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No.8 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/03(Tue)08:31] [Report] 1304425863906.jpg (31703 B, 375x500) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
31703 B i don't know if i should be making a new thread or waiting for the old ones to come back if ever they are?
cause omg if they're not coming back there are toooo many pics i would have to repost ;~~; i just couldn't do it.

regardless, hi errybody! ^~^
how are you guise?
oh ya i also got a wig a week or two ago. it's ok.

No.9 : #pu.lLOVELY [11/05/03(Tue)08:36] [Report] []

Damn you're pretty ;_; Really beautiful eyes<3 And do repost, for instance I haven't seen a lot of your pics.

And how am I? Awesome, I'd hate to sound like a geek but I'm a bit excited that tranchan is back, I've been itching to take some photos lately.

No.16 : Anonymous [11/05/03(Tue)15:09] [Report] []

Dollface!! It's been hell with tranchan down!! I couldn't get my daily Dollface fix XD

And Yeah, post more new ones, you've got catching up to do!!!

No.28 : anon [11/05/03(Tue)20:09] [Report] []

I missed you dollface. youre such a cutie, I love the blonde wig, altho I think you make just about everything you wear look pretty good

No.36 : Anonymous [11/05/03(Tue)21:58] [Report] []

>>8 I like it!

No.58 : Anonymous [11/05/04(Wed)05:57] [Report] []

Awesome, although even if you shaved your head bic clean I would still want to penetrate you.

No.73 : Anonymous [11/05/04(Wed)17:24] [Report] []
dollface post on 4chan too! if this site ever goes down again & you're suffering withdrawals

No.76 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/04(Wed)20:57] [Report] 1304557059059.jpg (23459 B, 580x435) [YIS] [GIS] []
23459 B


thx u guise 3333:

and i have been bussssyyyy so i haven't rly taken any new sets or anything :[ i only have a few more days to look for work and suchhhh and it's not goin' all too well. but i'm bein' optimistic.

in other news i got my thigh high boots today that a nice gentleman got me ^~^ i lahv them

No.77 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/04(Wed)20:58] [Report] 1304557097366.jpg (47614 B, 500x667) [YIS] [GIS] []
47614 B


No.79 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/04(Wed)20:58] [Report] 1304557123920.jpg (25912 B, 600x450) [YIS] [GIS] []
25912 B

kiss my boots

No.148 : Anonymous [11/05/05(Thu)09:41] [Report] []


No.169 : Anonymous [11/05/05(Thu)14:05] [Report] []

Could you please take a few pics of your legs?
Seriously nice yams :)

No.172 : AE [11/05/05(Thu)14:59] [Report] []

Who wouldn't?

No.214 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/06(Fri)01:10] [Report] 1304658606133.jpg (53964 B, 500x667) [YIS] [GIS] []
53964 B




well sure o: i will take some rlyrly soon.
my legs are sooo smooth right now i am totally in love with them ahaha

No.225 : Anonymous [11/05/06(Fri)03:10] [Report] []

>>214 Let's see the other side. Your ass framed by the tops of those boots must look heavenly. :)

No.266 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/06(Fri)21:08] [Report] 1304730512246.jpg (72396 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
72396 B


when i next take pics with the boots i will :]

at the moment i'm taking pics with my new kimono. loves it.

No.270 : Bridget #xrXATc5X7c [11/05/06(Fri)21:43] [Report] []

Dollface is right! I wanna smooth you.

No.274 : doc [11/05/06(Fri)22:40] [Report] []

you look adorable <3

No.305 : Anonymous [11/05/07(Sat)07:50] [Report] []


very hot

No.307 : Anonymous [11/05/07(Sat)09:23] [Report] []


we want more

No.364 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:50] [Report] 1304830249983.jpg (21904 B, 540x405) [YIS] [GIS] []
21904 B


3: da'w


well ty c:

i'm going to post some of the pics i've taken over the last week or so since i haven't rly posted them anywhere to be honest.

