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No.1263 : Elisa [2015-03-01 23:08] [Report] 1425269305676.jpg (19232 B, 391x141) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
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Well im very underage i'm 5' 11" what's the best way to stunt growth?
Also what's the best way to get hormones or block testosterone with out meds and no mail as my stuff gets opened

No.1264 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 16:02] [Report] []


best thing you can do, is come out to your parents, or maybe some other adult who will support you, and at the very least, get on puberty blocking meds until you can either sort out your brain, or convince whomever to allow you to teen-sition (transition as a teenager),

or if nothing else, work on gaining hard assets in prep for early adulthood transition; car or other powered vehicle, a job of some sort, a house or safe room, apartment, something.

point is, you probably already know that you don't want to have to go thru high school as the wrong sex/gender, and then spend ten or thirty years after that, living by someone else's script, and then have gender dysphoria snap back into your life like a loose freight train one day, and have your 'dream' life blow up in your face.

too many hons have lived by that trope and suffered for it, and being that i might inevitably one of those hons, i can tell you, even as i turn 30, i always do wish i was where im at now in life - atleast 10 years ago.

building a life from square zero is hard work, and even more so when you intentionally set to work building the life you specifically want, rather than following the 'everybody' life script that everyone else just sorta falls into.

Not only do you have to be bleeding-edge smart about many things in life which you might not even realize yet, but you must always work and struggle and sweat (and yes, sometimes even bleed) to make things happen, even/especially when the many decks of cards of the game of life, are stacked against you.

No.1265 : Anonymous [2015-03-08 03:40] [Report] []

Alright thank you.


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