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No.929 : Kate Azura [13/04/01(Mon)17:22] [Report] 1364851320843.jpg (22617 B, 300x300) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
22617 B

I'm working on transistioning. Got a bunch of clothes, etc. But i wanna figure out how to make up. any tip? what products should?
Also any tip for a more femine figure without hrt yet. As i can not afford it atm

No.931 : januarygirl [13/04/03(Wed)14:15] [Report] []

I watch makeup tutorials on youtube for tips. I'd suggest starting with something as simple as the eyebrows, look for an eyebrow shaping guide on youtube (there are plenty). Framing your brows to suit your face makes a noticeable difference and is simple to do.

No.934 : dunkelkreuz [13/04/05(Fri)14:35] [Report] []


I would follow what january girl said plus, if you have cash to spare, i would advise you to sit in a mac counter/makeup artist and learn some.

Some of the good products for beginners, i have been told are urban decay and Mac. Also Avene is a good base foundation for all time use , only sold in drugstores in DE. Also I personally prefer bobby brown for a subtle look.

If you want to concentrate on only a few aspects, the as januarygirl said, i would start with eyebrows and eyeliners, followed by camouflage + foundation and cheekbone contourings.

Hope this helps and good luck.

No.973 : Anonymous [13/05/03(Fri)22:43] [Report] []
>can afford clothes
>cant afford whoremoans


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