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No.1131 : Ella [2014-06-28 00:22] [Report] 1403929360250.jpg (322824 B, 1168x2788) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
322824 B

So... I'm awful at introductions etc so I'll sort of plunge into this:
My name's Ella, I'm 23, I don't have a family as supportive as all the teen-transition girls I keep seeing out there and I'm looking for any help/advice anyone could offer me on a variety of things.

Some things to keep in mind: I aim to look female, not androgynous, I am not concerned with virility etc, I live outside the US

The first struggle is hair removal. I have very thick, dark and stubborn hair and so shaving always leaves an awful shadow on my face (even when the skin feels silky smooth) and has a similar result on my chest. (Plucking my face takes days and brings me to tears)
Shaving with and then against the grain still does not resolve the issue. I get best results with a shaving gel.
I have tried wax on various parts of my body but the hair needs to be far too long in order for the wax to actually remove it.

I am happy with my ass and legs but have almost no chest to speak of (thankfully not tiny nipples) and I'm not pleased with my belly or feet.
I see a lot of posts and stuff floating around the net talking about diet and about exercise with regards to both of these.
Can diet actually make a remotely noticeable difference? (I already don't eat red meat)
I have also heard (a lot) that fat loss cannot be targeted and so you cannot exercise to only lose weight in a specific area. Which is true?
Can waist training with corsets noticeably help with this? (without the corset?)
I've also seen pics with massagey-type exercises to encourage breast growth but again is that something that can make a difference?
The problem with my feet is that they're too wide, making my feet JUST too big for mainstream shoe sizes. I'm so close, are there any tricks to deal with this?

If I were to take hormones I would have to self-medicate for various reasons.
How safe is ordering this stuff online?

My final bane is money. While I would be willing to whore myself out online (if I'm even close to desirable), is that is a viable way to earn some money or do most people do it for the fun?

omg wall of text tl;dr: looking for advice on stubborn hair removal, boobs, tummy fat, wide feet, hormones, money.

No.1132 : Ella [2014-06-28 02:54] [Report] 1403938461014.jpg (1050545 B, 1044x1944) [YIS] [GIS] []
1050545 B

some encouragement for replies :3

No.1133 : Anonymous [2014-06-30 04:28] [Report] []
>>Can diet actually make a remotely noticeable difference?

For about 98% of people on the planet, yes having a healthy diet will make a difference over time.

>>I have also heard (a lot) that fat loss cannot be targeted and so you cannot exercise to only lose weight in a specific area. Which is true?

Yes it's true, targeted fat loss is a myth. As you change your diet and take on a cardio program (burn calories) and strength training (for definition) your body eats away at your fat reserves randomly and you'll be able to obtain a lean fit look.

>>Can waist training with corsets noticeably help with this? (without the corset?)

Haven't looked into it much but corsets sound unhealthy and should be avoided. Doing the above in a way you like and can stick with and doing some lower body strength training (squats work magic on your butt and thighs) can help with an hour glass figure.

I don't know about the rest. I'd imagine you can use make-up for the beard shadow, check to see if you have flat feet and if so if there are any treatments, and yeah you can probably sell sex for cash. I would love to help massage your chest and play with your ass, but I'd probably end up broke from twice a day visits.

feel free to post more pics btw.

No.1135 : Anonymous [2014-07-10 22:38] [Report] []

Erm... Corsets are fine if you don't overdo it.

The general rule of thumb for corsets at your current stage would be for no more than 5 inches in waist reduction.

First, get a waist slimming shapewear and get used to wearing that for a few days. Then get 2 of the same corsets. Again, no smaller than 5 inches smaller than your current waist.

Wear your slimmer under the corset to prevent it from marking your skin, as well as acting as a slight barrier for the oils in your skin against the corset.

Then comes the long haul part, training your corsets:
The in order to put the corset on, loosen the back entirely, then close the first set of clamps on the front. Then tighten the back until it feels SLIGHTLY tight. Seriously, people overdo this part and go as tight as they can as fast as they can, this will hurt you in many ways.
Wear the corset for about 2 hours.
Taking off the corset is in the exact opposite order! Loosen the back entirely, then unclamp the front.
Repeat the following day (yes. 24 hours.) with the other corset

The goal here is to train both of your corsets so they last longer, while giving your body time to adapt to the pressure.

Over the next few days, you'll extend your time wearing the corset gradually to 12 hours.

If you are sore, ease off. You want your body to adjust gradually.

Keep in mind that you are also still on the first set of clamps on the front!

Over the next several WEEKS (again... I cannot emphasize how this must be done gradually), you will tighten the back of the corset until it is almost completely closed (less than 1 inch gap).

By this point you will have noticed a very slight feminization of your waist :D

However... This is not permanent and will revert in a matter of days...

Now you are ready to move to the second layer of clamps on your corset! This will make it slightly tighter overall and continue to reach your desired shape! You'll want to continue the gradual process of tightening gradually over several weeks until you're completely tightened again. Then go to the tightest setting and repeat over several weeks.

Once you've reached the tightest your current corset can go, you have reached a way-point.

You can either keep purchasing the same size corset and wearing it at this level of tightness full time (gradually approaching 20-24 hours of in corset time), or you can stay in the 12 hour range and work off the extra inches with ab workouts to slim your body until your current corset set is no longer tight on your body, then go down no more than 2 inches from your current waist line and repeat this whole waist training process again until you're fully fem! This second trainer, when you reach the final tightness, should be your last trainer. Avoid going any smaller (keep in mind that this is a total of 7 inches from your initial waist). Keep wearing trainers of this size for 12+ hours to make the results permanent over the next several years. Yes that is years. Unfortunately us trans ladies are not naturally blessed with a truly feminine structure most of the time and it can take time for the results to become permanent.

I hope this was helpful

No.1141 : Anonymous [2014-08-03 21:42] [Report] 1407116527226.jpg (86856 B, 470x638) [YIS] [GIS] []
86856 B

thanks for the replies


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