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File: 1407197766510.jpg (113279 B, 480x640) [ GIS ]
No.6065 [Reply]
2014-08-04 20:16
113279 B

Hey there

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No.6169 [Permalink]
2014-09-20 22:57

love the shape of your body. those tits are excellent!

No.6170 [Permalink]
2014-09-21 07:28

No doubt about it you are insanely cute very refreshing coming here and viewing your post

No.6171 [Permalink]
2014-09-21 17:05


You went about it the proper way, nothing wrong with that. And if it has turned out to be the best thing you've done, then it's definitely a good thing. thumbs up

File: 1402597521329.jpg (25595 B, 500x375) [ GIS ]
No.5996 [Reply]
2014-06-12 14:25
25595 B

Heya Tranchan, my name's Chloe. I'm MTF but I'm not on hormones or anything yet.

Am I pretty enough to be a trap? ;3;

17 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6124 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 04:48

Wow! :)

No.6161 [Permalink]
2014-09-17 11:25

Does no-one else appreciate these slutty pictures? I was thinking of taking some more wearing this swimsuit ;m;

No.6162 [Permalink]
2014-09-18 13:26

Oh I would so love to meet you

File: 1395793090147.jpg (195188 B, 720x1280) [ GIS ]
No.5778 [Reply]
195188 B

Old topic filled up so here we go. :3

94 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6140 [Permalink]
2014-09-02 19:56

your a big inspiration for me. Thank you for being yourself.

No.6142 [Permalink]
2014-09-02 23:06

wasup Yuka
will u make some videos or release these videos?
thank u

File: 1410897117967.gif (1882603 B, 251x142) [ GIS ]
No.6160 [Permalink]
2014-09-16 15:51
1882603 B

>>6140 wow thx ^_^
>>6142 highly doubtful

File: 1408866597342.jpg (72282 B, 720x480) [ GIS ]
No.6095 [Reply]
2014-08-24 03:49
72282 B


16 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6120 [Permalink]
2014-08-26 04:33

SMY vid was fucking hot

File: 1409073315552.jpg (140068 B, 960x1440) [ GIS ]
No.6121 [Permalink]
2014-08-26 13:15
140068 B

Hmmm, shyvieshiv at gmail

No.6145 [Permalink]
2014-09-05 13:12

Sexy as fuck

File: 1379659421489.jpg (89040 B, 960x600) [ GIS ]
No.5436 [Reply]
89040 B

I just made my first Introduction video on Youtube, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5468 [Permalink]

The bar just got raised.

No.6086 [Permalink]
2014-08-12 20:59


No.6094 [Permalink]
2014-08-22 23:59

Love you Ashley~


File: 1353812730360.jpg (325845 B, 1920x2560) [ GIS ]
No.3928 [Reply]
325845 B

What's the verdict /trap/?

34 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6087 [Permalink]
2014-08-13 20:08

Need... More...

No.6090 [Permalink]
2014-08-18 23:30

I agree, what are you waiting to take new pics?

No.6091 [Permalink]
2014-08-20 18:23

would destroy

File: 1400346040849.jpg (1521668 B, 1880x2816) [ GIS ]
No.5935 [Reply]
2014-05-17 13:00
1521668 B

Hello lovelies,

Do I qualify? Or am I too old? Im 32...:(

22 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6046 [Permalink]
2014-07-20 20:41

that dress is crazy flattering.

File: 1406970782751.jpg (857404 B, 1880x2816) [ GIS ]
No.6064 [Permalink]
2014-08-02 05:13
857404 B

A little bit of naughtyness

No.6074 [Permalink]
2014-08-06 04:27


Very women few could make the dress look good.
You're not even on hormones.

File: 1321338439531.jpg (138845 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.1224 [Reply]
138845 B

Was told to I belonged here/moved here. So.... here's some more pics!

70 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6053 [Permalink]
2014-07-22 00:40

You came back
after a year
good things do happen

No.6054 [Permalink]
2014-07-22 00:42

I would like to see your bare ass or see you wet after a shower. Looking forward to seeing more of you.

No.6055 [Permalink]
2014-07-22 15:53

You are really pretty. I would also love to see more of your ass, especially in a thong if you have one.

File: 1375745231528.jpg (481610 B, 1920x1080) [ GIS ]
No.5279 [Reply]
481610 B

I dunno if I am trap tier but whatevs.