No.365 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:51] [Report] 1304830272499.jpg (30235 B, 540x405) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.366 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:51] [Report] 1304830297952.jpg (18548 B, 540x405) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.367 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:51] [Report] 1304830309695.jpg (23671 B, 550x413) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.368 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:52] [Report] 1304830329970.jpg (23199 B, 550x413) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.369 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:52] [Report] 1304830372114.jpg (28501 B, 600x450) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.370 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:53] [Report] 1304830394631.jpg (24479 B, 420x560) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.371 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:53] [Report] 1304830417187.jpg (26101 B, 550x413) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.372 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:53] [Report] 1304830431549.jpg (29441 B, 590x443) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.373 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:54] [Report] 1304830474559.jpg (88818 B, 600x281) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.374 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:56] [Report] 1304830596321.jpg (22239 B, 500x377) [YIS] [GIS] []
22239 B

a few picz i took today as of yet. i was taking them with a bow since my friend makes them and i was helping her get her etsy shop going :]

No.375 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:56] [Report] 1304830616786.jpg (36275 B, 500x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.376 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)00:57] [Report] 1304830640707.jpg (84847 B, 600x306) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.388 : Anonymous [11/05/08(Sun)05:47] [Report] []


so sexy that its hard to describe it

No.393 : doc [11/05/08(Sun)08:46] [Report] []

beautiful as always, fare lady.

No.442 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/08(Sun)18:06] [Report] 1304892373226.jpg (24498 B, 560x420) [YIS] [GIS] []
24498 B


u guise are always so sweet, thank you

No.449 : #pu.lLOVELY [11/05/08(Sun)18:59] [Report] []

You are too god damn adorable. And really good with make-up, and the clothes make me hnnngh. ;_; I wish I was you <3

No.487 : doc [11/05/09(Mon)14:25] [Report] []

I don't want to be you... just, you know, behind you =3

No.498 : w [11/05/09(Mon)16:35] [Report] []

>>79 i love your boots and how you fit in. love to kiss your boots and all the way up

No.505 : kokod?ambo [11/05/09(Mon)17:04] [Report] []

what can i say, You're simply the best! Better than all the rest

No.656 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/11(Wed)01:44] [Report] 1305092656239.jpg (21496 B, 550x413) [YIS] [GIS] []
21496 B


3: you guise are so sweet

i'm trying to think of wat i want to do about taking pictures and such soon. any ideas?

No.658 : Anonymous [11/05/11(Wed)02:18] [Report] []


No.671 : w [11/05/11(Wed)03:04] [Report] []

>>656 framing shinees

No.674 : Anonymous [11/05/11(Wed)04:08] [Report] []

Dang it Dollface!!! youre driving me fricking crazy. seriously, I NEED a thong photo. Or at least some lacey cheekies?

No.676 : Anonymous [11/05/11(Wed)05:19] [Report] []


you should be all naked wearing only high heels

No.687 : Anonymous [11/05/11(Wed)09:12] [Report] []

I wanna fap to you, you are not providing fap worthy material.
Show us your naughty side dollface c'mon I know you have it in you!!1!

No.692 : Marley [11/05/11(Wed)10:51] [Report] []


In a kimono


mother fucking damn it.

Look what you done

No.698 : doc [11/05/11(Wed)13:21] [Report] []

i need your feet! <3

No.774 : Marley [11/05/12(Thu)10:46] [Report] []


No.777 : Anonymous [11/05/12(Thu)11:05] [Report] []


I'm with this person.

No.811 : Anonymous [11/05/12(Thu)18:49] [Report] []


I second this.

No.821 : Anonymous [11/05/12(Thu)22:02] [Report] []

hey can you rewrite that story about getting fucked in the laundry room? it was so hot ._.

No.824 : A Nah-nee Miss [11/05/12(Thu)23:41] [Report] []


I third this.

Please Dollface, repost your sexy feet images.

I'd also love to see your soles and your face in the same picture.

No.837 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/13(Fri)08:44] [Report] 1305290648778.jpg (29121 B, 560x420) [YIS] [GIS] []
29121 B


k fishnets and thongs got it


wth is framing shinees lmao


lol wat are you guise on
i've posted so many 'fap worthy pics' in my other threads prior to this one as well as the types of pics people are requestin'. i would repost them but... i had 4 or 5 threads before tranchan crashed.


i will definitely do that


lol i seriously have to be in the mood for that. you guise saw how long it took me to type all of that and how long it was the last time.

but goood to knooowww. i've been busy so i haven't rly had time to take pics and such to be honest, but i'm still thinking of taking a new set soooon.

