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File: 1408866597342.jpg (72282 B, 720x480) [ GIS ]
No.6095 [Reply]
2014-08-24 03:49
72282 B


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File: 1409073315552.jpg (140068 B, 960x1440) [ GIS ]
No.6121 [Permalink]
2014-08-26 13:15
140068 B

Hmmm, shyvieshiv at gmail

No.6145 [Permalink]
2014-09-05 13:12

Sexy as fuck

No.6219 [Permalink]
2014-10-27 18:57


Need to look that up.

File: 1414033260803.jpg (78659 B, 427x640) [ GIS ]
No.6216 [Reply]
2014-10-22 23:01
78659 B

eh fuck it i like attention.

am i cute enough to trap? 11mo HRT

No.6218 [Permalink]
2014-10-26 13:04


Cute enough... but dem forehead lines, tho. Not helping. Why so srs?

File: 1407197766510.jpg (113279 B, 480x640) [ GIS ]
No.6065 [Reply]
2014-08-04 20:16
113279 B

Hey there

47 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6212 [Permalink]
2014-10-09 19:20

When he fucks me on my back legs up hands pinned & I cum involuntarily under the force of his big hard manly cock <3

All above just a few of the quotes from this amazing lady!

You are so sub Jess! It turns me on as much as your pics themselves...

File: 1413301173607.jpg (192167 B, 648x864) [ GIS ]
No.6215 [Permalink]
2014-10-14 11:39
192167 B

>>6194 thanks! I sitll have some work to do but I am glad I've made progress :)

>>6199 tee hee! ;)

>>6203 Pretty much what the post under you said. When I get fucked in the butt really hard I cum involuntarily and it's fantastic. You'll see, there will be vids eventually.

>>6212 Thank you! Yay for being a buttslut :3

No.6217 [Permalink]
2014-10-23 03:10

>>6076 absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File: 1412290164759.gif (2081176 B, 200x295) [ GIS ]
No.6195 [Reply]
2014-10-02 18:49
2081176 B

Anybody know her name or have anymore vids of her?

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6204 [Permalink]
2014-10-09 12:04

Ts Kelli

No.6213 [Permalink]
2014-10-10 20:03

>>6204 does she have any more content? That name is really common and hard to search for

File: 1413233304546.webm (1349951 B, 600x480) [ GIS ]
No.6214 [Permalink]
2014-10-13 16:48
1349951 B

File: 1321338439531.jpg (138845 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.1224 [Reply]
138845 B

Was told to I belonged here/moved here. So.... here's some more pics!

72 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6055 [Permalink]
2014-07-22 15:53

You are really pretty. I would also love to see more of your ass, especially in a thong if you have one.

No.6174 [Permalink]
2014-09-23 03:42

first time on tranchan, you are beautiful.

No.6206 [Permalink]
2014-10-09 12:26

Can we see your ass in a thong bent over? Im from MN too! ;)

File: 1402597521329.jpg (25595 B, 500x375) [ GIS ]
No.5996 [Reply]
2014-06-12 14:25
25595 B

Heya Tranchan, my name's Chloe. I'm MTF but I'm not on hormones or anything yet.

Am I pretty enough to be a trap? ;3;

20 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6196 [Permalink]
2014-10-02 21:47

Keep them coming sweetheart. You look wonderful.

No.6198 [Permalink]
2014-10-02 23:41


No.6202 [Permalink]
2014-10-05 22:22

>>6113 I like ;)

File: 1395793090147.jpg (195188 B, 720x1280) [ GIS ]
No.5778 [Reply]
195188 B

Old topic filled up so here we go. :3

98 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1411445664710.jpg (50067 B, 360x640) [ GIS ]
No.6173 [Permalink]
2014-09-23 00:14
50067 B

>>6172 haha nah, i make sure all is good beforehand

No.6175 [Permalink]
2014-09-23 06:04

>>6172 lol

File: 1412562087914.jpg (182589 B, 720x1280) [ GIS ]
No.6201 [Permalink]
2014-10-05 22:21
182589 B

File: 1400346040849.jpg (1521668 B, 1880x2816) [ GIS ]
No.5935 [Reply]
2014-05-17 13:00
1521668 B

Hello lovelies,

Do I qualify? Or am I too old? Im 32...:(

23 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1406970782751.jpg (857404 B, 1880x2816) [ GIS ]
No.6064 [Permalink]
2014-08-02 05:13
857404 B

A little bit of naughtyness

No.6074 [Permalink]
2014-08-06 04:27


Very women few could make the dress look good.
You're not even on hormones.

