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No.6800 : Anonymous [2016-07-12 21:43] 1468374204287.jpg [GIS] (414891 B, 1280x1707)
414891 B

eyyy i'm littlegoose on extralunchmoney, 9 months HRT with a B-cup, go see my dick you fucking nerds

No.6801 : MischaIsMischa [2016-07-13 00:11] []

You look great, littlegoose. I'm more than a little envious!

No.6808 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 01:56] []

post more

No.6819 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 14:27] 1468434472990.jpg [GIS] (86248 B, 540x720) []
No.6859 : Anonymous [2016-07-25 02:39] []

Bootylicious. Also, I think I have that box fan and first aid kit. Why am I looking at the friggin background fml

No.6884 : Anonymous [2016-09-16 19:18] []

>>6819 bootylicious indeed, loving your bum and your boobs are an absolute delight. keep doing this.

No.6927 : Anonymous [2017-01-08 00:01] []

I know I'll be called a faggot but teach me how to do this. It's been bugging me for half a year now but I lived in a Christian household. Just help me out and teach me your ways

No.6942 : Staci [2017-01-21 17:49] []

Hi I'm Staci and I've been on hrt for 11 months and have seen absolutely no feminine change. Are you doing anything special to get such a body?

No.6949 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 15:01] []

You make me hard

No.6973 : Anonymous [2017-04-11 14:56] []

Anyone know where to find more of op beyond extralunchmoney? Her tumblr name maybe?

No.6974 : Anonymous [2017-04-12 13:05] []

@6942 hormones is not enough, find a picture of "trap aestetics" same as "cute boy aestetics" follow the excersise routine and your body will shape more femenine.

No.6979 : Anonymous [2017-05-23 05:33] []


No.6980 : Anonymous [2017-05-23 05:35] []


No.6982 : Anonymous [2017-05-24 14:36] []


We can not please everyone, life is made as well ...
You have to accept the critics even the trolls.
Fortunately, In our time there is Internet to communitize us.

No.7024 : Dutch T-lover [2017-10-10 16:15] []

I love your photos, you are gorgeous

No.7055 : Anonymous [2018-03-19 18:13] []

Damn. You got a booty. Bump!

No.7130 : Anonymous [2018-07-30 20:11] []


No.7171 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 16:33] []

littlegoose has a great caboose

No.7176 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 20:18] []


Yes please. I'll have some.

No.7220 : Anonymous [2019-04-21 21:50] []

what a lushes ASS


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