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No.889 : Anonymous [13/03/06(Wed)09:57] [Report] [SNAP]

is 25 years too late?

I've been seriously considering this for about... 6 years now. Only live once, right? I want to give this a 3 month try or so, but if it's not really going to have an effect, I don't want to waste the money. Most a doctor is going to be involved is for bloodwork and to explain hormone levels, I'll be grabbing meds off ihp.

Souhh, is it worth trying? In the least, I'd appreciate a more feminine body, reduced sex drive/erections, and wouldn't mind loss of muscle/can deal with depression well enough. I've done my research, but my age didn't occur to me just now. Anyone start this late?

I'll use this as a sounding board too, for if/when things get started.

No.890 : januarygirl [13/03/07(Thu)16:09] [Report] []

Hi OP,

In my opinion, 25 years is not "late" at all. I've seen some fantastic results from people who started to transition in their early 30s and even 40s! You need only to look through timeline videos and photos to see the amazing transformations. Really, there is no late age to begin. Though the general rule is that the earlier you start, the more likely you are to be more feminine/masculine (depending on which gender you are transitioning to).

I would not recommend choosing self-medicating first, especially as you've just expressed giving it a 3 month trial. If you're going to commit to HRT, then you're going to have to go all the way.

I'd instead suggest that you start with smaller steps first. Here are a few ideas:

Aim to get beard removal out of the way, as this tends to be a major contributing factor to gender dysphoria.
Learn more about make-up and beauty regimens to find the look you like.
Exercise to attain a feminine body shape (it can be done).
Find a trans-friendly gender therapist or counsellor in your local area.
Practice training your voice.

No.891 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/08(Fri)15:58] [Report] 1362776327977.jpg (2638306 B, 3482x6964) [YIS] [GIS] []
2638306 B

actually, januarygirl said everything precisely, I wanted to say those but she did a better job.

and to answer your final question, did anyone start this late, started my HRT around when i was 28. right now i am close to 30.

<<< My transition timeline,

And if you are really not sure if you want to take the path, he is my advice, trying going andro, long hairs, do facial hair removal and body epilation etc and see if you feel comfortable with yourself.

No.892 : januarygirl [13/03/08(Fri)17:50] [Report] []

On an unrelated note, @dunkelkreuz I like the corset. It's about time I bought one.

@OP Oh yes, which reminds me, if you haven't grown out your hair as yet, do eet! Or buy a wig. Or work on preventing hair loss if you have male-pattern baldness.

No.893 : Anonymous [13/03/09(Sat)03:27] [Report] []

Andro was actually the route I was considering. Thinking about getting 1-3 month's worth of androcur soon.

I'll consider counseling if I get to a point where I feel I need guidance or support. For now, I'm fine. I log my emotional patterns, soyeah, I have a pretty firm grip on when my brain is altering my mood.

Nice transition timeline. I think one of the biggest differences was that you started to really smile at the end.

Anyway, thinking it over for another night or two. A month or two on Andro might be what I need to really sort things out.

No.895 : Anonymous [13/03/10(Sun)20:26] [Report] []

Ordering the Andro tomorrow morning, giving myself one more day to back out. Gonna get 50@50mg. Need to go get bloodwork done, did you guys start at 50 or 100 mg?

5'11", approx 200 lbs, but exercising to lose weight.

No.896 : Anonymous [13/03/10(Sun)20:39] [Report] []

Might actually do spiro instead. It seems to be safer. Anyone know how long I have to wait after I quit smoking before I can start? Now I have an immediate reason to quit, yay!

No.901 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/11(Mon)05:38] [Report] []


Here are pros and con with spiro and andro.

Andro: long term usage creates depression, i would suggest, cyperoterone acetate at weak dosage and stick to it, DO NOT INCREASE ANDRO DOSAGE.

spiro: Highly dieuretic and retains potassium and certain salts in the body. I have heard girls complain that spiro makes their skin dry (be prepared for moisturising then) also I saw a post op friend of mine going bat-shit-insance for a while after sugery. The surgeon told me it was expected as she stopped spiro. Not sure how true that is but after 4 months she was back to ground state.

No.902 : Anonymous [13/03/11(Mon)06:18] [Report] []

okay then, lower dosage it is. ty for your help.

No.903 : dunkelkreuz [13/03/13(Wed)04:50] [Report] []


Oh and one more thing, i forgot to mention, after 9-12 months try to go on a lower dosage of cyperoterone acetate. This how most endo would administer androcur.

No.908 : Anonymous [13/03/14(Thu)14:51] [Report] []

25 is not too late. I started at 26 and I turned out just fine. I've got a BF, a B-cup, and don't get harassed when I go in public! :P Seriously, if you're 25 it's time to start dealing with this and determine whether you want to transition, because the longer you put it off the higher your chances of having something happen that may hinder your ability to pass, e.g. hair loss. Good luck to you, and just know that if you go for it, it IS worth it, it DOES get better, and you WILL be a qt!

No.960 : Anonymous [13/04/19(Fri)10:06] [Report] []

So yeah, just placed the order after much trepidation.

10-21 days ugggh shipping

Gonna do 100/day for 3 days on androcur, with 2mg estrofem

Try that out for a month, see how I feel, and go from there.

No.1218 : Anonymous [2014-12-03 22:55] [Report] []

Oh wow

I forgot I made this thread, but my typing style sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, going to give this another go. I really wish I didn't wait two years. :(


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