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No.6473 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:22] 1435789327575.jpg [GIS] (7526 B, 450x600)
7526 B

been a long time for me.... this image isnt actually "fresh" but ill have more coming

No.6474 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:22] 1435789363904.jpg [GIS] (8187 B, 600x450) []
No.6475 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:23] 1435789384196.jpg [GIS] (4778 B, 320x240) []
4778 B

....and one more older one

No.6476 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:26] 1435789566486.jpg [GIS] (436997 B, 1280x1707) []
436997 B

....and some newer stuff

No.6477 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:26] 1435789584721.jpg [GIS] (482276 B, 1280x1707) []
No.6478 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:26] 1435789609824.jpg [GIS] (453368 B, 1280x1707) []
No.6479 : emi-chan [2015-07-01 18:27] 1435789642587.jpg [GIS] (469035 B, 1280x1707) []
469035 B

so whats everyone think? passable? more?

No.6480 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [2015-07-01 21:38] []

Ok.... being honest:

Based off the first pic: yes.

The other two that show your face? The thing holding your hair back, and keeping it out of the picture, makes you look more like a CD, so they're really not all that flattering.

All the other pics: Eh, can't see why not?

So... yeah. Sorry. :(

No.6482 : emi-chan [2015-07-02 16:56] 1435870578674.jpg [GIS] (8509 B, 450x600) []
8509 B

ok.... heres another older pic... in response to your comment... i dont have a wig its my hair so ill keep in mind to wear it different :P

No.6483 : emi-chan [2015-07-02 16:58] 1435870715186.jpg [GIS] (6557 B, 600x450) []
6557 B

so what u think of these? :)

No.6484 : emi-chan [2015-07-02 16:59] 1435870754506.jpg [GIS] (494256 B, 1280x1707) []
494256 B

and another from the other night i think does show some hair....

No.6534 : tripp [2015-08-21 13:29] []

=) cuuute!!!
thanks for posting !!!

do you have a tumbler aswell?

No.6558 : emi-chan [2015-09-24 13:16] 1443114970079.jpg [GIS] (9217 B, 600x450) []
9217 B

there was no reply.... no, i dont have tumblr, but i do have a couple more, older pics.....

No.6559 : emi-chan [2015-09-24 13:16] 1443115007859.jpg [GIS] (7393 B, 600x450) []
No.6561 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [2015-09-24 22:10] []


Eh, don't take my criticisms to heart. I've got odd tastes. And yay for boob growth!

No.6570 : Anonymous [2015-10-17 01:55] []


No.6742 : emi-chan [2016-03-25 02:24] 1458887055014.jpg [GIS] (2384227 B, 2345x1766) []
2384227 B

i have a new pic!

No.6743 : emi-chan [2016-03-25 02:25] 1458887108321.jpg [GIS] (1773216 B, 2592x1944) []
1773216 B

...and another i took with it....

No.6781 : Emi-chan [2016-06-15 14:00] 1466013642045.jpg [GIS] (1445542 B, 2592x1944) []
1445542 B

Good curvature?

No.6797 : Emi-chan [2016-07-12 11:06] []

Other face pic.... is it trap worthy?

No.6798 : Emi-chan [2016-07-12 11:09] 1468336149412.jpg [GIS] (1562685 B, 2592x1944) []
1562685 B

Oops, forgot to post pic....

No.6799 : Emi-chan [2016-07-12 11:13] 1468336429846.jpg [GIS] (1471021 B, 2592x1944) []
1471021 B

Id love more of whatever feedback, im planning some outings soon(i know im terrible w/ eyeshadow, i usually have a girl ftiend do it for me)
..... but ya, taking a convincing pic is easier than being a convincing girl in person....

No.6802 : MischaIsMischa [2016-07-13 00:15] []

You look fine, Emi.

Your clothes ... and your overall appearance look normal. That's really good.

Cis young women aren't trying to pass as women, so don't do that either. There's as much variation about what is female behavior as there are females. If you've never really tried to exert male privilege, you're probably going to have to learn what it's like not to have it soon.

No.6805 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 01:30] []

If you've never really tried to exert male privilege, you're probably going to have to learn what it's like not to have it soon.


No.6806 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 01:55] []

>>6781 looks great

>>6798>>6799 damn, looking good.

No.6885 : Anonymous [2016-09-16 19:37] []

>>6799 Given that in tight, figure hugging clothes and in lingerie you look like a girl, a hot girl, and your face is that of a hot girl. I think if you went out dressed as a girl, which you clearly are, people would just see a hot girl. Did I mention you were hot?

No.6887 : Anonymous [2016-09-17 02:36] []

uuuuhgghhhh, anytime

No.7077 : Anonymous [2018-04-08 21:08] []

Meh, alot of angled ass pics. im not saying you did that with purpose
but thats just how it looks to me

No.7090 : Anonymous [2018-05-07 15:44] []

its hard to not angle a phone taking selfies


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