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No.1392 : Oz [2017-03-21 16:12]

Hi I'm a 16 year old boy and I was wondering if anyone had some tips for anal masturbation?

No.1393 : Anonymous [2017-03-21 22:22] []


No.1396 : Anonymous [2017-04-05 14:43] []

stop jerking off totally. get an amazon gift card and buy a dildo and lube. from now til infinity the only way you cum is with that dildo. if you dont cum from the dildo you dont cum. aim forward at the prostate until you can cum everytime then aim away from the prostate until you can cum like that. if you have achieved the final step you have won at anal.

No.1397 : Oz [2017-04-08 15:19] []

>>1392 sorry I've been gone so long had to take care something's. I'd love to just buy a dildo off Amazon but I wouldn't be able to with out my parents catching me so I've found a local store called Spencer's I can buy some toys from but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for which ones I should get.

No.1398 : Anonymous [2017-04-15 13:29] []

What's your price range? If your making a go at this money will affect enjoyment. I myself would throw at least 50$ at the low end.... though looking through the site I could easily triple that.

Dildo: at least as big as your own cock.
A plug for the days you plan to play as prep.
Lube lots. Probably water based. If it's made from something else it might stain your toys.

Condoms to protect the toys and easier cleanup.

No.1402 : Oz [2017-04-19 08:38] []

I was thinking I was gonna throw in at least a $100 to start.

No.1411 : Anonymous [2017-05-12 13:13] 1494609219696.webm [GIS] (2644323 B, 640x480) []
2644323 B

whatever you buy strive for this skill level.... holy god!


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