Transsexual and Transgender

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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.7997 : Anonymous [2023-06-05 01:40] [Report] 1685943605872.jpg (19390 B, 440x293) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
19390 B

so this place is extremely dead. where did all the tranners go? I can rarely post on 4cuck but I want to talk with people who really understand and that's certainly not the hugboxxy places. How can I speak with more of you, anonymously (I can't use anything with cloudflare)?

No.7998 : Anonymous [2023-06-06 22:31] [Report] []

You might find a group on Reddit that fits your needs.

No.8000 : Anonymous [2023-06-19 15:20] [Report] []

I value free speech and discussion. Ever since reddit changed to the new format where the replies are quickly trunciated, no good discussion or effortposting really happens, and it's not anon either.

No.8001 : Anonymous [2023-06-27 07:14] [Report] []

Most imageboard cultures trannies I know usually post on /lgbt/ on 4chan. There's a lot of retards and trolls on there but it's probably the closest thing you can get for what you want.

No.8020 : Anonymous [2023-07-03 06:57] [Report] []

what, exactly, do you need that you can't get from here? children to groom?
if the site is not active, post things regularly to make it active. this useless thread of yours got replies, so any future thread will get replies, especially if it has value. if you have nothing of value to post, no other board will be of any interest to you. if all you want is to see naked trannies, you can do that on any site that allows porn.
to me it simply sounds like you are a predator using a vpn and you want to find people to groom. if that's not correct, then post content of value on this site.

No.8022 : Anonymous [2023-07-07 17:36] [Report] 1688765768245.jpg (23772 B, 480x320) [YIS] [GIS] []
23772 B

Reddit is currently dying though, LMAO. And good riddance too since they are ultimately just the child company of Tencent and their jannies in particular are power tripping losers with the thinnest of skin imaginable. I haven't had that problem here however slow site or not.

You could try reviving it in a sort of renaissance way. Try scoping people out who refuse to use Discord or those who have become disgruntled with the moderation of reddit or 4chins to come here of whom would actually be interested in a place like this.

No.8024 : Anonymous [2023-07-15 12:18] [Report] []

problem is always getting things to start, I'd use this board but when it's completely dead there's no point

No.8029 : Anonymous [2023-07-29 02:10] [Report] []

Invite your friends, shill it on discord. Then maybe it will be less dead.

No.8066 : Anonymous [2023-08-04 02:14] [Report] []

Sounds tiresome, then again the best way to grow websites is through word of mouth (the organic way) so you probably have a point.

No.8069 : Anonymous [2023-08-22 00:49] [Report] []

Well Rome wasn't built over night.

No.8080 : Anonymous [2023-09-22 18:11] [Report] []

It used to be great here, but most people migrated to other websites.
TTTT has been infiltrated by Twitter and Reddit users since Natalie Wynn mentioned it in one of her videos, so it's of no value anymore. And 420chan is being remodeled by Brennan. So tranchan is still kind of the best trans place on the internet.


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