No.6197 [Permalink]
2014-10-02 23:20


File: 1390282204896.jpg (71290 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.5679 [Reply]
71290 B

her name is melanie she lives in ohio

6 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5692 [Permalink]


No.5781 [Permalink]

Where can we see more?! How can I reach her!! I live in ohio!! XD

No.6190 [Permalink]
2014-10-01 19:20

where in ohio?

File: 1400611741778.jpg (48574 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.5940 [Reply]
2014-05-20 14:49
48574 B

I tried to purge, but ultimately my need to trap was too great. Be gentle.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5948 [Permalink]
2014-05-21 02:02

Pfft. As cute as you are, being gentle with you would be a fucking crime.

No.6180 [Permalink]
2014-09-26 22:48

my goodness you be hot! I would love to get up inside you!

No.6181 [Permalink]
2014-09-27 00:28

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe you...

File: 1379659421489.jpg (89040 B, 960x600) [ GIS ]
No.5436 [Reply]
89040 B

I just made my first Introduction video on Youtube, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5468 [Permalink]

The bar just got raised.

No.6086 [Permalink]
2014-08-12 20:59


No.6094 [Permalink]
2014-08-22 23:59

Love you Ashley~


File: 1353812730360.jpg (325845 B, 1920x2560) [ GIS ]
No.3928 [Reply]
325845 B

What's the verdict /trap/?

34 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6087 [Permalink]
2014-08-13 20:08

Need... More...

No.6090 [Permalink]
2014-08-18 23:30

I agree, what are you waiting to take new pics?

No.6091 [Permalink]
2014-08-20 18:23

would destroy

File: 1375745231528.jpg (481610 B, 1920x1080) [ GIS ]
No.5279 [Reply]
481610 B

I dunno if I am trap tier but whatevs.

58 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5882 [Permalink]

I loved ya blue hair, but I think you rock the short cut way better. With your spider bites it just makes a guy wanna see you on your knees. Hope ya come back!!!

No.6034 [Permalink]
2014-07-14 08:35

purple hair

No.6038 [Permalink]
2014-07-15 14:28

When are you gonna come back to tease us with more pics

File: 1369808302088.jpg (34195 B, 412x501) [ GIS ]
No.5061 [Reply]
34195 B


41 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5842 [Permalink]

Very cute, your name can be "snaptrap" :P

No.5849 [Permalink]

that's actually too good lmao. how did you come up with that though? i didnt post up any of my snap chats here? unless you saw them on like tumblr or /r/traps

No.6035 [Permalink]
2014-07-14 08:36


File: 1399065999225.jpg (153638 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.5885 [Reply]
2014-05-02 17:26
153638 B

Hello boys and gurls :)

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.6020 [Permalink]
2014-07-01 06:14

Need better shot of your face.

No.6022 [Permalink]
2014-07-08 10:31

Come back! D:

No.6030 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 13:40

wow! you look gorgeous!

File: 1363487231401.jpg (395880 B, 1280x1920) [ GIS ]
No.4795 [Reply]
395880 B

Who is this lovely trap? I have seen her everyone but no one cares to give out a name.

15 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.4855 [Permalink]

ohmy! this is just a dream!

File: 1364566591368.jpg (34498 B, 600x411) [ GIS ]
No.4864 [Permalink]
34498 B

Any trap who wears platform heels is hot in my book

No.6021 [Permalink]
2014-07-01 18:23

Thanks, Raz. Anyone have the set?

File: 1325137229388.jpg (863939 B, 853x1280) [ GIS ]
No.1544 [Reply]
863939 B

hi ladies!

200 posts and 76 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
This thread has too many posts. Start a new one because this one won't bump!
No.5979 [Permalink]
2014-05-26 21:41

Would you ever shoot with a trans woman? If so email me at im patient ;)

No.5981 [Permalink]
2014-05-30 04:34

>>5894 Thank you for returning!:)

No.5995 [Permalink]
2014-06-08 20:13


Ms. Azure, are you aware of Project 99?

File: 1397415422823.jpg (278030 B, 1080x1920) [ GIS ]
No.5855 [Reply]
278030 B

unsure if this is new

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.5931 [Permalink]
2014-05-16 02:46


No.5982 [Permalink]
2014-05-30 08:27

love to play that game with her

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