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No.12042 : Rhira [14/01/07(Tue)00:53] [Report] 1389074013432.jpg (1374109 B, 2883x4288) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
1374109 B

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's week is going as well as mine

No.12043 : Anonymous [14/01/07(Tue)01:05] [Report] []

>>12042 youre cute! my week is going ok. how about yours?

No.12045 : Anonymous [14/01/07(Tue)10:11] [Report] []

It shows that your week is going well. :D

No.12046 : Rhira [14/01/07(Tue)10:45] [Report] []

yeah my sister is in town and has been helping me with a lot of stuff. I just came out to my family and a few friends about possibly transitioning later on. They have been supportive, but my sister is the only one who embraces it.

No.12047 : SadboyNoNameFaggot [14/01/07(Tue)23:39] [Report] []

Your wonderful, move somewhere that doesn't have people whom you wish not to see. I love you and if you continue to love yourself than you can find a niche. <3

No.12051 : Anonymous [14/01/09(Thu)01:59] [Report] []

>>12042 Jeez you seem genuinely sweet. I wish you the best. I'm glad to hear things are going well for you. Too many times have I heard stories about gay and transpeople coming out and their family disown them.

No.12052 : Rhira [14/01/09(Thu)08:55] [Report] 1389275713079.jpg (896665 B, 2347x4147) [YIS] [GIS] []
896665 B

Thanks! I definitely have it better than a lot of people, but it is still tough at times. I may be out to some of my closest friends, but I haven't started being my true self around them yet. I was thinking I would move to New York around July and move in with my sister. It would be a fresh start and no one would know me.

No.12079 : Anonymous [14/01/15(Wed)13:31] [Report] []

Super cute! Hope to see more

No.12086 : Anonymous [14/01/16(Thu)06:34] [Report] []

the cutest

No.12093 : Postpartdumb [14/01/24(Fri)00:53] [Report] []

You are so cute. Come back and show off! Please!!!!

No.12104 : MischaMischa [14/01/26(Sun)06:56] [Report] []

Hope your month is still good.

Thanks for the photos and intentionally lighting them.

No.12194 : Rhira [14/02/03(Mon)12:33] [Report] 1391448800602.jpg (3339965 B, 4288x2864) [YIS] [GIS] []
3339965 B

Oh hey people! so I've been rethinking my plans to move to New York just to run away from people who are or were in my life that might not accept the choice I'm making. I'm starting to feel like I am strong enough to tell the less open minded people that they can either support me or get out of my way. I also was scared of going out in public, (still am a little) but I've been trying it out in small steps.

No.12195 : Rhira [14/02/03(Mon)14:16] [Report] []

I almost forgot, I also made a soundcloud for my music! would love to hear what ya'll think!

No.12260 : Anonymous [14/02/12(Wed)20:40] [Report] []

I like your song!

No.12355 : cotton yams [14/03/05(Wed)11:20] [Report] []

thank you so much for this its so lovely and sexy and cool i love it, so unique; bookmarked it! you're v pretty and talented, don't stop! <3

No.12386 : MischaMischa [14/03/12(Wed)07:24] [Report] []

Stay or go to NYC, both will have pros and cons, but keep producing the music either way. :o)

No.12497 : MischaMischa [14/04/03(Thu)11:47] [Report] []

BTW, I liked the music. Thanks! :o)

No.13802 : Anonymous [2015-05-12 07:52] [Report] []

Very pretty go girl


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