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No.595 : Anonymous [12/05/19(Sat)23:15] [Report] 1337483706632.gif (114909 B, 603x703) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
114909 B

I do experiments to try as many things as possible (trends,looks,food,places,sex,etc.)

a lesbian friend of mine told me to try transgender (I'm a guy) basically tryΒ΄to go as a close to a straight female as possible (6 months of "feminization" and 6 months of womanhood)

since my sexual preferences are mostly straight she says that I will have to listen to "conditioning" files (which are basically audio files with sugestions on liking men and being femenine)

I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to go back if I try it
has anyone gone full transexual and back without any repercussions?

No.596 : ms darling [12/05/20(Sun)13:46] [Report] []

this is super duper offensive
you'd be a full-time crossdresser, not a transgendered person.
seeing as you identify as male.
also your lesbian friend might want to get shot.

No.597 : Anonymous [12/05/20(Sun)14:26] [Report] []

I'm sorry, I believe I have autogynephilia fantasies... I'm wondering if it's possible to go back and forth

No.598 : Maya [12/05/20(Sun)22:53] [Report] []

I agree with ms darling. Your first post is highly offensive, and your second isn't much better.

First, the concept of autogynephilia is offensive to lesbian and bi trans women because it denies their identity and orientation by reducing it to a male paraphilia.

Second, the idea of hypnosis files changing your sexual orientation and gender identity is extremely silly, and again, offensive. I can't fathom the mental disconnect that allowed a lesbian to make that sort of suggestion. (Actually, I can, and transphobia is its name.)

Third, transgender is an umbrella term for those that transgress imposed gender norms. This includes but is not limited to, cross-dressers, transsexual men and women, genderqueer people, and intersexed people. (Since I'm sure I need to define this, a transsexual man is someone who undergoes a female-to-male(F2M) transition; a transsexual woman is someone who undergoes a male-to-female(M2F) transition.)
A transsexual person is someone who identifies differently from their assigned gender and opts for transition.

Fourth, there is a lot of stigma and hatred for trans women. "Slumming" like you intend trivializes our experiences, and puts us at greater risk from a population that largely sees us as men in dresses.

Fifth, being able to pass as both male and female is a combination of both skill and genetic luck. That said, many of us are forced by circumstance to only live as our desired gender part time, and have to switch between roles, and successfully do. However, our likelihood to successfully present as a cis man goes down the further we go with transition. Hormones do cause lasting changes.

Sixth, repercussions for trans women are huge. We face estrangement from family and friends, threats, violence (physical, sexual and emotional), loss of home and job, harassment from police, etc on top of the abuses that happen to all women as a result of sexism. Life isn't a Fictionmania feminization fetish story. There are lasting consequences.

You want to cross-dress and experiment with a different gender role? Go ahead, more people should. I would be happy to answer questions that come up.

TLDR: Scroll up, read it and understand it. Otherwise, GTFO grue.

No.599 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)00:26] [Report] []


>want to cross-dress and experiment with a different gender role? Go ahead, more people should.

you could have said that, I didn't mean to offend anyone

No.600 : Maya [12/05/21(Mon)00:58] [Report] []


Believe me when I say that the rest of that post was necessary.

Since I haven't scared you away, feel free to ask questions. I'll be around for the next hour or so.

No.601 : Anonymous [12/05/21(Mon)09:15] [Report] []

did you want to scare me away?

I'm sorry that the word autogynephilia ofended you but I don't know how to explain the fact that I'm aroused by the idea of being a woman

I bought some clothes I've been trying things how would you call my situation?

No.602 : Maya [12/05/22(Tue)06:47] [Report] []


>did you want to scare me away?

I was referring to the fact that people tend to run away when they receive negative feedback. Personally, I'd prefer that you learn from this, and get what you need in advice.

>I'm aroused by the idea of being a woman

That's all you need to say. Don't pathologize your sexual interests.

>I bought some clothes I've been trying things how would you call my situation?

It sounds like you are exploring and maybe questioning, which is a vastly different impression from the one given by your first post.

Lets try to clear up some confusion.

What are you planning to do or already have done as a part of your feminization?

How do you see your six months of womanhood? Do you plan to be full-time?

Do you experience gender dysphoria?

