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No.1524 : Anonymous [2019-07-10 00:49] 1562734193659.png [GIS] (274981 B, 400x414)
274981 B

Okay so I'm going to university in 2 months in my home state of Texas to do tranny major of choice, compsci. I want to start on HRT but due to my parents that hasn't been possible although I'm going to be away from home now. What are my best options for getting the tit skittles? If it helps I almost got hrt once from a psych which was prevented by my parents. I've seriously considered applying for disability as I am literally autistic and then using money from that for transitioning. There's no planned parenthood although the university has provided a decently sized list of local docs that do hormone stuff for transexual purposes. Are there any options here that I'm missing?

No.1525 : Anonymous [2019-07-11 13:12] []
  1. it would be stupid not to leech from the government in every way you can, it'll only help bring the collapse closer and the beginning of the end of the jew reign over the west
  2. use the services of your pozzed daycare to get the drugs you need to transform your body into whatever thing it'll become
  3. continue to hate yourself because you didn't get any treatment for your mental illness (protip: people with autism already feel like they don't belong in their skin, you've just fallen for the jew propaganda that's telling you it's because you're "gender dysphoric")
  4. kill yourself like the majority of trans people do because they never get help either because the jew just wants you dead, not healthy and producing more healthy children

i feel sorry for your parents; they tried their best.

No.1526 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [2019-07-12 20:28] []

move over world cup, it's the 2019 tryhard olympics

No.1527 : Anonymous [2019-07-13 14:48] []

You should have health coverage at your university. Get a appointments with both a physician and a mental health professional to find out what your options are. (Almost) all medication is cheaper with insurance.

Also, start doing your research now about what trans or queer support groups there are at the university and in that city. They will most likely have good information for you to follow up on.


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