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No.2027 : Anonymous [12/03/07(Wed)07:12] [Report] 1331122357096.jpg (107329 B, 800x1077) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
107329 B

Anyone know anything about her? A name, a photoset? Anything?
Cos I need Moar.

No.2028 : Anonymous [12/03/07(Wed)09:05] [Report] 1331129145947.jpg (573140 B, 1109x739) [YIS] [GIS] []
573140 B

>>2027 All you had to do was look at the url in the bottom left of the photo.

It gives you a link to her site and a name. Just search from that. Here's the first thing that popped up for me.

No.2031 : Anonymous [12/03/07(Wed)19:14] [Report] []

mallorysfeet dot com

No.2781 : Anonymous [12/07/13(Fri)07:26] [Report] []

did you never learn to read
it's at the bottom of the photo

No.2790 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [12/07/13(Fri)16:45] [Report] []

Yeah but that domain's been dead for like 3 years bro

No.2893 : Anonymous [12/07/18(Wed)20:20] [Report] []


She used to post here, but she got her ass banned... As soon as she got a few humble fans she started making a paysite, then others here posted contents of her paysite (which was ridiculously overpriced and not very good) which got her pissed then she started abunch of drama here because she wasn't getting the money and then she got banned.

No.2910 : pongbaby [12/07/19(Thu)08:01] [Report] []

she seemed to jump all over, ifriends, eventually her own paysite, which as others said wasnt very good, and she also started a store on clips4sale which still didnt seem to have very good material

i guess im also left out because feet dont do anything for me and thats one of her big things

No.5112 : Anonymous [13/06/15(Sat)18:16] [Report] 1371334603302.jpg (23461 B, 252x190) [YIS] [GIS] []
23461 B

a Kentucky drama queen. Nuff said.

No.5166 : its yo lucky day mofo [13/07/05(Fri)14:28] [Report] 1373048881029.png (133068 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] []
133068 B

her name is Mallory, have more, too lazy to post so here is the best one, as far as I know there was never more than a dozen or so of her photos

No.5170 : Anonymous [13/07/06(Sat)19:10] [Report] []

she's still around. she has a tumblr.

No.5185 : Anonymous [13/07/07(Sun)09:07] [Report] []

wow that's exceptionally bad. Better pics were posted ITT.

No.5186 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/07/07(Sun)18:05] [Report] []

Is that really her though? She commented on one of my pics, and I was like "thx lol" and stuff and followed up with "are you really the real Mallory?" and got no response.

No.6220 : tia tizzianni [2014-11-02 14:20] [Report] []

Her name is Mallory

No.6221 : Bitrigger [2014-11-07 00:02] [Report] []


No.6269 : Anonymous [2015-01-06 08:22] [Report] []

She's changed a lot now, she looks nothing like this anymore

No.6281 : Anonymous [2015-01-11 13:16] [Report] []


No.6295 : Anonymous [2015-02-02 00:47] [Report] []

So hot!

No.6300 : JohnnyP [2015-02-08 09:17] [Report] []

so damn sexy

No.6320 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 12:02] [Report] []

by "changed a lot" do you mean cut her hair short (like 3 years ago) and now has it dyed red. or did have it dyed. you old queers are so superficial.

wasn't that like back in 2007? let it go. she was trying to make a living and yall were pirating her shit, no wonder she doesnt do much porn anymore. the online trans community is horrible.

No.6321 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 12:35] [Report] []
>she was trying to make a living and yall were pirating her shit, no wonder she doesnt do much porn anymore. the online trans community is horrible.

every porn community ever

i'd have to say that you're an idiot if you think your comment doesn't apply to every type of porn

if money couldn't be made at the same time as the tiny amount of imageboard users were sharing the files, the porn wasn't worth much in the first place—other camwhores make money while their images and videos are available for free on way more popular sites, but they actually provide images and videos that people are willing to pay for

No.6324 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [2015-03-08 16:00] [Report] []

Yeah but other communities don't make them out to be a pariah when the very thing they're beating off to requires investment.

Having said that if he's an idiot you have down syndrome because you're not contextualizing what happened...the "trap" community was so small at that point the legions of basement dwellers felt it was much more of a sleight because of the lack of alternatives. Now there's so much out there that no one's really butthurt over budding amateurs like KittyKaiti, Nicole Charming or Kendra Sinclare going into the industry to make pay content, and there's so much of a wider audience that you don't see those girls going on seek and destroy DMCA missions to imageboards or reddit.

tl:dr ya'll did her wrong but it softened up both sides so that others were able to do it successfully

No.6326 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [2015-03-08 16:19] [Report] []

Also she was like 18 or 19 back then? How many people start up their own business with poise and grace at fucking 18, fuck outta here with that

No.6327 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 06:13] [Report] 1426068794821.jpg (143486 B, 1449x1079) [YIS] [GIS] []
143486 B

Without entering the discussion, the fact that she did choose to stop making stuff was an unspeakable shame. Her cumshot videos were out of this world and I've blown some many loads to them that you wouldn't believe it.

Now she just cams a few times a week but doesn't do anything in those either. All you get to see is a a little jerking off and nothing more. She has explicitly stated that she doesn't cum on cam, ever. Not even in exclusive chat if you tipped hundreds of dollars. It's fucked and she must have some sort of condition that hinders sensible thinking.

No.6328 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 09:18] [Report] []

link to that specific vid?

No.6329 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 09:43] [Report] []
No.6542 : Anonymous [2015-09-03 08:49] [Report] []

Fucking thank you.

Probably the very reason why there is so little content by her was because of the severity of the trans porn community towards her disheartened her. She seems really smart and probably has an income coming from somewhere else and only did porn as a hobby that deserved compensation.

And about her site everyone is saying was bad; first of all it was not a bad site at all, it was very good and there were a couple of them that she created all by herself as a teenager without any website development training to my knowledge. I was impressed. Her nitche was trans foot fetish (something that's still hard to find) And she was aware of that and marketed to that crowd.

But I must say, that she SHOULD have done some hard core scenes. I'm honestly still hoping that she will one day! I don't expect it, but maybe she will surprise us...


>some sort of condition that hinders sensible thinking

Because she doesn't want to shoot sperm on camera for you at your beckon call? I know what a horrible person.

Mallory is just choleric enough to piss off everyone online without trying to and just sanguine enough to charm everybody online without trying to ...

I admire the bitch. She's hot.

No.6543 : Anonymous [2015-09-03 09:07] [Report] 1441285669986.jpg (47526 B, 1200x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6544 : Anonymous [2015-09-03 17:34] [Report] []
>Because she doesn't want to shoot sperm on camera for you at your beckon call?

Wow, you really grasped the point in my post there didn't you? Or perhaps you just couldn't afford a one second's thought before typing up that retarded response of yours.

No.6545 : Anonymous [2015-09-04 06:07] [Report] []

You can grasp the point of my dick bitch, bickering little faggot fuck off

Does anyone know where she webcams at?

No.6547 : Anonymous [2015-09-04 09:21] [Report] []
>You can grasp the point of my dick bitch, bickering little faggot fuck off

That's so gangsta. You're the baddest dude in the hood, son!


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