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No.3295 : becca darling [12/08/16(Thu)00:12] [Report] 1345090329441.jpg (192257 B, 700x466) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
192257 B

hi! long time lurker. new thread!

No.3298 : Anonymous [12/08/16(Thu)07:05] [Report] []


No.3306 : becca darling [12/08/17(Fri)00:27] [Report] 1345177663678.jpg (386296 B, 429x700) [YIS] [GIS] []
386296 B

ok well I was getting ready to go out earlier tonight, here's me after i did my makeup and before putting a skirt on
should I screw off? any tips? should i post in xdressers? talk to me pzzz ^_^

No.3307 : Anonymous [12/08/17(Fri)00:49] [Report] []

I think you should keep posting right here.

No.3308 : becca darling [12/08/17(Fri)01:01] [Report] 1345179692961.jpg (171491 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
171491 B

right here?

No.3309 : Anonymous [12/08/17(Fri)02:17] [Report] []

where are you from?

No.3310 : Anonymous [12/08/17(Fri)02:40] [Report] []

Yeah, where are you from?

No.3312 : becca darling [12/08/17(Fri)10:51] [Report] []

new england! I used to live in california, then new york, but not any mooore ;( ;( ;(

No.3314 : Anonymous [12/08/17(Fri)17:30] [Report] []

very sweet

No.3317 : chefnick [12/08/17(Fri)21:02] [Report] []

Those are great pics.

No.3319 : Philly [12/08/18(Sat)09:19] [Report] []

Yes! Give us moar baby!

No.3320 : becca darling [12/08/18(Sat)13:30] [Report] []

what do you all want more of? :) i don't take requests ^_^ but i wouldn't mind ideas

No.3322 : Anonymous [12/08/18(Sat)21:19] [Report] []



No.3327 : becca darling [12/08/19(Sun)11:32] [Report] 1345390322727.jpg (316816 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
316816 B

well, i don't know what you're asking for, and if i had to guess, you wouldn't see it anyway :P maybe I should be postin in TS, but something tells me u wouldn't respect my dysphoria any more than u do here. silly anons.

an old picture, maybe it will hold you over since my phone is dead and you can think of constructive ideas ^_^

No.3389 : becca darling [12/08/25(Sat)22:59] [Report] 1345949994710.jpg (345195 B, 1000x665) [YIS] [GIS] []
345195 B

probably the last time I'll stop in here in a bit, goodnight everyone :3

No.3390 : TexiTrap [12/08/25(Sat)23:29] [Report] []

You're doing it right. ( nod of approval cause yo ass looks fantastic )

No.3393 : Anonymous [12/08/26(Sun)10:30] [Report] []



No.3394 : Philly [12/08/26(Sun)13:28] [Report] []

Aww thats a shame- post whatever you want, wherever you want- what a lovely tush!

No.3403 : BilboB [12/08/28(Tue)11:49] [Report] []

Wait, so one guy asked for a picture of your penis and you are scared away? You are gorgeous girl, but this is the internet, not a support group.

Even if that guy asking for a penis picture was totally out of line and unexpected, and if the correct response was righteous indignation (rather than a simple "I'm not that kind of girl"), why punish everyone else by not posting any of your pretty pictures?

No.3437 : Aussiebloke2006 [12/09/02(Sun)08:18] [Report] []

>>3389 Stunning Bec, so sexy

No.3604 : Anonymous [12/10/13(Sat)06:23] [Report] []

i would love to see any parts your afraid to show. i love seeing the lines of scars showing that nothing is permenant. that i can change if i want to. it would in a messed up way give me hope if i saw you naked...... i sound like a perv

No.3611 : biLLi [12/10/14(Sun)02:50] [Report] []

Very Nice inded!

No.3685 : becca darling [12/10/22(Mon)00:52] [Report] 1350881560496.jpg (223549 B, 956x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
223549 B

hiiii bbys
sorry I've been gone for a bit... told you it would happen! i gained a little weight :( :(
lol bilboB i didn't get scared off, I had a lot of life stuff to attend to ^_^ like trying to make enough monies to have a place to live.

anon, i definitely have scars that are permanent. those won't be shown here :P

a photo from last week, it's all cold and **** here so it's sweater season

No.3686 : becca darling [12/10/22(Mon)00:56] [Report] 1350881790785.jpg (144624 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
144624 B

just found this on my computer
(from mid-summer)

looks like I'll have at least a place to live for the next month. bleh. i have to put off buying uggs for yet another year, but c'est la vie.

