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No.237 : Anonymous [11/09/19(Mon)21:45] [Report] 1316483118803.jpg (16146 B, 180x240) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
16146 B

Is there a chance I'll find a trap my age? (I'm 16)

No.238 : Anonymous [11/09/19(Mon)21:49] [Report] []


No.239 : Anonymous [11/09/22(Thu)03:44] [Report] []


but it's really difficult

No.241 : Blondey [11/09/24(Sat)09:52] [Report] []

Well, I'm 16 and transitioning, but for the moment I'm just an occasionally-femme boy :/

No.251 : Anonymous [11/09/25(Sun)23:22] [Report] []

i know that feel, bro. that exact fucking feel. im 16 as well, there are no traps in pennsylvania
my ultimate fantasy is to 'receive' from a trap and then stick it up his/her pooper
although, I'm not transitioning and don't intend to

No.252 : OP [11/09/26(Mon)08:05] [Report] []

yeah, I really want a relationship with a trap. :(

Blondey,, your a trap?

No.257 : Blondey [11/10/02(Sun)12:22] [Report] []

I'm a pre-everything ftm, so basically just a femme guy who crossdresses occasionally, so...yes?

No.263 : MOONster #WNiTARPXWI [11/10/10(Mon)02:23] [Report] []

ha ha ha ha no

No.353 : zelda [11/11/28(Mon)01:47] [Report] 1322462839216.jpg (158689 B, 586x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
158689 B

im 16, and wanna be a trap. im very feminine.

No.366 : Sweetie_chan [11/12/07(Wed)10:19] [Report] []

you're gonna have to disclose a general location before we can say for sure.
WA btw

No.382 : Anonymous [11/12/17(Sat)05:09] [Report] []

In my country there are a lot of young transsexuals. I personally know about 40 in real life I think, equally distributed FtM and MtF.

Finding them will be harder because they pass excellently.

No.387 : Anonymous [11/12/20(Tue)01:20] [Report] []

Probably not. But its not because less people your age want to be traps, per se. At 16, most traps are closeted. Once you're 18, your chances of finding a trap will increase exponentially for this reason.

Do remember though that the majority of traps want to be accepted as girls and not traps, so you are likely to encounter them without noticing they weren't born female. It sounds to me like you'd only be interested if you couldn't tell the difference 'till the panties came off anyway, which basically means you have to meet them online or something.

So, verdict:

Look online when you're 18. You'll have much better luck. As an underage kid you're pretty much boned.


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