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No.1072 : Anonymous [13/12/01(Sun)17:43] 1385937835500.png [GIS] (1750824 B, 1432x2020) [Reply]
1750824 B

Hey i was just wondering if any of you have experience going from over weight to being a trap, and know what kind of workouts i should be doing. I'm also curious if this chart it accurate because I've been told that it's not. I would be really glad if you could help me out.

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No.1289 : Anonymous [2015-06-01 16:41] []

Regarding spearmint tea:

  • I presume it's sold in teabags. How many milligrams per teabag?
  • Where should I look for it?
  • Are there any special preparation instructions for "doing it right"?
  • I feel like swallowing a pill would be less work. Is there a way to do that?
No.1310 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 23:53] []


I started taking it two weeks ago.
I can't actually swallow pills due to never having to while growing up but I'm waiting for the effects from the powder to kick in sometime around the 3 month point.

No.1359 : Anonymous [2016-07-21 11:00] []

Same, I'm just starting a little now
I don't want to be fully feminine, just kinda borderline, so I'm starting off slow and just drinking spearmint tea a lot for now

No.1355 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 13:03] 1459962224747.jpg [GIS] (18136 B, 281x281) [Reply]
18136 B

Germany self medicating. so umm you can say im a femboy rn kinda and i want to start self medicating. the problem is i dont know where to order mones since you need a prescription for them. i found someone from turkey was selling them on ioffer but the problem is turkey is not in the EU and basically all orders not from there get through customs here. that means i will have to go somewhere and open the box and show the stuff i ordered to the police. since ordering meds especially things which have to be prescribed are illegal i will get sued and either have to pay money or get in jail fro up to 3 years. can anyone help me out please?

No.1303 : Anonymous [2015-08-14 19:00] 1439593252274.jpg [GIS] (258593 B, 680x959) [Reply]
258593 B

Hey I'm kinda new here but don't now really any other places to post this. I'm a younger guy and for about 2 years now I have seriously been contemplating hrt. My parents don't know that I want to be a woman and really no one does. The thing that's stopping me from coming out is not telling my parents, I know they will be accepting, but how to deal with transitioning while still in high school and how to deal with telling my friends. The reason is their all very masculine and ultra jocks, so I literally have no clue how thy will react. Plus, I don't know what to do when I'm in school transitioning I feel no one will talk or associate with me and that everyone will notice how strange I look. When k think of how this will work out I get so stressed and want to kill myself to end this all.Please any suggestions or help would be good or anyway to transition fast.

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1308 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 23:38] 1439869134913.jpg [GIS] (573891 B, 1432x2020) []
573891 B


Hey, I'm in a very similar area as you.
People don't post here super often so you might be easier off looking on the board fit on a website called 4chan.

I personally think you should try and consult this updated version but both charts seem good. One of the best things I've taken from this chart is the use of the supplement Pueraria Mirifica.

No.1311 : MischaIsMischa [2015-08-21 04:58] []

OP, my best advice is to figure out how to see a counselor / psychologist that is at least open to the idea of transitioning. They would be the person who can connect you to a medical professional, be there to be your support, and possibly be there to help with discussing things with your family.

While you can self-prescribe, it's really not a good way to do it. It's best to have a medical professional monitoring your HRT and your progress. Getting it wrong can -- and likely would -- make you feel more stressed than you've been and probably cause you health issues.


I know in my case I'm currently not on HRT because of other health issues. If I hadn't been talking to the doctors about everything I might have been set up for a heart attack. Personally, staying alive is more important than passing as well as I did a few years ago.

Whatever you choose to do, be safe.

-- mischa

No.1354 : Anonymous [2016-04-04 09:20] []

Transitioning after 18 may decrease effectivenes of hormones, but it depends on the person, there are men who, transitioning in their late 20s - early 30s, can be very passable. Even more with a bit of surgery.

Most of the younger traps you see in porn right now transitioned in their 20's.

If you're in doubt, just think of Andrej Pejic, who has just started hormones with 24, and she's going to be gorgeous, not because of starting hormones with 24, but because she already had plenty of potential (and because she'll have money to pay for whatever surgeires she deems necessary)

With this I want to say, that it depends on the case.

Also, hrt is not a "miracle cure", it changes many things, but not all of them. At 18, most of your skeleton is pretty masculinized already, you can achieve some degree of pelvic tilt with a bit of luck if you start hormones in your early 20s, but forget about having the classical "hourglass figure" (pro-tip: almost no transwoman has an hourglass figure, they fake it through the use of corsets and clothing).

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.1344 : Anonymous [2016-02-07 07:02] 1454846557496.jpg [GIS] (460213 B, 1280x1707) [Reply]
460213 B

Could I do as a girl? 17yo 175cm no idea how much i weigh (too scared to see how fat i am ^^)

No.1345 : Koala [2016-02-07 16:42] []

Do it cutie

No.1346 : Anonymous [2016-02-07 21:37] []

It's pretty hard to find someone who wouldn't pass really, you're pretty cuteand I suppose it should be easy for you as far as transitioning it's obvious you could.