No.839 : Anonymous [11/05/13(Fri)10:04] [Report] []


your cute ass in thong that will be magnificent

No.841 : SpaceFoetus [11/05/13(Fri)10:45] [Report] []


Send me a collection of your finest leg images and I'll grant you 3 wishes

No.886 : w [11/05/14(Sat)07:28] [Report] []

>>837 framing shinees: shiny stuff that frames your body, second skins

No.929 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/15(Sun)00:12] [Report] 1305432729225.gif (509797 B, 450x338) [YIS] [GIS] []
509797 B


old .gif is old


ahah i would but i don't ever send sets to anyone. i'd rather they just find them.
i have so many pics though one of these days i might put them in a .zip with a bunch of other pics no one's seen and such and sell them.


is english not ur first language or wat

No.943 : Anonymous [11/05/15(Sun)08:44] [Report] []


you have amazing body

No.951 : Anonymous [11/05/15(Sun)11:10] [Report] []


more pictures like this please

No.1008 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/16(Mon)09:37] [Report] 1305553074967.jpg (13725 B, 560x420) [YIS] [GIS] []
13725 B


thx i guess

as an update, atm i'm totally broke and also planning on moving within the next week. i'm starting to consider completely not posting on any chans anymore, so if i stop...that will be why.

No.1012 : Violet [11/05/16(Mon)12:49] [Report] []

That's sad to hear, if I had any money I could spare I'd throw a few bucks your way to help out.

I hope you don't leave, but I totally understand wanting to.

No.1014 : Anonymous [11/05/16(Mon)13:39] [Report] []


noooo, please dont stop posting

No.1016 : Anonymous [11/05/16(Mon)15:13] [Report] []

well for the sake of your happiness and sanity
I understand. thank for the time you were here.

No.1017 : Anonymous [11/05/16(Mon)16:09] [Report] []

No, I'd simply die... Please don't stop posting. If you must, can you at least give us that thong photo you had promised??

No.1093 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/17(Tue)03:03] [Report] 1305615785789.gif (601069 B, 450x338) [YIS] [GIS] []
601069 B


and lol if i end up taking more pics or another set, then i'll probably take a lot of pics/requests i haven't before as well as the requests as of now.


:] well thx

No.1103 : Anonymous [11/05/17(Tue)07:23] [Report] []


the most sexy girl in the world

No.1104 : Ronnie from Jersey shore [11/05/17(Tue)07:30] [Report] []

Just flop your dick out aleady
We have had enough of waiting.
And seriously.. if you dont we are going to get sooooooooo bored.

I will get flamed for this, but hey baby.. we are seriously waiting for it.. your cock will be gorgeous just like your fucking whole body

No.1109 : Glasgow Smile [11/05/17(Tue)10:54] [Report] []

I won't get bored.

No.1169 : Ronnie from Jersey shore [11/05/17(Tue)23:05] [Report] []

Me either, but its still worth a try

No.1222 : Ronnie the Limo Driver [11/05/18(Wed)19:13] [Report] []

more legs and feet please! you're so hot!

No.1266 : Anonymous [11/05/19(Thu)08:49] [Report] []

i want to see those sexy nipples

No.1289 : Howard Stern [11/05/19(Thu)17:16] [Report] []

I wanna see your feet, honey. What size do you wear anyway?

No.1292 : Anonymous [11/05/19(Thu)18:36] [Report] []

What is it with creeps always asking for feet all the time? I like feet too, but you other foot fetishists are so demanding.

No.1377 : Anonymous [11/05/21(Sat)04:02] [Report] []

I'm usually against awkward faces, but this shit is so fucking unbelievably hot.

No.1456 : TallTran [11/05/23(Mon)16:26] [Report] []

-1 to whatever is keeping Dollface from us.

No.1462 : Anonymous [11/05/23(Mon)18:46] [Report] []

Dollface got banned for excessive teasing (ie,too hot and not posting enough nudes) sorry.

No.1464 : Anonymous [11/05/23(Mon)21:17] [Report] []

She deserved it.

No.1565 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/05/25(Wed)09:59] [Report] 1306331975023.gif (503543 B, 477x269) [YIS] [GIS] []
503543 B


well thx u guise 3:


well if ur bored ur bored


ok well about the MOAR feet picz, i've been busy irl so i haven't taken any new pics at all actually. and lolo I'M SRY GUISE but ...ok quick story tiem

i was sort of dating a guy long distance who was in the army for awhile, and he got out of the army last week. he drove up from georgia asap and he's been here with me ever since. we've been getting to know each other and hanging out and sleeping together etcetc so i'm with him pretty much 24/7, so that's why i haven't rly been doing anything OTHER than being with him. that includes going on the internet or taking pics or...well, anything.

but from what i understand the archives of all the old threads etc are back, including ALLLL of my old pics some of which have partial cock shots and a bajillion feetz. so until i do take more pics, if i do anyways, i hope that will do.

i hope ur all doin' great and i lahv u all.

No.1632 : Anonymous [11/05/26(Thu)13:29] [Report] []

Glad to hear you found someone dollface.