No.3687 : Anonymous [12/10/22(Mon)02:41] [Report] []

>>3685 Looking gorgeous!

No.3688 : Anonymous [12/10/22(Mon)04:59] [Report] []

Is it possible that you went from hot to hotter?

No.3692 : becca darling [12/10/22(Mon)11:30] [Report] []

>>3390 texi! you're tooo kind <3 <3
>>3687 thxu!
>>3688 i dunno is that possible? i feel the opposite :/

No.3693 : Anonymous [12/10/22(Mon)17:26] [Report] []

you are adorable and we have the same phone. OBVIOUSLY destined for each other.

No.3743 : becca darling [12/10/28(Sun)18:48] [Report] 1351464534110.jpg (186508 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
186508 B

posting this here to keep track!

No.3744 : Anonymous [12/10/28(Sun)20:39] [Report] []

>>3743 bewbs <3

No.3751 : Anonymous [12/10/31(Wed)08:55] [Report] []

mmmm very nice

No.3757 : Jake [12/11/01(Thu)16:13] [Report] []

Those tits of urs are to die for gosh u r so desirable pleasing ur hotttt body mus feel sooooo goooood

No.3764 : Anonymous [12/11/02(Fri)17:37] [Report] []

what part of new england? I used to live in cali myself and recently moved back to boston, and you are pretty damn adorable.

No.3767 : Hmm [12/11/03(Sat)17:04] [Report] []

Looking real good. Not close to KY area are ya?

No.3768 : becca darling [12/11/04(Sun)01:00] [Report] 1352008815718.jpg (176530 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
176530 B

>>3764 where are you from originally? & i live in the Boston area right now, but i'm moving again soon. I move a lot - and enjoyed California a ton but didn't live there long.
>>3767 nooooope. and i don't think I've ever been.
>>3757 lol thank you, my "real" tits are late for the party but I'm grateful for the invention of padding.

i also want to thank the person who got me these!!! gifts are really cool.

No.3769 : Anonymous [12/11/04(Sun)01:08] [Report] []

I'm actually from the boston area, but lived in LA for a few years. we should chat it up a bit.

No.3771 : becca darling [12/11/04(Sun)01:26] [Report] 1352010381708.jpg (154993 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
154993 B

>>3769 iiif ya wanna! i will say though that I am super taken, and while that makes me happy, i keep getting told it makes people sad :( so don't be sad!

also a super belated happy halloween everyone <3 don't forget to vote ^_^

No.3772 : Anonymous [12/11/04(Sun)01:30] [Report] []

<< is now sad, ohh well what can ya do I'd still chat with ya anyways

No.3773 : Anonymous [12/11/04(Sun)05:03] [Report] []


It's cool that you're taken, but do not stop gracing us with more cute pics of yourself.

No.3781 : Anonymous [12/11/05(Mon)10:21] [Report] []

Is girl, not trap.

No.3784 : becca darling [12/11/05(Mon)21:29] [Report] []

>>3773 wouldn't dream of it ^_^
>>3781 i mean, you're half right... i'll take that as a super duper compliment ;D

No.3799 : Anonymous [12/11/08(Thu)12:33] [Report] []

Well, you look pretty damn passable to me...

Any more shots in leggings?? I dunno why, I just love girls in leggings...

No.3809 : becca darling [12/11/10(Sat)23:39] [Report] []

>>3799 you're really really nice.
i like girls in leggings too!
we are actually having a laundry crisis here, and I can't find any of mine :( :(
but I will post some pictures tomorrow anyway

No.3841 : becca darling [12/11/15(Thu)01:28] [Report] 1352960931829.jpg (163988 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
163988 B

meep. sorry about the delay, i tried to come on here on Sunday and the site was down.

No.3843 : Anonymous [12/11/15(Thu)12:30] [Report] []


No.3845 : Anonymous [12/11/16(Fri)02:32] [Report] []


Wow, just wow. So beautiful.

No.3851 : becca darling [12/11/17(Sat)01:29] [Report] 1353133764145.jpg (58409 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
58409 B

>>3845 jeeeez y'all are so nice!
more tomorrow! ^_^

No.3855 : Anonymous [12/11/17(Sat)12:32] [Report] []

hey im in the boston area too!

