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No.904 : ulan [13/03/13(Wed)19:03] [Report] 1363215819716.jpg (412472 B, 1600x1200) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
412472 B

Not sure if this is the right board, but hai you can call me Ulan

I'm using this photo(3/13/13) as base point of my transition, something I've been wanting to do for a very long time but have been putting off. This is me at 19 using a masculine identity

I hope to start HRT by the end of this summer -- before I turn 20 -- but before then I have to start pampering my body. I'm 6'3(6'4?) and somewhere around 145ish pounds? Well, square one for me is to gain some weight, I think. Which is something that I've never really been able to do. But now that I have my goals in sight I've been making a habit to do sets of 20 squats, bicycle crunches, and push ups; usually when I brush my teeth. I don't know what sort of regimen I should be doing through diet or exercise, though

Next off would be my skin, I have several stretch marks on my back from simply growing and a scattering of keloid scars on my side and hip from an accident. Are there any particular types or brands of cream that you would all recommend for scars? Other than that what moisturizers and lotions do you think are good? I get hangnails all the time so I really want to baby my hands and my skin

And my last goal for the month would be dealing with my hair, I rarely shave below my neck because my hair gets ridiculously bristly when its short. I've used baby powder to limited success. Not to mention that the back of the thighs and into the cheeks is such an awkward angle to shave. When my next paycheck comes in I'm thinking of getting a list of all the things I need to get from the right shave gel, good shampoo, moisturizer, etc

So yaaa, sorry for the rant theres quite a lot on my mind xD I want to hear all the advice you can give :D

No.906 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/14(Thu)05:32] [Report] []


Considering the fact that you post in 420chan has been hijacked by turks vs finn/magya history buff and valium vs mirtazaphine dopes, i decided to post my response here.

  1. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT. without delving into the exact details here is the brief outline.
    a). be at the end of BMI before starting HRT.(which you are.)
    b) 8-10 months on HRT, gain as much weight as possible. This isn't the difficult step.
    c) Loose those extra weight you gained with rigorous exercise.
    e) end up with the body of a super model.
optional: Do corset training, if you have the zeal during the first 6 months.

2. HRT will make your skin better, but keep it moisturized always.

3. depending on your skin tone, get yourself an expensive laser or a mechanical epilator. Epilator leaves a lot of ingrown hair so not highly desirable. HRT will thin out your hair but only a little don't expect miracles. Especially pubic hair will grow at the same rate almost. body hairs will get finer by a little. If you aim for complete body hair removal, the only suggestion i would say is to set aside a fraction of monthly income to pay an electrologist. or get one of those cheap DIY electrolysis kits. Warning: The are not very durable, so be prepared to shell out moolah on them.

No.907 : ulan [13/03/14(Thu)11:42] [Report] []

Huh, I would think that the process would be more about keeping in good shape. But that makes sence. Also, corset training? :S I would but holy cow does that sound intimidating, I'm not sure if that would do well for my already twiggy body xD

Buuuut, I can see how a corset make my hips look better. What should I look for in a corset, etc?

I'm not trying to gain that much weight, though, probably 10 will do if I can even get there before I start HRT. While it hasn't been the most intense workout I've been doing squats a ton

Cleared the thickets for the first time in a while earlier, I usually hate the bristliness razor shaving gives me. Though right now its my armpits that are being a huge pain, yay for baby powder

I'll check out some Epilators tomorrow, hopefully they won't be too bad with ingrown hairs

No.909 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/15(Fri)05:00] [Report] []


Okay , It was my mistake that i did now fully explain why i suggested that training regime for hrt. So here i would just briefly explain why. With HRT, most girls will gain weight easily, and infact gaining weight with hrt is inevitable.

If you are at the lower end of BMI, it would be easier to gain weight with HRT. But if you have already gained weight, the common opinion is HRT redistributes the fat and makes you passable easily. This is totally incorrect. This is something that depends on your metabolism. You need to burn the extra fat and recreate it at other parts. this is how the exact process of HRT redistributing fat works.

Let me explain it in this way: If you gain weight now, all the fat would settle down as for a typical male body and once you start hrt, you need to burn the extra fat and hrt will create the fat elsewhere to make you appear feminine but if you don't have much fat and skinny, hrt will still make you gain weight but the new fats will be directly deposited as it would be for any natal female gaining weight. So you decide, which one is easier on your body, destroying and recreating elsewhere or just creating it .

Corsets: Avoid waist cinchers but try underbreast steelboned training corsets. Also if you can try sleeping in them. Really hard but pays off. and do go too tight at the begining even if you feel that you can.

You did a great thing by shaving. shave the first time but for the regrowing hairs, use epilator, Do it before shower and also use a loofah to exfoliate properly during shower, this reduces the chance of having ingrown hair.


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