAO ay fam for real tho...why you got a banner of yourself in your room XD

File: 1412607565535.png (4689565 B, 1366x2040) [ GIS ]
No.5944 [Permalink]
2014-10-06 10:59
4689565 B

It's my booth banner. And cam, video, photography backdrop. ...I'm a porn star.

No.6009 [Permalink]
2014-11-19 17:35

Do you make trips to NY?

File: 1333587420088.jpg (163654 B, 480x640) [ GIS ]
No.1973 [Reply]
163654 B

What do you guys think?

20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2573 [Permalink]


No.5998 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:41


No.6003 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:53


File: 1322128735452.jpg (72942 B, 720x960) [ GIS ]
No.1119 [Reply]
72942 B
24 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5515 [Permalink]

I don't know how I ended up on this site but, I'm from Southern Maine and I'm actually pretty good looking.... Won best smile in highschool.
Where are you from? Pretty weird I know but if you want to talk or something let me know.

No.5519 [Permalink]

Damn gurl he got credentials. BEST SMILE IN HIGH SCHOOL. Get on that.

No.6002 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:48


File: 1389217315580.jpg (70661 B, 480x480) [ GIS ]
No.5503 [Reply]
70661 B

This is my first time using this :o hi boys :)

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5700 [Permalink]

Your so sexy

No.5756 [Permalink]

>>5503 Awesome hair and sexy lips!!

No.6001 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:47


File: 1362749402370.jpg (2524069 B, 2736x3648) [ GIS ]
No.3890 [Reply]
2524069 B

So.... Lexi here Xx

First time posting on the trans board, hope i'm welcome ^_^
Almost a year on HRT and i'm 22 and it's working out pretty wel so far Xx

msn: the_ninja (hotmail co uk)
skype: ninjatrap

200 posts and 74 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
This thread has too many posts. Start a new one because this one won't bump!

File: 1402552495398.jpg (3561123 B, 4272x2848) [ GIS ]
No.5831 [Permalink]
2014-06-12 01:54
3561123 B

Saying they don't sell Spirotone anymore what is everyone buying/using :/?

No.6000 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:44


No.6103 [Permalink]
2014-12-31 17:20

Hey do u have a kik msg

File: 1340429841550.jpg (197314 B, 480x622) [ GIS ]
No.2342 [Reply]
197314 B


5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.2440 [Permalink]

total babe
shame not to see more pics

File: 1345622960568.jpg (35123 B, 694x530) [ GIS ]
No.2532 [Permalink]
35123 B

moar photos at

No.5999 [Permalink]
2014-11-16 18:42


File: 1415847379267.jpg (398122 B, 1034x582) [ GIS ]
No.5993 [Reply]
2014-11-12 21:56
398122 B

Hey guys n' gals It's me Ashley Jones (transgender), I'm back! :D share/comment/like the video please! Also don't forget to sub! <3 ^_^

No.5995 [Permalink]
2014-11-13 13:18

Ohai, very much a fan of the minimal makeup. Your awkward disposition is cute too. ;)

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