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No.90 : Yourtrainer [11/07/21(Thu)05:01] [Report] 1311238871416.jpg (52452 B, 500x281) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
52452 B

So, If I make a thread to help our girls to become more girly through training and dieting (I know some good shit about it), will I get banned?

If not... well, ask and ye shall receive!

note: you will probably be asked to post 3 pics of your body, 1 front, 1 side and a rear view photos, no flattering angles/lighting, I gotta know the painful truth to get on business, and please NO NAKED PHOTOS, with some intimate wear is more than enough.

note2: NO UNDERAGE, let's keep this stuff legal.

note3: I'm not browsing the internet 24/7, responses can get delayed by a day, more if I'm partying hard(which is not uncommon)

note4: I'm not a trap/cd/trans. In fact, I'm a rather athletic guy, I just know about training, and nutrition more than the average person (and more than the average trainee, and even more than many PT's you'll find in the average gym), which is why I think I can help a little on changing your body shape (In fact, I've already helped a friend).

note 5: despite of this, I won't transform you into a hulk, I know what I'm doing, there are as many training routines as goals, and yes, feminization is possible.

note6: Yes, I can also help girls trying to look more manly, in fact, that's easier.

note to MODS: I just love this board, if I'm to be banned because of this thread, I prefer it to be deleted rather than being banned. I'm doing this out of my love for our girls. Just tell me if I'm breaking any rule (because of the pics issue)

No.93 : Anonymous [11/07/24(Sun)05:42] [Report] []

Could you give examples, general tips, resources?

I understand it isn't ideal not to have the specific profile shots, but it would be a place to start.

No.94 : Yourtrainer [11/07/24(Sun)07:27] [Report] 1311506823027.jpg (128244 B, 700x730) [YIS] [GIS] []
128244 B


You're right.

Here goes some general advice.

Diet & How to get rid of unwanted muscle:

Many of you could find you've got "big arms/shoulders/upper back" That's of course not very femenine. Here's the simplest way to get rid of it : diet

The diet will consist of

A good, reliable multivitamin & multimineral. Most of you won't have a balanced diet so this will be necessary

Flaxseed/fish oil. Capsules preferably, no more than 6-7 grams/day

Protein: about 0'5 grams pr kg of weight.

Carbohydrates: You want these low, a high carbohydrate intake makes your body release tons of insulin, which is the one of the hormones the body uses to store fat and build muscle. Most people do well around 40% of daily cals on carbs

Fat: fill with fats the calories you need to complete your intake. Make sure most of these are healthy fats, but some of these are "unhealthy" ( I hate this term since colesterol is necessary for some important functions)

Calories: This will depend on your size, weight and level of activity. Here's a calculator, fill the numbers and find how much you burn a day, then take as many as possible WITHOUT GOING BELOW YOUR BMR (this will slow your metabolism while you're dieting and you don't want this, this is the main cause of the yo-yo effect)

Calculate your daily intake here:

From the number you obtain, take as much as you want WITHOUT GOING BELOW YOUR BMR calories (upper right corner on that screen).

And don't start with a monstruous deficit of say, 800 kcal (more than enough to burn muscle). Start with a small deficit of, say, 100 kcal, and build to the total deficit in 2 weeks in small increments, this way your body will be able to adapt better to it.

Normal diets don't tell you to take out as many calories (they usually go on the 500 kcal range), but normal diets are made to preserve your muscle mass, which is what we don't want. Oh, and by normal diets I mean good ones, not the shit tier attacks against health performed by women magazines under names like "the watermelon diet" or "the X calories diet". A diet should always be tailored to the dieter's daily calorie expenditure and lifestyle.

General tips:

-AVOID red meat: increases your testosterone.

-Protein in vegetables is usually shit iter and won't be absorved by the body (it's incomplete and has low bioavailability) so be careful with soy as a protein soruce.

-You want your proteins low, but you still want protein: You want to destroy muscle, but you want to preserve vital organs right? Don't worry, your body is smart, most protein will go to repair organs. Don't neglect your protein intake.

But not all muscles are bad, sure you want a tasty and meaty bottom, right? There's a way to preserve it: exercise those muscles while you diet (moar about this in the next chapter). This way your body will think those muscles are still necessary and will make an effort to preserve them.

In the other side, try to use the muscles you don't want as little as you can. If your body doesn't use them enough, they will become the primary source of protein for any other uses (and thus, they will start to shrink).

Be careful with how fat you are, you don't want any health problems, so check your bf% (body fat %) with a caliper (you can buy these online for liek 5 dollars) or try one of those bioimpedance machines, but they're a little inaccurate, and you should measure your fat always in the same conditions with those ( I.e.: always after having had the same meals and having drank the same amount of water) so results are stable and reliable.

AND NEVER go below 7% of your mass in fat. Yes, this means you may have to gain some weight to lose some muscle after.

And drink lots of water at least 3 liters a day. Most people goes around with some nice liquid retention, and ironically this is because they don't drink enough (if the body doesn't get enough water, starts to store it since it "thinks" you're in through some dry season, blame evolution). This water tip can, and usually will, slim your legs and belly faster than diet.

The final tip is, after you've dieted the muscle out of you, you'll be confronted with your true body shape, the structure your bones, proportions and internal organs give to your body. Once you know this, use the image attached to find what kind of clothes will look better on you. Since biology is biology, you'll probably have one of the first 3 figures or the last.

Those are general guidelines, maybe your case is different, and this is not dogma. Do wathever you want or need, but do it wisely and take my words with some caution.

No.95 : Anonymous [11/07/27(Wed)07:04] [Report] []

Ok, I'm looking fot my first 3 steps:
1.- Get more ass
2.- Be more belted
3.- Grow tits (small, big, i don't care, I just want something now)
Any advice? (and name of the hormones?)

No.99 : Yourtrainer [11/07/28(Thu)12:54] [Report] []


I don't deal with hormones, I'm not a doctor and don't want to be responsible for that thing.


Female ass is bigger than male ass as it serves as a fat storage, while in males the belly is the main fat storage zone. You don't want to develop a strong, thick ass, but ratter a big juicy one an ass that contains a lot of fluid mass rather than solid muscle. That's achieved with what it's called "resistance training" (training your muscles to be resistant to long efforts, but not to develop a big strength). This is for a physiological reason so long to discuss here. Basically, resistance training makes your muscles big by increasing the volume of water they contain (water that contains the ingredients to make htem resistant, like glycogen/fuel), but not the amount of "actual muscle fiber" in them.

The meat and potatoes, here they come:

-Lunges, don't use weights (that'll develop the muscles on your torso, and you don't want this to happen) Start with 3x10- build up to 3x30xeach leg as time passes. Don't keep the leg straight at the end of the movement. knee always bent (otherwise you'll work your torso again)

-Kickbacks. Here you can use weights (if you can go to a gym) 3x8-12 x leg if using weights, build from 3x10 to 3x30xleg if not.

don't do more than 30 reps, won't be much of a difference.

-Between the sets (the 3 in the "3x30") wait between 1 and 1:30 minutes THIS IS IMPORTANT. The aim is to deplete the glycogen (gas) stores of the muscle, so it'll develop bigger "storages" (which is the water I told you about before), thus increasing the volume of the muscles.

-For the reps (each movement fo the exercise) focus on doing them like in 1 second up, pause 1 second, 1 second down. That'll burn and you don't be able to do all the sets the first day, so don't rush.
Running in an inclined surface, (i.e. like you were running to the top of a hill). Some threadmills give you the option to incline the runnnig surface.

Also, gotta find you some exercises for the "gluteus medius" so your as will get round and your hips will look wider, but I'?ll have to search a little bit.

Do those exercises 2-3 times a week, and always give your body AT LEAST 1 day off, to rest and grow. Stay away from SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS (they work your lower back, giving you a manly frame).

be belted ---> I don't know what means to be belted, but I guess it means to have a slim waist, right? That's mainly diet. There's no muscle giving you a slim waist, in fact, developing core/torso/waist muscles will make your waist bigger.

Only abs would be advisable, and even then, you don't want them too big. If you've gotta do abs, STAY AWAY FROM CRUNCHES (develops core). LYING LEG RAISES ARE A BETTER OPTION

If not, you should try using a corset ;) It's been used for decades, works nicely and it is a sexy thing to wear.

To grow tits you'll need mainly hormones. Yet many women use an exercise to make pectoral muscles biggerso their tits stand up a little bit more, although I don't know (and even doubt) this is what you need, if still you're interested, it's called "flys", it won't develop your arms (many other pec exercises do), and you should use weight. 3x8-12. 3 times a week

For your muscles to grow you'll gotta eat on a surplus, yes, you gotta overeat a little bit (just don't pig out) around 300-500 cals more than necessary. You'll see results after the first weeks, grow till the desired size and then diet the fat out. Total process shouldn't be more than a couple of months, and then you'll be able to tell the difference with some "progress pics"

WHILE DIETING you gotta do your exercises, and keep the weights/repetitions you were doing or your muscles will go away. After you diet (you'll lose all your belly and have a nice wasp waist around 10%bf) you might see that you've lost some fat of your ass and it doesn't look big and juicy enough, no problem, keep exercising and eating normally and it will grow over time (just not as fast as with an excess of calories).

On a side note, when you diet you'll lose some volume on your muscles, that's water volume and you will recover it the 1st week after the diet ends, and your ass will recover it's juicy size. Don't be disappointed if your ass looks smaller when you diet: you'll get it back

If you can afford a gym, there are plenty of machines/exercises to work your glutes, and then a different and more effective routine can be made (glute isolator and roman chair ham raises being some of the best) but it depends on the equipment of your gym. But you just found me on a rush and I have to go now :P next post moar.

No.101 : Vanilla [11/07/29(Fri)19:49] [Report] []

Amazing tips so far! I, for one, truly appreciate this advice and look forward to more!

No.107 : Yourtrainer [11/08/03(Wed)13:42] [Report] 1312393322513.jpg (82977 B, 508x578) [YIS] [GIS] []
82977 B

This post will deal with the gluteus medius, and we will end here a basic ass training

The gluteus medius (see pic) is important for many functions, but it's got a trick: it can make your hips look wider (that's why you'll never see a macho man doing the exercises I'll tell you now, big hips usually are considered unaesthetic in traditional heteronormative beauty standards for males)

It also helps to give your ass a rounder look (but only if you got some fat) as it's right under one of the main fat deposits of the human body. As I said before, female bofy uses this area as a fat storage area, by developing the gluteus medius you can "fake" that your body is also storing fat here, and thus make it look more femenine.

Enough. let's go to the routine. I'll implement also the exercises listed above so here you'll get a consistent routine to make your ass rounder, bigger and juicier.

3 days a week, one day exercise, the other off. a week should look like this. If you don't rest, uscles won't grow and your ass will stay the same, or even worse, shrink.

AxAxAxx where A are training days and x are off, rest days. Discipline and constance are the key.

without gym (calisthenics)

-lunges: build from 1x10 to3x30 x leg

-kickbacks: build from 1x10 to 3x30 x leg

-bridges: 1x10/15 to 3x10/15 are enough. You can add some weight (don't go to heavy) on your belly after some weeks doing these to increase intensity. A bag full of anything will do well. Be careful! Google some form on how to do them and don'?t add too much weight

-floor hip abductions: from 1x10 to 3x30 x leg

-Isometric hip abductions*:3 x leg


-Stand to the side of a sturdy chair or table for support. Your left leg should be next to the back of the chair.
raise your right leg directly out to the side as high as you can (don't overdo this, you don't want to get injured because of your lack of flexibility, when it starts to hurt, stop right there, low your leg a little and there's the point)
Hold your leg for 10-30 seconds. At the beginning it will be difficult, you'll get better at it soon

And that's it! Remember, 1:30 seconds of rest between sets, lifting time should be one second, keep the position for another, lower the weight in another second and other second in the starting position (4 seconds x repetition). AND EAT SOMETHING JUST AFTER TRAINING, IT'S WHEN YOUR MUSCLES NEED IT THE MOST!!

For your muscles to grow you'll gotta eat more calories than you consume, if you get too fat, diet WHILE EXERCISING, if you get too thin (can be a problem when you develop your buttocks since you'll be able to see some definition of the muscle heads), eat more. If everything goes right your body will put some fat over the muscles, thus finishing the goal of making your butt to look more feminine.

Next day a routine in the case you go to a gym

No.109 : Yourtrainer [11/08/03(Wed)20:01] [Report] []


I do what I can, just that. Your post motivated me, although

No.110 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)20:15] [Report] 1312416939119.jpg (278627 B, 2592x1728) [YIS] [GIS] []
278627 B

wow, i am definitely gonna do this ass is already fat and plump to begin with but i hope this makes it rounder and perkier :)

No.111 : Morbid [11/08/03(Wed)20:41] [Report] []

This thread is fucking awesome.

To bad I feel like I'm drowning in text.


Gym instructors will take pre-set regimes correct?

No.112 : Sca [11/08/04(Thu)22:49] [Report] []

This thread RULES.

No.114 : Morpheus [11/08/07(Sun)03:00] [Report] []

>>112 here.

Right. I need every single thing I can get; going in drag for Brisbane's Bloodlust Ball in a month. So, you know, I need every single thing I can get.

By my math, I should have around 34-35g of protein; I estimate that to be only 140 grams of meat. Also, ouch. A single hamburger patty is pretty much my entire meat content...

Meanwhile, I'm aiming to have only two thousand calories a day, down from three thousand; I'll go down by around a hundred a day. And I figure, low carb, as well.

So, basically, as far as I can tell, I need to aim for:
- Lots of vegetables, except those starchy, and low-sugar fruit - berries, apples, oranges.
- Nuts.
- No meat, and no animal products.

WAGH. This is going to suck.

No.115 : Morpheus [11/08/07(Sun)03:09] [Report] []

The one thing I'm not sure of, however, is calories, and how to reduce them. I've never had to diet.

No.116 : Vampyric_Jenni [11/08/08(Mon)16:46] [Report] []


Havent' been on tranchan in a LONG time lol.

But I'd like some help, but I don't want to post pics on here, anyway we can discuss on aim or something?

No.117 : Anonymous [11/08/08(Mon)21:29] [Report] []

same here, if op wants me to give me some tip/advice email me at silentknight006[at]gmail[dot]com

No.118 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)02:19] [Report] 1312870795158.jpg (615397 B, 1694x2050) [YIS] [GIS] []
615397 B


Well, you NEED protein, just to keep your health! Where this protein comes from, it's not important, it can be meat or fish (just don't take it from vegetables)

Also keep in mind that in 1 month you can see some changes, but a body is not built in such a short time. You can easily eliminate your liquid retention (between 0 and 5 kgs of mass) by drinking 3-4 lts of water a day (don't exagerate this, the fact you drink 10 ltrs a day won't make the liquid retention go faster and it can be unhealthy) which will slim you a bit, then you can lose something around 200-500 grs of muscle with such a deficit in a month if you're slim (now go to the supermarket and ask for 500 grs of lean chicken breast, imagine that on your shoulders, you'll see how much volume is that!) or more IF you are muscular.

-With proteins you can be a little creative, 2 middle sized eggs contain about 11 grams of protein (with the yolk), so you can eat 6 eggs (yolk included, the eggs/cholesterol shit is a myth, google it). An egg a meal sounds like a better option than a burguer a day, right?also 30-40 grs of protein is about 1 ltr of milk (which also counts as water since is mostly water with nutrients!). 4 glasses of milk a day with some cookies don't look good enough to you? (yes you can actually lose weight on milk and cookies!!). Also, you can eat 2 sardines or so a day, just chop them and put 1/4 of the chopped fish on each of every 4 meals, almost as a dressing. You'll get to taste the animal and stay in your numbers.

Yes I know you won't be eating much meat, but you know, there's always an option.


Oh, and don't count proteins on vegetables as proteins, your body doesn't absorb them.

About counting calories, my best tip is: buy a food scale, and start doing your calculations, maybe the scale can be some dollars, but it will give you a service beyond value. AND DON'T GO CHEAP, THE FOOD SCALE IS ONE OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS!

Use the pic attached to have a guide on the best sources for carbs/protein/fats, maybe you'll find a tasty surprise.

