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No.829 : JBChan [12/12/13(Thu)22:52] [Report] 1355457148284.jpg (337520 B, 1403x1999) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
337520 B

Okay, so... This is one of the few times I've actually made a topic someplace like this and reached out, because responses from boards like these are usually all over the place, but this place seems pretty awesome, and YourTrainer's thread is full of awesome stuff but honestly it's a bit overwhelming.

I guess I'll start from the beginning. I've flirted with the idea of doing the whole MtF hormones and stuff thing since I was in my mid-teens. I just turned 21 and I now know that I DON'T want to go all the way, and that I DON'T identify as female. At this point though, I think that if I could have starter younger, and been gorgeous by now, that's another story. That being said, I still think about changing my body type and stuff a LOT. I want to be a trap. I'm bisexual, heavily into females, but I really really want to have a more feminine body. I'd love to have a better ass, hips, and do something about that godawful body hair. Maybe a little bit more of a feminine face. The picture I posted (Which I drew, by the way... a sort of fantasy.) should give an idea of what I'm after. Yes, it's an exaggerated, Poju-esque fantasy, but there are plenty of guys I've seen online, some who haven't even taken hormones that I would love to look like. I guess what I'm saying is that my expectations aren't quite that high.

So my question is, should I go on hormones? At this age, I don't really know what to expect from the results. I don't want tits, but I can lose them if other results are awesome (even if that means liposuction), and I'm prepared to deal with emotional stuff if it means pursuing what I want. What I am pretty scared of is size loss when it comes to my cock, as well as erectile disfunction, and difficulty ejaculating. Admittedly I don't know much about this, which is why I'm here, but I'm definitely concerned about sexual performance. I'm more concerned about the pleasure factor as opposed to my size and erectile performance staying the same, but I'm still worried about those, too. At my age, with my wants, it sounds like it isn't worth it, right? And I'm pretty confident no doctor will prescribe anything based on my purely-physical desires. Then again I know there are other ways of getting stuff. That being said, I'm not opposed to surgery, other than not being able to afford it. I also have weight to lose, and in the process have been dabbling with some exercise plans to look more feminine, nothing I've really committed to, yet. I take it this is probably my best course of action, though? I'm mostly just here to try and get some concrete answers about the risks involved in going on hormones for me, at my age, especially compared to potential gains.

Thanks to whoever reads all this, and anything you can do to help inform me would be greatly appreciated! (Oh, and I live in Canada, by the way, if that matters~)

No.830 : Anonymous [12/12/14(Fri)15:33] [Report] []

I'd say hormones aren't the way to go for you. I'd just do what you can via diet, exercise, hair removal, makeup, and clothing.

No.846 : JBChan [13/01/09(Wed)03:05] [Report] []

Really meant to get back to my thread sooner, and I'm really trying to make 2013 my year for this stuff. Was hoping to get a little more feedback, but again, seems like what I expected. As a sort of follow-up, does anyone know somewhere good to buy corsets? Cinching, obviously n' stuff for changing proportions. I know there are some geared towards MtF, is that 100% what I should be looking for?

No.851 : Anonymous [13/01/15(Tue)00:10] [Report] 1358226626176.jpg (530000 B, 1280x1706) [YIS] [GIS] []
530000 B

Hey JB... Try to get yourself a fully steel boned corset 4" down from your waist size... Read up on waist training. Get laser to take care of the hair, read up on workouts for a more "fem" appearance. If you're not going down the HRT route (which it doesn't seem like you should), then you're going to have to stretch, shrink, and size your body as best you can through corestry, excercise, and diet. If all else fails, surgery.
Good luck :)
(I have a bunch of these single-page exercise things, I'll try to put more up)

No.852 : Anonymous [13/01/15(Tue)00:12] [Report] 1358226734838.jpg (94949 B, 500x651) [YIS] [GIS] []
94949 B


No.857 : Anonymous [13/01/16(Wed)18:31] [Report] []

Thanks for the reply! I didn't know it was a good idea to work out with a corset on, since it cuts down on your ability to breathe n' stuff, but that's interesting... And yes, I've got lotsa workout stuff to try, and have tried, some of which is included in what you posted, so it seems like I have the right idea, at least. Thank you!

No.858 : Anonymous [13/01/17(Thu)01:39] [Report] []

nooo don't work out with a corset on!
but don't be afraid to work out, shower, and throw the corset right back on :)

No.861 : Tess V [13/01/25(Fri)13:04] [Report] []

I'm strong advocate for traditional calisthenics, specifically as discussed in a book called "Convict Conditioning", prisons being one of the few places these traditions have survived.

Principally, you will want to work your core and legs, so squats, leg-lifts, and bridges are going to be the main things to do. Also, yoga is fantastic as well, and a lot of yogic forms do work the core also.

And then there is also the corset training for the waist --- of course, you don't really need to bring it in more than an inch or two, I suspect. At least, I don't think I would want to do any more than that once I lose a few more pounds.

No.884 : Anonymous [13/03/01(Fri)00:38] [Report] []
>erectile disfunction, and difficulty ejaculating

You will have this on hormones. Not that you can't get aroused, but testosterone is directly linked to arousal, therefore less testosterone means less arousal.

You can still use aphrodisiacs like Viagra and they will have the effect you want.

Your hips and ass will get bigger, but the bones won't change. It will be where fat is distributed that changes.

You will also probably get tits. But my understanding is that tit size is related to your genes. Some people who take it never get big tits while others get huge ones.

As far as other perks, skin gets smoother and limbs more demure. Hair stays nice, and acne goes bye bye.

But you lose a lot of strength and your metabolism slows. And you get emotional bullshit.

Basically, overall, you will get a lot of good things from hormones. Take them for what they're worth: their effects. Not whether or not you are trans. That's what I think, though there are people who would disagree.

No.955 : JBChan [13/04/12(Fri)18:32] [Report] []

Okay, so... Something else I guess I can ask about here. I've completely shaved my body before, and other than get awful, awful razor burn on my legs where I could barely walk, it worked fine. I've also experimented with waxing and have all kindsa stuff for when I get to that point.


One thing I still have a problem with is my facial hair. Immediately after shaving you can still see every dark follicle, even where the skin is totally smooth. I've tried a couple different razors, and several different creams. As far as being a guy goes, I look pretty clean shaven, but I could never, ever pass with my face looking like that.


No.956 : januarygirl [13/04/12(Fri)20:01] [Report] []


Shave with and against the grain of the hair.
Use foundation to cover up the follices.
If it really concerns you then go for laser hair removal, a few sessions (2-3) should be enough to reduce the follicle size and, thus, thickness of hair.

No.976 : lina [13/05/05(Sun)13:48] [Report] []

you can use laser to reduce your facial hair by a lot, if you have the right characteristics. (dark coarse hair and light skin). alternatively you can try shaving really closely and then using a foundation makeup with a red tint to cancel out the "blue" that comes from shaven facial hair.

and for your OP, i'm in the same boat as you kinda. i'm trans but not really in the binary. sometimes i like to pass as a girl, sometimes, as a boy. i take hormones so my body is a more physical representation of what i am, which is more of a tomboyish girl than completely girly, but i am definitely not a boy. if that makes sense...

No.1086 : Anonymous [14/01/02(Thu)12:13] [Report] []


>Take them for what they're worth: their effects. Not whether or not you are trans.

something i've been considering but its hard to walk around sporting a rack as a male


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