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No.910 : Anonymous [13/03/15(Fri)21:41] [Report] [SNAP]

Would it ever be possible for me to pass? I'm still a bit shy so I dont want to post any pics yet but for reference if you imagined a lumberjack i look pretty similar to that. I recently decided that I want to transition, I've always really wanted to but the only thing always holding me back is my body. I am 28, 6'3", pretty overweight (but I plan on losing alot of weight before I officially transition), hairy everywhere, have a 46" chest (mostly rib, wouldnt go down alot with weight loss), a big head, thick neck, size 12W feet, big hands, and have some pretty nasty male pattern baldness (big bald spot on the top of my head, thinning hair elsewhere on top, thick hair on the sides). Basically seems to me to be a TGs worst nightmare.

Does anyone know what kind of battle I can expect? Would it ever be possible for me to pass? This isn't really a deciding factor but if I knew that I would eventually be able to pass, even if it takes alot of work, it would really set my mind at ease.

No.911 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/16(Sat)12:50] [Report] []

Hi OP, i can understand your anxiety but eventhough you are good with the verbal description, not everyone of us have the same imagination capacity, so pic is more worthy than words here.


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