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No.1114 : TexiTrap [11/05/17(Tue)12:52] [Report] 1305651131199.jpg (51508 B, 519x389) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
51508 B

Can I post in here?

No.1117 : Anonymous [11/05/17(Tue)13:24] [Report] []

you sure can. try doing it some more, with more pic yo

No.1118 : Jones [11/05/17(Tue)13:44] [Report] []

Post here all you like cutie

No.1120 : ceepoosa [11/05/17(Tue)13:45] [Report] []

very very nice....yes plz post more

No.1126 : jake [11/05/17(Tue)14:19] [Report] []

Yes cutie. More plz

No.1134 : Anonymous [11/05/17(Tue)16:39] [Report] []

hell yes

No.1200 : TallTran [11/05/18(Wed)06:07] [Report] []

>>1114 Cute! Let us see more :)

No.1201 : Anonymous [11/05/18(Wed)07:14] [Report] []

i think i watched you on webcam beforee

No.1211 : TexiTrap [11/05/18(Wed)13:30] [Report] []

>>1201 You might have! I'm on cam sometimes : )

What other kind of stuff do ya'll wanna see? I'll try to take some pictures today

No.1214 : Anonymous [11/05/18(Wed)14:59] [Report] []

Can I call your TillyTrap instead? :D

No.1215 : Anonymous [11/05/18(Wed)15:00] [Report] []


Panties, cock, ass, something in ass :D

No.1220 : TexiTrap [11/05/18(Wed)19:12] [Report] 1305760340606.jpg (191753 B, 653x391) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1221 : TexiTrap [11/05/18(Wed)19:12] [Report] 1305760379902.jpg (833475 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1223 : Violet [11/05/18(Wed)19:24] [Report] []

You're beautiful, I'm excited to see more!

No.1227 : Kag [11/05/18(Wed)19:53] [Report] []


why cant i have you....

No.1229 : Anonymous [11/05/18(Wed)19:59] [Report] []

ya it was in tinychat :)
if you have msn or something i have a cam too

No.1249 : Anonymous [11/05/19(Thu)06:43] [Report] []

how comes TexiTrap? you in Texas or is that a dumb question?

No.1348 : TexiTrap [11/05/20(Fri)16:59] [Report] 1305925177862.jpg (737161 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
737161 B

>>1227 come have me ; )

>>1229 Never been in Tiny chat : (

yup I'm TexiTrap from Texas : D

No.1369 : Anonymous [11/05/21(Sat)03:30] [Report] []

Jesus Christ. If you were any more beautiful the solar system would start evolving around you.
Also where in texas?

No.1371 : Anonymous [11/05/21(Sat)03:32] [Report] []


No.1419 : Booster [11/05/22(Sun)16:55] [Report] []

You look like Sabrina Sherman, Super Sexy. More photos for your fans. :)

No.1509 : TexiTrap [11/05/24(Tue)18:12] [Report] 1306275128237.jpg (784635 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
784635 B


That's so sweet! Thank you :)

>>1419 Haha I kinda do I suppose :)

more pics hmm? Alrightyyy lets see how's this? LOL

No.1510 : TexiTrap [11/05/24(Tue)18:13] [Report] 1306275191510.jpg (819813 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
819813 B

Just kidding, have some a panty shot :)

No.1511 : r00k [11/05/24(Tue)19:18] [Report] []

>>1510 Oh dear god moar!!! Those panties look so sexy on you

No.1532 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [11/05/24(Tue)20:42] [Report] []

You're hot, but I feel like your life might be in danger by staying in Texas. Don't they execute people who being anything but home making wives and highschool football playing guys?

Either way, keep posting.

No.1535 : TexiTrap [11/05/24(Tue)20:46] [Report] 1306284369587.jpg (768325 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
768325 B

>>1511>>1532 thank you!

you'd be surprised how nice Texas can be :)
If my modeling stuff takes off I might move though, we'll see...

