Transsexual and Transgender

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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.7805 : Anonymous [2022-06-02 06:15] [Report] 1654164947939.jpg (27439 B, 225x350) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
27439 B

how do you deal with dysphoria? every day i wake up feeling like shit. my first initial brain movements make me feel dysphoric as all hell and i scream internally for the rest of the day because ive been conditioned not to cry as a kid. after years of this everyday i dont think i can go on anymore (this isnt a kms post) i couldve felt happy all these years if my parents had take it serious and gave me hormone blockers but now im stuck a 6feet giant with massive fucking shoulders. i guess theres that one guy that would be into it but i doubt i can ever find him. i see girls anywhere on the internet perfectly okay with their masculine traits but looking at a mirror only gives me an even deeper desire to end it all. how do you do it if youve came this far?

No.7807 : Anonymous [2022-06-02 09:02] [Report] []

listen up, bud. you wrote it yourself, you claim to have "dysphoria", in regards to your gender. is the solution to take pills and have elective surgery?
have you heard of body integrity dysphoria? why do you think it is that doctors absolutely refuse to treat those people in the same way "trans" people are given "treatment" in modern society?
i know it's hard for you to do some critical thinking, considering that you believe your problems would have been resolved by mutilating your body (yes, purposely destroying your hormone balance is also mutilation), but now is the time to realize that all of those photoshopped and filtered "traps" you see on the internet aren't what you will ever become. your loving parents could have mutilated you from childhood and the only result would have been your suicide, just like all of those children who are going to wake up in five to ten years and realize what their mentally ill sicko parents did to them. i'm going to bet that you've never seen a tranny in person, because if you had, you wouldn't be wishing that your parents were evil degenerates.
you can always tell. no matter what, it's always obvious. this is why over half of them attempt suicide. this is why the attempts don't stop no matter how many hormones and surgeries they go through. and guess what, the rates at which they succeed are consistent with their biological sex. m2f trannies manage to get it done way more often than the f2m trannies, just like they would have even if they weren't playing pretend.
you are mentally ill. the majority of all modern illness is caused by a polluted diet full of seed and legume oils and grains. i bet those two things make up a minimum of 70% of your caloric intake. add in the constant stream of propaganda (which is completely legal to publish) from the world's mediaβ€”both mass media and social media (which is proven year after year to be almost completely bots)β€”and the mentally ill are easy to manipulate.
did you know that the "doctors" have conferences where they say "trans people are a $1billion dollar market!!!"? there are articles and even videos of this. you are not a woman, you are mentally ill, and you are playing the role of the perfect slave-patient quite well for the people who profit greatly off of keeping people chronically ill.

No.7808 : Anonymous [2022-06-02 13:19] [Report] []

holy fucking shit, you're right. what the fuck am i doing? i don't even "feel" these most of the time, it's just that when they hit they hit bad. i've had these from early childhood but that's likely because of my relationship with my dad. fuck this, i'm out.

No.7810 : Anonymous [2022-06-03 09:41] [Report] []

i know a person who thinks he's being monitored by civilians in ways that only governments could ever manage without leaving some sort of trail of a federal crime. this person has felt feelings of being watched since childhood. sometimes the feelings "hit bad". after being inside almost completely for a year, he is now certain more than ever that he's being spied on. he was already scanning his home with a device to detect spying devices. now he's thinking about wasting thousands of dollars replacing phones and computers, and installing cameras, etc. the fact is that nobody has had access to this person's physical devices. he's never found a spy device with his scanner. he's never had any kind of criminal break in to add fuel to the fire. it's one of his mental illnesses (to go along with the ones that are diagnosed).
the people who want to create permanent patients know that "trans" people need real help, but instead they take those small feelings that these people feel and keep feeding them. then when the big feelings hit, they use them to say "see, we were right, you are trans". now you give them money for the rest of your life, because the pills never stop. you will be fighting nature, and it will be a losing battle (from the start).

No.7822 : Anonymous [2022-06-23 21:56] [Report] []

I am 6'3 and I spent years "bulking up" to try to get rid of my gender dysphoria. If I want to "pass" it's going to be very hard. lucky I have a friend who is over 6 foot so she gives me hope.

No.7837 : Anonymous [2022-07-29 06:29] [Report] 1659090572565.jpg (154461 B, 1440x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
154461 B

First off sister im 6'2" and have those broad shoulders as well,and i was trained not to cry as a kid growing up through the mid-eighties and all the way through the nineties but you need to learn my dear friend is how to say FUCK THEM AND FUCK THAT. cause in the end there is a man out there for youand who the fuck cares what the rest of the world thinks i promise your not the topic of discussion at anyones dinnner table but your own

No.7838 : Anonymous [2022-07-29 07:59] [Report] []

>>7837 you look disgusting


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