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No.1937 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)09:45] [Report] 1329576320444.jpg (80754 B, 375x500) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
80754 B

Hiya :) kinda new here, hope this is right place to post this :) will post moe piccies soon xx

No.1938 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)09:54] [Report] 1329576881219.jpg (102828 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
102828 B

nother one :p

No.1939 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)09:56] [Report] 1329576988615.jpg (135364 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
135364 B

And 1 more for lols :D

No.1940 : Anonymous [12/02/18(Sat)10:56] [Report] []

you know this a board for "traps," right? traps as in the transsexual kind.

No.1941 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)11:58] [Report] []

I think thats a complement? lol

No.1942 : jake981 [12/02/18(Sat)12:07] [Report] []

your cute. where are u frm? more plz

No.1943 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)12:10] [Report] []

From UK :) will post more soon ;)


No.1944 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)12:16] [Report] 1329585366771.jpg (69007 B, 402x551) [YIS] [GIS] []
69007 B

1 more :)

No.1945 : Anonymous [12/02/18(Sat)12:34] [Report] []


Female camwhores are under /fc

You are very pretty though :)

No.1946 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)12:45] [Report] []

Ummm yeah I'm not female... yet lol

No.1947 : Anonymous [12/02/18(Sat)14:38] [Report] []

>>1945>>1940 you are retarded

No.1948 : Anonymous [12/02/18(Sat)14:40] [Report] []

You are really pretty. Do you have an email or a screen name of any kind? I'd love to talk to you.

No.1949 : Jess [12/02/18(Sat)15:27] [Report] []

Not at the moment, will make one though :)

So any ideas for a trap name? :P


No.1950 : Anonymous [12/02/18(Sat)19:17] [Report] []

You're the 3rd Jess from the UK on this board. heh.

No.1953 : trapfan [12/02/19(Sun)02:19] [Report] []

omg you are so cute

No.1964 : Jess [12/02/20(Mon)11:45] [Report] []

Thank youu :D ^ ^

Out this weekend so will try and get some more piccies for here :3


No.1965 : Jess [12/02/20(Mon)14:05] [Report] 1329764701972.jpg (147036 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
147036 B

Piccie of me with X_DiStOrT_X from here on a night out :) not the best piccie of me but she looks beautiful in it :)


No.1966 : Anonymous [12/02/20(Mon)14:19] [Report] []


No.1970 : Anonymous [12/02/21(Tue)02:51] [Report] []

>>1965 Cute! Why doesn't she post anymore? I enjoyed her thread.

No.1971 : Jess [12/02/21(Tue)07:34] [Report] []

Her IP address has been banned for some reason and not sure why.


No.1986 : Jess [12/02/26(Sun)10:55] [Report] 1330271709813.jpg (68173 B, 658x933) [YIS] [GIS] []
68173 B

Before my night out last night :D

No.1987 : Anonymous [12/02/26(Sun)15:37] [Report] []


reallly pretty!

No.1988 : Anonymous [12/02/26(Sun)21:09] [Report] []

>>1986 Did you get laid? I'd buy you drinks all night and try to hit that. ;)

No.2005 : zara [12/02/28(Tue)11:20] [Report] []

>>1937 I had a feeling I might find you here :P

No.2008 : Anonymous [12/02/29(Wed)18:26] [Report] []

>>1986 You look so beautiful here =)

No.2033 : Jess [12/03/08(Thu)06:53] [Report] 1331207621617.jpg (67124 B, 540x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
67124 B

Moarrr :P

No.2036 : Jess [12/03/08(Thu)06:56] [Report] 1331207810236.jpg (64333 B, 720x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
64333 B

Serious face :p x

No.2037 : Jess [12/03/08(Thu)07:00] [Report] 1331208019774.jpg (74889 B, 447x540) [YIS] [GIS] []
74889 B

Sex face hehe :p

Thank youu all for the nice comments :) <3


No.2038 : Anonymous [12/03/08(Thu)09:23] [Report] []


No.2040 : Trainerchan [12/03/08(Thu)10:31] [Report] []

Was going to tell you the typical "AAAW WHY SO CUTE" when in my hearphones Miss Kittin sang a piece of lyrics it would describe better what I felt:

"Some kind of magic in the air apocalyptic
I don't care I am a rocket I am the lady you can't get
Some more love tricks in my hat supersonic
May I be blond or brunette I am the soulmate you can't get"

Also, loving your style!! looks a bit goth-ey!!!