No.1536 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [11/05/24(Tue)20:54] [Report] 1306284890335.gif (46501 B, 382x380) [YIS] [GIS] []
46501 B


I can bet. Alas, the only bit of Texas I've ever seen was the inside (and just outside the doors, in the smoking section) of the Houston Airport.

Also... here's that cookie.

No.1550 : Anonymous [11/05/24(Tue)22:27] [Report] []

Any frontal panty shots??

No.1561 : Anonymous [11/05/25(Wed)07:38] [Report] []

Does denying an answer mean you don't want to? I'm only wondering because I'm moving to Texas soon and I it would be such a coincidence if I ended up living someone in the vicinity of you.

No.1562 : Anonymous [11/05/25(Wed)07:38] [Report] []


>fails at typing@4am.
No.1598 : ceepoosa [11/05/26(Thu)02:26] [Report] []

very nice>>>>>>>>>wow

No.1675 : TexiTrap [11/05/26(Thu)19:08] [Report] 1306451325216.jpg (756198 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
756198 B

Frontal like this? :)

No.1676 : TexiTrap [11/05/26(Thu)19:14] [Report] 1306451647929.jpg (748351 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
748351 B

also please enjoy this smarmy face

>>1561 here, hit up my aim fataldeviation90
I'll talk to you but I don't really meet people from the internet, ya know? Not trying to be a bitch, but that's just one of those kinda rules. Talk to me though when I'm on, if you get to know me who knows!

>>1598 thank you!

No.1688 : Anonymous [11/05/26(Thu)21:51] [Report] []

>>1676 Damn, you look good.

No.1691 : Anonymous [11/05/26(Thu)23:03] [Report] []


effin delicious!!!
more frontals plz

No.1728 : Anonymous [11/05/27(Fri)17:51] [Report] []


No.1859 : TexiTrap [11/06/05(Sun)01:36] [Report] 1307252174617.jpg (644953 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
644953 B

I did a photoshoot today :D

I don't have pictures yet but here is what my make up looked like (after I dragged my but home and tooka picture lol)

No.1865 : Ashley Comet [11/06/05(Sun)02:20] [Report] []

The aftermath looks amazing so I can only imagine....whe will it be here?

No.1873 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [11/06/05(Sun)03:46] [Report] []



No.1880 : Jones [11/06/05(Sun)04:10] [Report] []

hell yeah your sexy

No.1909 : TexiTrap [11/06/05(Sun)11:52] [Report] 1307289152011.jpg (666413 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
666413 B

>>1865 Why thank you! :P

>>1873 and you too!

>>1880 and you!

Heres one of the outfits I wore :D

No.1913 : Anonymous [11/06/05(Sun)12:14] [Report] []

Dear TexiTrap,



No.1914 : Anonymous [11/06/05(Sun)12:41] [Report] []


Sexy. As. Fuck.

That is all

No.1936 : Anonymous [11/06/05(Sun)23:47] [Report] []

>>1909 rawrrrr

No.1942 : Anonymous [11/06/06(Mon)09:15] [Report] []

Do you have msn or skype? Do you want to chat?

No.1952 : TexiTrap [11/06/06(Mon)17:17] [Report] 1307395056125.jpg (660437 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
660437 B

The shoot will come out in a few months :D if enough fans on the site like it I get to do another one! I hope I do because it was so much fun!

Dear anon
ok :D I took some shots today
Sincerely Texi<3

; ) thank you

raaawwwrrrrrr : 3

I put my aim SN in this thread earlier - you're all welcome to come talk to me there! If you're a creeper I might block you though...:/

No.1953 : TexiTrap [11/06/06(Mon)17:18] [Report] 1307395120130.jpg (613334 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
613334 B

and this too :D

No.1954 : Jones [11/06/06(Mon)18:07] [Report] []

wow amazing ass

No.1955 : Anonymous [11/06/06(Mon)18:12] [Report] []

Amazing butt shot.

No.1961 : Ashley comet [11/06/07(Tue)00:13] [Report] []

Definitely am excited to see the entire set.

