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No.10868 : xdwink [13/07/29(Mon)10:06] 1375106805678.jpg [GIS] (1046478 B, 2048x1536) [Reply]
1046478 B

Not sure why I keep getting banned....lets try one more time?

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No.11273 : xdwink [13/09/25(Wed)01:14] []


I don't work at a club but that was at a show i was in

No.11275 : xdwink [13/09/25(Wed)13:10] 1380129039429.jpg [GIS] (791042 B, 1836x3264) []
No.12444 : Anonymous [14/03/23(Sun)13:10] []

you are so hot! Love you're ass!

No.12330 : Ashley [14/02/21(Fri)09:03] 1392991416331.jpg [GIS] (142336 B, 464x619) [Reply]
142336 B

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No.12344 : Ashley [14/02/28(Fri)05:08] 1393582115063.jpg [GIS] (80896 B, 640x480) []
No.12371 : Anonymous [14/03/06(Thu)23:34] []

My god your hot I want more!!!

No.12411 : Anonymous [14/03/16(Sun)14:31] []

Show more baby!!

No.11854 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/01(Sun)02:12] 1385881941550.jpg [GIS] (107447 B, 640x960) [Reply]
107447 B

I'm a dirty little (let's just say 18 year old SLUT, and I am soooo yearning for my first daddy cock!!!). I'll post a few tonight, and if anyone answers I can do requests.... Lol I say "can do" requests, but I really mean "I want more than anything to do requests!!!" I LIVE to please daddy, so if u have requests, I'm more excited than u r papi!!

14 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12106 : Anonymous [14/01/27(Mon)04:06] []

Hey it's me... Sorry been gone so long!! I'll post more soon I promise

No.12206 : Anonymous [14/02/04(Tue)07:38] []

I'm still waiting for more, I'm disappointed I want to speed your legs and kiss your neck and make you moan loud enough to wake the neabourhood!

No.12324 : Anonymous [14/02/20(Thu)14:38] []

I'll post more in a min. Sorry I dissapear again. Ty 4 all ur nice comments:)

No.12053 : Natasliah [14/01/09(Thu)15:45] 1389300324591.jpg [GIS] (40102 B, 640x301) [Reply]
40102 B

Hi :D who wants to chat? :3

14 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12119 : Anonymous [14/01/28(Tue)22:22] []

lol no way this is a guy... post proof that you're a cd =)

No.12217 : Anonymous [14/02/05(Wed)14:33] []

more pics?

No.12232 : Anonymous [14/02/08(Sat)21:05] []

You look confused and uncomfortable, I like that in my sex partners.

No.12168 : Anonymous [14/01/31(Fri)20:42] 1391218960595.gif [GIS] (1509293 B, 260x173) [Reply]
1509293 B

does anyone know who this is?

No.12173 : Anonymous [14/02/01(Sat)04:24] []


No.12174 : Anonymous [14/02/01(Sat)09:41] []

its swimsuit trap, shes got some videos and pics around the internet

No.12116 : SissyJill [14/01/28(Tue)10:11] 1390921884509.jpg [GIS] (2397274 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
2397274 B

Hello I've been a sissy and years long lurker for awhile, figured I'd contribute to the internet's spank bank and post some pictures :) Love to hear your comments :)

19 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12149 : Anonymous [14/01/29(Wed)17:36] []

never enough sissies around, glad to see you!

No.12150 : SissyJill [14/01/29(Wed)21:19] []

Thanks! I got them from Amazon I believe.

No.12158 : Anonymous [14/01/30(Thu)05:19] []


I so badly want that kiss to be for me.

Love the facial closeups--so cute.

No.7990 : XLR [12/12/18(Tue)01:41] 1355812881673.jpg [GIS] (506873 B, 1536x2048) [Reply]
506873 B

Hey guys :) New 2 this site first post

56 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10539 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/06/27(Thu)22:02] []


>This account has been closed.
No.10553 : FryGuy [13/06/29(Sat)14:35] []

Post some new pics here XLR.

No.12090 : Anonymous [14/01/23(Thu)00:49] []


beautiful bro would love to take you out sometime.

>from CA as well

No.1071 : Cassie [11/09/14(Wed)15:52] 1316029971327.jpg [GIS] (1358297 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
1358297 B

The hair is real.

39 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11927 : Cassie [13/12/12(Thu)17:13] 1386886388239.jpg [GIS] (39384 B, 581x466) []
No.11934 : Anonymous [13/12/14(Sat)00:14] []

>>11903 >>11904 >>11927

Still sexy. Like the face that goes with that amazing Ass.

No.11947 : Cassie [13/12/16(Mon)20:04] 1387242286449.jpg [GIS] (35013 B, 571x477) []

No.11841 : Anonymous [13/11/29(Fri)12:50] 1385747445094.jpg [GIS] (529969 B, 1936x2592) [Reply]
529969 B

Hey guys! Hows it going?

No.11843 : Anonymous [13/11/30(Sat)07:05] []

Hey yourself.... You've a cute face. :)

No.11852 : Anonymous [13/11/30(Sat)13:35] []

I agree.

No.11855 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/01(Sun)02:15] 1385882129866.jpg [GIS] (118648 B, 640x960) []
118648 B

Luv ur face hunny!!! I'm a filthy trap too!!! U wanna chat???!!