No.2042 : Mikey Mouse [12/03/10(Sat)00:21] [Report] []

I agree the style is cute but Im attracted to the cute lil faces you make and personality you show in your pics.

No.2044 : Jess [12/03/10(Sat)10:09] [Report] []

Aww thanks, yeah I'm a bit of a crazy party girl in real life hehe


No.2047 : Anonymous [12/03/11(Sun)17:56] [Report] []

BEAUTIFUL Jess, do you have skype? email?

No.2051 : Jess [12/03/12(Mon)05:42] [Report] 1331545346958.jpg (74529 B, 720x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
74529 B


Well this weekend was hot and sunny so I decided to go down the beach :)
Not quite ready for the bikini pics yet but here's a piccie of me before I went down :)

I'll set up an email tonight and let you know :)


No.2054 : Bex [12/03/12(Mon)11:32] [Report] []

Whereabouts in UK?

Lovely pics! :)

No.2058 : Jess [12/03/12(Mon)20:36] [Report] []

Aww thanks :)

I'm on the south coast near Southampton :D


No.2061 : Bex [12/03/13(Tue)09:06] [Report] []

Whoa o_o

Usually beauties are so far away! :p

Kent myself, well - when I'm home from uni atleast.

Nice to know! :)

No.2072 : Anonymous [12/03/14(Wed)21:40] [Report] []

I would marry this woman.

I'd marry her all night long.

No.2076 : Jess [12/03/16(Fri)07:40] [Report] 1331898017498.png (338090 B, 330x539) [YIS] [GIS] []
338090 B

Aww thank you :) <3

Tried new way of doing eye makeup, better or worse? :)


No.2079 : Anonymous [12/03/16(Fri)16:10] [Report] []


Beautiful, you could grace the cover of any magazine.

No.2080 : Anonymous [12/03/16(Fri)16:57] [Report] []

why are all the good traps in the UK :(

No.2083 : Anonymous [12/03/16(Fri)19:47] [Report] []

>>2076 That's a great pic

No.2117 : liebe4anal [12/03/23(Fri)20:34] [Report] []


Both are hot, prefer the old way though. Personal preference. :)

No.2119 : Anonymous [12/03/24(Sat)11:09] [Report] []

I would prefer to be with a trap than a normal girl any day and I don't live that far away from southampton, just saying.

No.2137 : Anonymous [12/03/27(Tue)17:50] [Report] []

You need to post more pics as soon as possible, you are too beautiful to not bless the world with your face.

No.2138 : Anonymous [12/03/27(Tue)20:12] [Report] []

You know, this is my first time on this board but that last post seriously caught my eye. I trap and I live in southampton. Any chance we could share emails and chat? I'l show you pics of course.

No.2139 : Anonymous [12/03/27(Tue)20:19] [Report] []

Nothing explicit or creepy to add. Just to show you what I look like! I have a decently active thread on one of the other chans out there. I just like the idea of having someone IRL to talk to about all this :P

No.2146 : Jess [12/03/31(Sat)07:21] [Report] []

Yeah I guess so :)
What's your email address?

Will put moar piccies up soon just lost my bag on Thursday containing everything including phone :( so can't take any piccies atm


No.2174 : scottishbeef [12/04/03(Tue)14:36] [Report] []

You so scarily like I girl I know and actually fancy quite a bit!

Looking really good :)

No.2177 : Anonymous [12/04/04(Wed)08:50] [Report] []

awhitepainteddoor hotmail co uk :)

No.2207 : Anonymous [12/04/09(Mon)00:33] [Report] []

You are -ridiculously- cute! You should post some more from different angles and such, you definitely have the look down!

