Transsexual and Transgender

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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.5516 : Reyna [14/01/18(Sat)21:53] 1390099983273.jpg (173874 B, 834x960) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
173874 B

My first post on this site yo! My name is Reyna and I'm 18 yrs old, live in NYC and I'm a transsexual. I've been on hormones for about 4 months.

No.5517 : Anonymous [14/01/18(Sat)23:01] []



No.5518 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [14/01/18(Sat)23:41] []


In the words of Yakko and Wakko Warner:


No.5520 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/18(Sat)23:46] []

I smell a fake.

No.5521 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)00:23] 1390108983762.jpg (118420 B, 737x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
118420 B


thanks for thinking im fake, i take that as a compliment ;)

No.5522 : DeerTrap [14/01/19(Sun)04:21] []


Lol, I know her IRL. She's not fake, at all. Your nose is stuffed, though.

No.5523 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)08:26] []


Two pictures look as similar as a triangle and a circle. I just have to go with the mod here and say I sense fake.

No.5524 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)11:51] 1390150263435.jpg (50204 B, 551x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
50204 B


this is why i hate posting on these forums, because there will always be that one person to say im not real. well obviously they look different sherlock, as one was taken with a camera and another with a shitty phone, lighting and pose was different, etc. etc.

No.5525 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/19(Sun)17:35] []

Oh I know all the pics are the same person, just questioning whether or not it's actually you. Make and date a "hi tranchan" sign or some shit mayne.

Or not. Just sayin.

No.5527 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)18:18] []

I think why people are saying your pictures might be fake is the fact that your impossibly beautiful. :) and I am completely jealous

No.5528 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/19(Sun)19:18] []

Tru. There's a bit of "too good to be true" in this.

No.5529 : Reyna [14/01/19(Sun)19:46] 1390178785530.jpg (54223 B, 510x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
54223 B

>>5528>>5527 well if you find someone attractive doesn't mean that they are a fake! lol

No.5530 : Anonymous [14/01/19(Sun)20:18] []

Stunning [:

No.5532 : John [14/01/20(Mon)15:52] []

Hey Reyna,
fake or not you are really beautiful and sexy.
I hope you will post something more sexy.
Beautiful lady

No.5534 : FryGuy [14/01/20(Mon)23:55] []

Looking Damn GOOD Reyna. Show us more of you.

No.5535 : Anonymous [14/01/21(Tue)11:19] []

I think everyone would be satisfied if you showed us your butt with the words "cock slave" written on it.

No.5537 : Canadance [14/01/23(Thu)23:16] []

you wear too much make up use a scrub and a night cream to hide your true ugliness

No.5538 : Canadance [14/01/23(Thu)23:18] []

You wear too much make up we want an a naturelle photo.

No.5539 : Reyna [14/01/24(Fri)20:12] 1390612377473.jpg (29842 B, 561x472) [YIS] [GIS] []
29842 B

>>5538 listen bitch, i will wear as much makeup as i want ;) if you don't like the amount of makeup that i apply on my face, then you know where the 'X' button is at the top right corner of the screen.

No.5540 : Anonymous [14/01/24(Fri)23:03] []

>>5538 i guess we just want a pic with a date or any indication this ain't fake..

No.5541 : Anonymous [14/01/25(Sat)01:55] []

Well you can just pack your shit and go post on reddit where you belong.

No.5543 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/01/25(Sat)17:40] []

Who knew this place still had a good shit storm still in it

No.5544 : Anonymous [14/01/26(Sun)22:44] []

you look great. Could you post more?

No.5548 : Anonymous [14/01/28(Tue)13:58] []

So that's a no to a pic of your butt?

No.5551 : Anonymous [14/01/29(Wed)18:18] 1391037527388.jpg (134123 B, 581x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.5552 : Anonymous [14/01/29(Wed)23:46] []

thanks for posting more!

No.5553 : Anonymous [14/01/30(Thu)05:10] []


I'm enjoying your pics. Hope to see more.

No.5555 : PJ [14/02/01(Sat)04:35] []

You are a total babe...gorgeous.

No.5556 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/02/02(Sun)15:53] 1391374427345.jpg (428953 B, 581x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.5564 : Anonymous [14/02/03(Mon)15:32] []

>>5556 I see.. that sums it all up...

No.5577 : Anonymous [14/02/05(Wed)21:26] []

I have an erection and a hangover, spell it out damn you.

No.5578 : Anonymous [14/02/06(Thu)03:09] []

you sexy thing. i love ya :)

No.5579 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [14/02/07(Fri)14:20] []


u r g a y

No.5581 : Anonymous [14/02/07(Fri)17:18] 1391811508168.jpg (137541 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
137541 B

Hey, if wanting Lexi, Jordan, Krähe, wizzy, g1rlyboy, Chessu, Roberta and myself to have a big old sloppy orgy is gay? Then I don't want to be straight.

You may call it gay, I'll call it the American Dream!

No.5603 : Anonymous [14/02/12(Wed)19:04] []

you are sexy. ignore the haters. more please ;)

No.5687 : Anonymous [14/03/14(Fri)14:12] []

You look beautiful

No.5722 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)07:24] []


No.5758 : Anonymous [14/04/18(Fri)18:31] []

>>5551 Damn, super hot!!!

No.5795 : Anonymous [2014-05-18 19:52] []

You have kik. St8 here but with you I try anything

No.5796 : firemongrel [2014-05-20 10:57] []

you look fantastic

No.5869 : Anonymous [2014-08-12 21:07] []



No.5914 : Anonymous [2014-09-25 02:22] []

would smash

No.6967 : Anonymous [2017-01-05 08:16] []

Ur gorgeous im from jersey would love to take u out sometime

No.7078 : Anonymous [2017-03-12 12:58] []

You´re beautiful
Don´t pay attention to the trolls
Hope your threatment goes well and be happy <3

No.7084 : Anonymous [2017-03-21 19:38] []


No.7090 : MischaIsMischa [2017-03-27 14:43] []

Nice photos. Wish I were that slim and that 18!

No.7106 : Andrew [2017-05-01 11:09] []

Contact me, we should do dinner in NYC,

No.7231 : Anonymous [2017-08-09 19:26] []

Sorry. There is absolutely no scientific or medical way hormones did that to you in a mere 4 months. It's logically impossible.

No.7232 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [2017-08-09 20:17] []

Can ya'll leave this fakeass thread to die ffs

No.7318 : Anonymous [2018-01-23 17:39] []

This is an Icelandic transsexual girl. She goes by Svava but closed her facebook a while back.

No.7349 : Anonymous [2018-02-23 09:29] []

u r beautiful women, kik me cody_hard

No.7487 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 18:07] []

There is someone in Iceland posing as you...

No.7495 : Lance [2019-01-18 03:02] []

I will come see u when i visit NYC. We can get dinner if u like.


No.7510 : Anonymous [2019-04-07 07:24] []

Can confirm, I live in Iceland and know the real Svava, who closed her FB a while back.

Why are you pretending to be her, what do you get out of it? Part of why she went off FB was stuff like this and the nasty messages guys sent her, people have no class.


No.7511 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [2019-04-07 15:01] []

chaser culture is not letting a 5 year old fake thread die because you think you have a chance to put your dick in an impossibly beautiful transgirl

i'm using "kik me at cody_hard" as a pickup line from now on tbh

No.7512 : Robert [2019-04-14 06:49] []

I wish I was there with you right now so I can be more supportive with you

No.7522 : Anonymous [2019-07-23 11:16] []


No.7534 : Anonymous [2019-08-22 10:32] []


How well has that worked so far?


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