Also don't eat fruit: fructose has a special metbolism, most of the time goes directly into fat, and if it doens't is because is filling your glucose reserves, thus preventing you from entering in a catabolic state, thus preventing you from burning muscle.

And well. Dieting sucks, but that's life! Just think that all this suffering is gonna pay! But remember, a month is not so much time for this kind of changes. If you keep at it for 4-6 months then you'll be able to see some real change.

There's a final tip, thought, run, do some cardio with your legs, this way you'll make your body to spare some of the muscle on the legs, so the muscle loss will concentrate a bit more on the upper body (shoulders, arms...)

And if you feel like... post some photos of the Bloodlust ball!

No.119 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)02:24] [Report] 1312871085714.jpg (51104 B, 530x530) [YIS] [GIS] []
51104 B


You already said you need 2000kcal a day, just eat that, it requires discipline, just that.

Keep your carbs as 30-40% of your total calories, eat your proteins, and the rest comes from fats. There?s no more secret.

No.120 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)02:40] [Report] 1312872032635.jpg (88548 B, 852x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
88548 B


Well... I can do that. But I won't post my hotmail on an anonymous imageboard, that goes for you vampiryc jenny.

No.122 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)02:53] [Report] 1312872837390.jpg (16287 B, 300x287) [YIS] [GIS] []
16287 B


And for my opinion you don't need more as, I'd tap it like that!

Still, remember, do this for some months with a caloric surplus. Also, if you combine it with the muscle-losing diet you'll lose that delicious butt you have there! So, if you want to lose some muscle in your upper body, do the diet before starting on the butt workouts!

No.123 : Morpheus [11/08/09(Tue)03:08] [Report] []

Cheers for your help, YT, I'll keep you posted.

No.124 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)03:15] [Report] 1312874113011.gif (219106 B, 431x582) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.127 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)03:30] [Report] 1312875044464.jpg (14900 B, 400x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
14900 B


Thank you for your compliments!

Gym instructors shouldn't be messing with your regime. They shouldn't even ask. Even if you want to eat poison they won't say a word (they may even try to sell it to you, it's called protein powder, tomato flavor, STAY AWAY FROM THAT!).

But they'll probably think you want to become a supersaiyan so they'll probably want to give you a high protein, high calorie diet. If they start bitching just tell them you're on a specific regime for some medical condition you don't want to discuss and they should stop right on their tracks.

And I bet you can swim through the text, specially when you find things you might like ;)

Also are you going to a gym?

No.128 : Yourtrainer [11/08/09(Tue)03:32] [Report] []


I wish so!

No.130 : Anonymous [11/08/09(Tue)23:37] [Report] 1312947475747.jpg (68325 B, 682x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
68325 B

thanks. yea i wasnt sure to being my diet before or during the butt workouts. are you confident i wont lose much of my booty? my main goal is to tone it, but im afraid ill lose too much fat..thoughts?

No.131 : Yourtrainer [11/08/10(Wed)00:16] [Report] []


You'll definitely lose fat down there, But I'm pretty confident you'll get it back. Although, your fat distribution doesn't look so masculine, are you on hormones? Or have you always been like that?

No.132 : Yourtrainer [11/08/10(Wed)00:25] [Report] []

Some clarifications:

gaining muscle: eat 100-500 kcal more than you spend a day + 2 grams of protein x kg of body weight, more if you need to get your fat back. Of course, exercise or you won't gain any muscle. Gaining strength is a signal you're doing it right.

Losing muscle: eat 30% less than the kcals you spend a day and 0'5 grs of protein x kg of bodyweight. Don't do exercise on those zones you want to lose, keep exercising the zones you want to keep. Losing strength is a signal this is working.

What this means:

-If you start fat: lose your muscle by dieting, then build wathever you want to build when bulking (the getting fatter phase)

-If your start in the middle (aka: skinnyfat): Diet and then build

-If you start skinny: be sincere to yourself, are you skinny but have some muscles you don't want? Maybe you can diet them away, but if you're REALLY FUCKING skinny chances are that you don't have much muscle, and if you diet you'll get sick, so you'll probably have to bulk (eithout exercise)-diet muscle away- bulk (to build muscle wherever is needed)

No.133 : Anonymous [11/08/10(Wed)03:11] [Report] 1312960266989.jpg (669099 B, 2592x1728) [YIS] [GIS] []
669099 B

thanks, but no im not taking any kind of hormones, just born with a feminine butt/hips or whatever..but i wonder if i did get on hormones how i might turn out :)..

thanks for all the tips. im like a skinny fat. im 5'9 190 lbs. so a little heavy, mostly in my stomach. so i hope once i start this diet/workout i wont lose much of my ass

No.135 : Yourtrainer [11/08/10(Wed)17:01] [Report] []


Ok, I've sent you personalized info to your mail. This way we'll be able to keep privacy to a level and keep the thread clean with general info

No.139 : Shana #j9gCJkChMU [11/08/14(Sun)13:09] [Report] []

>>132 Thats where I'm at. Super skinny, Have some arm muscle I DO NOT want. I don't work my arms out at all cept' for a lot of cleaning. I am weaker than I was 8mths ago, but that's the hrt I'm sure.

No.141 : Yourtrainer [11/08/18(Thu)03:17] [Report] []


I guess you should gain some fat and diet the muscle out. Hopely you'll still be on hrt when you regain some fat, so yourfat distribution will be more femenine.

Just a question, since I don't know. Hrt is for life I think, right?

No.143 : Yourtrainer [11/08/18(Thu)03:56] [Report] 1313654176574.gif (140750 B, 1288x2588) [YIS] [GIS] []
140750 B

A key component to how your body looks is how your fat is distributed.

I was about to make a post about this when I found a source in the internet which is much better than anything I could possibly do.

here's the link, you SHOULD read it

I'd make some aditions nonetheless:

Raise testosterone:

1- Competitive situations
2- Being in power and/or in command of something for extended periods of time
3- lifting weights, specially STRENGTH training (as opossed to RESISTANCE training, this is the reason I'm not giving a routine for gyms)
4- situations where you need to be agressive

Sources of molecules with estrogenic effect:

-Anything which comes from an industrial origin. Those molecules have a wide range of uses in industry, from making paper to preserve foods. In fact, their effects were found when doing a research about breast cells: the test tubes caused strogenic contamination. Now think a moment. Test tubes are made on purpose as sterile possible so they don't interfere with any experiment. If test tubes were carefully examined and still they fucked many experiments, imagine industrial shit made with little control or care.

Now don't understimate the power of the hormone balance on fat distribution. It's not uncommon to see fat boys in the gym who have a shitton of belly, then diet it away, then start to get fat to gain muscle, and surprisingly the fat goes to any place but the belly. Why? weight lifting increased their testosterone levels, and reduced their estrogen and cortisol levels, so their fat went to different places!

Lower cortisol & stress hormones:

1- having an elevated insulin level (eat carbs)
2- laughing
3- just being happy and calm

Increase cortisol & other stress hormones:

1- sleeping to much
2- Having low blood sugar levels (thus low insulin levels)

tl;dr: the hormonal balance your body has when you get fat will determine where this fat goes, you can to some extent manipulate this to achieve a more femenine/masculine fat distribution

Also, think of this as a set of chain reactions: lowering testosterone will raise estrogens, so increasing cortisol (ouch! that's stress!) will lower testosterone and in turn increase estrogens.

No.145 : uruka [11/08/18(Thu)16:21] [Report] []

>>141 Unless you decide to change your gender again, yea, it's for life. You can stop taking blockers if you get an orchiectomy, but you must continue dosing estrogen because the body will not produce it on its own.

No.147 : Yourtrainer [11/08/19(Fri)07:24] [Report] []


Then, given that your test should be already low, I'd say you'd get fucking good results dieting your muscle out

Pig out for a month or two, go high on candies, pastries and junk food, then diet hard, a 800kcal deficit below your daily expenditure should be enough. In 4/5 months you should be looking better. In your case things can only end well.

No.153 : Morpheus [11/08/23(Tue)19:15] [Report] []

Well, already gotten a nice effect around the shoulders thanks to this, and dropped two dress sizes. Cheers, YT.

No.154 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/08/24(Wed)21:55] [Report] 1314237346188.jpg (678643 B, 1224x1632) [YIS] [GIS] []
678643 B

I want my calves to "bulk up." I've added a modest amount of more protein to my diet (I don't want to add a fuckton and then end up with gout and/or god awful farts) but after a ton of time cycling I only seem to end up refining muscle. MyTrainer where you at.

No.155 : Anonymous [11/08/26(Fri)21:49] [Report] []

Gotta question. I want to lose muscles mass in my Upper-Body and wieght. (I sadly have a bit of a gut but I've been working on it recently.)
But at the same time want a plump and bubbly ass and hips.

Could I do the Work-Out's along with the Diet and expect results?

I already have a pretty Femmy Ass and Thighs. I just need to tone them.
Got any advice?

No.156 : Morpheus [11/08/27(Sat)22:05] [Report] []

Bloodlust was fantastic; I was a hit and megatrap.

Cough up your email, and I'll send you some pictures, if you'd like. You're a legend.

No.157 : Yourtrainer [11/08/29(Mon)10:03] [Report] 1314626583377.jpg (217512 B, 492x723) [YIS] [GIS] []
217512 B

So... this thread only grows when I'm absent!!

I've created a dummy mail account, from there I'll redirect you to my real one (not posting real shit on anonymous image board).

It'll be better for us all this way.

shot_to_thrill(that weird "a")hotmail(dot)com


Morpheus, I'd love to see the photos, there you have a mail account! Also, your success story motivates me ;)!


Jenny check your msn mail, you can now delete your post, forgive the inconvenience!

No.158 : Morpheus [11/08/29(Mon)10:41] [Report] 1314628875739.jpg (32444 B, 476x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
32444 B

Actually, screw it, I'll toss them here.

No.159 : Morpheus [11/08/29(Mon)10:41] [Report] 1314628914250.jpg (54790 B, 720x476) [YIS] [GIS] []
54790 B


No.160 : Morpheus [11/08/29(Mon)10:42] [Report] 1314628975452.jpg (47119 B, 476x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
47119 B

Personal favorite.

No.161 : Morpheus [11/08/29(Mon)10:43] [Report] []


I also have some private ones for ya, YT, I'll send them in a few days.

No.162 : Yourtrainer [11/08/29(Mon)11:07] [Report] 1314630434539.jpg (247894 B, 500x676) [YIS] [GIS] []
247894 B


Hey! It's a honor to see you here! I've been following your threads, I love the attitude you show there (well and your body too, but that's a different story :P)!

Calves are fucking difficult to grow for most people. They are on a joint that is working all day erryday, so calisthenics (gymless exercise) won't work much since they've been doing it for life (walk 1km, roughly 2000steps, that's 1000 reps per calf with all your bodyweight!).

So, riding the bycicle won't do much unless you're training for le tour de france. I think you just like/need the bycicle, so keep at it, but don't make an extra effort to work your calves, that only works to a certain extent you've already reached.

Still I'll give you something to do:

1st warmup jogging a little.

2nd Sprints: 1 minute mts max speed, rest, 1 minute more, rest, repeat. 7sprints will be good

3rd Calf raises: try to stand on a step on a stairway on one foot, your hand in the handrail (for safety), and then do "calf raises" (google it). 5x10-30xleg, wait 1 minute between sets, lift 1 second, pause on top for a sec, down in 1 sec, pause down for a sec, total 4 secs for rep (like on the routine I gave upwards). Build from 5 sets at 10 reps to 30 reps x set, although being the calves, you'll probably hit the 30 reps on the first day, go to 50 if you find it easy. do these 2 separate days a week, giving your calves at least 2 days of rest. Yes it's gonna be boring.

Also be careful with this last exercise, the ankle is a delicate joint, if you feel legitimate pain in any tendon/joint, stop and rest some days till you feel it's safe to go on again.

Also, doing so many reps could cause mild inflammation, nothing to worry give your calves 1-2 rest days. If you feel that the 50 rep sets cause inflammation, go down to 30.

I know you're gonna try that routine, but calves are alves, so IF you don't see results in a month... to be true... this is one of these cases where you'll actually have to pay for a gym membership to use some machines if you want to see good and fast progress. Here's a routine in case you're already on one or if you gonna try.

Calf machine: find a weight you can lift for only 8-9 repetitions, do 4 sets at this weight, next day you hit the gym, try to do 1-2 more each set. When you do 12 at a given weight, increase the weight slightly to a weight you can manage only 8. Repeat the cycle until the desired size.

Calf raises: You can do these on a special machine where you put some padded suports on your shoulders and raise yourself using your calves, if not, use the smith machine. NEVER with free weights (aka: the power cage or squat rack) That would force your torso to equilibrate the weight throught the motion, thus developing your torso and back. 4x8-12 like in the calf machine. Stay away from squats and leg presses, they're your enemy.

If you're gonna hit the gym tell me and I'll make you a routine to hit also the ass and hips and any other thing yu might like (if you want to)

Also, increasing the protein intake is useless if you're on a caloric deficit, calculate how much you burn a day (there's a link upwards in this thread) and add like 100-200 cals a day.

On the other hand proteins usually don't give death farts... by the color of your skin I'd say you could be lactose intolerant, and maybe there's also some intolerance to some other carbohydrate... try with chicken breasts, if you want to add mass you'll need like 1'5 gr of protein x kg of bodyweight MINIMUM, and also a good supply of vitamins minerals and essential fatty acids, check all those too.

Unless you go to a gym, there's a thing called "noob gains" which basically makes a muscle grow despite everything on the first 2-3 months of training with weights, but this post is so long right now, tell me your plans and then I'll elaborate if necessary

Uff what a long post, wasn't it?

No.163 : Yourtrainer [11/08/29(Mon)11:12] [Report] []


wow so impulsive, I like that! Looking cute babe, and what a lovely dress! I'll be waiting for your other pics aswell ;) and thanks for keeping me posted!

No.165 : Yourtrainer [11/08/29(Mon)11:45] [Report] 1314632756401.jpg (114416 B, 543x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
114416 B


Last but not least! Sorry to make you wait!

If you have gut, I'd say you should diet first. Don't try to do abs, that doesn't solve any gut problem, only eliminating the fat eliminates the gut.

To eliminate muscle it's all said up there, follow the instructions carefully and invest on a reliable food scale, those are the main tips.

Working out while dieting won't make your muscles grow, since the body just rejects to add muscle if it isn't getting enough food (this is because your body has come from billions of years of evolution, so any reduced food intake is interpreted as a famine, and in a famine is counterproductive to grow, that would expend more energy and you're starving!). Even more on a bodyweight/calisthenics routine like the one I gave.

Diet first and exercise. The only problem is that your ass can lose some of it's size in the process (the exercise will help to spare some of it, but on a low protein diet, designed to lose muscle, it's almost unavoidable). Take pics of your ass weekly and see how it is progressing, if you see you're losing too much of it (losing a bit is absolutely normal, thought) you may actually stop dieting, get some fat and some muscle in the lower body and then diet again to lose that nasty muscle in your upper body. That'll solve the problem of your muscle excess while sparing lower a bit more, but the gut will stay there and that'll take a looong loong time (many months), and, finally you might need to sacrifice some of your ass to get rid of the gut.

Sorry for the bad news. The good ones: your ass cannot dissapear completely, the main structure is there. And still, there's hope, after you've got rid of the muscle and the belly you can tone and bulk your ass and tights again, in fact it's easy to make them big and juicy, but I don't know if you'll preserve your actual fat distribution or your body will make up a new one, since your fat distribution is the result of the hormonal balance you had when you gained it, and nobody knows the hormonal balance you'll have in the next months, when you lose and gain the weight again. I can almost guarantee that your legs would look better thanks to the added muscle, but about your ass I just don't know. Important questions: tell me your age, if you played any sport through your life and how much time, when did you acquired this gut you have.

Another option might be to diet the gut out on a high protein diet, that will spare ALL the muscles, then in a short time you can try to diet your upper body muscles out while exercising in an attempt to spare your lower body. If you want my opinion, this would be the best option, and you should accept that maybe you'll lose a bit of the feminity of your ass, but still, a gut is even less femenine, and your ass can be rebuilt in almost no time, the only thing at stake is your fat distribution, but since you already need to cut the fat, there's not much more we can do.

