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No.1562 : Anonymous [2021-04-20 13:47] [Report] 1618940829291.jpg (138226 B, 850x996) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
138226 B

Any tips/guides for growing hair?
I started growing it for the last year thanks to the lockdown.
But I'm not sure how to style it.
And how to hide it, or switch between boy hair style ro a girly haitstyle and back.
i'm gettign nagged to cut it.

No.1563 : Anonymous [2021-04-20 14:21] [Report] []

ponytail high, girl
ponytail low, boy

No.1564 : Anonymous [2021-04-20 14:21] [Report] []

split centre, girl
split to the side, boy

No.1565 : Anonymous [2021-04-20 14:23] [Report] []
>getting nagged to cut it

try not looking at porn ever again and see how you feel about life


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