No.3149 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/02(Sat)18:05] [Report] 1309644337898.jpg (35904 B, 600x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
35904 B



so chances are i actually might be returning to taking pictures and that i'll also be taking hormones soon.

will update hopefully soon~*

bad pic is bad

p.s. idk wat section to make my threads in anymore lolo

No.3151 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)18:16] [Report] []

Why hormones, maintaining femininity?

No.3152 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/02(Sat)18:43] [Report] 1309646590860.jpg (44351 B, 600x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
44351 B


basssicallly. the main thing that i've disliked about the possibility of hormones is the growing of boobs and the lack of a fully functioning penis. but as i've thought about it more, i realize that if i actually want to age and not kill myself at 30/40 my only real option is to age as a woman. and i just turned 20, so now is as good a time as any.

plus the boob thing isn't totally awful to me and i doubt many people would dislike it. i would never get SRS though, that's for sure.

now i'm more worried about the penis thing as well as the cost.

recent pic is recent. i've been cleaning this house for like 2 weeks straight lol

No.3156 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)22:57] [Report] []

Glad you're back! :D

No.3165 : m [11/07/03(Sun)08:17] [Report] []

you shouldnt take hormones, you are perfect now

No.3166 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/03(Sun)08:33] [Report] []

Didn't you read? "Now" is not the problem. "Ten years later" is.

No.3173 : Morbid [11/07/03(Sun)13:28] [Report] []

>>3152 Okay. Let me clarify this for you, my sweet dollface.

Yes it grows bewbs...but srsly whats wrong with that?
As for the penis potency.
Yes your body does take a hit after lets say four months.
I had a huge ass sex drive and got stiffies all the time.
But after that four months it took a hearty nose dive.

Not saying that you will get all non-sexual after four months.
But trust me, your body will start turning chemically and sensitively like a females.
You'll have to work for a strong orgasm.

You can still get stiffies. But they req constant attention and arousal.

Also there is a thing call progesterone.
It will bump back up the sex drive and give stiffies.
A healthy dosing of viagra or something isn't to bad either ;3

No.3175 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/03(Sun)13:57] [Report] []


>now i'm more worried about ... the cost.

med$ med$ med$ med$ med$

No.3178 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/03(Sun)14:22] [Report] 1309717354857.jpg (32099 B, 300x418) [YIS] [GIS] []
32099 B

well ty that is vry sweet of you to say 3:


well ok,
the thing is that i never wanted boobs. ever. and i guess as i've aged i've figured that you know, if they just magically appeared i wouldn't be totally bothered about it, but that it wasn't something that i wanted. that's just me.

as for the sex drive thing i'm aware of that which i mean kinda sux but at the same time if i'm not always horny think of all the things i could accomplish AHAHA
i know of progesterone as well as the viagra possibility, which to me if i need to do it so i can fuck my bf is totes fine with me, but from what i've read most of the side-effects haven't been proven to happen at all with it. like there's studies that have shown that progesterone doesn't benefit anything and that it also leads to most of the negative side-effects thought to occur with estrogen and anti-androgens.

plus the amount of monies made me think that i just shouldn't go on them. idk about people's progress with progesterone though, cause timeline thingys don't usually list amounts and mgs and such.


this sista knows wat i mean lolol
i already know that i would never ever get SRS. but everything that i want can be achieved with hormones now rather than with plastic surgery, a TON more money and more upkeep later in life. i don't want to have my metabolism shut down when i'm 25 and have the fat i gain go where it would for a man, especially since i wouldn't be able to exercise without bulking something up.

it just seems like the right thing to do i suppose.

No.3179 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)15:16] [Report] []

Here I was happily fapping in this thread, and then I see that name. Ever opening flower shit. Just seeing that name kills my boner... Hey faggot flower, dollface is what a tranny should look like. Take some notes and get out of the way for good quality girls, kay?

No.3183 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)16:39] [Report] []


What the fuck are you even talking about?

No.3185 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/03(Sun)16:51] [Report] []


>this sista knows wat i mean lolol

I was at the same fork in the road around your age. I know how you feel, I just ended up taking another path.

He Googled Ever Opening Flower probably; then realized what an inferior little dicked man he is.

No.3186 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/03(Sun)18:57] [Report] 1309733869182.gif (645554 B, 450x338) [YIS] [GIS] []
645554 B


plz do not be rude to people in my thread who are trying to either offer me advice or speak on a topic that pertains to what i'm addressing.

if you don't like her so be it, but i don't entirely approve of the negativity i see in her thread let alone in mine.


if you don't mind me asking, why is it that you took the road that you did? if it's too personal or watever i'm ok with that and understand.

