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No.1541 : Anonymous [2020-06-04 11:30] [Report] [SNAP]

tips for a slimmer belly?

No.1542 : Anonymous [2020-06-06 22:02] [Report] []


No.1543 : Anonymous [2020-06-11 15:16] [Report] []

my bmi is in the underweight range but i look fat as fuck

what kind of exercise

No.1544 : Anonymous [2020-06-12 09:31] [Report] []
No.1545 : β˜†Robertagrammatonβ˜† ##nuerJyS6 [2020-06-13 23:07] [Report] 1592104050962.jpg (2841002 B, 3120x4160) [YIS] [GIS] []
2841002 B

Just exercise. Regularly. And don't worry about "dieting" like counting calories or some weird food group exorcism. Just make sure the calories you do consume actually contain some actual nutrition that's going to help you recover and improve from your consistent exercise routine.

These fucking 80s oldfags and their "bulking" and "cutting" are fucking retarded. How about you just eat a normal amount of protein and make sure you're supplementing free Leucine? I have never bulked. I have never cut (intentionally. a few hours in the sun on a bike will take some pounds of waterweight off you). I put on 10lbs of what I assume is muscle but fuck knows. You can build just as much EFFICIENT muscle just sticking to something like a cardio routine and not worrying about these old missing chromosome modalities like reps to failure or even something new and retarded like cross shit.

Pic related. It's your bitch. I don't have a dehydrated for da gram influencer body but my resting heart rate is 49 and my cycling power to weight best is 5 watts per kilogram (not incredible but fuck you--if you could do 6 or 7 you'd be _making_money).


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