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No.4630 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/06/20(Thu)02:05] 1371708301565.png [GIS] (3055906 B, 1936x1296)
3055906 B

Soo... I know anon doesnt normally like Dark skinned... Anything. But hay, IDGAF!

Thought I'd say hey ^, ,^

No.4631 : Anonymous [13/06/20(Thu)03:05] []

Hey sexy!
I like chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Show more...i'm hungry

No.4633 : Anonymous [13/06/20(Thu)03:08] []


No.4634 : Anonymous [13/06/20(Thu)12:20] []

is there room for one more on that couch?

No.4636 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/06/20(Thu)20:51] 1371775871549.jpg [GIS] (628379 B, 1280x1912) []
628379 B

I suppose so!

How is everyone~

No.4642 : Anonymous [13/06/21(Fri)02:47] []

Gosh, you are incredibly sexy and gorgeous ^_^

No.4644 : Anonymous [13/06/21(Fri)22:43] []

Got to say love the pig tails.

No.4653 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/06/26(Wed)08:08] []

Where is the moar?

No.4654 : dunkelkreuz [13/06/27(Thu)04:09] []

I, for one, am happy to see another dark-skinn around.

No.4656 : Anonymous [13/06/28(Fri)10:41] []


Damn YOU are SO Sexy, one of the hottest girls I have seen!

No.4659 : Anonymous [13/06/29(Sat)19:38] []


No.4660 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/06/30(Sun)18:08] 1372630137992.jpg [GIS] (487769 B, 1280x1912) []
487769 B

Oh gosh! I almost forgot about this, I won't let it decay just yet!

No.4661 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/06/30(Sun)18:12] 1372630356806.jpg [GIS] (104028 B, 500x667) []
104028 B




No.4662 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/06/30(Sun)20:16] []

Don't let the color of your skin keep you from posting.

You go girl!

No.4663 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/06/30(Sun)20:16] []


BTW, This is awesome. :P

No.4664 : dunkiex [13/06/30(Sun)22:41] []

Just so damned cute!

No.4665 : Anonymous [13/07/01(Mon)07:48] []

hubba hubba. can we get a look at that booty? it's probably awesome.

No.4674 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/07/02(Tue)01:58] 1372744691798.png [GIS] (1605552 B, 1038x1073) []
1605552 B


I Suppose this is doable.

No.4676 : Anonymous [13/07/02(Tue)10:30] []

Daaaammmnnnn.... dat ass.

No.4677 : Anonymous [13/07/02(Tue)11:57] []

Show some Cawk please. :3

No.4678 : Anonymous [13/07/02(Tue)12:08] []

that's some fine booty

No.4691 : Crona #JQBYHB82gc [13/07/04(Thu)16:24] 1372969481731.jpg [GIS] (436293 B, 711x605) []
436293 B


Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass

No.4694 : Anonymous [13/07/06(Sat)09:16] []

Show me more of that ass chocolate mama!

No.4696 : Anonymous [13/07/06(Sat)14:09] []

wow. can we get some more?

No.4736 : Anonymous [13/07/09(Tue)06:24] []

Cock pic plz!

No.5031 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)04:48] 1377506927019.png [GIS] (1850574 B, 960x1440) []
1850574 B

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Cronaaaa!

No.5033 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)11:40] []

Damn you're fine! Post more!

No.5042 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)21:59] 1377568746991.png [GIS] (1785137 B, 960x1440) []
No.5051 : Anonymous [13/08/27(Tue)22:07] []

Fuck me you're cute! Any chance of you going hardcore?

No.5053 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/08/28(Wed)04:24] 1377678280547.png [GIS] (2140941 B, 960x1440) []
2140941 B


I haven't decided yet. This set kind of sucked, as it was my first shoot with Grooby, and I was sort of nervous. The second set will be much better. . . .I hope!

No.5054 : laoda8 [13/08/28(Wed)05:18] []

sexy as hell. Getting hungry for some ass looking at those pictures. Where are you based out of

No.5057 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/08/28(Wed)23:01] []


West coast USA!

No.5058 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/08/28(Wed)23:02] 1377745327473.png [GIS] (1986817 B, 960x1440) []
1986817 B

...totally forgot the image.

No.5077 : Anonymous [13/09/01(Sun)23:09] []

Awesome dress. You look amazing.

No.5122 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/09/11(Wed)05:14] 1378890856474.jpg [GIS] (1933822 B, 1936x1296) []
1933822 B

And This too I guess.

No.5127 : Anonymous [13/09/11(Wed)14:36] []

>>5122 You are definitely an L.A. brat. Your pics almost scream prissy high maintenance hotty.

No.5128 : Anonymous [13/09/11(Wed)15:26] []

Beautiful body!
Good cock!

No.5210 : Anonymous [13/09/16(Mon)20:03] []

...You are... extremely sexy!

No.5277 : Anonymous [13/10/10(Thu)13:22] 1381425774639.png [GIS] (4061898 B, 1936x1296) []
No.5310 : Anonymous [13/10/16(Wed)09:51] []

I...don't understand half the things going on in this pic. But goddamn you're adorable!

No.5343 : Anonymous [13/10/24(Thu)02:49] []

Are you a singer or something?

No.5344 : dunkiex [13/10/24(Thu)19:14] []

Loved your hardcore vid...very hot..can't wait to see more of you in Black T-girls

No.5354 : Anonymous [13/10/26(Sat)22:31] 1382841063714.jpg [GIS] (88247 B, 960x584) []
88247 B


Why yes I am.

