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No.1072 : Anonymous [13/12/01(Sun)17:43] [Report] 1385937835500.png (1750824 B, 1432x2020) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
1750824 B

Hey i was just wondering if any of you have experience going from over weight to being a trap, and know what kind of workouts i should be doing. I'm also curious if this chart it accurate because I've been told that it's not. I would be really glad if you could help me out.

No.1073 : Anonymous [13/12/07(Sat)02:55] [Report] []

I'm curious about the mentioned supplement, Purera Mirifica. Searching for information about it just brings up a bunch of those shit sites hawking it as the best thing ever. Does anyone have legitimate information about this?

No.1078 : Anonymous [13/12/17(Tue)02:58] [Report] []

any more info pics like this?

HRT guides?

No.1087 : Anonymous [14/01/02(Thu)17:23] [Report] []

Grows breasts mainly. Plenty of information over at breast nexus forums.

No.1096 : Anonymous [14/01/23(Thu)21:49] [Report] []

/g/ made that image
What is wrong with everyone

No.1098 : Anonymous [14/02/03(Mon)23:02] [Report] []
>Alcohol decreases your testosterone

Well good thing I just busted out the vodka.

Though really, I see this image posted everywhere. Why is it so popular? Is "give a good read to ''" too hard?

No.1140 : Anonymous [2014-07-30 10:27] [Report] []

Not OP but that image is what lead me here, the whole not having to take drugs thing combined with encouraging a healthy lifestyle is what lead me to consider living out my dream of becoming a cute girl.

Of course you don't have to search for very long here to find loads of other good advice.

No.1144 : Anonymous [2014-08-08 18:06] [Report] 1407535563311.png (2670313 B, 1432x2164) [YIS] [GIS] []
2670313 B

Panty and myself on newfapchan decided to revise that shit guide. Enjoy!

No.1146 : marcysissy [2014-08-19 00:09] [Report] []

I hope eating my own cum will help ;)

any more tips?

No.1147 : Anonymous [2014-08-20 10:44] [Report] []

i'm curious, is it possible for someone to go from fairly built/burly to trap mode via dieting and a change workout? Is it also possible to retain upper body strength while still keeping the trap aesthetic?

No.1149 : Anonymous [2014-08-25 17:23] [Report] []

Does anyone have a good guide for shaving legs and private areas? I saw one before but I can't seem to find it.

No.1150 : Iamliterallyuncomfortableallthetime [2014-08-28 11:46] [Report] []


This is the image that really encouraged me to pursue wanting to be a pretty girl. Since september I lost like 20kg and currently I'm into week 5 of the that running guide thingy.

/fit/ said most of the diet stuff is absolute trash though which is discouraging but I assume the exercise stuff is more useful.


This is wonderful, thank you!

No.1213 : Phil-to-Lydia [2014-11-30 18:31] [Report] []

This is my fourth day of drinking 0.5 gallons of spearmint tea and 0.26 gallons of soy milk a day. (Am I drinking too much? lol)
And I also started out doing squats and other different exercises (might start running tomorrow if I have enough time; thanks university <_<).

When do you think can I expect some first signs of more estrogene?

No.1216 : Anonymous [2014-12-03 17:38] [Report] []

about drink semen, it's really? can i drink a lot of semen diary that it will help me?

No.1217 : Anonymous [2014-12-03 17:41] [Report] []

>>1216 WHAT?

No.1225 : Phil-to-Lydia [2014-12-18 12:19] [Report] []

Hey there, I just wanted to give ya an update.

So, this is nearly the end of my third week week of drinking 2 liters of spearmint tea and 1 liter of soy milk on a daily basis.

I have already recognized certain differences with my body:

-smoother skin
-slower facial/body hair growth
-a more positiv view on life (I happened to suffer from depressions a lot, especially this year <_<)
-and a reduced libido (at this point of time, I haven't masturbated for 5 days and I don't have the urge to it, at all!)

I also started eating flax seed yesterday, 3 spoons a day. <3

No.1237 : Anonymous [2015-01-14 00:01] [Report] []

spearmint tea and soy milk is a thing for estrogen?

You might find you're less depressed if you've been exercising regularly. The smoother skin and slower hair regrowth is definitely interesting though.

No.1238 : Anonymous [2015-01-23 17:56] [Report] []

So I have been following the revised guide as well as I can, but I cant get purera at the moment. But I did find Black cohosh and Dong Quai. So I was wondering if anyone knows how much I should be taking, I started at 500mg/day and after about a week I'm starting to up to 1000mg/day.

No.1247 : Phil-to-Lydia [2015-02-03 17:14] [Report] []

I just want to mention that after nearly four months of drinking a litre of soymilk a day, I stopped doing it. You see, I came to notice that I was under constant stress lately, so I searched the net and found out that overdozing with soymilk increases a stress hormone. So please, look out people.

And speaking of alcohol: Why would you ruin your liver with that crap? If your liver turns to shit, you can't do HRT anymore.

No.1266 : Anonymous [2015-03-17 12:36] [Report] []

Hey guys, I just started on the revised guide a few days ago. I haven't done any sort of exercise in well over 5 years but I'm not blindingly obese, just overweight. My entire body aches after just 2 days of following the sample workout + Couch to 5k and the muscles in my legs are in borderline agony. Should I push myself and go for the jog today or not? I don't even know if I can manage it.

No.1282 : Anonymous [2015-04-27 19:54] [Report] []

Y'all might be interested in this:

It appears to have a different objective from ours, but some of the information therein might be relevant.

No.1289 : Anonymous [2015-06-01 16:41] [Report] []

Regarding spearmint tea:

  • I presume it's sold in teabags. How many milligrams per teabag?
  • Where should I look for it?
  • Are there any special preparation instructions for "doing it right"?
  • I feel like swallowing a pill would be less work. Is there a way to do that?
No.1310 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 23:53] [Report] []


I started taking it two weeks ago.
I can't actually swallow pills due to never having to while growing up but I'm waiting for the effects from the powder to kick in sometime around the 3 month point.

No.1359 : Anonymous [2016-07-21 11:00] [Report] []

Same, I'm just starting a little now
I don't want to be fully feminine, just kinda borderline, so I'm starting off slow and just drinking spearmint tea a lot for now

No.1373 : Anonymous [2016-10-23 09:54] [Report] []


wait purera is 500/mg day?


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