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No.912 : Anonymous [13/03/17(Sun)11:19] 1363533591553.jpg (1804773 B, 5184x3456) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
1804773 B

Hello everybody,I'm seeking for serious advice here.
Let's begin the story : I'm your typical Alpha male, doing martial art since being 6y/o and always doing manly things like riding motorcycle and drinking alcohol with buddies.
However,it's like I don't find my real self. I have this little side who secretly tell me every night that I wish to be a woman. And being endoctrined since so young,I just wake up every morning wiping theses thoughts away. It's like I constantly balance myself between my image as a male and what I wish to be as a woman,very difficult to explain.
So,now,I'm 23 and I decided to seriously question myself about that. What do you think I should do? Should I go see a therapist? Any way to find what I really want?

Pic related,it's me cross dressing one year ago. I used a stupid excuse to do it in public and every one told me I was really great. Never be able to do it again since then.

No.913 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/17(Sun)12:00] []

alpha male? not surprising, a fraction of mtfs did overcompensation before taking the path. (Not implying you are mtf or anything)

Well a therapist might be able to help you but don't expect miracles to happen. They are humans and prone to presumptions. A trained therapist can provide you pointers but at the end of the day, the decision will be yours to make. A therapist can never decide for you.

Having mentioned that, ask yourself the question what aspect of you alpha male life you hate and also ask what aspect of you alpha male life can you not carry out when you transition.

Finally ask yourself the question, if you want to go all the way or if you are comfortable with being a girl only for a few hours a week.

Hope this helps.

No.914 : Anonymous [13/03/18(Mon)05:04] []

Thank for your reply
Well,you're totally right,the choice is mine. But since I feel a bit like there's two people in me,it's quite difficult to make this choice!
Crossdressing only few hours a week is out : For now I'm too much built and muscular to do that without feeling ashamed.
If possible,I wanna make a decision before turning 25. So,while I still have time, I really need to focus on that.
Anyway,still taking any useful advice!


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