No.166 : Anonymous [11/08/29(Mon)13:28] [Report] []

Thank you for the response and the help.
My age is 20 nearly 21.

I played Football as a kid and a few years of Highschool ball.
I also did a year of Track & Field in Middle School.
I developed the gut back part-way through football. That?s actually when I ballooned up was Popwarner Football and the 1.5 years of Highschool ball. (Playing Offensive Line we were encouraged to put on weight.) The only real good thing that came from that was it really toned up my legs. (Not my thighs sadly.) and built up my endurance.
It was shortly after I quit High School football (Shitty Coaches, Idiot Athletes and more drama you could shake a stick at...I've always been mellow and laid back and I was harrassed for it...Of course how many Football Players read Chaucer before a football game? I've always been an odd duck. :3 ) I grew disgusted of my weight and general physique and lost nearly thirty pounds in a span of two years of cutting back my intake of food and work. It about then I stopped at around 192-195. I look a lot better than I did back then and my gut has receded a ways. Just not enough?I sorta hate looking at myself in the mirror.

An addendum...I think the ass is partly genetic as a lot of the guys in my family have large posteriors...I don't know if it'd survive a diet though, it survived my old one though...:shrugs:

I really hope this helps and I really thank you for taking the time to reply.

Also like the pics. :3

No.167 : Anonymous [11/08/29(Mon)20:13] [Report] []

I do have to ask.
I'm doing the Excersises three days a week but I was wondering if I could do cardio work more then those three days a week?

Also whats better? Running up six flights of stairs for thirty minutes? Or jogging?

I'm just trying to get everything worked out....Also what would I have to do for a high proetien diet? And would their be anyway to make sure the fat distribution focuses on the ass, hips and thighs when I have to bulk back up?

No.168 : Anonymous [11/08/30(Tue)07:17] [Report] 1314703028877.jpg (195569 B, 1000x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
195569 B


Nah don't worry, I come with good news.

most of the fat you've got was put when you were doing sports as a teen, back in the day, your testosterone levels where higher than the sky, hence all that fat was put in a "manly" way, also, you already told me your ass has resisted diet before. The conclusions are:

1 you won't lose your ass.
2 You can go on a low protein diet, in fact, you'll have a good layer of muscle under the flabs (so is football).
3 The exercises won't be of much use on a diet, they'll only be useful to keep the muscles already existing. It is your option to do them or not, but since you'll be doing cardio (you should if you want to lose fat), they'll already get some work. In my opinion is better if you save the exercises for the bulking, this way they'll be more effective at "toning" your lower body muscles.

4 Better than running upstairs is to jog up a hill or an inclined street, it's a more "natural" exercise, if you want to put it that way, and it isn't going to rape your joints as badly. Also, cardio can be done as many days as you want, altough I'd keep one day a week or two to let the body and the muscles rest. If you do this you may even see some minor lower body development without hte exercises.

5 Your gut may be partially due to: cereals, alcohol, lactose. Reduce the intake of those for a week or two and observe the results, if your belly magically goes down, well, you found one of the causes.The other obviously is going to be the fat.

That's all I think, right? You're welcome, but I do this with much pleasure and because I like it. It's like a hobby. Hope I solved all your questions! Now work hard and be patient!

No.169 : Anonymous [11/08/30(Tue)07:31] [Report] 1314703898264.jpg (26859 B, 400x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
26859 B


Jenny, I've tried to send you a mail but I always receive a failure notification. You should alraeady have a mail in your yahoo(dot)com and aim(dot)com accounts, if not, use the dummy mail I've posted above in >>157

No.170 : Anonymous [11/08/30(Tue)09:39] [Report] []


  1. Your sure? Well if you are....
  2. Yay. :3
  3. Alright...I'll continue to do them though...Helps ramp up the metabolism.
  4. Problem being the State I live in is quite flat and the nearest set of hills is over ten or so miles out.

I don't want to fuck up my joints but don't have to many options for all natural running.
5. I haven't eaten cereal in weeks and I don't drink any liquor either.
Though I do hit the milk pretty hard....
Sighs Thats going to be a bitch to give up....Peanut Butter is alright right?

All the same thank you. It's mighty kind of you to go out of your way on the net and do this.

No.172 : Anonymous [11/08/31(Wed)13:52] [Report] 1314813172565.jpg (219398 B, 600x752) [YIS] [GIS] []
219398 B


1 If the reason behind climbing stairs is to work your ass, is better if you just do step, at least the effort will be continuated (guess when you finish those six flights of stairs you should go down to start again, right?). You know, pick a step climb with one leg, go down, repeat with the other, then the other, then the other....

2 peanut butter is wonderful if it's 100% natural, if it is industrial is pure shit. Yours is the choice

you're welcome!

No.174 : Yourtrainer [11/08/31(Wed)14:01] [Report] 1314813713657.jpg (178885 B, 429x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
178885 B


Also I've been thinking a bit more on your case (everything is more appealing than studying inferential statistics)

1 forgot to tell you that the purpose of doing raises on a step is to be able to give a greater range of motion to your calves (thus the muscle is worked more and better), in other words, your heel should be below your toes at the bottom of the rep, for this, obviously, the posterior half of your foot has to be on the air. Don't force your heel to go too low, anyways. You know, just be a little bit cautious, although I think the pain will tell you when you're going too low

2 If there's a person who can help you, you can try donkey calf raises, those can be a substitute of the calf machine if you don't wanna pay for a gym. To add weight to your partner, make your partner hold weight. 3/4x8-12 as with all weighted exercises. You can do those both in a calisthenics or in a gym routine, it doesn't matter. Be careful with this exercise, google how to perform those with correct form (I'd tell you how, but I've never done those personally). Don't load your spine, but your hips! And tell your partner to climb you gently, not jumping int you like you're a horse, make him/her to use a chair or something for this purpose.

3 You won't be developing gout either (bodybuilders eat up to 300 grs of protein a day and even more and they don't get any, gout is because of the kind of meats you eat, like pork, more than the protein intake)

4 Train your calves 2-3 a week

No.175 : Anonymous [11/08/31(Wed)16:20] [Report] []


  1. Well I can do that pretty easily. :3
  2. And yeah the Peanut Butter is JIF. Shrugs and seriously I have one weakness in life and thats Peanut Butter.


Regardless I also eat Mr. Peanut Raosted Peanuts and Almonds to help balance it out.
And I only have a couple of scoops of PB anyway.

Any other words of advice you can impart?

No.177 : Yourtrainer [11/08/31(Wed)17:38] [Report] []


No more, for the moment. Come back when you've shredded the fat and excess of muscle out of you and then maybe I'll tell you what to train and how.

Now go get beautiful!

No.178 : Anonymous [11/08/31(Wed)18:10] [Report] 1314828626185.png (9467 B, 500x500) [YIS] [GIS] []
9467 B

Thank ya kindly for the help. :3

I just finished up my excersises for the day in fact.
If I have any more questions I'll ask.
I'll also be sure to tell you how it goes.

No.189 : Cereal [11/09/01(Thu)10:08] [Report] []

How much does metabolism play into this whole shindig? I seem to be eternally skinny for now and I don't exercise at all and eat like shit. Will doing the arse building exercises work or do I have to put effort into being consistent with my diet and regime? Bugger that if it's the case.

No.196 : Anonymous [11/09/02(Fri)08:23] [Report] 1314966216780.jpg (84079 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
84079 B


Cereal! Why you here if you're fucking hot already?

Everybody has it's own metabolism, like everybody has it's own and unique fingerprints. But still, laws of thermodynamics say that if you're skinny is because you eat little, and if you're fat is because you eat too much. The whole"eat more and more protein" is called bulking and it's done to make sure muscle will grow, I repeat: just to make sure it will grow.

In your particular case, well I don't know your life but you said you're pretty sedentary. Then you may be able to make some timid "noob gains". Those happen when an untrained individual is suddenly exposed to exercise, the body just overreacts. In that stage, you may be able to get something without caring too much about diet or rest (although increasing protein intake is heavily advised or they may not work, just eat a meat piece more a day, is that simple).

So long story short: you'll see some results if you don't watch your diet, but progress will stop sooner than later. When no using hormones (hrt or steroids), the body yields results according to the effort you put in it (not only exercising, but also eating right and resting plenty). Not my purpose to lecture you here, just telling you how the body works since you asked it.

Also take on account that seeing results requires a bit of patience, (specially if you don't watch your diet) and they can be so slow that you may think you don't see anything when in fact they're showing, take "progress pics" to see how are they working, but I predict that just the mere increase in activation of the nerves will increase their tone from the first weeks.

Hope I've been useful here!

No.197 : Anonymous [11/09/02(Fri)08:28] [Report] []


you welcome! ;)

No.200 : Chelsea [11/09/02(Fri)11:10] [Report] []


haha, you sound exactly like me....
Pray to the gods it doesn't slow down when we get older!!!

No.201 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/09/02(Fri)16:55] [Report] []

I don't plan on going to the gym; I'll see how step raises work.

Also I'm not lactose intolerant, but I am glucose intolerant. It's just whey protein and nuts/nut butters always makes a grand exit.

No.205 : N [11/09/03(Sat)15:08] [Report] []

How do you slim down muscular/bulky calves?

I have huge calves left over from when I played a lot of DDR when younger ;_;

No.211 : Anonymous [11/09/04(Sun)16:12] [Report] []


Just like any other muscle...

There's no way to tell your body "get rid of THIS and only THIS"

read what has been posted above, diet and try not to exercise them...


okay, tell me if there's anything more.

No.219 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/09/06(Tue)19:34] [Report] []

I want Cereal's milky white fem body on my cock.

...Not sure if you can help with that though.

No.222 : Trainer [11/09/07(Wed)11:13] [Report] []


Yes I can, we just have to go to that hellhole of a country where she lives.

She looks skinny and weak so I'll easily DOMINATE HER (I just love to dominate) with my superior strength and hold her in any position you fancy, so you can tie her. The rest is up to your fantasy.

I don't think she will resist for long, it would be like in those doujinshis where the girl resists but finally enjoys the ride and begs for more.

No.226 : Cereal [11/09/10(Sat)03:48] [Report] []

Erotica about myself... Carry on...

No.356 : Anonymous [11/11/28(Mon)23:23] [Report] []

Bump for good info.

No.357 : Reika [11/11/29(Tue)13:23] [Report] []

Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you for all your great advice!

No.396 : Sweetie_chan [11/12/23(Fri)15:41] [Report] 1324672918723.jpg (65577 B, 836x522) [YIS] [GIS] []
65577 B

I saw this post a while back and decided I'd give it a try, so far I've put about two inches on my butt. It's a little hard to tell such a small gain from the pictures but I can say that it's there. My backside does have more jiggle now too, as well as being more shaped than before, if only a little.

My goal is to gain a few more inches on my butt and reducing my upper body mass, mainly in muscle and to shave a few inches off my waist.

my measurements so far are 38-bust 32-wasit 38-hips.

No.397 : Anonymous [11/12/23(Fri)22:38] [Report] []

>>396 Sweet. That's a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

No.398 : Sweetie_chan [11/12/24(Sat)00:49] [Report] []

well, it helped that it was relatively shaped already, after a couple months of this it should be fantastic.

No.419 : Amberlicious [12/01/09(Mon)20:02] [Report] 1326157370498.png (250834 B, 800x266) [YIS] [GIS] []
250834 B

This thread stil active?
soo, this is what my ass looks like.
it kinda annoys me that i have those red(purplish in photo)bumps on my skin. is there any thing i can do about it?

is there a way to get more femin skin without taking hormones?

im also going to follow the exercise to slim down my belly.

No.422 : Anonymous [12/01/10(Tue)03:12] [Report] []


Just taking care of your skin will soften it and improve its appearance.

In a nutshell: exfoliate, moisturize, and minimize sun exposure. Improving your diet will help somewhat as well, but those are the big three things.

No.428 : Amberlicious [12/01/12(Thu)10:37] [Report] []

Thanks,ugh its kinda hard being dutch >.< as there isnt a good google translation for exfoliate.

Also,what are good products to do this?
whats a good moisturize product ?
and what exfoliate products are recomanded?

Brand name and product line are mostly the same here compared to the US.

No.429 : Anonymous [12/01/13(Fri)04:33] [Report] []


Exfoliation is the process of removing the layer of dead skin cells. There are a variety of ways to do this. For most people, one of these methods once or twice a week is enough.

  • The process of shaving will exfoliate those areas. You should follow up after shaving with a moisturizing lotion. If you are prone to razor bumps or ingrown hairs, you may want to look at some of the lotions that claim to prevent those problems.
  • Before getting in the shower, with a dry brush gently brush your dry skin. After your shower apply a body moisturizing lotion.
  • While in the shower, use a wet loofah without any soap to brush your skin. Again, be gentle. Apply moisturizer after your shower.
  • While in the shower, use an exfoliating body wash. These will have either natural (coconut shell) or synthetic (microbeads) abrasives. Again, moisturize after your shower.
  • Then there are the spa type treatments like sand or oatmeal baths.

If you are prone to calluses on your hands and feet you can use a pumice stone to soften them.

Choosing skin care products depends on what type of skin you have and if you have any skin conditions. I don't feel comfortable making recommendations.

No.446 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)07:28] [Report] 1327494528830.jpg (30021 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
30021 B

Wouldn't call being skinny fucking hot

Look at those horrible skinny arms >.> I'm 6ft 2" and i weigh 8 stone

But this thread has inspired me and i now relise working out without increasing food intake will never help tone my body. Trying to stick to 3 meals a day with 2 fruit snacks a day, and upperbody exercises

Been gaining minimal weight, figure looks same.. Body goes inwards where the belly is.. *sigh

No.449 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)19:06] [Report] 1327536373901.png (67681 B, 724x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
67681 B

Some people here might take a liking to this.

I found an "online Pharmacy" they'll send you medication through the mail, and you don't need a prescription. I'd warn though that It'd still be a good Idea to consult a doctor beforehand.
But this is a good start for anyone who is looking to head down this path and are sure of what they want.

They sell everything from viagra to Premarin(female hormones) and Finasteride(treats enlarged prostate but also blocks testosterone).

However do your own research before making any purchases, you may find something I missed.

No.451 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)21:51] [Report] []


Take estrofem or progynova instead. Also sprio works great but watch out for high potassium levels when you take it.

Inhouse pharmacy is one of the biggest in the business. For countrys they do not ship to try

No.454 : Anonymous [12/01/27(Fri)16:28] [Report] []
>drink lots of water at least 3 liters a day.

can I drink tea or cider (hard cider in the states) instead?

No.455 : Anonymous [12/01/28(Sat)03:39] [Report] []

I didn't get why you been afraid to get banned, because if this here doesn't belong to a tip-board what else? This thread rocks and should be sticky. Thank you very much so far for your time!

Anyhow I got a personal question, I did not read every post in here so I'll just ask it frankly: I am quite old already for a change, I am 35. Having been crossdressing alot when I was still in shape but stopped when I started to look really hilarious in dressup.

Is it possible with 35y to start to shape me still or am I too old, body too fixed after 35 years of testosterone?

I never decided to make the step for coming out and I never had enough conviction in deciding a gender change. Therefore I had no comming out yet, only 2 people know that I was crossdressing and my surounding wouldn't take it easy I guess. So I thought when I slowly and graduately change my shape to be little more feminine, it would be too late when someone else notices.

Problem is just, with age, since 10 years, I am turning more into a bear. My beard is rather thick and I got hair just everywhere, even on my back. Furthermore I got rather broad shoulders while I am quite short for a man (165cm). What should I change, if it is possible at all, in order not to become a short cut square?

I know I'd never become a long legged model type, as a woman I'd be rather a short chubby. But that would be ok for me, if dressing up just doesn't look so hilarious anymore and if I can switch sides at whim...

No.456 : Anonymous [12/01/28(Sat)12:21] [Report] []


Tea should be fine. Hard cider though will dehydrate you, and you will need to drink more water to make up the difference.