No.1347 : MischaIsMischa [2016-02-11 01:55] []

"Do" as a girl? Sweetie, if you're a girl, you're a girl Be yourself.

Are you attractive? Yes. :o)

No.1201 : Anonymous [2014-11-23 01:40] 1416724856522.jpg [GIS] (823811 B, 1520x2688) [Reply]
823811 B

Hello strangers, I've been on hormones for about 3 weeks now and I've been trying my best to not look like shit when I go out, I get all dressed up at home only to get nervous and undo everything. Mostly due to the fact that I don't think I could ever pass. I'm really not good at doing my hair or makeup. Any suggestions to not look like shit? Also, first time on here. Sorry if I done did something wrong.

8 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1248 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 17:38] []

Yeah, no, if I weren't on tranchan, and that pic was from the waist up, I wouldn't have noticed anything much. You're pretty.

I think the biggest thing for me when it comes to bringing my mood crashing down is my voice, and that's something that wouldn't come across in the image. How is your voice training going?

No.1342 : Greg [2016-01-07 06:57] []

If your still receiving messages send some photos so we can see how you have progressed. You are gorgeous. Email me.

No.1343 : Anonymous [2016-01-11 00:48] []

Do you take pueraria mirifica? Or something else? How much does it cost? I wanna look like you. I have 18 almost

No.671 : Aspiragus [12/07/31(Tue)23:39] 1343792342749.jpg [GIS] (42928 B, 640x480) [Reply]
42928 B

Hai there I'm Aspiragus... anyone have any advice for me on how to be a better trap? i want to get to the point of living as a girl all the time. i'm already on hormones. looking for tips on how to look more like a cute tomboy, what kind of diet i should have, how to flatten my tummy, etc. also a good hair style would be nice since i plan on getting it done this weekend :)

9 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.833 : Anonymous [12/12/19(Wed)10:15] []



No.1330 : Anonymous [2015-11-08 15:47] []

Any news ?

No.1341 : Greg [2016-01-07 06:49] []

If you are still getting messages, it would great to see the change your made. Based on the last image I'm thouroughly interested. Post some photos or email them to me.

No.1340 : Anonymous [2015-12-31 03:48] 1451551692198.jpg [GIS] (2601339 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
2601339 B

Hey everybody,

Long time lurker, first time poster here. Saw a thread a while ago, I think it was on 7chan/di, about your favorite girly/sexy songs to listen to. Can't find it now, thought I'd ask here! (also if anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a link to it that'd be awesome)

pic is me but unrelated :P

No.1339 : Anonymous [2015-12-15 10:16] 1450192610267.jpg [GIS] (750384 B, 1080x1920) [Reply]
750384 B

I want to start trapping and eventually transitioning, I know I can pass if I transition but whenever I cross dress I can't feel like I can pass but perhaps it's just me, do you guys think I can trap?

No.1170 : Anonymous [2014-09-30 22:08] [Reply]

Should I shave or not shave my pubes?

Which is more appealing|?

No.1172 : Anonymous [2014-09-30 22:14] []


No.1173 : Anonymous [2014-09-30 22:15] []


No.1336 : Anonymous [2015-11-22 18:21] []

Do what makes you comfy, lightly mow your lawn, shave a pattern into your puff, have fun with your hairs, in the end its only you who cares <3

No.1333 : Anonymous [2015-11-20 04:06] 1448010369552.jpg [GIS] (290434 B, 640x960) [Reply]
290434 B

I wanna be a trap hooker. Think I could pull it off?

No.1334 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [2015-11-20 18:38] []

Hmm.... do something with the hair, work with the eyebrows, some makeup, good clothes: Possibly.

A year from now on HRT? Easilly.

No.1335 : Anonymous [2015-11-20 23:36] []


If your hygeine is good somebody would have sex with you for money. Not me but somebody.

No.1313 : Anonymous [2015-09-09 16:51] 1441831880122.jpg [GIS] (1255745 B, 1456x2592) [Reply]
1255745 B

So... do you think I can become a girl?

No.1332 : Anonymous [2015-11-19 04:48] []

You can I got more masculine features for I'm 27 but can dress into a passable CD with makeup and wigs, so yeah also never tried hormones but talk to your doc bet you can make a good Tran as young as yourself just be sure its what u want

No.1319 : Anonymous [2015-09-15 16:35] [Reply]

So I've been interested in transitioning for over a year; but don't know where a 14y/o would start. Any tips?

No.1331 : Anonymous [2015-11-19 04:45] []

Can I see pics nothing dirty cause your age but just modeling

No.804 : Casseh [12/11/18(Sun)00:34] 1353216848097.jpg [GIS] (61656 B, 222x333) [Reply]
61656 B

Hey has anyone here used Puerera Mifrica? If so can yew tell me about your experience with it?

Fanks xx

No.1329 : Anonymous [2015-11-08 14:57] []

I start today.
I will take measurement everyday to see if it is effective or not.

