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No.5778 : msssyuka [14/03/25(Tue)20:18] 1395793090147.jpg [GIS] (195188 B, 720x1280) [Reply]
195188 B

Old topic filled up so here we go. :3

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No.6442 : msssyuka [2015-05-24 02:31] 1432449088857.jpg [GIS] (198515 B, 720x1280) []
198515 B

>>6438 ;)
>>6441 thankiesss! :D

No.6443 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [2015-05-24 13:37] []


Seriously, when human cloning becomes an actual thing, you could so make bank on selling clones of yourself.

Since coming to TranChan, you have set the bar pretty fuckin' high.

No.6444 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 02:41] []

do u still post on CL? I maybe leaving the county forever, would love to shag before doing so. Not replying to your CL when you were more active is one of my greatest regrets.

No.2199 : Anonymous [12/04/08(Sun)11:01] 1333897297923.jpg [GIS] (48912 B, 640x426) [Reply]
48912 B

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No.6394 : Anonymous [2015-04-28 14:42] 1430246532911.jpg [GIS] (1359280 B, 3264x2448) []
No.6405 : Anonymous [2015-05-01 01:59] []

>>6394>>6393>>6392 did you actually come back after nearly two years or did you post in an older thread of yours?

regardless, you look really cute

... and welcome back!

No.6429 : Agent48 [2015-05-18 11:29] []


So hot, do you have skype?

No.5935 : Tania [2014-05-17 13:00] 1400346040849.jpg [GIS] (1521668 B, 1880x2816) [Reply]
1521668 B

Hello lovelies,

Do I qualify? Or am I too old? Im 32...:(

30 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6337 : Clodagh [2015-03-18 09:03] []

Yay, someone older than me!

It is only a matter of months, mind.

No.6339 : Cherry [2015-03-23 05:10] []

Holy shit, 32 and you look AMAZING...
Honest to god, I'm jealous.

No.6421 : Anonymous [2015-05-12 10:59] []

you are wonderful

No.6257 : Rochet [2014-12-29 09:31] 1419863462491.jpg [GIS] (132615 B, 500x747) [Reply]
132615 B

Do i have to get naked? , am i even fit for this thread? I haven't posted any images in ages, and last time was a closed tumblr account so i'm pretty sure none of you have seen me before. So lets get introduced here'mh. I'm rochet, rochetae, or mouse, thats my aliases, even maybe micamentia because i'm a bit crazy (or not, but yeah i am). Anyhoo, i'm posting the oldest picture i have, most of them are gone due to lack of confidence but i promise not to remove this one unless everyone wants me to gtfo, which i hope not ofc.

I am currently pre hrt but i plan to start treatment soon. I'm gathering confidence and motivation to move forward:)

I am definitely lacking in makeup skills and stuff, but i personally prefer not wearing makeup unless i plan to look exstra prettyful.

So, am i fit to be a woman? Do i pass? I'm kinda tired of my own face and can't really tell anymore if i'm feminine or masculine, so could need a second set eyes (or more)

Can i post imgur links here? Or is it restricted? Because i realized now i can only post 1 picture per post.
And i apologize for typos, i'm typing from my phone and its seriously painful x)

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

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No.6381 : Anonymous [2015-04-25 12:22] []

You look great- keep em coming!!!

No.6383 : Rochet [2015-04-27 10:23] 1430144585921.jpg [GIS] (1181519 B, 3920x2204) []
1181519 B

Goddamnit i meant to reply here, but managed to somehow open a new, so sorry about that.

Anyway, my laptop died, or won't charge, so I'm just uploading a quickie right now. Thanks for your interest though, appreciate it ^^ p's, I'm trying to slut down a bit X) ciao ~

No.6398 : Rochet mous [2015-04-29 05:55] 1430301332293.jpg [GIS] (477319 B, 1599x2574) []
477319 B

Slutting down sucks!:( could really need some vitamin-D.. I'm way too horny, ;# (didn't just say that btw)

Anyway, sorry about the butt pictures, I have no ass what so ever,. Which makes me really self -conscious :( guess I'm just fantasising about it, taking pictures hoping to see sone positive changes and that my butt and hips would pop. Fake titties for distraction isn't really an all day, all night option. How can I gain weight, and specifically around my hips, buttocks? Squats and diet changes? I'm basically way too skinny. Need some weight, before I learn to fly, and even though that would have been super awesome, it would obviously kill me first.