No.3216 : defensive [11/07/04(Mon)15:45] [Report] []

On a related note, it is an open secret that the medical establishment over-prescribes anti-androgens to transwomen, resulting in testosterone levels far, far below those of ciswomen. Tweaking the dosage has cleared up some performance problems for most who investigate it.

No.3218 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/04(Mon)16:55] [Report] []

I consider it a youthful distraction. I honestly feel I was more focused when I was fat and unsightly. That's not to say when I start looking too old to keep this up I'm going to balloon up again, because I like living an active life. I just won't have to worry about all the trivial shit I do right now and check the mirror 10 times a day. I feel aging is natural and an integral part of the mental growth process...the more you try to put it off or the more of a stigma you have with it the harder it's going to hit you.

No.3228 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)02:11] [Report] []

Oh man am I so glad I found you Dollface. Was looking for you since I haven't seen you in a week or two, and haven't been on here either.

Im the guy that talked to you about the movies and the aquarium and such, and was just wondering how you found the city. (You did move right?)

No.3237 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/05(Tue)14:41] [Report] 1309891264137.jpg (54427 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
54427 B


i suppose that's true, but it's also more than likely that if i wanted more visible effects i couldn't downplay the eventual forever.


i guess i just want to be able to be active and age in a certain way and in many ways it's no possible for me.


um well ya i've been here now for about... 2 weeks? maybe 3. i haven't rly explored too much here, but it's definitely nice. i have friends who live over in williamstown and some that are closer in millbury but since it takes almost an hour of driving to see them i haven't hung out with anyone that much.

No.3248 : Jones [11/07/05(Tue)20:24] [Report] []

Oh my, your stunning

No.3250 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)22:29] [Report] []


THOSE FUCKING LEGS!!!! moar please! ;)

No.3251 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)23:11] [Report] []

moar! any links to more of your photos?

No.3283 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/06(Wed)20:53] [Report] 1310000006256.jpg (82877 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
82877 B


well thx 3:


i have a bunch actually on this site in various other sections lol

so i'm trying to decide if i should start doing camshows and such. i mean it's pretty good money and at least i would know i would have money for watever i need and could keep my job, regardless of instability.

No.3290 : Anonymous [11/07/07(Thu)01:41] [Report] []

PLEASE for the love of black baby jesus, refrain from getting breast implants

No.3291 : Anonymous [11/07/07(Thu)01:46] [Report] []

Killing yourself at thirty is better than having a limp, unusable cock

No.3293 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/07(Thu)04:39] [Report] []

growth from hormones=/=implants

No.3341 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)01:17] [Report] []


No.3362 : Dollface #EzbyRtJDZY [11/07/09(Sat)15:27] [Report] 1310239637452.jpg (64503 B, 720x540) [YIS] [GIS] []
64503 B


the only reason i want to go on hormones is so that i can actually exercise and not worry about the muscle bulk and i want to age in the way a woman would. i don't ever intend on getting any sort of plastic surgery other than FFS.


eh ya but i'll still become more masculine within the next 5 years and i'll only be 25.
the whole thing is just tricky lol


i was actually thinking of new pics and such to take buuuut just a few days ago my bf and i got a kitten and the kitten has been quite the handfull, so i apologize for the lack of moar.

No.3387 : Anonymous [11/07/10(Sun)05:19] [Report] []


>i'll still become more masculine within the next 5 years and i'll only be 25.

The way your body is, I doubt you'll ever have to worry about becoming too masculine. I'm already 24, and I've been losing that battle since middle school. Never got the chance to take hormones.

No.3393 : Anonymous [11/07/10(Sun)15:33] [Report] []

you are gorgeous. please grace us with more pics, please! ;)

No.4481 : Anonymous [11/09/17(Sat)16:17] [Report] []

There's a surgery that bodybuilders get when they take steroids because it makes them grows boobs. Arnold Schwarzenegger had it done so he could keep his pecs.

So female hormones with a male chest is doable.

No.4620 : Anonymous [11/09/27(Tue)12:18] [Report] 1317140316641.jpg (30733 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
30733 B

anon deliverz ..want MOARR <3

No.4625 : Anonymous [11/09/27(Tue)22:19] [Report] []

If that's her butt... <3

Anyone, or even Dollface herself, please can we have a zip file with all the pics in?

No.6703 : Anonymous [12/04/11(Wed)16:41] [Report] []

You, dollface, should totally give me your skype or email!!:$


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