No.603 : Anonymous [12/05/22(Tue)18:44] [Report] []


>What are you planning to do or already have done as a part of your feminization?

I shaved
dressed up
Masturbated to the thought of men
acted like a girl
and I want to
have sex with men like a girl (sucking cock and anal sex)

>How do you see your six months of womanhood? Do you plan to be full-time?

I'm going to be fulltime for the following 6 months after the feminization and well I'm not sure of what I see myself as

>Do you experience gender dysphoria?

what's gender dysphoria?

No.606 : Maya [12/05/26(Sat)02:20] [Report] []


Gender dysphoria is the term for the feelings of unease and discomfort with having to present as your assigned gender, and/or having the body of your assigned sex.

What I was asking with the womanhood question was specifically how do you see that portion of your experiment? Do you just see yourself at clubs and wearing sexy dresses, or do you see the other 90% of your life? Such as going to grocery store wearing nothing dressier than a pair of nice capris and a nice blouse, or reporting to work in feminine attire.

I guess I'm just dumbfounded by the idea that someone is going full-time on a whim, and not being worried about the social penalties involved. You seem young, are you still in high-school or college?

No.680 : Anonymous [12/08/06(Mon)19:40] [Report] []


Don't listen to these people. They are oversensitive and pathetic, and can't comprehend the situation you're facing.

You're going to transition because you want to try it. Sounds like as good a reason as any, considering how BS most trans reasons sound in a vacuum (think about it).

If you can't detransition (that is, go back to being a man), then what's the problem? If you transition and find you're happier and more comfortable where you are, then haven't you done right by yourself? If not, then detransitioning shouldn't be hard.

If you're worried about commitments you make as a girl that make it hard to detransition, like, say, a job, just plan everything with your eventual detransition in mind.

I have not actually done this before, but I agree with you totally that people should do it. I would do it myself, but I would actually want to stay female.

No.683 : Aspiragus [12/08/09(Thu)15:47] [Report] []

I just have to make this comment... I wish it only took 6 months for a body to become a woman (Physically not mentally that is... lol) if that were the case I'd be full-time in 2 1/2 months! Though you may be one of the lucky ones who can do that... YMMV

No.715 : Anonymous [12/09/07(Fri)14:11] [Report] []

I'm in a similar boat to you OP, basicly, I don't really experience Gender Dysphoria but I'm very aroused and feel very comfortable when I act bi trans and want to transition but not go full-time.

As someone here said, if it feels good why not try it?

I've been crossdressing for years in secret and only now started my herbal feminization treatment. I've become very good at passable crossdressing and this is the first step.

None of my family know or (hopefully) will ever know, they are extremely conservative and religious and I would basicly be an outcast.

The plan is this, the herbal HRT isn't anywhere near as extreme as normal HRT but it does provide breast growth and a more feminine body, as well as other minor feminization features. Curves, and a A/B cup are fairly easy to keep hidden, there are many men who have "male breasts" and they just wear some kind of flattening support or loose shirts, also people won't pay that close attention.

Keep in mind, this will take over a year (up to 2, depending on your age/body/etc.). Make sure to have high exposure to people you DON'T want to know about your transformation, if they are exposed to feminine mannerisms and other body shape changes gradually, they won't think so much of it. It's sudden changes that will shock people.

Here is a great thread about the herb routine:

I also intend to use Fenugreek (helps with body shape) and Wild Yam. Which I will introduce gradually after several months of SP + PM. Also Lecithin in Soyabeam capsules (the thick ones that contain fatty acids).

The rest is simply practice; voice, mannerisms, dress, makeup. All these things are ofcourse reversible, as long as you practice your male voice on a daily basis then you will be able to revert to it.

It is not hard to go back physically as well, you just start taking testerone treatments, there are herbal and medicinal routes. Eat more read meat, do strength training (deadlifts, benchpress, squats), do some bulking with protein and high calorie diet. You'll be look macho in no time.

The body is extremely adaptable, as long as you have the will and persistence you can achieve anything (back or forth).

Some people will disagree about keeping this a secret but if I enjoy something privately, and don't know if I will enjoy it publicaly, better to not have it at all.

The only issue is that you won't want to transition back and you will WANT to go full-time public, well then you have to make a tough lifestyle choice and deal with the social consequences.

Hope this helps.


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