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No.1174 : TG in need of advice~ [2014-10-03 16:35] [Report] [SNAP]

Firstly a small preface as to where I am in my transition and then a good load of questions that I am very concerned about! Also! If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Heh, I wish I could look good enough to post pictures here but I feel (despite being told otherwise, to an extent) that I am so far away from that it's not even funny.

Currently in the process of trying to train my voice (I am not doing great. It's sort of depressing) while also trying to get over 23 years of hard wiring and some worries about the people around me and their view on myself. I'm about a month or two out from hormones, and I have had little to no money and little to no clothes, even smaller amount of andro clothes, which makes me sad.

I see my doctor sometime next week I believe. Trying to get that all worked out as well as the checks to see I'm healthy and my blood work is saying I can start taking them.

So~ Questions!

Are there any supplements or hormones to increase breast growth or female curves(fat distribution) while taking estrogen?

> I already know of a few but wanted to get any/all answers I could on this.

Best route to get clothing, and how to get it? Thift shops? Online? Just bear it and go elsewhere?
Experiences with this? Clothing shopping? Thift stores?

>Most have told me stick to thrift stores and learn to sew and alter clothing. Going to have to learn this~

Best way to shave arms and legs?

>Been doing this for quite some time already but was curious if there was something better than Nair (for the lapses) and razors until I start electrolysis/hair removal.

How to tuck?

>I have no idea how to do this to be able to wear the stuff I'd like. Looked up guides, I've experimented and nothing so far. I am at a complete loss here.

Willpower to do the small things, the desire/drive to get it and the worry that the work is worth the result/goal if it can be managed/achieved.

>I get depressed and wonder if it's worth it if I do all this work, all the money, all this time and I end up looking like nothing anyone would want to be near, y'know? Very worried about this but I've been told I have a soft face and that my bone structure is good for me.

Hair stylists? Hair styles? Colors? In between?
Where and how? What to say?

>I have my hair down to my shoulders by this point and still have not cut/styled it. I am afraid go in because I don't know what to ask. Should I get something female? If so, do I have to admit why? I don't know. Most of the people I've gone to are the typical barbers when I was stealthing as a guy and just got a buzz cut.


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