No.1971 : Anonymous [11/06/07(Tue)08:31] [Report] []

Youre so pretty... :3

I want to bend you over and give you one.

No.2096 : TexiTrap [11/06/10(Fri)23:09] [Report] 1307761765140.jpg (712130 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
712130 B

>>1954>>1955 why thank you!

>>1961 I'll post some teaser shots as soon as they give them to me, and I'll let ya'll know when it goes up online :D

>>1971 give me one what ; )

I tried a new make up thingy today

No.2097 : TexiTrap [11/06/10(Fri)23:12] [Report] 1307761938721.jpg (674480 B, 2592x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
674480 B

I think this one looks better

No.2105 : Anonymous [11/06/11(Sat)03:00] [Report] []


You, Me, and dat ass...



I love the new shots. The makeup really brings out yours eyes and those sexy lips. TAKE ME TEXI!!!!

No.2140 : TexiTrap [11/06/11(Sat)12:14] [Report] []

So AIM sucks a big one and totally lost my info :/

I'm now TexiTrap on AIM (fingers crossed)

Hit me up! Let me know if it worked!

No.2141 : Anonymous [11/06/11(Sat)12:33] [Report] []


This is superior. I approve.

More please. :)

No.2146 : Anonymous [11/06/11(Sat)15:43] [Report] []

I just tried to add you but it says I can't

No.2150 : TexiTrap [11/06/11(Sat)16:48] [Report] []

Add me on AIM as Fatalcross90 :P

No.2170 : Anonymous [11/06/11(Sat)21:46] [Report] []

ahhhhhh i'm not supposed to be horny right now i hate you

No.2315 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)23:01] [Report] []

can we has a boob pic?

No.2384 : r34p3r [11/06/14(Tue)20:33] [Report] []

This is sexy defined

No.2406 : sthsux [11/06/15(Wed)04:33] [Report] []

Gorgeous...this makes my decision to stay in TX for a little longer even better. The Shinobi poster helps too.

No.2538 : TexiTrap [11/06/18(Sat)01:42] [Report] []

My friday ngiht fell apart I'm getting on CAM4 right nows

No.2540 : Anonymous [11/06/18(Sat)01:47] [Report] []

what user name?

No.2860 : TexiTrap [11/06/21(Tue)14:27] [Report] 1308680859301.jpg (192514 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
192514 B

How about some content :)
That there is Jameson 12 :D :D I rewarded myself with it because...Uhm. Whatever, I deserved it! :P

>>2105 "word around the office is you have a fat cock, I have a fat cock too, maybe we could rub out fat cocks together sometime? Some oil, two fat cocks, more oil?" lol There is a youtube video for a fake work sexual harassment PSA but when I try to link it tranchan spam attacks me :P

>>2141 why thank you! Better ingredients better Texi :P

>>2170 Aw I'm sorry! >:]

>>2315 maaaaaaaybe, I might flash mah boobies in my next free show, we'll see :D

>>2384 why thank you! ; )

>>2406 :D glad to help I love Texas :D also that final boss in Shinobi is a BITCH Tate all the 8/9 flying thingies, find him, pull back for the lightning kick, juke behind him, then cut him. TWICE D:

>>2540 Should be cam4 texitrap
It was a short notic show I'll be better about letting everyone know when they're coming up via threads and twitter

No.2918 : rorylaine [11/06/23(Thu)12:57] [Report] []

>>2860>> so damn cute wish we were in contact more

No.2936 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)06:56] [Report] []

Would love to rub my fat dick against yours and inside of you as well.

No.3009 : Back in Denton [11/06/27(Mon)14:51] [Report] []

Hello just saw this post. I just moved back to UNT for the summer. Would you like to meet at a public place to talk? Not a weirdo just think your cute.

No.3421 : TexiTrap [11/07/11(Mon)16:00] [Report] 1310414444060.jpg (240286 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
240286 B

Hey guys how ya been? I come bearing content freshly squeezed from my newly cleaned apartment!

