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No.436 : Dawn [12/01/22(Sun)23:10] [Report] 1327291850198.jpg (557814 B, 768x1024) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
557814 B

Well, I posted over on CD and was told I was 'not up to par'

Does anyone have any tips at all? I know I need to lose a lot of weight, and I am, slowly. As for hormones, I'm not entirely sure it's what I want, and I'm not sure they would actually do much with my frame. Anyway thanks for any help you can give.

Unless this gets deleted as well -_-;;

No.438 : Anonymous [12/01/23(Mon)15:00] [Report] []

Aww, I think you look just fine :)
I'd definitely like some tips too.

No.441 : Anonymous [12/01/24(Tue)16:51] [Report] []

Try taking pictures without showing any manlly parts CD is a fantasy, AKA takes pics hiding face =3 girlly poses ect

No.442 : Anonymous [12/01/24(Tue)22:16] [Report] 1327461404046.png (508318 B, 532x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
508318 B

Like this?

No.443 : Anonymous [12/01/24(Tue)23:31] [Report] []


Now just lift up that skirt and we'll be good. ;)

No.444 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)07:00] [Report] 1327492834275.jpg (30294 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
30294 B

More like this! (It's me =3)

No.445 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)07:20] [Report] []


I like it. :)

No.447 : Dawn [12/01/25(Wed)16:02] [Report] 1327525379044.jpg (383387 B, 800x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
383387 B

Took this a while back, kind of thing you mean?

No.448 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)19:03] [Report] 1327536227851.jpg (8484 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
8484 B

You need to work on your figure more (Diet thread on here)
Try to get into the mind set of a girl, think about how they show off there bodies..

They always try to look as sexy as possible, always remember when you look at the picture and you think it looks hot and feminine then you're doing it right, If you don't ... You're doing it wrong

You need better clothes, dresses skirts are hard to pull off in a manlly body, Wheras lingerie does half the work for you.

Saying you don't have tits the sexiest places will be the ass and legs (shaven)

No.450 : Anonymous [12/01/25(Wed)21:09] [Report] 1327543750051.png (331030 B, 352x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
331030 B

Okay, remember you asked for it.

No.453 : Anonymous [12/01/26(Thu)04:29] [Report] []

I think Dawn is very intriguing. He/she is bringing something a little new to this board. Why his thread was removed from CD is beyond me. He or SHE on this board claimed to be a cross Dresser, not a trap or Trans. I like Dawn's personality as she is open to criticism more than most. Seems like a very genuine person to me. There are some super hot looking girls here but personality goes really far with me. Just an opinion Modzilla. ;)

Dawn, try some jewelry. A nice necklace will draw attention to your collar bones and make you neck and shoulders more appealing. "Just my opinion", Go with some reds and pinks on the lip stick. I think the darks like black turn some people off unless you can really rock it like Raz or a couple other girls on here.
Look forward to seeing more from you. :)

No.470 : Anonymous [12/02/19(Sun)15:09] [Report] []

Late post.
I'm not criticizing and I haven't read every other post but I wouldn't wear black lipstick with your bone structure. A softer, more neutral tone, a peach color... something that's not so damn dark.
A foundation that's a few shades darker than your natural tone or blush which would help minimize your jaw line and bring your cheeks out.
A liquid foundation that's 1 shade darker than your tone, Girls have creamy skin which is thinner than a man's and it's hard to achieve with make up.
Try doing big curls and getting your hair shaped a bit.
Also, since you have a long face and a long jaw line hair can either highlight those features or soften them.

Basically, to surmise, invest in some makeup. My girlfriend has a foundation called Covergirl Clean. It's not pricy and I love it. Blush etc.

And hair.

Moisturize EVERY day. When you wake up and before bed. I'm not hating and you have a LOT of potential.

Stay beautiful baby

No.478 : The Girlfriend (fiancee) [12/02/21(Tue)12:40] [Report] []

Learn to tuck =P

No.481 : Anonymous [12/02/21(Tue)19:41] [Report] []


No.566 : Dawn [12/04/06(Fri)21:19] [Report] 1333761548384.jpg (594465 B, 768x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
594465 B


You know >>442>>444>>448>>450 aren't me right? The only two pics I posted I'm not sure you can see any bulge :|

anywho, no idea if this is better but I've lose some weight.

No.567 : Anonymous [12/04/07(Sat)01:11] [Report] []

nice legs

No.569 : Anonymous [12/04/10(Tue)05:32] [Report] []

hideous drag queen ><

No.570 : Bunnie [12/04/10(Tue)21:53] [Report] []

Makeup is hella important. Lots of good videos/tutorials on youtube and the interbutts. Practice makes perfect!
Also, hair is usually a dead giveaway, even if it's long. Men have thinner hair and a hairline that's further back on the skull then women... so maybe get clip in extensions and style it or get a really good wig that goes with your natural color.
Posture and posing is important too. Sexy girls always arch their backs and push their chests forward, as if projecting their bewbs for all to see. Posing also helps you trick the camera. Full frontal shots usually make you look wide, like a dude. Turn slightly to the side and arch your back, and suddenly you look thinner. I find that sitting/laying poses always look more fem.
Just a few pointers. I don't think you're hideous at all, babe. ;)

No.579 : wizzy [12/04/24(Tue)21:52] [Report] []

Hey Dawn, get in touch.

wizardbeam hotmail com

No.581 : Claire [12/04/25(Wed)15:23] [Report] []

Much better!
You're holding yourself a lot better and that's good and it does look like you've lost weight so well done :D

Normally I'd advise against halternecks as they accentuate your shoulders and given our biological genders, we normally have quite broad shoulders and narrow hips. To be fair though your shoulders don't look too imposing in these pictures, but as a rule of thumb - avoid halter necks and spagetti straps and opt for things that cover your shoulders, like wrap around tops. If you look at that dress, it has a flared skirt which will make your hips seem bigger - so well done on that front :)

Make-up wise, you need some practice (I'm rubbish at make-up too, but this much I've worked out). Unfortunately for you, you have quite a masculine jawline, but this can be fixed with good use of contouring powders.
Here is a video of a full time transwoman with a similar face shape to you, hopefully it'll help: . Also, good job not using that black lipstick again. As cool as black lipstick is, it's one of those things that really works on some girls and really not on others.

I hope that helps :)
Illegitimi non carborundum!

No.584 : Anonymous [12/04/30(Mon)21:31] [Report] 1335835886502.jpg (385798 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
385798 B

Some make-up practice :)

No.644 : Anonymous [12/06/22(Fri)23:41] [Report] []

dresses suck. honesty you can improve appearance by staying away from almost all of them. even when they're color block the colors are flipped against you. even if you wear a dress match it with a top to get the light/dark mix to make hips bigger and shoulders smaller.

the halter top, i agree, does not work. the skirt of the dress is fine. you need to find some unique tops to hide shoulders. i see girls in dolman sleeve tops almost all the time and those might work for you.


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