No.459 : Anonymous [12/01/28(Sat)20:09] [Report] []


Look at it this way. It may take you X number of years to get to the point where you feel comfortable with yourself. But based on your past experience, do you think if you did nothing for the X number of years you would finally feel at peace with yourself or would you just have another X years of regret?

No.460 : Anonymous [12/01/28(Sat)21:42] [Report] []


This is the single most usefull piece of advice ever, i wish someone would of told me this a few years back

No.464 : Anonymous [12/01/30(Mon)12:12] [Report] []

I'm skinny as hell but have 2 issues with my body besides the standard stuff.

  1. large ribcage that looks oversized for my waist
  2. big knobbly knees and off center centered tibia (makes my legs looks really weird and manly)

Is there anything much that can be done about those? I'm 6 feet tall and most of my height is in my legs so they're sort of a prominent feature. My measurements are 34 27 38 if that helps.

No.465 : Amberlicious [12/01/30(Mon)20:34] [Report] []

and what are the effects for us males body's?

just smooth skin/waight loss/muscle loss?
or do you get boobys from it?
aro those drugs registered/legal?
or are they corrupt?

and for what purpose were you refering?

i get the Finasteride blocking testosteron,being helpful for losing muscle.

but qouldnt Premarin get you boobies and woman skin?

also female hormones will make your pee pee smaller,right?

No.466 : Amberlicious [12/01/30(Mon)20:38] [Report] []

i also found out that 1mg of Finasteride would increas/get hairgrowth on bold spots.

No.469 : Anonymous [12/02/07(Tue)08:28] [Report] []
No.491 : Anonymous [12/02/25(Sat)14:22] [Report] 1330197721432.gif (766847 B, 500x375) [YIS] [GIS] []
766847 B

I ordered some to see if they're legit. and seems so. This is what I got in the mail. I've been taking them for almost 2 weeks now and haven't seen any ill side affects. It is however making my nipples slightly tender and I believe it is affecting my features, Mainly skin. Since it's been such a short time I can't conclude anything Until I finish this three month pack. I'll have a more thorough assessment then.

P.S. I was taking about 1800mg of Purera Mirifica for about a month before this so it's not certain if these effects are just lingering from that. I'll post again at the one month mark.

No.494 : Anonymous [12/02/28(Tue)12:16] [Report] []

So you actually got good results from Purera Mirifica? Searching around about it online a lot of places make it sound like a scam.

No.495 : Yourtrainer [12/02/28(Tue)17:50] [Report] []

Am I unbanned already?

No.496 : Yourtrainer [12/02/28(Tue)17:52] [Report] []


(Oh, and... hello again my friends...)

No.497 : Yourtrainer [12/02/28(Tue)18:14] [Report] []


Those results are from the routine I gave? I could use some feedback about that. Also If it's that, well, you'll gotta increase intensity after some time or you won't keep doing progress...

>>464 Sorry, cannot help with your problems, although you could use a corset for your ribcage, tall boots will hide your knees... (why the fuck do I know all those things if I don't trap???)

>>454 No, don't drink cider, alcohol inflammates internal organs and causes more dehydration, remember I told you to drink water to lose liquids because your body is compensating, if your body perceives you're dehydrating yourself even more, you'll retain more liquid.

>>455 Finally you.. Look, I was banned for many months (and I still don't know why, whatever...). Whenever I tried to post a screen appeared and told me "error:host is banned". I guess I had a reason to fear a ban.

You said you were in shape 10 years ago. What is the difference now? Your bone structure is the same. More hair? shave it out! Too much shoulders? diet them out! After many years appreciating traps I've realized that the best body types to trap are tall and slender or short with wide hips, both types with low bf% and other features, like a small jaw and a bit of knowledge of make up and facial aesthetics. You're already short, you just need to emphasize your hips and reduce shoulders/back. as said above, a corset can help to make your hips look wider by stretching your torso...

I'd say go and try your best, and be yourself since if you don't, you'll be somebody else's expectations for you and you'll die full of regret.

Go and take it seriously, do an effort! You're on time to catch THE LAST TRAIN to get the body you had in your 20s, after the 40s the hormonal system is all fucked up, the skin is not the same, metabolism falls down and is more difficult to lose weight, muscle doesn't grow as fast, etc, etc, etc...


No.498 : Yourtrainer [12/02/28(Tue)18:22] [Report] []


Cereal, substitute the 2 fruit snacks with something with refined sugars. You don't want fructose if you want to increase muscle mass, what you want is a constant stream of protein and sugars to keep insuline levels high and stable. And fructose is not a good sugar for that purpose. Also, try to distribute your protein intake throughout the day, this way your body will be able to get more out of it and not waste a single gram. Burgers baby! Burgers!

No.501 : rib/legs trap [12/02/28(Tue)19:34] [Report] []

I know nothing can be done about the way my bones are, but I was thinking more like would it be a good idea to try putting on weight so that my waist and legs are thicker? I mean given that my problems are at the skeletal level, maybe it would be better to hide my bones beneath fat instead of making them more visible by going super thin?

I'd estimate that I'm about 10lb above the point where any skinnier starts to look anorexic.

No.502 : Anonymous [12/02/28(Tue)21:09] [Report] []

>>496 Glad you're back. This is a valuable thread and should continue. :)

No.503 : Anonymous [12/02/29(Wed)01:09] [Report] []

yes, although I was only on it for about a month. so nothing solid on feminizing effects.

just my opinion that it's great for skin and it started to cause my nipples to swell after a couple weeks.

The dosage that was recomended to me was 3000mg but I only took 1800. as always your results may vary.

No.505 : Trainer_n_n [12/02/29(Wed)13:45] [Report] []

Thanks!!! n_n I'm happy to be of some help!

No.506 : Trainerchan!n_n [12/02/29(Wed)14:03] [Report] []


Well your problem seems a bit specific. A photo of your actual state would be useful. Please NOT with erotic purpose, don't make as some people above; just you in anatomical position with some shorts.

Anyways, men and anorexia are a strange issue, since a man looks very different with a low bf% depending on how much muscle mass he has... For example see all those fitness models with great abs and pecs? The typical abercrombie model? They're all near the border of death (serious), but media has us thinking they're healthy because they are muscular, but in reality their organism is starving like a malnourished russian prisoner.

If your bones are so "obvious" some fat can look good on you, but isn't that a personal question? Still, I'm sure more muscle down and less up can make some little wonders (I say this to everybody right? Sorry, such is male body, more about this below).

Another thing, have you realized how many girls use stripped stockings, high boots, puff, and a lot of gothic-lolita wear? There's a secret to that: those clothes hide a lot of imperfections, they are sexy and give some feminine form to your "apparent" shape.

Trapping is not only putting on female clothes and hoping you'll magically look good on them, there's some art to it some clothes encouraged, some forbidden. But I bet you already know all of this and I'm just wasting space...

And now here comes the 2+2=5! Are you gonna use some high boots to hide your knees? Are you gonna gain weight to look better? Then why don't you BULK some muscle in strategic places!? The bigger a limb is, the less obvious any imbalances are in it, Imagine an obese person, can you tell which bones are out of place? No, because you can't see the bone structure beneath all the fat. Bigger calves with loose boots can make wonders babe! Haven't you tried cowboy boots? They also make your ass perkier by forcing your hips into a mild lordosis ;)

No.507 : ribs/legs [12/03/01(Thu)06:01] [Report] []
>knee high boots

Haha but they're so slutty!

I took some photos for you this morning. I've been doing the routine you posted for around 3 weeks I think but haven't done any dieting. I'm 5'10" & 140lb atm.

If my chest looks fucked up it's because I have a bad case of pectus excavatum

No.513 : Anonymous [12/03/01(Thu)06:28] [Report] []

Exactly the type of pictures needed.

No.515 : Trainerchan!n_n [12/03/01(Thu)08:40] [Report] []



>off centered tibias

I've seen worse cases of off centered tibias, look below, I will explain more about your knees.


>that waist to hip ratio

Your legs "bend" inwards, which added to your hips, which are wide for male standards and your slim waist and your short but wide ribcage... it emphasizes your hips a lot, You've got a bit of a guitar shape. In fact it looks like you've been using a corset for a while. I'd say you don't need much help in the "frontal plane". Also, I don't see any problem with your ribs (well, pectum excavatum is a different problem, but not four the purpose of trapping, and yours is not a bad case of excavatum)



Now here is the problem, yes your knees are a bit pointy and big. Working out the QUADRICEPS will increase mass just above them and help hide them a little bit. Also a bit of mass in the calves won't hurt. As I said, surround them with a lot of tissue to hide imperfections. Remember to workout also the hamstrings so your legs are not imbalanced (and in fact you could use bigger hamstrings and your legs would be sooooo yummy, given their form, size and your weight, you've got potential to have great thighs, sweetie).

Also, with 178 cms, weighting 63 kgs... you're FUCKING slim, and that is possibly why your joints are showing up so much! You can get rid of fat and muscle but no bone, so I think part of your problem is that you're more skeleton than flesh right now.

Veredict: BULK, put some mass on, work heavily your legs, more than running, you would benefit more from STEP MACHINE (it works more quadriceps and calves. I'd also advise to work a little bit your forearms. Also try to improve your posture, specially on the upper back, I've seen your upper back bends forwards and that doesn't look good since it looks like you got more back than you really have Maybe you spend many hours Seated/reading/at the computer/ watching tv?.

Google some routines for it.

Finally if you've been some months into the routine maybe it's time to increase intensity. I'm going to post a new, revised routine in a few days. Finally, yours is one of those cases where using a little of bodybuilding (gym) ONLY in your legs can make wonders in a short time. Your lower body development at your actual weight shows it. The size of some bones is a signal of the growth potential of the muscles attached to them, so, big knees---> good potential for leg growth. And the more difference between lower body and upper body, the more feminine you look.

No.517 : Anonymous [12/03/01(Thu)10:47] [Report] []
>In fact it looks like you've been using a corset for a while.

Never worn one. I think I just naturally have a girl's waist for some reason.

>Maybe you spend many hours Seated/reading/at the computer/ watching tv?

hahaha busted

Thanks for all the advice. I'll definitely see about putting it into practice. Now somebody else just needs to camwhore so my pasty legs aren't all over the front page!

No.519 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [12/03/05(Mon)21:17] [Report] []


>Finally you.. Look, I was banned for many months (and I still don't know why, whatever...). Whenever I tried to post a screen appeared and told me "error:host is banned". I guess I had a reason to fear a ban.

I RESPONDED TO YOUR DUMBASS EMAIL AND YOU DID NOTHING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE. I'm going to copy and paste it again, just in case you forgot:

>If you got sassy with anyone or posted bad pictures and weren't using your yourtrainer name elsewhere within the site I may have banned your IP. Otherwise, I'm not aware of actively doing this. If you know your IP address I can look up my banlist to see if you're in there. This seems to be an issue some people are having so I'll have the admin look into it.

That was a month ago. No response back. Now seriously, shut the fuck up about this before I give you a taste of a legit ban

No.523 : Trainerchan [12/03/07(Wed)10:27] [Report] 1331134073633.jpg (9224 B, 400x300) [YIS] [GIS] []
9224 B


Sorry!!!! I know I could respond that mail, so it's my fault! If I didn't it was because I didn't want to give my IP. Still I could reply back to thank you! So, sorry again!

Then out of nothing the whole board changed and I found I could post again so I totally forgot the issue!

Now I'll shut up, thanks for giving me another opportunity!!!

No.524 : Trainerchan [12/03/07(Wed)10:31] [Report] 1331134305967.jpg (442507 B, 720x576) [YIS] [GIS] []
442507 B

Well I promised you all a new routine, but after some days searching for DIFFERENT exercises than the ones I listed, I give up. Legs biomechanics are so simple that there is not as much variety as the exercises for the upper body. Also, my specialty is loading weights in a bar, cardio and dieting. Calisthenics are just a complement for my personal routines and not the main dish.

Nonetheless I'll tell you some ways to increase the intensity and difficulty of the routines you might be doing right now.

Why this? Once the muscles get adapted to an exercise, the stress imposed by it is not enough to make them react and grow (they've adapted!) so you gotta increase the stress you put in them.

1: Manipulate the tempo: lifting a weight/limb in a time of 1 second is a thing, but doing it in a slow motion of 3 seconds is muuuuuuch harder on the long run and burns more calories, forcing your muscles to increase the glycogen reserves which make it bigger. Manipulate the time you need to do the exercises. E.g.: If I said to you to do one motion in a "1 second up, 1 still in that position, 1 second down, 1 second rest", now change it to"2 seconds up, 2 seconds still maintaining position, 2 seconds down, 0 seconds of rest (yes, no rest between reps :P)", Once you have dominated the 2 seconds tempo, go up for 3 seconds. I promise it'll be difficult!!!!

2: Change the exercises: Yes I said there isn't a wide variety of exercises for lower body (specially if we don't want to target also the core) but there are slight variations of them. For example, you can make normal leg kickbacks on 4 legs, or you can make them standing.

3: Ad a little weight: for example, for lunges you can carry a backpack with some kgs of whatever, kickbacks can be done by tying some small weights to your ankles... be creative!

4: Rest less: Reduce rest periods from 1:30 minutes to 40 seconds (not less, it won't be of much use and will reduce your work capacity)! It'll kick your ass!

EXTRA!!!1!!!!: I've found a way you can make squats without getting your core muscles to participate! ASSISTED SQUATS!!! Just lay your hands on any stable object around the height of your hips (eg.: a chair, a table) and then do an ass to grass squat. Don't worry if your elbows bend at the bottom of the movement, they're supposed to. By putting your hands on a chair/table/etc, you're stabilizing your body with an external object, so the trunk doesn't have to work to keep balance, so the core doesn't work at all. PIC RELATED.

Now squats are one of the best and most complete exercises for lower body (I know from experiencie) since they work EVERYTHING under the hips, and you SHOULD be implementing assisted squats to your training. 3x20-50! Those are intense if done on the right tempo. If you are able to rock 3 of 30 the first day I'll give you a medal.

No.526 : Anonymous [12/03/08(Thu)00:25] [Report] []

>>523 Hi, without your IP there's no way to know if you've been banned or why you've been banned. There are some very wide ranges banned, though they are mostly around Eastern Europe, South America and Asia (especially China/India).

Keep up the thread, it's very helpful.

No.527 : Anonymous [12/03/08(Thu)06:33] [Report] []

my ass is covered with stretch marks...what i can do get rid of them or at least make them look not so ugly?

No.528 : Trainerchan [12/03/08(Thu)10:17] [Report] []


Almost nothing. You can try tanning and they'll be less noticeable.

Next time eat loads of carrots, they have the A vitamin your body needs to create more skin on time, so your dermis won't break.

Source: I've got them too, happens when you lose or gain weight too fast.

No.529 : Trainerchan [12/03/08(Thu)11:08] [Report] []


Let's let the issue be forgotten... and thanks for your compliiments!

No.530 : Anonymous [12/03/08(Thu)12:42] [Report] []

Oh. Well tanning is not an option for me, already got brown skin, so I guess carrots it is.

No.531 : Trainerchan [12/03/08(Thu)17:45] [Report] []

The stretchmarks are the ones that will tan and look more like your skin tone, it's not about tanning your skin, it's about making the stretchmarks more like old skin. Tanning is still an option for you, trust me ;)

No.532 : Anonymous [12/03/09(Fri)12:50] [Report] 1331315432256.jpg (13348 B, 300x300) [YIS] [GIS] []
13348 B

Turns out there aren't actually any gyms near me. Those big stair master things look expensive too. Would one of the mini step machiens like this one do the trick?

No.533 : Trainerchan [12/03/09(Fri)13:47] [Report] []


Never tried one of those, but I'd say it will do the trick. Also, have something near to grasp, it looks perfect to lose balance and fall. Try to get one in which you can adjust the resistance it opposes to your "step", so you can increase it as your legs become stronger.

No.542 : Anonymous [12/03/17(Sat)01:11] [Report] []

any recommendations for slimming biceps? im already maximum skinny and have twig forearms but my biceps are comparatively bulky and i suspect they fall outside of the female range for my bmi or whatever you use to measure these things.