>>2918 well feel free to hit me up on aim :P

>>2936 why thank you!

>>3009 the exact location of Texi as of yet remains unknown! but my aim sn is in this thread somwheres so hit me up if you're in Texas

No.3422 : TexiTrap [11/07/11(Mon)16:02] [Report] 1310414530903.jpg (204210 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3423 : TexiTrap [11/07/11(Mon)16:04] [Report] 1310414646413.jpg (271171 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
271171 B


please enjoy!

No.3427 : Artista [11/07/11(Mon)20:30] [Report] []

I don't know which makes you more adorable-the curves or the Shinobi poster. Either way, can we clone you?I'd like one of you to have with me in Ca.

No.3435 : rorylaine [11/07/11(Mon)21:52] [Report] []

>>3422 cute and what is your aim sweetie the same on here

No.3439 : TexiTrap [11/07/11(Mon)23:06] [Report] []

My AIM sn is Fataldeviation90 :D:D

No.3443 : Morbid [11/07/12(Tue)02:01] [Report] []

This whole thread, makes me drool like a mother fucker.
I think we tried to talk a long time ago :D
but we never got to!

No.3458 : Shana #j9gCJkChMU [11/07/12(Tue)11:30] [Report] []

>>3423 Dem cheeks! pinches

No.3464 : Morbid [11/07/12(Tue)12:22] [Report] []

haha Shana! dem cheeks is right -pinches-

No.3466 : TexiTrap [11/07/12(Tue)17:38] [Report] []

I tried to respond to everyone but every time I hit submit no matter how I edited my post it tripped as a spam filter :(

Anyways I hope maybe I can respond to you all individualy :/

Otherwise the other intention of this post that I'm trying to send for the seventeenth time (not joking I counted) was to say someone requested a picture of my fruit bowl and I can post it if anyone wants to see

No.3474 : Anonymous [11/07/13(Wed)00:25] [Report] []

>>3422 Now just take off the panties and show off your pretty lil cawk!

No.3477 : velo [11/07/13(Wed)00:52] [Report] []

nom nom nom!

No.3478 : Anonymous [11/07/13(Wed)01:33] [Report] []

I support said idea! Fruit bowl plz!

No.3484 : TexiTrap [11/07/13(Wed)17:47] [Report] 1310593653096.jpg (244978 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3485 : TexiTrap [11/07/13(Wed)17:48] [Report] 1310593738281.jpg (230523 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
230523 B

Lol sorry for being a tease :P

I got it back in karma today...:[

No.3497 : Anonymous [11/07/14(Thu)02:56] [Report] []

>>3485 Aw, hell yes!

No.3498 : Anonymous [11/07/14(Thu)05:59] [Report] []

I would drive the opposite side of the state just to see this kind of beauty up close.

No.3514 : TallTran [11/07/15(Fri)05:43] [Report] []


A cute arse AND a smart arse. :)

No.3570 : TexiTrap [11/07/16(Sat)22:32] [Report] 1310869934025.jpg (409931 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
409931 B

ok! lets try this again so I can try to respond to ya'll :D

>>3427 OK :D but if we play shinobi we're play it on my file with joe musashi cause akujiki doesn't kill him :P

>>3443 I think we have ;) you give me a certain sense of deja vu

>>3458 Shana!! You can only pinch my cheeks if I can pinch yours and I'm not syaing which I'm pinching :P
>>3458 you too :P

>>3474 I'll see what I can do for you ;)

>>3477 Squee!

No.3571 : TexiTrap [11/07/16(Sat)22:35] [Report] 1310870126433.jpg (459261 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
459261 B

>>3497 ;)

>>3498 well hit up my AIM :P you can at least chat with me :D I don't bite! Just nom nom nom.