No.2210 : Jess [12/04/09(Mon)19:45] [Report] 1334015132023.jpg (24047 B, 604x453) [YIS] [GIS] []
24047 B

Yayys got my septum pierced, can't wait to change it to a cute purple one :)

Sorry about the bad piccie


No.2211 : Anonymous [12/04/09(Mon)21:44] [Report] []

"bad" must mean totally cute and adorable in the UK.

No.2215 : Anonymous [12/04/10(Tue)18:38] [Report] []

I fucking love you :')

No.2219 : Anonymous [12/04/11(Wed)10:58] [Report] []

You never sent me an email!

No.2223 : Joe [12/04/12(Thu)18:22] [Report] []

Hey, is there anyway to get a hold of you? I'd love to chat with you on messenger sometime, or even through email.

No.2249 : david [12/04/15(Sun)23:47] [Report] []

post more picture jess

No.2306 : mick [12/04/22(Sun)15:08] [Report] []

at last hot traps from the u.k!!

No.2325 : stevieboy [12/04/25(Wed)03:27] [Report] []

I hope you don't mind me saying but I love your nose. Gorgeous.

No.2370 : Anonymous [12/04/29(Sun)21:29] [Report] []

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

No.2432 : Anonymous [12/05/05(Sat)10:47] [Report] []

i love you

No.2448 : Jess [12/05/07(Mon)21:27] [Report] []

Aww thank you :3

Almost 4 months of hormones now :D


No.2450 : Anonymous [12/05/08(Tue)01:35] [Report] []

This bitch fucking sucks man, shes a lying whore

No.2451 : Jess [12/05/08(Tue)05:59] [Report] []

Lol what? how am I lying?

No.2453 : Jess [12/05/08(Tue)12:08] [Report] []

So confused to what I'm meant to have done right now, quite intrgued though :p


No.2478 : Anonymous [12/05/17(Thu)20:08] [Report] []

how long is your penis?

No.2479 : Jess [12/05/17(Thu)21:02] [Report] []

almost 11 inches :)


No.2482 : Jess [12/05/18(Fri)13:42] [Report] []

lol okays that wasnt me ^

No.2483 : mick [12/05/18(Fri)17:31] [Report] []

very pretty... and from the uk woo hoo!!

No.2485 : Jess [12/05/19(Sat)21:44] [Report] 1337478296595.jpg (16394 B, 397x223) [YIS] [GIS] []
16394 B

Sorry I haven't posted many new pictures lately, my iPhone got stolen about a month ago and my temp replacement has a bad camera, heres one I took on my webcam while I was bored waiting to go out

No.2486 : Anonymous [12/05/20(Sun)20:01] [Report] 1337558493157.jpg (33683 B, 372x495) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2487 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)08:36] [Report] []


No.2488 : Jess [12/05/21(Mon)12:52] [Report] []

Who? That random scarey guy haha :p


No.2489 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)16:13] [Report] []

haha no you silly :p

No.2490 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)18:50] [Report] []

>>2488 That is the legendary cinematic genius John Waters, who paved the way for drag queen pioneer Divine.

No.2491 : Jess [12/05/21(Mon)19:55] [Report] []

oh okies, haven't heard of him before

Is this his pervy/"I'm gonna kill you and fuck your dead body" face haha :p


No.2494 : Anonymous [12/05/22(Tue)09:47] [Report] 1337694461105.jpg (86152 B, 500x324) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2570 : Anonymous [12/06/07(Thu)11:44] [Report] []

John Waters invented trapping

No.2591 : Jess [12/06/10(Sun)14:15] [Report] 1339352133252.jpg (31091 B, 535x301) [YIS] [GIS] []
31091 B

Updated pic :D


No.2605 : Anonymous [12/06/11(Mon)14:20] [Report] 1339438850301.jpg (37904 B, 640x360) [YIS] [GIS] []
37904 B


Weather forecast showing fog for most of the region.