No.3858 : billi [12/11/17(Sat)17:18] [Report] []

Oh my sweetheart..........

No.3859 : becca darling [12/11/17(Sat)19:39] [Report] 1353199168953.jpg (166321 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
166321 B

sheesh, you're the sweetheart!

No.3865 : Anonymous [12/11/19(Mon)19:12] [Report] []

>>3859 This is such a wonderful photo =)

No.3893 : Anonymous [12/11/22(Thu)06:35] [Report] []


And with this picture I have fallen in love :)

No.3935 : Anonymous [12/11/25(Sun)11:40] [Report] []

God your adorable!! Do u ever Skype??

No.4099 : becca darling [12/12/16(Sun)15:40] [Report] 1355690424895.jpg (706533 B, 1260x2020) [YIS] [GIS] []
706533 B

>>3935 nope no skype here, aside from this and tumblr i don't do much on the internet these days
sorry for being away! trying to shave off weight and working.
i'm trying a new hair color and decided to put way too much makeup on the other day. someone should get me a nosejob for christmas ^_^

No.4102 : Anonymous [12/12/17(Mon)06:14] [Report] []


OMG, you are freaking beautiful. That's all I can say because I'm so striken by you.

No.4103 : becca darling [12/12/17(Mon)12:13] [Report] []

>>4102 you're so kind!

No.4130 : becca darling [12/12/24(Mon)11:36] [Report] 1356366989641.jpg (152029 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
152029 B

happy holidays! this is how I feel with all this running around and family visiting. I'll post more in a few days but it's been very very busy here :P

No.4144 : Anonymous [12/12/26(Wed)05:57] [Report] []


More pictures coming soon--can't wait. Also, and I say this with pretty much each one of your pictures: beautiful, just beautiful.

No.4212 : Anonymous [13/01/02(Wed)15:40] [Report] []

Show me your hole darling, don't be shy!

No.4213 : Anonymous [13/01/02(Wed)18:10] [Report] []

You are fabulous. Show us some legs please. Maybe in high heels if you will. Also a full body shot would be nice.

No.4288 : xwolf [13/01/11(Fri)00:42] [Report] []


No.4371 : The STF [13/01/19(Sat)11:20] [Report] []

That ass is NICE!

No.4449 : aussiebloke2006 [13/02/16(Sat)06:29] [Report] []


very nice cleavage

No.4835 : becca darling [13/03/25(Mon)00:52] [Report] 1364187165426.jpg (229964 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
229964 B

>>4371 thank you
>>4288 thank you
>>4213 twerking on it

i missed you allllll

No.4836 : Anonymous [13/03/25(Mon)06:29] [Report] []


OMG, a new pic. Still as gorgeous as ever.

No.4871 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)13:06] [Report] []

I wish i was as pretty as you =/ you are so beautiful

No.4893 : Anonymous [13/04/10(Wed)23:25] [Report] 1365650754110.jpg (133791 B, 640x420) [YIS] [GIS] []
133791 B


No.4894 : Anonymous [13/04/10(Wed)23:55] [Report] []

Babelicious! I wanna wake up with your cock in my mouth.


No.4896 : becca darling [13/04/11(Thu)00:05] [Report] 1365653131391.jpg (122694 B, 640x420) [YIS] [GIS] []
122694 B

here you goooo
sorry i don't smile all the time ^_^

No.4898 : Anonymous [13/04/11(Thu)03:55] [Report] []


Smiling or not you are still a 10.

No.5250 : becca darling [13/07/22(Mon)17:34] [Report] 1374528840157.jpg (71453 B, 602x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
71453 B

soooo I've been super busy, but was getting ready to go out the other night and thought I looked pretty good in the mirror... then I remembered you people like that sort of thing ^_^
sorry it's blurry! more eventually, when I stop to breathe and eat and sleep. (someday!)

No.5252 : Anonymous [13/07/22(Mon)19:05] [Report] []


If that's how you look blurry (smoking by the way) imagine when the picture is not.

No.5265 : Anonymous [13/07/27(Sat)07:50] [Report] []

wow, thanks for sharing Becks you're looking gorgeous.

No.5414 : Anonymous [13/09/12(Thu)22:07] [Report] []

You're great. Love to see more of you ;)


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