>>3514 me arse has many talents ;P

No.3572 : TexiTrap [11/07/16(Sat)22:39] [Report] 1310870383563.jpg (1142869 B, 1952x3264) [YIS] [GIS] []
1142869 B

Soooo heres what happened this week. I got fired from my webcam stripping for probably talking about tranchan and such. And I was really upset because it's how I pay for all the things that allow me to be TexiTrap and transition etc. But a super helpful anon came swiftly to my aid and directed me to their biggest competitor and I started working the very next day :D Then the old employed realized it was a bad idea to not have me on their site and wanted to get me back but required an apology - which I gladly made because they still had their hands on one of my checks. Now I'm never going back! Celebrate!! Hope you enjoy this one!

No.3574 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)00:35] [Report] []

>>3570 What a beauty! ;)

No.3575 : TexiTrap [11/07/17(Sun)00:40] [Report] []

cam4, TexiTrap broadcasting right now

No.3584 : Julie #.QqkDUCQV2 [11/07/17(Sun)17:19] [Report] []

>>3570 Best shot yet, absolutely gorgeous :3

No.3591 : Thirdeyegirl [11/07/17(Sun)21:52] [Report] []

Just have to chim in and say I really enjoyed talking with you on cam yesterday. :D

No.3599 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)21:08] [Report] []


sigh Gosh, You're so pretty...

No.3610 : Anonymous [11/07/20(Wed)12:28] [Report] []

hell YES baby

No.3614 : Anonymous [11/07/21(Thu)08:50] [Report] []


Beyond gorgeous in this pic :) Do want!

No.3655 : Anonymous [11/07/26(Tue)05:36] [Report] []

your taste in alcohol is amazing and your beauty is also amazing xD

No.3793 : Anonymous [11/07/31(Sun)13:47] [Report] []


No.3805 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)02:20] [Report] []

Absolutely, Is there anytime your on regularly?

No.3809 : mr.miagi [11/08/01(Mon)12:12] [Report] 1312215126227.jpg (40800 B, 462x535) [YIS] [GIS] []
40800 B


No.3812 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)20:24] [Report] []

you're* fuck my spelling :|

No.3828 : TheTexiTrap [11/08/02(Tue)20:58] [Report] 1312333102551.jpg (238164 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
238164 B

Thank you!

Thank you so much

It was fun :P

Aw thank you

Yessir! ;)

Why thank you! I do enjoy some good Irish Whiskey ;)


I never learned how to whack on, only whack off :(

No.3842 : Morbid [11/08/03(Wed)20:47] [Report] 1312418850120.jpg (2825 B, 100x88) [YIS] [GIS] []
2825 B

Did I mention I love you :D
hearthrob girl tehee

No.4015 : TexiTrap [11/08/08(Mon)17:25] [Report] 1312838720561.jpg (345789 B, 1280x876) [YIS] [GIS] []
345789 B

I has a self conscious...

No.4023 : Anonymous [11/08/09(Tue)01:44] [Report] []

Super cute! Best pic yet.

No.4028 : jones [11/08/09(Tue)09:45] [Report] []


Oh shit. that's fucking awesome

No.4030 : Davidb [11/08/09(Tue)16:33] [Report] []

looking sexy :)

No.4034 : Darby [11/08/09(Tue)19:41] [Report] []

Wow. Marry me and have my babies?

No.4036 : Anonymous [11/08/09(Tue)20:39] [Report] []

bump for that 10+ req. over at 7

No.4037 : Seana [11/08/09(Tue)22:59] [Report] []

All I can say is "where were you when I was in the Great state of Texas?"

No.4051 : Anonymous [11/08/10(Wed)14:05] [Report] []

That bulge <3 Nudes? Please?

No.4061 : TexiTrap [11/08/10(Wed)14:47] [Report] []

Does my thread still bump?

No.4063 : TexiTrap [11/08/10(Wed)14:49] [Report] []

as per modzilla's note I'm moving to traps :P

No.5216 : Anonymous [11/10/29(Sat)03:38] [Report] []

love your video

No.6203 : Daryl Washington [12/01/30(Mon)02:02] [Report] []

I'm in Dallas too and would love to kick it with you someday!

Yahoo IM -- capitald187
Skype or ooVoo -- darylwashington69


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