No.2606 : Jess [12/06/11(Mon)16:06] [Report] []

lol yeah it was pretty bad the day I took this :p

No.2641 : Anonymous [12/06/14(Thu)14:58] [Report] []

you're my new favourite tarp :D

No.2642 : Caliadne [12/06/14(Thu)16:11] [Report] []


No.2675 : Anonymous [12/06/18(Mon)19:00] [Report] []

You are so cute, why don't you post more often?
Tell us some more about yourself?

No.2676 : Anonymous [12/06/18(Mon)19:38] [Report] []

Jess, my love!

No.2703 : Jess [12/06/23(Sat)17:28] [Report] []

Got a new job so working all hours of the day atm :p
Also since my iPhone was stolen back in May I've had to rely on bad quality webcam or pictures friends take as my temp phone has a bad camera :(

What do you want to know about me? :)


No.2732 : Jess [12/07/01(Sun)03:07] [Report] 1341126441891.jpg (73655 B, 715x501) [YIS] [GIS] []
73655 B

New piccie :) x

No.2733 : Anonymous [12/07/01(Sun)04:23] [Report] []

>>2732 <3

No.2739 : Anonymous [12/07/02(Mon)13:07] [Report] 1341248860096.jpg (13779 B, 240x220) [YIS] [GIS] []
13779 B

How about where do you live and how do I get there?

No.2763 : Philafanindc [12/07/10(Tue)08:43] [Report] []

Love the newest pic- and the piercing! Where are you pierced and where would you want to get more piercings?

No.2769 : Anonymous [12/07/10(Tue)18:26] [Report] []

I'm also on the south coast near southampton... :O

Right on.

No.2776 : Anonymous [12/07/12(Thu)11:47] [Report] []

you're the cutest thing ever. Is it nearly time for the bikini pics yet?

No.2855 : Jess [12/07/16(Mon)08:35] [Report] []

Heya, well finally got the house move out of the way, stuck on dongle internet for 4 weeks though :L
Only have 1 piercing so far in septum, want my belly button done and ears obv. I'd love pic piercings but can't because of work :(


No.2856 : Jess [12/07/16(Mon)08:36] [Report] []

That's meant to be lip not pic haha, not bikini time yet, only been on hormones 6 months, plus it's too cold haha :P


No.2870 : Anonymous [12/07/17(Tue)09:41] [Report] []

nah don't go for the lip piercing, they look chavvy imo lol, don't ruin your pretty face. well they say the weather here is going to get more summery now so I hope they're right! If so maybe 1 bikini pic? :D Anyways congrats on the move, bet you feel better that crap's out of the way. Hope you enjoy your new pad! x

No.2871 : Jess [12/07/17(Tue)09:48] [Report] []

You're thinking of eyebrow that's chavvy :p lip is far from it, more emo/scene and cute. Can't do it anyways because of my job :(. Thanks for the congrats :) will get more piccies up when virgin get thier asses in gear and dig up my road so I don't have to use stupidly slow 3g dongle :P xx

No.2887 : Anonymous [12/07/18(Wed)10:22] [Report] []

ah I was thinking of a stud in your top lip, usually see that on chavs with their hair greased back and curtain ring big gold earrings lol. Bottom lip rings are totally different, you have my permission to get one of those haha ;p

No.2908 : Jess [12/07/19(Thu)03:27] [Report] []

Ohhh it's a good look, esp the greasy hair ;) might go for that......when hell freezes over :p rock/emo/scene chick for life :D xx

No.3082 : Tiffany [12/07/29(Sun)06:30] [Report] []

whats ur email jess?

No.3119 : jackofthehook [12/08/02(Thu)23:36] [Report] []

hotness is all I got to say...

No.3136 : myndzai [12/08/03(Fri)21:51] [Report] []

Hey Jess! Firstly gotta say I love the look, you're absolutely stunnerific and I don't think you need me telling you that!

Secondly, why did I have to move to Guildford?!?! I lived in Winchester which as you know is a mere 10m min train ride away! D'oh!

Thirdly, if you're on tvchix (which I believe you are, I think we spoke on there before) then add me, I'm myndzai on there too :)


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