Also I promise to become better at snapping pictures. im lousy at getting the real moment, totally fail every time to catch my actual personality. Way too frustrating.

Little Rochet

closed No.6370 : Cindy [2015-04-20 08:16] 1429532214835.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 3264x2448) [Reply]

Hey I'm new here sort of, let me know what you guys think :3

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6372 : Cindy [2015-04-20 08:18] 1429532323714.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 3264x2448) []
No.6373 : Cindy [2015-04-20 08:36] 1429533398544.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 3264x2448) []
No.6375 : Anonymous [2015-04-20 14:54] []

Recreate your thread on the cross-dressing board

No.5940 : Anonymous [2014-05-20 14:49] 1400611741778.jpg [GIS] (48574 B, 640x480) [Reply]
48574 B

I tried to purge, but ultimately my need to trap was too great. Be gentle.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6180 : Anonymous [2014-09-26 22:48] []

my goodness you be hot! I would love to get up inside you!

No.6181 : Anonymous [2014-09-27 00:28] []

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe you...

No.6362 : Anonymous [2015-04-15 22:19] []


No.5769 : Anonymous [14/03/25(Tue)18:49] 1395787772785.jpg [GIS] (729539 B, 1920x1080) [Reply]
729539 B

I was told to post here if its okay?

27 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.5858 : Anonymous [14/04/13(Sun)23:12] []

Not really whining, just answering when people are constantly asking for skype or are just trying to ask to cam with me or etc

No.6334 : Anonymous [2015-03-15 03:01] []

>>5858 post more ffs

No.6345 : Anonymous [2015-04-03 15:53] []

I guess i saW you on kageshi ànd chaturbate
Im 18 Guy and i Would truelly appreciate sucking you ;)

No.250 : Anonymous [11/07/27(Wed)04:29] 1311755347347.jpg [GIS] (274944 B, 1642x1229) [Reply]
274944 B

I didn't see a request board so I'll just post here.

I'm looking for sauce on this wonderful trap.

Any videos or more images.

53 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2492 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)23:00] []

His name is Dyh Murder. I guess he's not actually a trap, just a femboy from Brazil.

No.2569 : Anonymous [12/06/07(Thu)10:11] []

depositfiles com /files/u5jlxjm2b

depositfiles com /files/lxzczlk4z

Happy fapping

No.6344 : Anonymous [2015-03-31 12:43] []

don´t remember to see Dyh Murder in cam4...

No.6305 : Anonymous [2015-02-09 20:46] 1423532792446.jpg [GIS] (3415880 B, 2848x4272) [Reply]
3415880 B

I haven't posted in a while but Hello =3 waves

6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6313 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [2015-02-13 00:18] 1423804737315.jpg [GIS] (27470 B, 600x367) []
No.6335 : Anonymous [2015-03-16 11:53] []

Hi lexi!!! are you going to do another shemaleyum shoot? id like to see you hard if not ;)

No.6338 : Anonymous [2015-03-21 11:22] []

>>6305 hi darling u look amazing , where u from? I'm 30 from Australia, would love to swap emails bb X ;)

No.5628 : DeerTrap [13/12/17(Tue)16:29] 1387315769195.jpg [GIS] (75105 B, 480x960) [Reply]
75105 B

Hope I qualify. <3

29 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.5876 : DeerTrap [14/04/21(Mon)05:09] []

>>5675 That's because I probably did!

Sorry I've been a bit inactive. I have some new pics. If you spoil me I'll take whatever you want, within reason:

No.5877 : DeerTrap [14/04/21(Mon)05:10] 1398071449021.jpg [GIS] (602678 B, 960x1280) []
602678 B

Forgot to post the pic, oops...