58 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5882 [Permalink]

I loved ya blue hair, but I think you rock the short cut way better. With your spider bites it just makes a guy wanna see you on your knees. Hope ya come back!!!

No.6034 [Permalink]
2014-07-14 08:35

purple hair

No.6038 [Permalink]
2014-07-15 14:28

When are you gonna come back to tease us with more pics

File: 1369808302088.jpg (34195 B, 412x501) [ GIS ]
No.5061 [Reply]
34195 B


41 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5842 [Permalink]

Very cute, your name can be "snaptrap" :P

No.5849 [Permalink]

that's actually too good lmao. how did you come up with that though? i didnt post up any of my snap chats here? unless you saw them on like tumblr or /r/traps

No.6035 [Permalink]
2014-07-14 08:36


File: 1399065999225.jpg (153638 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.5885 [Reply]
2014-05-02 17:26
153638 B

Hello boys and gurls :)

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6020 [Permalink]
2014-07-01 06:14

Need better shot of your face.

No.6022 [Permalink]
2014-07-08 10:31

Come back! D:

No.6030 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 13:40

wow! you look gorgeous!

File: 1363487231401.jpg (395880 B, 1280x1920) [ GIS ]
No.4795 [Reply]
395880 B

Who is this lovely trap? I have seen her everyone but no one cares to give out a name.

15 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.4855 [Permalink]

ohmy! this is just a dream!

File: 1364566591368.jpg (34498 B, 600x411) [ GIS ]
No.4864 [Permalink]
34498 B

Any trap who wears platform heels is hot in my book

No.6021 [Permalink]
2014-07-01 18:23

Thanks, Raz. Anyone have the set?

File: 1325137229388.jpg (863939 B, 853x1280) [ GIS ]
No.1544 [Reply]
863939 B

hi ladies!

200 posts and 76 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
This thread has too many posts. Start a new one because this one won't bump!
No.5979 [Permalink]
2014-05-26 21:41

Would you ever shoot with a trans woman? If so email me at im patient ;)

No.5981 [Permalink]
2014-05-30 04:34

>>5894 Thank you for returning!:)

No.5995 [Permalink]
2014-06-08 20:13


Ms. Azure, are you aware of Project 99?

File: 1397415422823.jpg (278030 B, 1080x1920) [ GIS ]
No.5855 [Reply]
278030 B

unsure if this is new

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5931 [Permalink]
2014-05-16 02:46


No.5982 [Permalink]
2014-05-30 08:27

love to play that game with her

File: 1400863302295.jpg (85484 B, 640x640) [ GIS ]
No.5957 [Reply]
2014-05-23 12:41
85484 B

What does everyone think? Can I stay, or should I GTFO?

9 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5968 [Permalink]
2014-05-23 22:43


Yes, like that. Also wanna see them glutes!

No.5972 [Permalink]
2014-05-24 04:37

You can only stay if you post more.

No.5980 [Permalink]
2014-05-29 19:15

put on corset & leather boots

File: 1400611741778.jpg (48574 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.5940 [Reply]
2014-05-20 14:49
48574 B

I tried to purge, but ultimately my need to trap was too great. Be gentle.

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5945 [Permalink]
2014-05-20 20:58


You made the right choice not to purge, you look great. :)

No.5946 [Permalink]
2014-05-20 23:19

>>5940 Please trap me

No.5948 [Permalink]
2014-05-21 02:02

Pfft. As cute as you are, being gentle with you would be a fucking crime.

File: 1372272722805.jpg (109360 B, 768x1024) [ GIS ]
No.5141 [Reply]
109360 B

Hi from Russia.

24 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5810 [Permalink]


No.5815 [Permalink]

You have beautiful eyes and a super cute smile, gorgeous!

No.5890 [Permalink]
2014-05-03 19:16

You're adorable. You look great in bangs.

File: 1343088231990.jpg (107852 B, 690x569) [ GIS ]
No.2947 [Reply]
107852 B

Hi folks, I'm back and better than ever. Put a few pounds on since last time, mainly on my arse so it's not too bad. Hope you enjoy the pics. Took them this afternoon.

69 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5786 [Permalink]

>>5768 Seems like the work I'm putting into my ass is working then lol

No.5874 [Permalink]

Dear lord I wanna lick your ass so badly

No.5886 [Permalink]
2014-05-02 21:33

Maybe. We'll need to see more pics before we can say for sure.

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