No.11756 : LizTeaV [13/11/08(Fri)02:07] 1383894438658.jpg [GIS] (589105 B, 1200x1600) [Reply]
589105 B


No.11768 : Anonymous [13/11/09(Sat)00:00] []

Well hello there!

No.11773 : Anonymous [13/11/09(Sat)13:44] []


No.8565 : Anonymous [13/01/16(Wed)19:08] 1358381317689.jpg [GIS] (79611 B, 640x480) [Reply]
79611 B

what do you think guys? :P

im in Adelaide Australia

my skype name is Haylee Stone, hit me up xx

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10867 : Anonymous [13/07/29(Mon)10:04] []

Skype doesn't work for me either :(

No.11749 : Anonymous [13/11/07(Thu)05:06] []

hey guys, been off the grid for a while, add me to facebook, I will make a new skype account soon, but I just made a new facebook :)

No.11750 : Anonymous [13/11/07(Thu)05:19] []

No.10582 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/07/04(Thu)02:41] 1372920115212.jpg [GIS] (506418 B, 1224x1632) [Reply]
506418 B

I drown in the color of your eye
For a black heart can only find beauty in darkness

If you're in SoCal inbox my cox: thenightmarecontinues84 on gmail
Look at my old threads if you care about IM clients...I hardly use them any way.

Ye olde nudes:

The in-charge people told me to try out verisgins idklol

212 posts and 61 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11880 : Sunn0))) [13/12/05(Thu)14:01] []

CLAPPING like a motherfucker! Roberta come back please!!!

No.11985 : Anonymous [13/12/24(Tue)14:20] []


Merry Xmas you sexy thing miss you

No.11986 : Anonymous [13/12/24(Tue)14:22] []

Merry Xmas you beautiful girl

No.4215 : Bunnie [12/04/08(Sun)20:30] 1333931403898.jpg [GIS] (409947 B, 466x900) [Reply]
409947 B

Been ages since I've posted here, but I thought I'd pay ya'll a visit. :p

101 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.8997 : Anonymous [13/02/19(Tue)12:49] []


She posts occasionally on her tumblr at least.

No.11089 : Phil [13/08/24(Sat)09:05] []

OMG You are GORGEOUS..Strappy heels rock, beautifull legs, you rock girl...i would love to get in touch with you.

No.11674 : Anonymous [13/10/27(Sun)01:21] []

Hey, this is funny. I'm at Dahlia's house right now. Have fun boys... I know I will.

No.2790 : Anonymous [11/12/29(Thu)13:55] 1325184910857.jpg [GIS] (26547 B, 235x495) [Reply]
26547 B

rate me if u like i post MOAR

51 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11209 : Anonymous [13/09/14(Sat)08:12] []

No.11412 : cross_tina [13/10/10(Thu)08:26] 1381407992325.jpg [GIS] (55141 B, 720x960) []
55141 B

its just me ^^

No.11440 : Anonymous [13/10/12(Sat)00:10] []

cute ^_^

No.9689 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)05:58] 1364896717663.jpg [GIS] (214234 B, 1080x720) [Reply]
214234 B

Hi everyone! First time actually taking pics of this. I have been sitting around bored all night, decided to play with different looks and makeup. Moar? or GTFO?

96 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10958 : Anonymous [13/08/06(Tue)10:06] []

You seem to have a negatively defined view as to what constitutes masculinity. That's too bad. It would be a blast to for me to get a pretty girl like you off.

No.11202 : Destiny [13/09/13(Fri)10:26] []

>>10853 hehe thnks babe where you from in Bama??? Im around Gadsden area! ;) kik me pinkbowsandlace

No.11287 : rex [13/09/27(Fri)12:30] []

holy hell! you are incredible. great look, great personality, humor. The way you've carried out your look… wow. Awesome.

No.11269 : Mikkavt [13/09/24(Tue)11:42] 1380037320896.jpg [GIS] (169311 B, 678x1024) [Reply]
169311 B

Hi guys)

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11272 : Anonymous [13/09/24(Tue)22:36] []

Snazzy outfit, nice stockings, lovely hair, sexy lips....
Need more pics...please :)

No.11279 : Anonymous [13/09/26(Thu)18:54] []

looking fantastic. can't wait to see your asshole

No.11280 : Anonymous [13/09/26(Thu)21:05] []

I fucking love redheads, show your dick and ass please

No.7380 : alex [12/11/02(Fri)04:46] 1351846001099.jpg [GIS] (24973 B, 640x480) [Reply]
24973 B

hi im new to this its my first time okay

44 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.9969 : Anonymous [13/04/13(Sat)14:25] []

Rockin' ankles!

No.11105 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)22:18] []

got skype?

No.11226 : Anonymous [13/09/17(Tue)00:06] []

You want to cam for daddy?

No.11124 : Anonymous [13/08/31(Sat)22:08] 1378001297091.jpg [GIS] (921735 B, 1944x2592) [Reply]
921735 B

any good? tips? tricks? Tarps?

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11132 : Anonymous [13/09/02(Mon)14:07] []

Very good, show us more so we can evaluate.

No.11140 : Anonymous [13/09/06(Fri)13:58] []


The eyebrows and eyeliner look messy. Is that chest hair or chest acne? take care of that. Other than that it looks pretty good! Post more as you work on it!

No.11145 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/09/07(Sat)01:53] []

You've got nice features but you really fucked up on the eyeliner and the eyebrow shaping. Looks super sloppy. You shouldn't use black for eyebrow shaping either. If you got properly glammed up holy fuck.


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