Thanks I guess? I hate watching/looking at my own content from there D:

No.5355 : Anonymous [13/10/28(Mon)18:39] []

You're doing hardcore?!
I suddenly wish that I was employed by shemale yum...

No.5370 : Anonymous [13/11/01(Fri)11:34] []

I really want to see you singing!

No.5372 : Anonymous [13/11/01(Fri)19:54] 1383350046139.png [GIS] (2552788 B, 960x1440) []
2552788 B


Eventually, when I get around to finishing the vocals on my album. /busy

No.5378 : Anonymous [13/11/04(Mon)09:20] []

Are you top or bottom?
Or both? O.O

Are there also videos? :3

No.5380 : Anonymous [13/11/04(Mon)15:05] []

(first of all: you are preeeeetty hot!)
are you top or bottom?
Are there videos available?

Where can we get them?

No.5382 : Anonymous [13/11/04(Mon)19:00] 1383609642721.jpg [GIS] (570522 B, 960x1280) []
570522 B

I'm strictly bottom. I actually don't really like any of the shoots, I haven't watched any of the videos because I'm pretty self conscious, and when those were shot I was just hardly into my transition.

My new shoots will be 9001x better ^___^

I would much rather wait for my new sets. I've come a looong way, especially in the voice aspect. ^, ,^

No.5383 : dunkiex [13/11/04(Mon)19:26] []

I can only appreciate your thoughts and feelings with respect to your voice and body. However, I think you are beautiful, sexy, and all woman.

No.5393 : Crona #SllNf9/.j. [13/11/09(Sat)23:41] []

Why thank you *____*
I'm kinda gradually beginning to see to see it.

No.5399 : Crona #SllNf9/.j. [13/11/13(Wed)19:18] 1384388282326.jpg [GIS] (326445 B, 2275x1706) []
326445 B

Oh, and Have sum cake~

No.5403 : Anonymous [13/11/14(Thu)01:20] []

Where muh spoon?!

No.5416 : Crona #SllNf9/.j. [13/11/26(Tue)02:19] 1385450394044.png [GIS] (3818640 B, 1936x1296) []
3818640 B


No.5418 : Anonymous [13/11/27(Wed)00:09] []

I know you said in >>5382 you are bot, but will you ever do a shoot/movie for your fans where you top a guy (or girl)?

I love your shots. You are amazing! <3

No.5419 : dunkiex [13/11/28(Thu)17:22] []

I voted for you for the Tranny Awards. Good Luck!

No.5421 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/11/30(Sat)07:04] 1385813046209.jpg [GIS] (276681 B, 960x1280) []
276681 B


Daaw, thank you!

No.5422 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/11/30(Sat)12:50] []



No.5424 : Crona #DN4DYGRP2A [13/11/30(Sat)21:21] []


That was amusing.

No.5427 : Crona #SllNf9/.j. [13/12/01(Sun)23:45] 1385959545293.png [GIS] (2179277 B, 960x1440) []
2179277 B

Here... you go.

No.5433 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/12/07(Sat)03:20] []



No.5446 : 138 [13/12/20(Fri)13:19] []

i did not expect to fall in attraction today

No.5501 : Anonymous [14/01/07(Tue)07:00] []

ahhh, I found you on a dating site and I'm too intimated to say anything. you're too cute

No.5511 : Anonymous [14/01/16(Thu)15:50] 1389905402688.jpg [GIS] (1142371 B, 1080x727) []
1142371 B


No.5595 : Spooky #bEWm9UCwNI [14/02/09(Sun)17:03] []

is suddenly craving cookies :3

No.5596 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [14/02/09(Sun)18:31] []


Oreos huh? XD Could that be anymore fitting

No.5654 : Crona #SllNf9/.j. [14/02/27(Thu)11:21] 1393518089067.jpg [GIS] (5414472 B, 3872x2394) []
5414472 B

My name isn't CronaCookie for no reason!

No.5749 : Chris [14/04/09(Wed)21:22] []

Damn, Crona...Girl I wanna suck you dry and fuck your senseless, baby!!!!!

No.5781 : FryGuy [14/04/29(Tue)22:16] []


That guy in your first sex video was not into it. At least that's what it looked like. If that was me I'd of been enjoying having you with a smile on my face.

Also, is there any new content coming?

No.5782 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)14:03] 1398881022194.jpg [GIS] (348311 B, 960x1440) []
348311 B

He was having some issues that were going on behind the scene, and it was MY first time. So thing's got a little frustrating because I was so difficult to get into. Haha.

But this set just came out.

No.5785 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [14/05/01(Thu)01:53] []


"So thing's got a little frustrating because I was so difficult to get into"

That's why there's lube. :P

No.5786 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 03:19] []

Are you goin' to do more HC stuff with a guy? :3

No.5915 : CronaCookie [2014-09-25 17:07] 1411679255514.jpg [GIS] (52399 B, 640x480) []
52399 B


No.5930 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [2014-10-01 20:19] []

LMAO ay fam for real tho...why you got a banner of yourself in your room XD

No.5944 : CronaCookie [2014-10-06 10:59] 1412607565535.png [GIS] (4689565 B, 1366x2040) []
4689565 B

It's my booth banner. And cam, video, photography backdrop. ...I'm a porn star.

No.6009 : Anonymous [2014-11-19 17:35] []

Do you make trips to NY?


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