No.544 : Trainerchan [12/03/17(Sat)23:23] [Report] []


As said above, no way to reduce specifically a muscle, you can reduce overall muscle mass while keeping the mass wherever you're exercizing (lame I know, but the only resource available). Maybe a refeed to put a little fat and bump your metabolism back to normal levels (if you've been dieting for a while this may be necessary) and then back to the muscle wasting thing?

Also, muscles that are naturally bigger than the standard proportions tend to be so because they have more testosterone receptors (one of nature's ways to make different male bodies). I have no experience in that subject and what I'm going to say is my theory, but if that is the case, then those muscles would go away when you get test blockers, since test receptors won't have the opportunity to sabotage your efforts if there's no test to work.

No.547 : Anonymous [12/03/22(Thu)00:51] [Report] 1332391881342.jpg (81264 B, 800x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
81264 B

Hi, first time posting and I have some major questions.

First off, I notice much of the board is geared mainly towards those who are looking to transition from male-to-female.

Although there is much good information here thanks to the contributing members, I am having difficulty getting information for someone who is mainly just trying to be much more androgynous (yet leaning towards a more feminine physique.)

I'm sorry if this sounds confusing, what i'm trying to say is that I am looking for advice for someone who wants to simply become a more androgynous person and maybe put on a few more feminine qualities (and maybe trap from time to time).

Would testosterone blockers be recommended in this case and would they do me any good? I really don't want to take estrogen since I fear breast development of any sort.

Please help, any advice for someone in my state is much appreciated and I am an open book. :)

Oh, and some basic info: I'm 5'6", 22 and currently weigh in at 140 lbs. I also have a naturally big upper body (not fat, but like a wide masculine back frame).

No.548 : Anonymous [12/03/23(Fri)17:09] [Report] []


I wouldn't recommend hormones or hormone blockers of any type if you don't need them. The T-blockers can cause gynecomastia, and if you are not gender dysphoric that may be troubling to you. (They also have some rare side effects that are also sufficiently nasty that you shouldn't take them on a whim.)

No.549 : Sweetie_chan [12/03/24(Sat)00:20] [Report] 1332562858741.jpg (205066 B, 750x922) [YIS] [GIS] []
205066 B

I think that this has been mentioned before but I'll just say it again.

the best way to be more androgynous is to reduce testosterone, and increase estrogen, not by a lot, just a little. The simplest and least invasive way would be to reduce the amount of red meat(beef, pork, and large game) you eat and increase green veggies(spinach, lettuce, soy, etc) then you should eat foods that reduce testosterone (soy, alcohol, low fat foods). After the diet part you should reduce overall muscle mass and fat, this can be done healthily by doing regular cardio (like running or dancing) or low intensity aerobics (yoga or stretching) instead of weight training.

As for your face, eyebrow shaping and waxing, as opposed to shaving, are preferred. Remember, there is nothing wrong with a man going to a spa or getting a manicure/pedicure or using a daily moisturizer. As for make-up you can go minimalist and just use some eyeliner, but if you want to go the whole nine yards then you can use blush and eyeshadow, but I'd suggest getting one close to your skin tone, so as to not go overly done up, but that's just me.

Now, since you just want to be androgynous, I'd suggest against medication, those are usually meant for full on trans. Instead I'd suggest herbs like Purera Mirifica, take about 500 to 1000 mg a day and it should give you that little boost.

for anything else just ask?

No.551 : Trainerchan [12/03/26(Mon)19:55] [Report] []


sweetie_chan, yo were the one who added a bit of meat to your bottom, right? I'd like to know if it was from the exercise routine I posted or if it was from other thing. You know, feedback, I love it

No.555 : Anonymous [12/03/29(Thu)02:27] [Report] []


Thank you both for the advice :)

No.556 : Anonymous [12/03/30(Fri)07:40] [Report] []

Extremely motivating thread. This has really motivated me to start exercising. I'm extremely overweight, 5'5" 29 and 165lbs. Losing weight steadily as I was 185 mid January, so I'm happy about that, but got a long way to go. I've been sitting at a diet of 1500 calories, 500 x5 meals a day~ but I know this isn't going to work for me forever. I really need a long term plan~ I know I can do this with effort, and having a goal would be wonderful. I'm tired of having a belly ruining my figure when I have such a naturally curvy body. I want it to show in a positive way~ <3

No.557 : Anonymous [12/03/30(Fri)09:28] [Report] 1333114117005.jpg (132748 B, 532x1135) [YIS] [GIS] []
132748 B

Feedback you say?

Pre routine
1 month
2 months

No change in diet or other conditions. No hormones.

I think there's some progress?

No.559 : Sweetie_chan [12/03/31(Sat)03:50] [Report] 1333180253662.jpg (540418 B, 1600x1200) [YIS] [GIS] []
540418 B

It was mostly from your plan, Though I've taken some liberties with it myself. Progress has been steady, although veering off the routine has taken me a step or two back on a few occasions.

No.560 : Trainerchan [12/04/01(Sun)08:14] [Report] []


Well, looks a bit rounder meatier to me... thanks!!!!


Be patient!!!!! good things always take time!!

No.562 : casca [12/04/01(Sun)23:54] [Report] []

working on my butt I had no clue where to even start but thanks i'm like 5'4 115 pounds so I started yesterday after reading the entire thread. I will continue for couple months :-)

No.563 : Anonymous [12/04/03(Tue)01:35] [Report] []

My question to you weight loss savvy girls and guys out there.

Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR. I have it calculated perfectly based on my age and height and I have a number. It was working fine for now, and I've been losing weight, but I ran my numbers as "male" since I'm still, male bodied and I want to do this properly.

...but recently weight loss has been tricky using BMR, and a friend told me I might have to calculate using Female metrics because I've been on Spiro for a month now and Estradiol for like two weeks now.

Does anyone have any conclusive advice for me? Should I be calculating my BMR for Female instead? This is important, as undereating can totally screw me over since I work out five times a week.

No.564 : Anonymous [12/04/04(Wed)06:37] [Report] []

Would anyone be interested in a Fitocracy group for this?

No.565 : Trainerchan [12/04/06(Fri)08:09] [Report] []




I don't know how fast does spyro work, not my specialty, but AFTER SOME MONTHS losing weight, the body "realizes that you're slowly starving" interpreting this as a "scarcity season" so BMR drops to adapt to an environment or situation where food is not so abundant.

You can trick your body. In fact, that's what most athletes do to keep losing weight when it becomes necessary for them (like when they want to go down a few weight categories for a championship on, say, martial artes for example)

Eat at maintenance (BMR+ consumption due to activity) for a week, or even better, about 100-200 kcal above maintenance. The body will "think" you've stopped dieting less and BMR will go up, then, start again with the caloric deficit. Since your metabolism would be up again, weight loss should jump-start. Repeat when you see weight loss is stopping, usually 1 week every 3/4 depending on your fat levels (although professional bodybuilders need to do it 1 day of every 3 or so when they get to levels near 8%, and they're overflowing with testosterone, take this on account.)

FOR YOUR OWN RESEARCH, this method is named REFEED, and google might help you

No.574 : Maitri [12/04/17(Tue)01:09] [Report] []

Definitely going to post some questions here later on, if YT (or someone else) is still answering them. Are they?

No.575 : Trainerchan [12/04/18(Wed)13:59] [Report] []

Yes I am, but remember, I don't know everything :P

No.582 : Anonymous [12/04/25(Wed)21:33] [Report] []

after giving birth, many women use a cream to get rid of stretch marks on their stomachs. after puberty, i had horrible stretch marks in places from growth spurts and my mom gave me some of this lotion. i dont remember the name, but it was for pust birth, and it helped.

No.585 : Maitri [12/05/05(Sat)17:22] [Report] []

I forgot to come back to this. Gah.

Anyways. I'm trying to lose weight prior (and while on HRT when I begin) and as it stands now I am sort of disillusioned with my ability to lose it.

As it stands all I'm doing is trying to ride a bike for an exercise 2-3 times a week (motivation is a problem here...)

And as for a 'diet' I am just trying not to eat as much. I'm going to spend some time and read -all- of this thread but I just wanted to know if there's anything specific in regards to trying to lose as much weight as fast as possible?

No.590 : Alice [12/05/12(Sat)22:41] [Report] 1336876863374.jpg (33713 B, 302x319) [YIS] [GIS] []
33713 B finding your female voice

makeup tutorials (the best)

oh and if you can afford it:

seeding the two for my girls? not having a good day maybe someone else will

No.591 : Alice [12/05/12(Sat)22:49] [Report] 1336877398889.jpg (385260 B, 909x1056) [YIS] [GIS] []
385260 B

this is your best bet for no more tummy.

best I can give

No.592 : Alice [12/05/12(Sat)23:07] [Report] 1336878453300.jpg (777861 B, 2479x3508) [YIS] [GIS] []
777861 B

one more

No.593 : Alice [12/05/12(Sat)23:12] [Report] []


one more thing, did you read that? no core, so that is why I do vacuum exorcise + cobra pose.

No.594 : Anonymous [12/05/14(Mon)19:13] [Report] []


Be careful with the back extensions mentioned in the first paragraph. You can herniate your lower back by hyper-extending your lower back.

No.610 : Anonymous [12/05/27(Sun)23:45] [Report] []

So, I've been dedicated to doing all of the exercises listed here as instructed, and I've noticed recently that most of my underwear (boxers) don't quite fit right anymore. And it hit me that the reason is because my hips have become too ladylike for them! I'm much more comfortable in panties now.

No.612 : Noname [12/06/02(Sat)23:00] [Report] []

Hi , I want to loose my bodyhair and well my back is a bit thick :C

No.613 : claire [12/06/04(Mon)01:12] [Report] []


how long have you been doing them?

No.614 : Anonymous [12/06/07(Thu)00:07] [Report] []

Just a few months now. I've been doing them almost religiously.

No.615 : Anonymous [12/06/07(Thu)13:57] [Report] []

Is trainerchan still checking that email? I need a little help with the dieting. I am having a LOT of trouble sticking to only 40% carbs and 40g of protein. There just is not enough fat in foods! Especially if I want to limit saturated and trans fats.

No.617 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/10(Sun)05:24] [Report] []


If you lose (or gain) too much weight too fast you'll get stretchmarks if you don't eat plenty of vitamins and minerals (A vitamin is the key factor here, the body uses it to generate new skin quickly, the reason stretchmarks appear is because your body isn't able to make new skin at the rythm your body is changing, so it breaks and leaves a scar: the stretchmark).


Also, start weighting your foods and counting calories, is the fucking key to everything, no use to do exercise if you overeat without even realizing it (which is common: after exercise, your body is hungrier than normal). I'll never get tired of saying it: A FOOD SCALE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND


I'm SO HAPPY to hear that n_n


Calisthenics is not a magic pill, it takes it's time, months, as stated. Patience and constance, lady.


Can't help you with that, I'm not hairy, I just wax my chest so I can show it in summer :P


The e-mail was a big FAIL so I'm not checking it as often as I should (sorry ladies, complaints in this thread, please, I promise to read them all).

If you got any question just ask here, so everybody can benefit from it.

Forget about eating too much trans fats, in fact, your diet should be plenty of fats, carbs are the ones who raise your insulin and make you store fat.

Also, the "unhealthiness" of trans fats is being strongly debated, as it was discovered that there were several scams and economical interests implied on all the bad press they had in the last decades.

I know eating just 40 grams of protein a day is hard, humans like meat too much. But well... if you need fat, throw some oil or butter in... Also get a peek on some foods suggested by the Atkins diet (which I do not aprove, but it has some nice ideas) like:

-BACON (a lot of fat, a little protein)
-NUTS (the edible ones, not the other lol)

Those have tons of fats, flavour and some little proteins, not much (except for some cheeses and salamis, watch out). In your case, the fattier, the better.

I'd post an example of what I eat when I cut, but I eat near 120 grams of proteins a day because I'm a macho man looking and want to keep the muscle lol, but I don't go past 300grs of chickpeas/beans/lentils, some sugar for the coffee on breakfast and the carbs on the cheese I eat sometimes. The rest is oils, vegetables and protein from different sources.

Also, some more recipes here, but watch out for protein content on the meaty ones!!!




No.619 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/10(Sun)05:45] [Report] 1339321557869.jpg (38365 B, 298x433) [YIS] [GIS] []
38365 B


I wouldn't recommend core exercises for a person who wants to be more feminin...

Pic related, is what a well developed core looks like with low bodyfat. You'll never reach his levels, but I hope it gives you an example.

No.620 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/10(Sun)05:59] [Report] []


Oh well I forgot you were avoiding red meat fats because of testosterone issues, in that case: vegetable oils and butters, add them everywhere.

No.621 : Anonymous [12/06/11(Mon)04:31] [Report] 1339403506661.jpg (0 B, 3264x1840) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Most of what I asked in the email you covered. It's just so very hard to find good fat without protein. I hate all the extra oil and butter. Although I do love buttery tortillas and saltines loaded with mayo so that has helped!

I also sent pictures which I will include here. Just wondering if you have any specific advice for what would help me. I hope this is what you wanted from the pictures.

Anyway thanks again for all your help! I think all of us here love this thread of yours.

No.625 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/11(Mon)07:44] [Report] 1339415070051.jpg (131599 B, 600x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
131599 B



Pics are perfect, the kind of pics I need to do a good work, since they show your problem areas and your posture.

Your analysis:

1st I hate to do this, but being sincere will benefit you more than white lies: You've got some mild athletic frame, and this means you got a lot of work to do, both modifying your body and learning how to dress.

You've done some sports in the past, even if it was only playing soccer, right? If possible, stop, (sorry)

You have protracted shoulders, that makes your back look wider, contracts your chest making it look more muscular, and gives you a "shaggy" look, not very femenine. Look for stretches to correct that postural deficiency.

You have a mild lordosis, that helps to make your butt look more femenine (sexually available woman use this posture to signal it to atractive men, I bet you know it), I don't know if you should correct this, but it also makes your lower belly to stick out.

This lower belly thing can be for several reasons:

1 posture, as above stated
2 the last pad of fat, I don't know why male bodies protect so much the fat of the lower belly, but it's usually the last fat to go out in a cut, it'll go away at 7% bf, which is a big sacrifice and a quest, if you're going to start hormone therapy, it could be a good idea to try and get rid of it since it will be replaced with strogen-rich fat, thus ensuring all the fats in your body will be strogen rich and distributed "in a more femenin way" (remember I'm no doctor so take my words with a grain of salt), if you're not going on hormones, it is not worth the effort since it will come back as soon as you return to normal feeding.

Your neck is also tilting forwards, correct that (google how, it's easy and takes about 2 weeks of stretching daily 10 minutes) and your back won't look as big (if the neck goes forwards, the "higher back" or "hunch" pops out, making your back more noticeable.)

Your hips aren't wide, bad news, emphasize the work on all your butt-muscles, and, if taking photos to "show and feel sexy" search for postures that can make it look better.

Finally, you got tons of muscle to lose in your back (they just hide under a layer of fat, but I can see them beause I work with men's bodies), diet them away and no swimming this summer (sorry for that lol). Luckily, you don't have broad shoulders, in fact, you have almost no shoulders, so after you're done with that there's a 100% chance you'll look better...

...but still your ribcage (which is wide) can be a problem. You'll have to be a little smart with the clothes you chose for your upper body (I don't know much about that, but I know you'll be the kind of person who'll have to learn about clothing), and you'll definitely need to use a corset to help with it.

Finally you'll benefit A LOT from working your QUADRICEPS since it will put some mass on your lower body (also, you've good potential for quadriceps grow, I see it in the relative size they have compared to other muscles) and that will help your upper body to look smaller, and will use some of your ribcage to create a hourglass silouette (turning foes into friends...). Squats are MANDATORY.

Your frame isn't thin, it tends to be a bit athletic, try not to use your core too much. Also, you're about 12% bf. From this point losing weight can get harder and you'll need refeeds, mild cardio/lower body calisthenics (preferably 2 hours after the meal with less protein of the day, also, the "walk" you do in your daily life is included in this cardio) and checking your weight regularly.

In my opinion (and I'm no expert at this) the best clothes for you are the "lolita" kind (puffy skirts that widen hips, loose shirts that hide back...) PIC RELATED, and the worst are swimsuits, adjusted clothing and latex. But I bet the girls in this site can help you more than me, a non-trap who just helps with training and diet...

