Transsexual and Transgender

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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.7598 : Anonymous [2020-01-23 17:15] [Report] 1579817731691.png (9961 B, 1152x648) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
9961 B

I heard stories about people having the DEA come to their house after buying estrogen and testosterone blockers online
How likely is that to happen

No.7599 : Anonymous [2020-01-30 06:06] [Report] []

all it takes is one asshole DEA agent who hates trans people to charge you, be careful in the states

No.7600 : MischaMischa [2020-02-07 04:09] [Report] []

I think it's very unlikely.

Better though is to figure out how your healthcare knows how to prescribe you the right meds for you.

No.7606 : Anonymous [2020-02-22 18:32] [Report] []

Extremely unlikely. Your good may be seized by customs, but that is usually if you order more than a three month supply. LEA officials have actually gone on record in interview saying they do not prioritize seizing non-controlled substances for personal use and typically look the other way.

No.7852 : Anonymous [2022-09-19 16:51] [Report] []
>how likely

not at all likely
testosterone is a controlled substance
estradiol is less of a big deal. hrt[dot]cafe

No.7853 : Anonymous [2022-09-19 16:53] [Report] []

please provide evidence or reasoning before fear-mongering. the worst thing that could possibly happen is you get your mail seized and you wasted your money. I've bought estradiol in the states myself, no problem

No.7854 : Anonymous [2022-09-19 17:54] [Report] []
>testosterone is a controlled substance
>estradiol is less of a big deal.

lol i wonder why that could be


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