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No.6022 : Ophelia [11/12/31(Sat)14:44] 1325360672967.jpg (507194 B, 1024x1024) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
507194 B

My first post here, is this the right board?

No.6023 : Ophelia [11/12/31(Sat)14:45] 1325360736278.jpg (404883 B, 1024x789) [YIS] [GIS] []
404883 B

Heels <3

No.6024 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)14:54] []

Certainly not the wrong one.

No.6025 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)15:01] []

pretty nice, any chance of that ass being riden?

No.6026 : Ophelia [11/12/31(Sat)15:59] []

Thanks <3

Maybe, I'm pretty shy IRL so I'd don't think I'd be able to set something like that up >.<

No.6027 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)16:39] []


Well if I was with you it would be ;)

post moar! :D

No.6028 : Ophelia [11/12/31(Sat)17:23] []

I'll post some more pics when I can, but I don't have much free time or clothes.

No.6029 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)18:24] []

You really started this off right!

No.6030 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)18:43] []

your cock is so adorable. i LOVE LOVE LOVE uncut! please continue!!!

No.6031 : Anonymous [11/12/31(Sat)21:29] []

Can't wait to see mroe Ophelia, where do you hail from?

No.6033 : Anonymous [12/01/01(Sun)15:45] 1325450750504.jpg (416022 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
416022 B

Here's one from the front, hope you like it :)

Virginia, in the middle of nowhere sadly.

No.6034 : Anonymous [12/01/01(Sun)16:39] []

What a beautiful ass.

I want to fuck it so bad.

No.6035 : Anonymous [12/01/01(Sun)17:27] []

whoa whereish in Va if you don't mind my asking...?
Not close to Richmond by any chance :D

No.6038 : Anonymous [12/01/01(Sun)22:48] []


Could you post a pic with a hardon if its not too much trouble :)

No.6041 : Ophelia [12/01/02(Mon)11:38] []

I don't want to go into more detail right now, sorry.

It's a bit of trouble since I'm on hormones ;) I'll have a pic up soon.

No.6042 : Ophelia [12/01/02(Mon)14:03] 1325530995029.jpg (327913 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
327913 B

This is as good as it's going to get :/

What other requests do you guys have? I've got some rainbow stripey socks and a black dress as well.

No.6043 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)14:23] []

>>6042 So nice and smooth. Can we see more behind shots and maybe some face?

No.6044 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)14:51] []

How about sitting in a chair, leaning way back.

No.6045 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)17:35] []


did your cock shrink from the hormones? Other experiences? Tits?

No.6046 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)17:46] []

oh and how long have you been on hormones until you couldn't get it up anymore?

No.6051 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [12/01/02(Mon)20:33] []

Awww, it's so cute. But not useful for anything, silly girl. Now turn around.

No.6052 : Ophelia [12/01/02(Mon)21:50] 1325559046510.jpg (379690 B, 1024x835) [YIS] [GIS] []
379690 B

I'm not really ready to post face pics yet, but I'll definitely be bending over some more :D

I think there's been some shrinkage, but I'm not really into topping so it's fine. Here's a pic of my tits after around seven months, they look better but I'm terrible at taking pics :/

I still can, it's just more work and not as hard.

I agree ;)

No.6053 : Ophelia [12/01/02(Mon)22:11] 1325560286117.jpg (360727 B, 1024x841) [YIS] [GIS] []
360727 B

Here's another behind shot :D

No.6054 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)22:18] []


Great pics Ophelia.

Couple of close-ups with your foreskin pulled back pls?

No.6055 : Anonymous [12/01/02(Mon)23:14] []

>>6053 Yummy!

No.6057 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)01:50] []

Gorgeous smooth skin, and that cock! So cute. Your asshole is looking tasty too. Would you kindly sit on my face? :D

No.6061 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)04:07] []

you look like my type. i'd love to meet someone like you.

can you take a shot while you're laying down, angled a bit so it's from the angle of someone holding the camera.

No.6062 : theNewGuy [12/01/03(Tue)05:29] []

Any penetration pics? We want that!

No.6065 : Ophelia [12/01/03(Tue)09:03] []

I've been trying, but it's hard to set up a shot like that without a photographer :(

I do have a few toys; want me to show them off ;D

No.6069 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)15:29] []


your body is so hot, it's unreal. At what age did you start your transition?

No.6070 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)15:31] []

man im so blue balled, i would top that for days

No.6071 : Ophelia [12/01/03(Tue)15:46] []

I'm 19 and I started hormones at the same age, but I've been thinking about this for years.

Thanks <3

I've got some pics with my pink butt plug that I'll post soon.

No.6072 : Ophelia [12/01/03(Tue)16:00] 1325624454926.jpg (445542 B, 1024x845) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6073 : Ophelia [12/01/03(Tue)16:02] 1325624548603.jpg (410291 B, 1024x775) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6074 : Ophelia [12/01/03(Tue)16:04] 1325624642035.jpg (540301 B, 1024x997) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6075 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)16:04] []

can you show more of your dickplease ? :)

No.6076 : Anonymous [12/01/03(Tue)18:40] 1325634026034.jpg (19850 B, 352x333) [YIS] [GIS] []
19850 B

me gusta!

No.6085 : Ophelia [12/01/04(Wed)14:35] []

I'm trying to get a full body shot leaning back but I don't like any of the pics I've gotten :/ I'll get all dressed up instead :D

No.6086 : Ophelia [12/01/04(Wed)15:47] 1325710021780.jpg (333365 B, 1024x930) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6087 : Ophelia [12/01/04(Wed)15:48] 1325710105322.jpg (292238 B, 837x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6088 : Ophelia [12/01/04(Wed)15:51] 1325710264844.jpg (327235 B, 743x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6089 : ml4p [12/01/04(Wed)18:39] []

Very inviting. You have great legs!

No.6114 : Anonymous [12/01/11(Wed)01:05] []

Very sexy - keep posting

No.6116 : Anonymous [12/01/11(Wed)09:00] []

got an email address?

No.6120 : Biffo [12/01/13(Fri)04:28] []

defo damm hot!

No.6121 : Anonymous [12/01/13(Fri)04:28] []

Oh wow, can you please post more featuring your cock?
Pulled back, hard, soft, everything!

No.6122 : Anonymous [12/01/13(Fri)04:31] []


>from the US

dammit girl! i'm jealous!!!! they didnt spare me :|

No.6161 : dz9 [12/01/19(Thu)03:48] []


Absolutely delicious


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