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No.990 : ChloeFox [13/06/03(Mon)10:08] [Report] 1370268536639.jpg (44207 B, 550x550) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
44207 B

Hey guys and girls, I just recently found out about TranChan and it has been a great help, but I haven't seen a thread about buying shoes. I know all my sizes and for clothes and whatnot, but I was wondering if you girls had some cheap sites or places to go for shoes. I wear a 10 or 11 in mens, so I would need 12 or 13 in womens which is a lot bigger than most girls feet. Any suggestions on some places. Finding cheap sites is my issue. Thanks! <3

No.992 : Anonymous [13/06/09(Sun)15:22] [Report] []

google barefoottess. (too lazy to make a fuxx us url) its great because they cater specifically to larger sizes and have free shipping / handling on returns and stuff. so if something doesn't fit, you can either exchange it for another one or just get a refund without paying shipping.

if you're still in the closet, the box is pretty discreet. oh, and a lot of the shoes are under $100 but still look nice if you're starting out. good luck~~


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