That was long, huh? sorry for the bad news, the good ones are that if you work hard, you can make it!!!!

No.626 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/11(Mon)07:50] [Report] 1339415415340.jpg (70583 B, 391x394) [YIS] [GIS] []
70583 B

I think this pic illustrates better the idea, forget that it's cosplay and pay attention to the details:

No matter how her hips are, you just don't see them but still you know it's feminin.

See her back? No, she could be a whale hunter and you'd never guess. And still, she looks like a woman since she knows how to play with volumes and forms. And still, she lefts plenty of room to show her legs, which are one of your good points.

Although, clothes are clothes and you'll learn more than I know just by trial and error. And this also depends on personal tastes. Just giving you my 2 cent.

No.627 : Anonymous [12/06/11(Mon)14:04] [Report] []

Thank you! Its actually not as bad as I thought. And I know its gonna be work but I used to be a wrestler so 7-8% bf was the norm. I'll get there soon enough.

I do have one more question. I really don't feel like I an doing the assisted squats correctly. It still feels like there is a lot of core balancing. Should I lean back on my heels more? I tried that once and it seemed to be better but if so I need to find a new surface to hold. I am using a flat table that I can't really grab well.

No.629 : Anonymous [12/06/11(Mon)18:37] [Report] 1339454274126.jpg (0 B, 1306x436) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Also you didn't comment on my arms. I feel like they also need to lose muscle. Am I wrong? I think maybe it was just the picture so I am posting an old one that shows it more.

No.630 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/12(Tue)07:23] [Report] []


Less muscle in the arms is always a good idea for a trap lol.

To avoid using the core while squatting, the key is to stabilize your body BEFORE the core has to do it. This is done by starting in a VERY STABLE posture, my tips are:

1 yes, use your heels, use all your feet surface.

2 feet shouldn't be parallel, but to make a 90ΒΊ angle. Maybe you know a bit about this since you wrestled. this helps you distribute the strength in 2 axis so it's a more stable position

3 Find a better surface, a chair, a door, a box, a wardrobe, a bed, a something, a whatever, but you should be able to grasp well the aiding surface.

4 muscle mind connection: focus yourself on using only the muscles you want

5 If you feel the muscles implied are on the back, it's not as bad as if they were in the belly, focus on PUSHING THE FLOOR DOWNWARDS instead of you body upwards, and make the strength with your butt

also, if you were wrestling an used to be 8-7% bf... well, it's strange that you need my help on these issues, you should be knowing a bit of nutrition and exercise...


No.632 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/12(Tue)07:32] [Report] []


I just realized the position of the arm in that pic, it's a postion bodybuilders and flirtatious men use to emphasize biceps, there, your arm was at the position in which biceps and brachialis are more obvious. I myself use it "casually" in front of girls lol.

No.634 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/12(Tue)07:37] [Report] 1339501039667.gif (40109 B, 339x353) [YIS] [GIS] []
40109 B

for all of you who want more legs, maybe leg extensions will help with your quadriceps.

I just don't know how I could forget this exercise lol.

3x30-50, you know the drill. tempo, rest and all other shit is all explained above.

IMPORTANT: ONE LEG AT A TIME SO YOU DON'T USE YOUR ABS (doing it with both legs at the same time involves belly muscles)

No.635 : Anonymous [12/06/12(Tue)11:06] [Report] []

I do know quite a bit about nutrition but not enough to know how to work this. I only know how to build muscle mass or cut out fat while maintaining muscle mass. And really most of the help I needed was apparently with posture and HOW to eat SO MUCH fat! lol

Oh and thank you but sorry I'm in the US.

No.636 : Anonymous [12/06/13(Wed)11:37] [Report] []

quick thought: You talked and linked to an article that talked about how hormone balance affects fat distribution. My initial thought was where fat is stored as its accumulated. But wouldn't it also affect where you LOSE fat first?

For example, if I were working on having High E and Low T, and dieting to lose fat, would I lose the fat on my belly LAST(or near last)?

No.637 : TRAINERCHAN [12/06/15(Fri)12:05] [Report] []


Yes it will.

The last fats men lose are in the lower belly, face and pubes.

The last fats women lose are in tights and ass.

Although there can be personal exceptions and differences, what I've said is the general pattern

And this is basically for hormonal reasons, as both male and female bodies are able to store fat ANYWHERE.

Also, as an evlutionary survival mechanism, those last fats have a slightly higher hormonal content that it's released when you "burn" them, T in men, E in women, those is to serve as a hormonal backup in times of scarcity, when the body may not have the necessary nutrients to "attend the hormonal system properly".

That's why I guess it's good to get on really low bf% before hormonal therapy. But I don't know what endocrinologists may say or think about this, and again, I'm not a doctor.

In your particular case, your belly would go away before than in a typical male. upper legs would be the last place where you'd lose fat.

No.645 : Anonymous [12/06/24(Sun)09:16] [Report] []


I can't see much of your frame, because you need to lose weight and liquid. A lot.

Not wanting to be rude, just being sincere, come back when you've lost your belly and then we'll see.

No.650 : Anonymous [12/06/24(Sun)23:48] [Report] []

Thank you for replying.

I have a problem concerning the diet tips...
The guide above says I need ~42g of protein per day, but I'm finding I'm meeting this really easily without getting very close to even my BMR. According to the calculator, my BMR is just under 2000 calories, and I've been trying to 'fill in' the extra calories with the only non-carb, 0 protein thing I could find: mayo.

The milk in my house is fat free, which means it's carbs as well.

How do I do this properly?

No.651 : Anonymous [12/06/26(Tue)13:20] [Report] []


I know, It's a common problem everybody is finding, theswitch from "normal" eating to a very restricted diet like the one proposed is difficult.

I can't tell you much more than what I've told to the others, sicne carbs and proteins are so restricted, fat is the only thing you can get in large quantities, and let's face it, fat alone isn't great...

Read the posts above, I've given some tips. I can't help much more since I've already shared all I know, really.

There are things in life that are hard to do, this is one of them, be strong and constant and you'll see results. Nothing comes for free!

No.652 : Anonymous [12/06/27(Wed)23:49] [Report] []

I was able to get to the supermarket (only for a quick trip, going for a serious shopping trip soon) the other day and I discovered a wonderful food that fits the eating plan: pecans!
The ones I bought have 230 calories, 210 from fat(!) and only 3g of protein per 1/3 cup serving.

2/3 cup of pecans, mixed with some melted cheese makes a nice high-calorie, low protein/carb meal. Add mayo if you want more calories, or use higher protein cheese for filling that quota.

No.657 : Honoria [12/07/05(Thu)06:43] [Report] []


Woot! My guide helps again!

Also, to the poster who warned on too much curvature to the back causing herniated discs, I agree. My advice was to blur the line between male and female (it's damn hard to get as much curve to the back as some girls have even when they're not trying). Just adding "more" curve can emphasize the rear and hips, while pulling in the belly a bit.

Most males don't have enough curvature to their back, due to being told constantly to "stand up straight", and having strong male characters in books described with "ramrod-straight backs". They imitate those characters as boys, and end up with a too-straight spine when older, resulting in back pain and other problems. Consciously re-curving your back can have positive benefits even if you're not trying to trap.

No.662 : Anonymous [12/07/12(Thu)22:53] [Report] []

I'm only dipping my toes into CD, considering HRT in the future. I need to gain weight (~130lbs@6'2), I figure while getting some extra pounds on I'll work towards a more curvy figure

Any tips?

No.666 : TRAINERCHAN [12/07/20(Fri)20:04] [Report] []


The above routines + obviously eat more calories than you burn, the more the better.

Also lots of carbs and not much fat: simple carbs will make you fat faster, complex carbs a bit slower, (but will build more muscle on the long run, for long reasons I'm too lazy to explain, it's related to insulin release in response to carbs in the bloodstream x time fraction)

Keep in mind that eating so much carbs will also cause liquid retention and you'll feel bloated until you get rid of it.

Complex carbs (oats, legumes, whole grains, boiled potatoes) will also bloat your belly the days you eat them, but that'll go away once you stop eating them.

Bread and a sweet dessert in every meal is a good trick.

Every 1000 calories you eat ROUGHLY correspond to an increase of 100 grams in fat and a bit of muscle.

Given your size you'll have to eat A LOT every day. Guess pizzas are a good idea, and pastries and cakes!

No.670 : Anonymous [12/07/27(Fri)22:35] [Report] []

I would love to try this but the problem that i have always been stuck with a rather masculine body. Large shoulders, face obviously male, a body that seems to never tire of putting fat on my stomach and chest, not abnormally tall but tall non the less, and facial hair that if left unattended will grow a small beard in a few days. Have no photos at the moment but by what i have given you do you believe your method could help?

No.685 : Anonymous [12/08/12(Sun)08:49] [Report] 1344775741175.jpg (57899 B, 567x725) [YIS] [GIS] []
57899 B

Loving this thread so far. But I was wondering if any of you could help me out here.

First off I'm not interested in taking hormones at all, I want to achieve a feminine body through hard work and dedication. I have a reasonably masculine body with broad shoulders but I would like to keep that aspect if possible, and it can be shaped. My body type is quite rectangular at the moment and I want to make it slender and toned. I'm not flabby but I do have a little gut and am in need of burning fat. I exercise almost every day with stomach and leg/thigh stretches, sit ups/crunches and push ups. It's a good workout. Addmittedly I don't have the healtiest diet so I know that will need to change. It's not junk I eat all the time but I tend to snack a lot rather than eat meals.

What kind of diet and exercises should I go for to get a nice slender frame with a smooth and flat stomach, toned ass, and all round toned up body? Daily intakes and exercise routines would be immensly helpful.

Picture related, it's the style I am going for.

No.686 : Anonymous [12/08/12(Sun)09:13] [Report] []

Same guy as above, I also use 10kg weights for my arms and do about 150 pulls every workout. I also have quite thick legs, calves not so much. My upper arms are also somewhat flabby and muscley, so if there are any exercises and/or diets to thin out the legs and upper arms that would be much appreciated. Again what I'm going for is to tone my entire body to pretty much the exact same as the picture that I posted.

In terms of clothing I currently wear black long sleeved t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and blue jeans, which suits my frame well. I'm not interested in dressing feminine at all, and I reckon that it would also really suit the body shape in the picture.

No.689 : Anonymous [12/08/13(Mon)01:27] [Report] []

Heres some more detailed dietary info on myself:

Currently 5'9 to 6'0 in height and 75kg in weight
Roughly 1400cal reccomended daily intake
Staring diet of cereal and skim milk in the morning, a pasta dish of roughly 100g containing corn, peas, ham and egg for lunch, and cereal with skim milk again at night.
4.5 litres of water with a total of six wild fish oil capsules per day.

My exercise routine shall focus on stretching stretching abdominal and stomach muscles to create a toned an slimline shape and focus on thighs with stuff like squats and streatches. I plan to stop doing crunches and situps altogether to avoid working my midsection to much.

Does this sound like a decent diet and exercise routine? I apologise for posting so much but I just want to make sure I'm doing this properly to achieve notable results.

No.692 : Anonymous [12/08/19(Sun)01:06] [Report] []

This is a sort of strange question, but oh well. I'm a 22 year-old transwoman, 4 years on hormones, and I'm worried that my body isn't what it should be. I look at many of my fellow transitioners and they tend to look very, very good physically - at least, in my opinion. I, on the other hand, still think that my body looks far too masculine or at least, not "pretty" or "hot" like it should(?) be. Stuff like my curves aren't perfectly smooth and rounded out, or my torso is of a strange proportion, or whatever.

What I'm wondering is what causes this? Is there the possibility that I fucked up hormones somehow? Is it genetic and I'm just screwed (I mean, I AM a mix of my aunt and grandmother...), or is it due to poor dieting or somesuch (5'6" and 150 lb)? What sort of exercises or body conditioning should I do, or is it a diet related thing? Or is there the likelihood that I'm just crazy and am, in fact, perfectly normal?

Basically, is there a way to actually get the kind of body I see other (admittedly naked) transwomen have - or is there the chance that it's just entirely luck and I have to work with what I've got?

Details and stuff: 22 years old, 5'6", 150 lb. Four years of hormones, spiro/IC estradiol @ 200mg/4mg daily, oral pills. I am under the care of an endocrinologist, although I'm not satisfied with her and might be changing over to a specialist soon. I have been fulltime for about 2 years now, and do not have any problems passing in general. My body is not such that I am taken as male purely by viewing my body (when I'm clothed, anyway), so it's not as if it's completely hopeless. I just want to know why I am not..."performing at 100%", and what I can do to change that.

No.695 : Anonymous [12/08/21(Tue)16:06] [Report] []

Where's the best place to send pictures for analysis? I'd like to see what would be made of my attempts at trying to keep my giant ass while losing my stomach pudge.

No.697 : Anonymous [12/08/23(Thu)07:50] [Report] []


You might want to check the sugar content in your skim milk. Sugar, not fat, is the enemy in weight loss. If you're only consuming 1400 calories a day, you'll want to make sure you're consuming them smartly.

Even a switch to 1% could reduce your sugar intake significantly.

Just thought i'd jump in with my opinion. Hope it helps.

No.698 : Trainerchan [12/08/23(Thu)08:40] [Report] []

I'm sorry girls, I'm in the middle of a fucked up season and will be on a trip. I promise I'll take care of your questions in no less than 1 week and no more than 2


No.702 : milkchan [12/08/24(Fri)20:43] [Report] []


I have a few questions myself:
1.) When calculating BMI, should you put in the weight you are, or the weight you want to be?

2.) How much can milk actually replace water for the 3 litres a day requirement? I'm a total milkslut, but drinking whole milk for two college years is also what added the 20 pounds that I really want to get off in the first place. :( I'm a little gunshy now!

3.) Like the poster above, what's the best way to contact you? I'd like to email some pictures so you can see what I'm working with. I just moved to a new city and want to start exercising and dieting right while my schedule is still being set in stone.

No.703 : Anonymous [12/08/24(Fri)22:27] [Report] []

My hips and legs finally look as great as I've wanted them to, now if I could only get rid of this spare tire around my waist...

No.705 : Anonymous [12/09/03(Mon)17:41] [Report] []

I'm 5' 7" and 130 pounds. I started at the very beginning of August and lost five pounds. I still have a bit of a belly (measuring at the navel was 32"), now it's 30. I still have about 5 -8~ more pounds to go.

No.706 : Yourtrainer via Cereal [12/09/05(Wed)08:16] [Report] []

Looks like my Ip has been banned again. I think It might be some technical issue since it seems to happen from time to time and no one knows why, looks like some european IPs might be banned from time to time. For any mods reading this I live in Spain. Although I'll get in contact with you soon.

If anybody wants to get in contact with me here's my e-mail (and msn, by the way lol):


about hair and bone structure... I can't do anything, surgery, darling?

Yes you'll definitely lose shoulders if you go on low cals and low protein, also low cals reduce your testosterone so maybe you'll have lss hair over time? but I don't recommend to LIVE on such a diet, it's just a tool for a situation, once the situation it's been solved, you should go back to more healthy eating patterns...


With the routine you actually have you'll keep your shoulders... but also chest and triceps (back of the arms), also you won't have a slender waist if you do crunches. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to perfectly keep muscles in a place while losing muscle overall, keep that in mind, you'll always lose a little when you start to achieve the lower body fat % although you can work to keep most of it.

I gave a routine in above posts for lower body, and some other user has given a different routine somewhere in this thread, in a pic. I don't know how the other routine works, I know some girls have reported good results with mine in the ass and hips and legs.

The girl in your photo has almost no muscle mass, and almost no fat, and her shoulders... well, trust me, she has almost no muscle there, is the low fat % what makes it look like that.

Sorry to say this, but be realistic. a "toned up body" in a male is almost synonimous of a body where you can actually see muscle definition (which means no fat and some muscle), which is not what you see in the girl in the pic.

Diet has been discussed above extensively, there are 2 goals you can have: gaining muscle in key areas (while accepting some fat gain) and losing muscle (or keeping it) while losing far (bulk and cut cycles, for people who knows what I'm talking about).