Obviously, I will forgot to do it in about a week...
And thus, all measures will be useless.

Plus, I will forget to post results.

But, hey, if I succeed, I will post breast size here.

No.1235 : Self-Administering: Where to begin? [2015-01-07 23:00] 1420689630371.jpg [GIS] (251041 B, 720x960) [Reply]
251041 B

So I decided that I'm going to start buying hormones for myself. Where do I start? I have a general idea; I need estrogen and anti-androgens.

Do I start taking anti-androgens before estrogen? and if so, how long do I take them without estrogen before I start estrogen? What dose level should I use? What's the best place to buy them without an online prescription?

Thanks so much for any replies!! I've been waiting so long for this moment and it's finally here and I need some help :)

No.1328 : Anonymous [2015-11-08 14:29] []

Hello there.

I'm neither a trans nor a trav, but I have read a lot of stuff here and there and their is a thing that pops out again and again when it comes to mones.

Don't do it like this.

Don't just go on china's website and buy an hormone cocktail.
At best, you wont take too much and nothing happens.
At worst, you take too much and fuck up your body's hormone balance.

If you feel ready for hormones, please, go to your doctor and have an hormonal check.

At least, you will know your current levels and could decide what to do, at best, the doc is supportive and will give you the right amount of everything.

No.1326 : Anonymous [2015-10-29 19:32] [Reply]

im 20 years old and im thinking about transitioning the only doubt i have is that i get aroused about being female my doubt is do i only want this for the arousal

No.1327 : Anonymous [2015-10-29 19:57] []


No.1314 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 11:19] 1441898397199.png [GIS] (571941 B, 906x457) [Reply]
571941 B

Hey guys,
I'm a straight (I think) male that is a bit bicurious, that's the question, in fact. I had a girl but we broke up some time ago. I always had stockings / pantyhose fetish that through online porn escalated to pegging and traps (it was also femdom for a while). You know, in porn it's always traps and like that wear the hottest outfits, the lingerie, they have amateur pictures, that's what I liked about it. So I got a bit into trap porn and now that I am through with my girlfriend I bought myself some stockings, a vibrator and anal beads, I also have few pairs of pantyhose and panties that I got in the past. In the past I found out that porn was bad for me, I used to waste too much time and energy - so I destroyed my stash, all my things. As I have said now I bought new + anal play stuff, because I enjoy fucking my ass from time to time.
The question is I am puzzled, is that normal? Lol, I know normal is relative, but what shall I do? I had/have poblems with my dick getting hard in front of women - with my long time gf I conquered it (ofc it gets hard to porn or at home) but on a one-night-stand few nights ago I didn't feel that, I didn't want that woman so much (I wanted to fuck her but the animal-like lust wasn't there). Should I worry about it? Should I pursue my career as a crossdresser, should I give up? Or should I just go ahead and fuck my ass and take some pictures?
I'm 21 and a bit confused. I know porn has bad impact for me, yet I bought the things listed and I damn love fucking my ass. Yet my friends being all right wing and straight, I feel uncomfortable doing all that stuff. I mean in the heat of the moment it's all good, but later sometime come the reflections and I am puzzled.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1318 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 07:28] []


Some traps' cocks' look delicious but as I've said, I think that'd be rather repulsed by it in real life

No.1320 : Anonymous [2015-09-17 05:22] []

Have you considered that you're a lesbian? I don't mean like how douches will say that. I mean that you're more comfortable in women's clothing, feel alive, hopeful. And I'm guessing you get not just turned on by women but jealous of their bodies. Look into what transwomen are saying and see if it resonates with you.

No.1325 : RexCockatrice [2015-10-13 23:16] []

I'll give you this tip: it's helpful to drop the cultural constructs and break things down to core human nature. You're something of a feminine man, but not attracted to masculine men. That's one side of "gayness" but the straight/gay paradigm is just one culture's way of looking at this.

What about other feminine men or even masculine women? I suspect the last one may be better for you as a masculine woman would more likely peg/domme you and enjoy it. Keep in mind the difference between masculine/feminine people. And realize emotional and physical connection are very different.

Dump guilt for things that are not harmful to you or others. But if you truly feel porn is harming you then you should stop it. Porn can't make anyone something they're not deep inside. Ask yourself if being sissy/CD is hurting other areas of your life and will become unmanageable. Or are you just fearing what others might say?

No.1324 : Anonymous [2015-10-07 03:01] [Reply]

Is there a chance for a >182cm male with wider shoulders and UK 9.5 / US 10.5 shoe size to ever become a passing trap? Even thin I'd need large clothes due to body width and shoes are always too small. =(

No.1321 : Anonymous [2015-09-20 01:18] 1442726322186.jpg [GIS] (15467 B, 640x480) [Reply]
15467 B

I'm 15 and interested in becoming a trap. How do I begin and how do I keep it secret? Plus, based on my attached picture, will I make a good trap? I'm also overweight, and want to know how to burn fat fast. Anything helps! Thanks!


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