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No.7105 : Lovely moon [2018-05-29 23:31] [Report] 1527651117492.jpg (218848 B, 1440x1440) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
218848 B

Hello Tranchan!

I'm seeking a little bit of help.
You see, I'm a 16 year old pansexual male that really wants to have a more femenine look. I've got mid long hair and I regularly use choker collars.

Here's the deal: My family doesn't supports me on my change, and my mom, even she supports me, she overprotects me.
Any ideas to change her mind and look more femenine? Like, some food that lowers my testosterone idk.

The photo is a little preview of my look.

No.7110 : Anonymous [2018-06-22 22:10] [Report] 1529719831774.jpg (589455 B, 1377x857) [YIS] [GIS] []
589455 B

Depending on where you live this could be very simple. Progressive states are making it illegal for parents to be unsupportive of a trans child in their transition! Worst case scenario they take you from them so that you may be safe, and will likely fast track and pay for any medication or required surgery. It is violent and abusive not to support transition! (and there really is no particular requirement in order to qualify as trans, it's based on your word, thankfully)

Now this legal trend is JUST starting to pick up steam as the government is only now recognizing trans-rights, so you may not have this luxury yet. I know it's happened in Ohio and I think Minnesota.

Pic related, it's victory over bigots.

As for foods, check out soy.

No.7111 : Anonymous [2018-06-22 22:14] [Report] []

>>7110 i hope that kid enjoys suicide because that's all there is in his future

No.7112 : Anonymous [2018-06-23 15:50] [Report] []


Understandable. The sad truth is in the statistics. Unfortunately transition doesn't seem to move the figures much, and mental illness is a common theme both before and after. However I believe it does offer a form of relief, particularly DURING the transition years, as it provides a goal with many smaller goals along the way. Giving a sense of progress is important, I think. Once the transition is done, that is over - like graduating from college and going "ok now what - get a job??"

No.7113 : Anonymous [2018-06-23 18:16] [Report] []

>>7112 i'm thinking more the part where he's a child with no parents. it's bad enough if a child is being raised by only his mother, the stats for everything that can go wrong with the person go way up, but without any parents, it's a done deal.

No.7305 : Anonymous [2020-08-20 21:20] [Report] []

>>7105 hey you're 18 now how about some nudes?

No.7321 : ancapgenc [2021-02-20 12:09] [Report] []

hello from 2021 :)
please contact me
I am curious about your story


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