No.6336 : Anonymous [2015-03-16 12:04] []

omfg where did she go and why did this just end
step your game up tranchan!

No.2027 : Anonymous [12/03/07(Wed)07:12] 1331122357096.jpg [GIS] (107329 B, 800x1077) [Reply]
107329 B

Anyone know anything about her? A name, a photoset? Anything?
Cos I need Moar.

21 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6327 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 06:13] 1426068794821.jpg [GIS] (143486 B, 1449x1079) []
143486 B

Without entering the discussion, the fact that she did choose to stop making stuff was an unspeakable shame. Her cumshot videos were out of this world and I've blown some many loads to them that you wouldn't believe it.

Now she just cams a few times a week but doesn't do anything in those either. All you get to see is a a little jerking off and nothing more. She has explicitly stated that she doesn't cum on cam, ever. Not even in exclusive chat if you tipped hundreds of dollars. It's fucked and she must have some sort of condition that hinders sensible thinking.

No.6328 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 09:18] []

link to that specific vid?

No.6329 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 09:43] []

No.5279 : clicktrap [13/08/05(Mon)19:27] 1375745231528.jpg [GIS] (481610 B, 1920x1080) [Reply]
481610 B

I dunno if I am trap tier but whatevs.

63 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6258 : Anonymous [2014-12-29 22:10] []

very cute but a cutter. i wouldn't even rent that.

No.6318 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 15:49] []

You're simply stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. Want to come be my girl?

No.6322 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 12:36] []

it's a shame she stopped posting!

No.234 : Anonymous [11/07/20(Wed)00:02] 1311134555574.jpg [GIS] (67177 B, 640x480) [Reply]
67177 B

Does anyone have any information, or more pictures of this trap?

26 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.5578 : Anonymous [13/12/11(Wed)16:50] []




No.5579 : Anonymous [13/12/11(Wed)18:57] []

He's really cute. I hope we can get more pictures of him.

No.6304 : JohnnyP [2015-02-08 09:22] []


No.5436 : Ashley Jones [13/09/20(Fri)02:43] 1379659421489.jpg [GIS] (89040 B, 960x600) [Reply]
89040 B

I just made my first Introduction video on Youtube, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6086 : Anonymous [2014-08-12 20:59] []


No.6094 : Anonymous [2014-08-22 23:59] []

Love you Ashley~


No.6303 : JohnnyP [2015-02-08 09:21] []


No.6065 : JessicaFappit [2014-08-04 20:16] 1407197766510.jpg [GIS] (113279 B, 480x640) [Reply]
113279 B

Hey there

49 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6217 : Anonymous [2014-10-23 03:10] []

>>6076 absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No.6227 : Anonymous [2014-11-15 15:12] []

>>6081 nice panteez

No.6302 : JohnnyP [2015-02-08 09:20] []


No.1224 : SamanthaP [11/11/15(Tue)01:27] 1321338439531.jpg [GIS] (138845 B, 640x480) [Reply]
138845 B

Was told to I belonged here/moved here. So.... here's some more pics!

75 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6264 : Anonymous [2015-01-02 05:10] []

Deliver op

No.6288 : Anonymous [2015-01-18 15:15] []

youe beautiful

No.6301 : JohnnyP [2015-02-08 09:19] []


No.5679 : jake [14/01/21(Tue)00:30] 1390282204896.jpg [GIS] (71290 B, 640x480) [Reply]
71290 B

her name is melanie she lives in ohio

8 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6190 : Anonymous [2014-10-01 19:20] []

where in ohio?

No.6252 : Anonymous [2014-12-17 04:32] []

I live in Ohio too!
When you get this you should kik me :)

No.6277 : Anonymous [2015-01-10 01:13] []


No.6255 : CaylenWhite [2014-12-26 13:49] 1419619740429.png [GIS] (501247 B, 416x708) [Reply]
501247 B

Hi! I'm Caylen! I hope you like~

(PS: me and my fellow trappy friend Sophie are gonna be doing cam shows and things soon! We're not sure how or where things are gonna happen, so we've got a mailing list set up for updates ^.^ Thanks!)


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