If you've got belly and feel like you're fat, the best is to start a serious cut, and then see where you might need some muscle and work that. But first cut, in my opinion.

Also, you must have something clear in your mind: a masculine body doesn't look like a feminine one, and viceversa. Males have a more developed upper body, while females have a more developed lower body. Think about it and understand you can't have it all... sorry...

And control how much carbs you're eating: Skim milk can be a trap (pun not intended, lol). Also try to drop milk for a couple of days and see if your belly goes down, chances are your intestines are inflamated because of milk. Also, milk counts as water so you don't need to drink as much water a day. A relieve for your toilet lol!

I'm not a doctor, but I know by experience that endocrinologists know about horomones and a little about dieting, but they don't know much about training or aesthetics. Maybe you're right and a more specialized person might be a positive change.

If you've had performed an orchiectomy yo might try a bir of bodybuilding in the lower body, that surely will help and it's the fast way to curves. I just don't recommend it to "girs with testicles" because in that case testosterone might go up a little and keep some muscle in the upper body, wasting their efforts on looking feminine.

Also you're a bit on the fat side, considering you are now a woman. Wome at your height tend to weight about 8 kgs less.

finally, you might consider if that fat is still there from the time your body had higher test levels? maybe a body recomposition would be good (i repeat myself again but... losing fat to regain it later in the right places). Finally your bones should be heavier than those of a typical female so be carefoul about weight. Maybe you could lose fat until you hit about 9-10% of bodyfat, and then regain it while doing some machines at the gym for the legs and ass.

And finally think about the fact that most transwomen, specially the cutest ones you see on the internet have undergone several aesthetic surgeries, maybe that's what you're lacking. Today a surgeon can do almost anything, form a new ass to a new chin. Think about it...


Yeah, that's a lesson everybody here should get tattooed in the forehead ;P


BMI is not a good measurement, but still, it's the weight you're on.

As I said above, milk counts as water for water drinking purposes, but, again, milk is your enemy when losing weight, all those sugars, and inflammation...


Keep dieting, but this time on a high protein diet so you don't lose the muscle on your legs and hips. About 1 gram of protein per lb. of body mass. You'll eat chicken till you shit eggs lol.


same as above.


No.707 : Anonymous [12/09/05(Wed)11:23] [Report] []

>>706 get a better ISP. or maybe you need to move to a place that doesn't have such a retarded populace. you keep switching to IPs in the ban ranges. you can post again.

No.708 : Anonymous [12/09/05(Wed)13:29] [Report] []

>>706 and by "you" i mean not cereal.

No.709 : Trainerchan [12/09/05(Wed)17:09] [Report] 1346879343681.jpg (27601 B, 400x300) [YIS] [GIS] []
27601 B


Thank you!!!!!!! ^_^

ISPs are retarded in this lands, I must agree, but the decision about what we have is not mine. I'll see to convince my family to change it when possible :P

Again thanks!! Mucho love!!!

No.710 : milkchan [12/09/05(Wed)19:59] [Report] []


I'm sorry Trainer, but the email link you have on the post doesn't work. At least, for me.

No.711 : Anonymous [12/09/05(Wed)21:50] [Report] []

>>709 Understandable. Non-savvy people aren't the best at making decisions about technology related matters.

No.712 : Anonymous [12/09/05(Wed)21:52] [Report] []

>>710 cancion_fluorescente@hotmail. com

No.718 : Anonymous [12/09/09(Sun)14:03] [Report] []

My doctor told me to gain some weight to aid boobie growth so I did, but all of it went straight to my stomach. Now I'm not sure what to do. I would diet it off but I;m worried about losing boob fuel. Any suggestions?

No.719 : Trainerchan [12/09/10(Mon)08:27] [Report] []


I dont know much about boobs and fat loss, I know most girls complain on losing tits when they lose weight, so first I'd make sure it's not liquid retention or inflamation due to alcohol, dairy to other things you may eat.

Take a week or two to prove it (with the typical thinks I've shared here: drink a lot of water, stay away from drugs, dairy, milk, alcohol and simple carbohydrates, and check your posture)

If it isn't that... well, sirry, at least you can always have surgery, both to remove fat and both to put bigger titties...

Maybe somebody knowledgeable about hormones may help you?

No.726 : Anonymous [12/09/20(Thu)11:22] [Report] []

Is a morning or evening run something you can do every day?

No.730 : Trainerchan [12/09/20(Thu)19:58] [Report] []


Why not? helps burning muscle, yo!!

No.734 : Anonymous [12/09/25(Tue)20:00] [Report] []

What are your thoughts on bike riding, Trainerchan?

No.735 : trainerchan [12/09/27(Thu)08:53] [Report] []

Bad for the knees, great for the tights. Don't abuse it, if you want muscle in your legs you've got better ways without fucking up your knees.

Also, some people prefer it for cardio since is a form of exercise you can do sitting, which is somewhat more confortable than actually going out and running like a maddafacka

No.736 : Anonymous [12/09/27(Thu)16:53] [Report] []

Fucking up your knees? Wait, in what way? I'm an avid bike rider, now you've got me worried.

No.737 : Trainerchan [12/10/01(Mon)06:31] [Report] []

The same repeated motion in the same axis for billions and billions of repetitions tends to wear any joint, wether is one of flesh and bone or the metal joint of any machine. Simple mechanics.

No.738 : Anonymous [12/10/05(Fri)01:58] [Report] []

Trainer, I just want to thank you for all the advice you've put into this thread. It's really helped me out a lot these past few months.

No.744 : Anonymous [12/10/09(Tue)07:01] [Report] []


I didn't read all the thread because English is not my native language and I still read quite slowly :P.

But I was wondering if you had tips about gaining weight...

I'm 110lbs for 5ft 8in and I'd like to be a bit thicker but without developing my muscles just a bit of fat in my ass and in my breast, is that possible?

I think I'm lucky because the distribution of fat in my body is quite feminine but I just can't gain weight I'm always hungry, I eat badly even if I love fruits and vegetables.

Most of my friends try to loose weight, am I the only one trying to gain some? ^^"

No.745 : Anonymous [12/10/09(Tue)19:59] [Report] []

Would the exercises mentioned near the beginning of this thread conflict with HRT's fat redistribution?

No.746 : Anonymous [12/10/10(Wed)12:02] [Report] []


I'm 27, about 7'1'' and 147 lbs. I'm quite slender and not at all brawny. I estimated my %bf to be about 13% (this might be wrong, since I have not a caliper at hand...) and it's mainly concentrated on the chest and belly.

What I'd like to is to flatten these and fill up a bit my ass (which is a bit skinny).

I've read through this thread and I'm not sure if it's ok to diet out, being already thin. Is it sufficient to mantain my daily calorie intake, drink 3 lts of water and do the "ass exercices" you listed at the beginning in order to achieve my objectives?

Thank you :)

No.751 : Anonymous [12/10/15(Mon)16:40] [Report] []

Help me, Trainerchan, I think I've been doing these exercises wrong. Instead of building feminine hips, I've developed this lumpy manly looking muscle on the front of my legs. It's far from girly...

No.752 : Trainerchan [12/10/15(Mon)17:47] [Report] 1350337655574.jpg (38556 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
38556 B


yay! you welcome!


Eat lots of simple carbohydrates with fats (pastries, chocolates...), stay away from protein. If you don't get fat on that, go to the doctor: you're not normal.


I don't think, so, they're so light... don't fear exercise as some anti-HRT monster. HRT as long as I know is a VERY POWERFUL chemical treatment which inhibits testosterone like a car slamming a small rodent.


if you're on 13% you can diet more or less until you achieve 10%, where you won't have almost any belly, if you go further to 8% I GUARANTEE you won't have belly (apart from any postural problem, remember that lordosis makes the belly to "pop out", and that the natural posture of the abdominal muscles is "slightly tense, pulling inwards") Try the typical "stand up" military posture and check if you really have a belly.

Your ass will tone just by doing exercise, but to gain mass it is advisable to "bulk" a bit and then "diet any extra fat out while maintaining muscle". It'll be a slow process, I know, but nothing comes for free...


You're talking about the QUADRICEPS?

Maybe you have some "good genetics for that muscle and it's growing more thna usual, in that case, stop working out and it will go out with the time. But my guess is that you're reeeally thin so you start to see MUSCLE DEFINITION (the reason why bodybuilders look ripped in top season, when they're about 5% bf, and fat cows out of season, when they "bulk up" and overeat to make their muscles grow. They're still muscular, but the slightest layer of fat fucks up the definition and makes them look... well, fat, even if they're on 15% bf, which is "a bit thin" for "normal people standards")

If you're on the lower sides of %bf, don't worry, it will "get undefined" with a bit of overeating, and then your legs will look toned, round, soft and healthy, like the legs of JLO (yes, she works out, trust me, she doesn't have "skinny girl legs" A.k.a "stick legs, PIC RELATED).

If somehow your "genetics" still backfire, just stop training, as simple as that.

Also, put some stockings to hide that "definition" and see if your legs look better than before or not, now realize that's the effect of fat in your body. In fact, stockings are popular for that same reason: they hide imperfections, get attention, give volume (making skinny legs look more muscular, more healthy, more like those of a fertile woman full of strogen) and, to some extent, form.

If it's not the quadriceps (google it) tell me more about your case and I will see what can we do ;)

No.753 : Trainerchan [12/10/15(Mon)17:57] [Report] []

Oh, also, remember you'll need frequent refeeds, like eating mostly carbs at "maintenance" one day of every 4 and spend the other 3 dieting. This is just to keep losing weight, as the body tends to slow down the metabolism when exposed to long time periods "on a deficit" (a.k.a the body thinks you're on a famine and tries to keep fat to survive to it)

No.754 : Anonymous [12/10/15(Mon)19:41] [Report] 1350344501825.jpg (743898 B, 600x1033) [YIS] [GIS] []
743898 B

Hi trainer,

I've got a bit of a dilemma: My job requires me to do lifting so I get a daily work out routinely. Nothing intense just moving stuff has kept me from gaining more weight. Anyway, I feel like my upper body needs so much improvement, i've got lots of flab and i'm quite pudgy there, thankfully it doesn't show so much in pictures but it's there. How does someone like me reduce upper body muscle mass if they are in frequent use? How do I "tone" or lose the fat around my upper body? Running?

Thanks <3

No.755 : Anonymous [12/10/15(Mon)20:11] [Report] []


Oh yeah, me again. I have a few things I should probably tell you or ask you about. Being that i'm asian, rice is constantly in my diet. Now I don't go around eating a 7 course meal of variety, basically I just do a 50:50 mix of rice and usually a type of meat -- usually poor like fried stuff. I do eat vegetables and stuff but I just love meat too damn much. What foods should I be eating with rice to satisfy the cravings I get for meat because I feel weird if I don't have meat in one of my meals in the day.

I don't think I will be cutting out rice so hopefully there can be something I can do.

No.756 : Delvin [12/10/16(Tue)00:35] [Report] []


You may not remember me and I dont mean to derail this thread but I knew you super long ago and we lost touch. Just wondering if you remember my name.

No.757 : Anonymous [12/10/16(Tue)00:58] [Report] []


Me here, your name seems familiar and yes I used to camwhore back in 2007-2008 lol, what a trip that you and pooru are still here!

No.758 : Delvin [12/10/16(Tue)02:20] [Report] []

tbh I didnt know you as a camwhore. We met on something like blogtv. Anyways yeah lol

No.759 : Anonymous [12/10/16(Tue)03:14] [Report] []


I was pretty big into stickam... ? Anyway if you or trainer bro would wanna help me femme up with a specialized regimen, you can reach me at:

rawrawry at gmail dot com

i feel bad for having slightly contributed to derailing :x

No.760 : fsjalisawesome [12/10/16(Tue)15:06] [Report] 1350414388381.jpg (19143 B, 450x326) [YIS] [GIS] []
19143 B

Trainerchan, do you have a new email or something? If I'm assuming correctly, we speak the same native language so I think that you could help me lots.

Please? If you don't, please message me at mybodyneedshalp[at]yahoo[dot]com.. Pretty please! D:

No.761 : Trainerchan [12/10/16(Tue)16:13] [Report] []


If your work requires you to workout, it's because you need the strength associated with it, thus, you're probably on a regimen to gain muscle mass. This'll be a problem to lose body mass (as it's obvious). Indeed, eating rice and meat (carbs and protein) is the way you grow big muscles. In your case, since you wanna lose, you'll have to change everything.

the diet to lose muscle on the upper body... well, it's all been said above, please read the thread carefully.

If you can't substitute carbs like rice... you won't lose much weight. And for the meat crvings... sorry, but there's only willpower.

Indeed,your questions have been answered several times in this thread. Girls here are literally eating vegetables, nuts, mayonnaise, oil, butter, coconuts and small quantities of fatty meats like bacon, etc.

Understand that if you want something, you'll have to make some sacrifices.

Also, it's impossible to lose fat only at one place in the body, you lose fat overall, "spot reduction" (which is what you want) is a myth.

>>760 See post >>712

No.762 : Trainerchan [12/10/16(Tue)16:18] [Report] []


Sorry, misunderstood the first part of your post, I thought you worked out for a living lol.

But still that doesn't change anything. The only thing I can tell you is to reduce protein drastically, or, indeed, change your diet drastically according to the instructions said above, It'll work, maybe not as fast as with more sedentary people, but it'll work at the end

No.766 : Anonymous [12/10/16(Tue)23:32] [Report] []

Muscle building isnt something that can come that fast.. its a lifelong process and you have to work to maintain it. Do butt lift bridges, and look up some lower back excercises. Lie on your sides and lift the leg up on the opposite side your lieing on. Boom big butt, in time. start with doing 3 sets, as many reps as you can, maby twice a week if your body recovers fast. It will take lots of time, and you need to eat to gain muscle, which means probably 50-100 calories more than you need to maintain yourself currently. Look up a kalorie/metabolism calculator

No.768 : Anonymous [12/10/17(Wed)16:41] [Report] []


I understand that spot weight reduction is a myth, i've actually decently read up on weight loss several years ago... however i'm not exactly someone who knows how to use the info to femme up haha. I asked if running would help because it would reduce my overall weight, but would it induce muscle catabolization?

No.773 : Trainerchan [12/10/24(Wed)12:08] [Report] 1351094895883.jpg (68041 B, 758x252) [YIS] [GIS] []
68041 B


Hi Kayla!!! First of all I LOVE your style, I think we might share many things in common... so many nails, and white and black stripes, and leather, and black, and bones and... ^o^!!

In my opinion your waist is already thin, (Indeed: overall you have almost no muscle...) the problem is that your hips are also thin too! In other words , you have a thin waist, but you don't have wide hips. To create the illusion of having a wide hips, you guessed right, you need a smaller waist, but given that you're already thin and with no muscle... maybe this is a work for a corset?

The routines I've said at the beginning of this thread seem to work good for many girls here. And, indeed, you'll benefit from training your "hip-muscles" and ass a bit. Look for it in the first posts of this thread.

But be aware that there are no shortcuts to building muscle. Patience is the only way, and after you get what you want you'll need to perform some maintenance to keep it. You will see results within a month easily, but don't expect your ass to grow really big in just a month or two or three.

The only problem I might see is your upper back (maybe because the lower back is so thin), which looks wide on the photo, but it's also due to the pose, partially.

But since you've been eating roughly 1000 cals a day (and I bet most of it is not protein) and it shows, I don't know how much muscle you can burn without literally starving.

If you want my opinion, you could "bulk" (overeating while training so muscle grows, at a CONTROLED calorie surplus of max 300-500 kcals extra every day) a little, using low glycemic index carbohydrate sources (like oats, whole grains, all kinds of beans...), which in your case will be a bit difficult since you're used to eat little. But well, that's just my opinion, and if you think you look better like that or it's not worth the effort, you're free :P

Pic related, Cathie Jung looks like she looks thanks to corsets. And no, you don't need a victorian one to see results, there corsets that are made discrete on purpose so you can wear them and nobody will notice, at a places like the shop you work on :D

There you have, all I can do for you, sorry for not having faster ways, they don't exist outside a surgery room, nature sometimes is so lame hahaha.

Hope to keep seeing you in tranchan!! kisses!!

