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No.1355 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 13:03] [Report] 1459962224747.jpg (18136 B, 281x281) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
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Germany self medicating. so umm you can say im a femboy rn kinda and i want to start self medicating. the problem is i dont know where to order mones since you need a prescription for them. i found someone from turkey was selling them on ioffer but the problem is turkey is not in the EU and basically all orders not from there get through customs here. that means i will have to go somewhere and open the box and show the stuff i ordered to the police. since ordering meds especially things which have to be prescribed are illegal i will get sued and either have to pay money or get in jail fro up to 3 years. can anyone help me out please?

No.1360 : Anonymous [2016-08-10 17:32] [Report] []

you should try "qhi", their prices seem pretty reasonable for estradiolevalerat and spironolactone
also ordering them is not illegal i guess but selling them - they don't fall under the BetΓ€ubungsmittelgesetz


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