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No.6379 : Anonymous [12/03/05(Mon)12:06] 1330967197739.jpg [GIS] (616575 B, 1600x1200)
616575 B

where is she?

No.6381 : Anonymous [12/03/05(Mon)16:15] []

Not seen her in ages. I miss her :(

No.6383 : Anonymous [12/03/05(Mon)18:54] []

She's done some Shemale Yum stuff actually, maybe two or so years old and that's the last activity I'm aware of. She looked kind of busted in some of the shots, tbh.

No.6384 : Anonymous [12/03/05(Mon)22:17] []


link? <3

No.6389 : Anonymous [12/03/06(Tue)07:13] []
No.6477 : Anonymous [12/03/10(Sat)14:22] []

last I heard, she was going back to school or some such.

This was a year ago. Someone mentioned it in chat one day. Can't confirm it.

No.6492 : Anonymous [12/03/11(Sun)17:15] []

Yeah, she did the SMY stuff and she may have been on boards once or twice after that but I don't recall much.

No.6493 : Anonymous [12/03/11(Sun)17:25] []

But the thing that matters is, for Sascha for example is we got THREE sets/videos on SMY of her and her beautiful body, cute little boobies and INCREDIBLE luxurious uncut of the nicest I ever seen.

No.6661 : Anonymous [12/04/01(Sun)00:06] []

she went pro. but she looked less healthier, much less on those photo shoots. and disappeared all the sudden.

No.6663 : Anonymous [12/04/01(Sun)01:25] []
No.6667 : ?Robertagrammaton? ##nuerJyS6 [12/04/01(Sun)18:10] []

Ha ha, no. She used to post here and that's not her personality at all.

No.6668 : Anonymous [12/04/01(Sun)19:05] []

she has been on cam 4 a few times not often.
Does a quick fap and leaves.


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