No.775 : Trainerchan [12/10/24(Wed)12:27] [Report] []


Also, as you bulk you might find that your waist enlarges. It's obviously the effect of so much food passing through it, it's temporal and will go out the first week after you've finished bulking and start dieting out any extra fat. Don't get alarmed because of it (since this issue seems important for you), look at it like a "we're working, do not disturb" signal.

Besides, with a 300 daily kcal surplus you'll get roughly 1 kg of extra mass a month and not all of it will be fat. Also, it is almost nothing (and with your actual regime you burn in aprox 9-10 days). So yes, eat darling, eat, the world ain't gonna end.

Also, rewieved you data, given your small stature... I bet you look better in reality than in most of your photos. I mean, when you've got such a small frame changes come easier and faster: there's less space to fill than in a big body.

Also, a trick to make the butt stick out a little more and the hips to look rounder and bigger (thanks to a visual perspective trick) is to have a LORDOSIS, which is usually a bad thing posture-wise, but makes the butt look bigger and more perky. It's one of the reasons why women use heels.

No.777 : Trainerchan [12/10/26(Fri)07:09] [Report] []

Basically use heels and spend most of your day sitting.

No.780 : Anonymous [12/10/27(Sat)01:52] [Report] []

so can i just diet while exercising my ass, and still eat proper calories to lose weight?

No.781 : Anonymous [12/10/27(Sat)01:54] [Report] []

>>90 so can i diet while working my ass and see gains? I can do all the water, less red meats, etc, but i just dont want to get any bigger, i just want to see gains in my ass

No.782 : Trainerchan [12/10/27(Sat)05:06] [Report] []


You'll see some tonification the first week or two, after that, you'll be throwing your "noob gains" to the shitter. I don't recommend your plan

No.783 : Anonymous [12/10/27(Sat)15:33] [Report] []

what all do you recommend? i cant eat all day, i can eat very little daily, but wont that make it hard to see any gain in my ass? i also dont sleep much

No.785 : Trainerchan [12/10/28(Sun)12:31] [Report] []


You don't need to eat all day, just eat more than you burn.

The "eat every 3-4 hours" tip is to maximize the effect of food and nutrient absorption, but it'll work even if you don't follow this.

It's okay if you sleep 5 hours a day, do it in a row. This is because the biggest release aof growth hormone on the body (necessary for muscle growth) occurs in the first 5 hours of sleep. After that, for this purpose, it's not necessary (but well, you may feel sleepy lol)

No.786 : Trainerchan [12/10/28(Sun)12:38] [Report] []


You don't need to eat all day, just eat more than you burn.

The "eat every 3-4 hours" tip is to maximize the effect of food and nutrient absorption, but it'll work even if you don't follow this.

It's okay if you sleep 5 hours a day, do it in a row. This is because the biggest release aof growth hormone on the body (necessary for muscle growth) occurs in the first 5 hours of sleep. After that, for this purpose, it's not necessary (but well, you may feel sleepy lol)


The link with tips is good, the link with exercises is good.

The reason I don't recommend core exercises is because they can enlarge the muscles of the belly, and thus enlarge your waist. (see pic in >>619 ) . Indeed, many professional fighters emphasize them, and I think that what is good for a boxer champion might not be good for a trap.

But I think I've already shared all I know, so maybe I'm wrong about this, since many guides for transexuals seem to recommend some core training, so I might be wrong...

No.787 : Trainerchan [12/10/28(Sun)12:43] [Report] []


Also, I train my abs with calisthenics, but that's because I want a functional core to fight and protect my internal organs from damage, dunno about vacuum exercises, but I know for a fact that if you want a good core workout, abs should be trained by tucking the belly in while you exercise, thus making a "vacuum" to pull them inside, so it might be related?

No.789 : Anonymous [12/10/30(Tue)00:34] [Report] []

>>786 how long do u believe it will take to see results?
i have classes and rarely eat lunch and breakfast :/
i drink tons of water though

No.790 : Trainerchan [12/10/30(Tue)06:39] [Report] []


phew, you taught me something. Although I know Arnold was a bodybuilder and bodybuilders train in special ways to get the "V TAPER".

You got the rule of "use it or lose it", so, if you think it's good, as it seems since it's recommended in many transsexual guides, go and try it, if it backfires, stop doing it and the effects will slowly dissapear.

Nothing to lose, go on, try. Tell me the results you see, I have legitimate curiosity.


you'll start to see results within the first month if you watch carefully.

Of course, the more patience you put in, the more results you'll get. The results of 1 month of training are just 1/12 of the results of a whole year training.

Also, you'll see MUCH better results if you try to wake up a bit earlier and get some breakfast, even if it's only some coffee with sugar or leftovers from yesterday, and specially if you add a bit of protein to the breakfast so the body can start building muscle from the very morning. Indeed, if you're "bulking up" you can substitute part of that water for some milk or some drink with sugars (but don't abuse this, it's just a "bulk up" trick I use sometimes when I don't have time).

The routine you have right now is only good to burn muscle, and even the muscle you could create with exercise will suffer if you skip breakfast and lunch. It's an effort worth of doing, trust me. Indeed it can account for as much as 50% of the results you'll see in the long run.

No.791 : Anonymous [12/11/01(Thu)03:07] [Report] []

so after i slim down to my comfortable weight and have a flat stomach
how do i go about working specifically on my ass, but also keeping all the excess muslce i build (For my ass) off of my arms, legs, etc?
and i am not sure what source of protein i can take :/
all i can ever eat is meat, since i still live at home :(

No.792 : Anonymous [12/11/02(Fri)16:43] [Report] []

I have a question. Someone recommended I take B-12 supplements to help lose weight, since they supposedly increase your metabolism or something? What are your thoughts on B-12?

No.801 : Trainerchan [12/11/11(Sun)14:33] [Report] []


Well, don't want to be mean but... that's what this whole thread is about...


I already recommended to take a multvitamin-multimineral, it's in the firsts posts...

If it's a nutrient needed for the organism, you should take it in adequate dosis. And don't abuse anything. I don't know long-term effects of b-12 abuse, I don't know if it raises metabolism.

No.818 : tr33 [12/11/27(Tue)20:19] [Report] []


Flaxseed/fish oil. Capsules preferably, no more than 6-7 grams/day

Would these two help us get a more feminine body or ?

No.826 : Anonymous [12/12/09(Sun)15:33] [Report] []


They'll keep your metabolism working. You need omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to survive and to estay healthy, those capsules will supplement you in case your diet doesn't. They can make a huge difference (for good) when trying to change your weigth, wether to lose or to gain.

No.839 : Anonymous [13/01/01(Tue)10:47] [Report] []

HI. i've been enjoying this thread and thought i would post a link to a butt exorcise that i've have gotten really really good results with.

dot youtube dot com/watch?v=YqGztUdz70A

I hope this helps :)

No.866 : iceTrap [13/01/29(Tue)23:09] [Report] []

Oh man, read through most of the thread, after the halfway mark I started to skim it :P
Anyways, this is AWESOME, making me inspired to work out and shape my body, I've always wanted to be more feminine ^^
Granted, I have an athletic body type, I'm tall and broad shouldered, naturally muscular (yay for practicing two sports at the same time for about 10-11 years.. soccer for all that time, with another sport along with it).
Hasn't been a post here in a month, hope it's not dead and I'm waking things up ><
Sorry if I am!

No.869 : Anonymous [13/01/31(Thu)00:16] [Report] []

Ok so i am vegetarian, and obviously eat tofu and lots of fruits, not so much vegetables
can i follow your workout routine, eating what i normally eat but increase my protein through nuts and tofu/soy? If so, how long can i go without working out again b4 i start noticing my ass going flat? And, can i go back to my normal diet? Lots of noodles with rice and lots of fruits? Lots of water also
Thanks in advance!

No.874 : Anonymous [13/02/08(Fri)16:49] [Report] []

Hi there.

I'm really new to all of this and I wanted some advice about exercise and diet.

I'm currently overweight (190ish and 5'6"), but I never developed any muscle mass throughout my life. I'm 21 years old now. I never played sports, never got into lifting or anything. I didn't put on the weight until I started college.

I'm hesitant to go on a diet that's designed to destroy muscle, considering how little I have. Right now, I'm doing cardio and running to try and lose weight, but as for diet, I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?

No.875 : Anonymous [13/02/09(Sat)00:24] [Report] []


You have no hope im sorry

No.880 : Justme [13/02/14(Thu)16:34] [Report] 1360877680895.png (5137614 B, 2116x876) [YIS] [GIS] []
5137614 B

hiya folks
i'm somewhat new to this and a little bit confused with all this bulking, then dieting while exercising... oO
i hope these pics will do, as you can see i'm pretty skinny (67kg, 189cm) and obviously have never been into bodybuilding before

any suggestions where to start? just finished the first day on your general training plan, tho the bridges somehow don't do it for me i guess(i can stay in that position for several minutes)

thanks for your help so far

No.894 : KrystalTheNeko [13/03/10(Sun)06:00] [Report] []

Trainer please tell me you still like to help people with this.. If I could just email you or something I know our of all people could help me get to where I want to be do badly.. This is the most helpful thing I've found in all my searching.. Plllleeeasssee, Trainer...

No.905 : Anonymous [13/03/14(Thu)01:32] [Report] []

Hi guys, i want to crossdress because i have a somewhat girly body but my face is too manly, is there any way to get my face to be more feminine???(aside from make up, hormones and surgery)

No.915 : Anonymous [13/03/18(Mon)18:40] [Report] 1363646454086.png (1014095 B, 821x839) [YIS] [GIS] []
1014095 B

Yussss I was trying to find some yoga butt workouts that didn't include any deadlifts. Definitely going to get into this routine soon and see how well it works out, since my only goal right now is to work on my bum a bit. Is there anything else I outta know or try out?

No.918 : Anonymous [13/03/24(Sun)03:58] [Report] 1364111910816.jpg (335403 B, 850x1187) [YIS] [GIS] []
335403 B

If there's one thing which I'm really jealous of it's the Po~ju style thighs. All his characters have really supple thighs. Their butts aren't always massive, and even their shoulders aren't always that feminine, but their thighs are always so perfectly curvy, with that gap in between the legs. What could one do to build up such curves without getting them all muscly?

No.923 : Anonymous [13/03/25(Mon)13:35] [Report] 1364232952008.jpg (376890 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
376890 B

Could you give me some advice? I wish I had more of a butt. Also posting side and rear shortly.

No.924 : Anonymous [13/03/25(Mon)13:36] [Report] 1364233006832.jpg (412988 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
412988 B


No.925 : Anonymous [13/03/25(Mon)13:37] [Report] 1364233069967.jpg (388874 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
388874 B

Rear. Seriously, I have no butt. :(

No.981 : Anonymous [13/05/13(Mon)15:42] [Report] 1368474160675.jpg (234543 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
234543 B

Will I ever be martymode (Marty from hardblush)?

Is it even worth it to try and be more feminine?

Measurements are:


I should lose maybe two inches across my hips and chest area by losing chest muscle and core muscle, and I should be able to add two inches to my hip measurement by exercising my buttocks and letting my upper body waste. But... will that be enough?

No.983 : Anonymous [13/05/17(Fri)02:58] [Report] []

Is this thread still going? Any point in posting selfpics for advice?

No.988 : Chloe [13/05/30(Thu)23:05] [Report] []

Trainerchan, I need help with my diet. If you could give me an email to send some pics to that would be great.

I read through the entire thread, but still not sure what I should be doing. I wanna get my ass and hips looking bigger and lose some muscle in my arms.

I am about 135lbs and 5'11". I have very little fat on me, but I want my arms less muscular. Any help is appreciated.

No.991 : Anonymous [13/06/07(Fri)21:06] [Report] []

I'm interested in knowing if OP is willing to help too. I sent an e-mail to the address posted ITT about a month ago but I didn't get any reply.

No.1006 : Kayla Kill [13/07/04(Thu)03:02] [Report] []

Synthol on glutes and hips?

for those wondering, the answers probably no, and no one should try it, but figured id suggest it anyways and see what he thinks

No.1124 : Anonymous [2014-05-30 04:15] [Report] []

thread exists, and it still gets linked to from /cd/ and /lgbt/ regularly

No.1128 : Anonymous [2014-06-23 18:21] [Report] []

This board is very helpful and in two weeks I'm going to star this diet and such but I have one question.

Are the results of Purera Mirifica permanent because I wan to be come androgynous, and I was reading that by not taking the pill testosterone comes back. So are the effects of this pill forever or not?

No.1129 : Anonymous [2014-06-23 18:25] [Report] []

is the effects of Purera Mirifica permanent

No.1136 : Erin [2014-07-25 14:22] [Report] []

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been using the workout and diet tips here for about 4 months now, I'm seeing really, really positive effects!

No.1137 : β˜†Robertagrammatonβ˜† ##nuerJyS6 [2014-07-25 17:20] [Report] []

Man I came to talk to trainer nigga about my gains and he gone smh

No.1138 : Anonymous [2014-07-26 04:47] [Report] []

you stop taking it the effects go away after a time
same with E and AAs
honestly purifica whateteverica is just a weak estrogen

No.1187 : Anonymous [2014-10-21 05:59] [Report] []

After reading most of the content since the first post here I thought of myself to research about cardio and training plans nowadays before finally be able to discuss here.

Due the searching, I stumbled upon HIIT (high intensity interval training) in contrast to cardio.

(These links above are only a few of many other sources)

The main point is, according to them, it seems that HIIT doing about, let's say 80 min per week and the standard cardio about 300 min per week results almost the same.

The standard cardio is in example about the running training menu Yourtrainer posted a while ago (it's mostly called c25k running plan by the way, search for it).

Like cardio, HIIT can be filled with any exercises you want (like jogging/running), the only condition is, these short exercises MUST take you to your maximum (like sprinting as hell instead of jogging/running).
After a HIIT session you have to feel "burned out", hard breathing and stuff (because you got to your limit in that short time).

Ah yes, normal warming up and cooling down is taken for granted (since without it can strain you muscle too much and injuries.. bla, you -hopefully- know the stuff).

Now then the differences.

HIIT is said to have more impact on your conditions on the whole like maximum V02 (high consumption of Oxygen) and an after-burn effect (which burns away the fat) than your average cardio.

One problem is about the muscle.
There is some inconsistency about losing muscle. Both cardio and HIIT makes you loose muscle if you don't treat them in addition. Most pages are talking about how HIIT increases muscle loss compared to cardio (which is why they tell you tips how to NOT loose muscle during HIIT), other pages are even debating about this.

Also another problem about stress.
Even if these stressing are really short (take the Tabata Protocol, it's 4 min, which one should do 2-3 times per week at most), can this lead to more testosterone?

I'm aware that HIIT can be really stressing and maybe it's not the best choice for normal or nonathletic people who cannot take sudden change of pace.

But, what are your thoughts, Trainerchan or anyone who has more knowledge or even experience about this?

No.1195 : Anonymous [2014-10-31 12:25] [Report] []

Just read the thread, some of it at least. I'm currently 20 years old, weigh about 64kg and I'm 170cm (5'7''ish).
I've recently lost something like 10kilos while gaining 10cms in height, so I'm pretty new at this being thin thing. I have an issue with getting a properly thin apperance though. I'd like a flat belly, one of those you just want to touch when you see them because of how flat they are, but so far all I can seem to do is lose fat 'under' the skin. It's like I'm losing internal mass, but there's flabby skin on the surface which is kept 'thick', giving a malnourished look overall instead of a thin one, especially since there's this abrupt difference between my incredibly thin-looking upper half, and the flabby belly.

What kind of mistakes did I make in my eating to bring this on? Do I need some kind of specific exercise to obtain the perfect flat mid-section?

Also, I saw your other posts, and I see you advise against fruit as a snack. Since I pretty much relied on them to avoid junk eating in the afternoon, what are safe snacks I could still eat to get through the day?

No.1426 : Anonymous [2018-01-06 14:26] [Report] []

dead thread

No.1490 : Anonymous [2018-10-01 18:49] [Report] []

I also have an idea. Say you would want to go back to being a male after staying in it for 10 years or less.

I think it is possible and what everyone really wants.


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