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No.1507 : Anonymous [2019-04-06 12:54] 1554569692804.jpg [GIS] (45290 B, 800x600)
45290 B

'Sup. How to find a therapist for people who question their gender or a local trans community?
Pic unrelated.

No.1508 : Anonymous [2019-04-06 13:19] []
  1. if you have autism you just don't because you are just autistic
  2. if you are young you just don't because young people grow out of those thoughts 90% of the time
  3. if you require attention you just don't because it's not positive attention
  4. if you have any addictions at all you just don't because you are an addict and need to fix yourself
  5. if you have diagnosed depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness you just don't because you aren't trans, you have mental illness
  6. you are the gender you're born with, and if you think otherwise, you're mentally ill and you need to fix yourself

trans people have been warning others for a long time about this shit—it's not healthy and it doesn't fix anything. work through your mental illness properly, otherwise you're just going to be following that majority of trans people towards suicide.

you can send me the $300 hourly fee that you would have been charged by some mentally ill therapist who just wants to harm you. no repeat sessions required.

No.1509 : Anonymous [2019-04-06 16:40] []

>>1508 :(

No.1510 : r-kun [2019-04-06 19:44] []

did you just have a stroke, m8?

the stats unequivocally show that trans and alt gender people on average are MUCH happier and lead more fulfilling lives when they're allowed to be who they are, instead of being forced to hide and getting dunked on constantly by people like you (the kind of harassment which, sure enough, leads to depression and self harm over time)

also sciences disagrees with pretty much everything you said, and gender (not sex; a completely different thing) and their associated roles are made up nonsense

No.1511 : Anonymous [2019-04-06 19:59] []

>>1510 don't be stupid

No.1512 : Anonymous [2019-04-07 02:31] []

>>1510 Alright, that's going a bit away from the original question.

No.1514 : Anonymous [2019-04-08 23:12] []

Best thing to do is see if you can find any local trans/LGBT groups and see if they have any experience with them. Know that depending on your area, you may have to travel a considerable distance (1 hour+) to find a LGBT friendly therapist. Otherwise, search "LGBT Therapist Near Me" in google and see what comes up.

No.1515 : Anonymous [2019-04-09 04:09] []

>>1514 Can't find groups nor lgbt therapists. Only thing that shows up are general psychologists.

wat do


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