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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.5516 : Reyna [14/01/18(Sat)21:53] 1390099983273.jpg [GIS] (173874 B, 834x960)
173874 B

My first post on this site yo! My name is Reyna and I'm 18 yrs old, live in NYC and I'm a transsexual. I've been on hormones for about 4 months.

No.5517 : Anonymous [14/01/18(Sat)23:01] []



No.5518 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [14/01/18(Sat)23:41] []


In the words of Yakko and Wakko Warner:


No.5520 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/18(Sat)23:46] []

I smell a fake.

No.5521 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)00:23] 1390108983762.jpg [GIS] (118420 B, 737x960) []
118420 B


thanks for thinking im fake, i take that as a compliment ;)

No.5522 : DeerTrap [14/01/19(Sun)04:21] []


Lol, I know her IRL. She's not fake, at all. Your nose is stuffed, though.

No.5523 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)08:26] []


Two pictures look as similar as a triangle and a circle. I just have to go with the mod here and say I sense fake.

No.5524 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)11:51] 1390150263435.jpg [GIS] (50204 B, 551x960) []
50204 B


this is why i hate posting on these forums, because there will always be that one person to say im not real. well obviously they look different sherlock, as one was taken with a camera and another with a shitty phone, lighting and pose was different, etc. etc.

No.5525 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/19(Sun)17:35] []

Oh I know all the pics are the same person, just questioning whether or not it's actually you. Make and date a "hi tranchan" sign or some shit mayne.

Or not. Just sayin.

No.5527 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)18:18] []

I think why people are saying your pictures might be fake is the fact that your impossibly beautiful. :) and I am completely jealous

No.5528 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/19(Sun)19:18] []

Tru. There's a bit of "too good to be true" in this.

No.5529 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)19:46] 1390178785530.jpg [GIS] (54223 B, 510x960) []
54223 B

>>5528>>5527 well if you find someone attractive doesn't mean that they are a fake! lol

No.5530 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)20:18] []

Stunning [:

No.5532 : John [14/01/20(Mon)15:52] []

Hey Reyna,
fake or not you are really beautiful and sexy.
I hope you will post something more sexy.
Beautiful lady

No.5534 : FryGuy [14/01/20(Mon)23:55] []

Looking Damn GOOD Reyna. Show us more of you.

No.5535 : Anonymous [14/01/21(Tue)11:19] []

I think everyone would be satisfied if you showed us your butt with the words "cock slave" written on it.

No.5537 : Canadance [14/01/23(Thu)23:16] []

you wear too much make up use a scrub and a night cream to hide your true ugliness

No.5538 : Canadance [14/01/23(Thu)23:18] []

You wear too much make up we want an a naturelle photo.

No.5539 : Reyna [14/01/24(Fri)20:12] 1390612377473.jpg [GIS] (29842 B, 561x472) []
29842 B

>>5538 listen bitch, i will wear as much makeup as i want ;) if you don't like the amount of makeup that i apply on my face, then you know where the 'X' button is at the top right corner of the screen.

No.5540 : Anonymous [14/01/24(Fri)23:03] []

>>5538 i guess we just want a pic with a date or any indication this ain't fake..

No.5541 : Anonymous [14/01/25(Sat)01:55] []

Well you can just pack your shit and go post on reddit where you belong.

No.5543 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/25(Sat)17:40] []

Who knew this place still had a good shit storm still in it

No.5544 : Anonymous [14/01/26(Sun)22:44] []

you look great. Could you post more?

No.5548 : Anonymous [14/01/28(Tue)13:58] []

So that's a no to a pic of your butt?

No.5551 : Anonymous [14/01/29(Wed)18:18] 1391037527388.jpg [GIS] (134123 B, 581x960) []
No.5552 : Anonymous [14/01/29(Wed)23:46] []

thanks for posting more!

No.5553 : Anonymous [14/01/30(Thu)05:10] []


I'm enjoying your pics. Hope to see more.

No.5555 : PJ [14/02/01(Sat)04:35] []

You are a total babe...gorgeous.

No.5556 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/02/02(Sun)15:53] 1391374427345.jpg [GIS] (428953 B, 581x960) []
No.5564 : Anonymous [14/02/03(Mon)15:32] []

>>5556 I see.. that sums it all up...

No.5577 : Anonymous [14/02/05(Wed)21:26] []

I have an erection and a hangover, spell it out damn you.

No.5578 : Anonymous [14/02/06(Thu)03:09] []

you sexy thing. i love ya :)

No.5579 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/02/07(Fri)14:20] []


u r g a y

No.5581 : Anonymous [14/02/07(Fri)17:18] 1391811508168.jpg [GIS] (137541 B, 640x480) []
137541 B

Hey, if wanting Lexi, Jordan, Krähe, wizzy, g1rlyboy, Chessu, Roberta and myself to have a big old sloppy orgy is gay? Then I don't want to be straight.

You may call it gay, I'll call it the American Dream!

No.5603 : Anonymous [14/02/12(Wed)19:04] []

you are sexy. ignore the haters. more please ;)

No.5687 : Anonymous [14/03/14(Fri)14:12] []

You look beautiful

No.5722 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)07:24] []


No.5758 : Anonymous [14/04/18(Fri)18:31] []

>>5551 Damn, super hot!!!

No.5795 : Anonymous [2014-05-18 19:52] []

You have kik. St8 here but with you I try anything

No.5796 : firemongrel [2014-05-20 10:57] []

you look fantastic

No.5869 : Anonymous [2014-08-12 21:07] []



No.5914 : Anonymous [2014-09-25 02:22] []

would smash

No.6967 : Anonymous [2017-01-05 08:16] []

Ur gorgeous im from jersey would love to take u out sometime

No.7078 : Anonymous [2017-03-12 12:58] []

You´re beautiful
Don´t pay attention to the trolls
Hope your threatment goes well and be happy <3

No.7084 : Anonymous [2017-03-21 19:38] []


No.7090 : MischaIsMischa [2017-03-27 14:43] []

Nice photos. Wish I were that slim and that 18!

No.7106 : Andrew [2017-05-01 11:09] []

Contact me, we should do dinner in NYC,

No.7231 : Anonymous [2017-08-09 19:26] []

Sorry. There is absolutely no scientific or medical way hormones did that to you in a mere 4 months. It's logically impossible.

No.7232 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [2017-08-09 20:17] []

Can ya'll leave this fakeass thread to die ffs

No.7318 : Anonymous [2018-01-23 17:39] []

This is an Icelandic transsexual girl. She goes by Svava but closed her facebook a while back.

No.7349 : Anonymous [2018-02-23 09:29] []

u r beautiful women, kik me cody_hard

No.7487 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 18:07] []

There is someone in Iceland posing as you...

No.7495 : Lance [2019-01-18 03:02] []

I will come see u when i visit NYC. We can get dinner if u like.



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