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Transsexual and Transgender

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No.2606 : Raz [12/09/01(Sat)04:05] [Report] 1346486724552.jpg (586361 B, 1536x1804) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
586361 B

My last thread won't bump anymore,
So new thread time :3

No.2607 : Raz [12/09/01(Sat)04:06] [Report] 1346486786706.jpg (417705 B, 1228x1948) [YIS] [GIS] []
417705 B

Got bored and took a few new pics.

No.2608 : Raz [12/09/01(Sat)04:06] [Report] 1346486814778.jpg (666184 B, 1536x1884) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2609 : Anonymous [12/09/01(Sat)04:57] [Report] []


You should get bored more often. :3

love the lipstick and eye make up. :D

No.2610 : Anonymous [12/09/01(Sat)06:41] [Report] []

Raz, you're making it real hard not to fall in love with you.

Great pics.
Always lovely.

No.2613 : Jully [12/09/01(Sat)10:05] [Report] []

Beautiful as always XD.
The clothes are so Sopor Aeternus, just loved ♥
Love the dots with eyeliner!

Like already been said here, you're making it real hard not to fall in love with you XD!

No.2615 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [12/09/01(Sat)15:27] [Report] []
>My last thread won't bump anymore

LOL u still on the front page dog

Just sayin.

No.2617 : VincentVega [12/09/01(Sat)16:43] [Report] []

Hi Raz you're cute as hell ;)

No.2618 : Raz [12/09/01(Sat)17:31] [Report] []

Thank you :)

XD Ur awesome for knowing who that is, I absolutely adore her are her music.
And thank you hun :3

No.2625 : Anonymous [12/09/02(Sun)11:22] [Report] []


I have the entire discography, just love XD
I love darkwave coldwave and ambient.
London After Midnight, Diary of Dreams n Sopor are my favorites ^^
Bah, I have tons of music, I have serious problems with it XD

No.2630 : Raz [12/09/02(Sun)21:10] [Report] []

Nothing wrong with that :3

No.2632 : Jully [12/09/03(Mon)00:26] [Report] []

If u have 350gb of music, it becomes one UAHSUDHAS

I hope you post new pics soon =3

No.2633 : Raz [12/09/03(Mon)01:40] [Report] []

I would have been posting some today but my photo shoot got cancelled cuz of rain :/

No.2648 : Marley #KX0RKa.cXE [12/09/05(Wed)14:16] [Report] []

Gutentag, looking great Raz but have you ever thought of being Peg Bundy from Married With Children for Halloween, that would be hilarious but awesome as fuck

No.2649 : Raz [12/09/05(Wed)18:06] [Report] 1346882801519.jpg (669729 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
669729 B

Not my cup of tea,personally I prefer to go all out on Halloween.
Pic related, last years costume.

No.2651 : Anonymous [12/09/05(Wed)20:06] [Report] []

>>2649 I'd shit my pants if I saw that coming at me in the dark. lol

No.2653 : Anonymous [12/09/06(Thu)02:15] [Report] []

man, total boner killer (though, I suppose that means the costume was a success)

No.2657 : Raz [12/09/07(Fri)02:56] [Report] 1347000972368.jpg (1586740 B, 2444x2931) [YIS] [GIS] []
1586740 B

To make up for it here's some new pics from a photo shoot :3

No.2658 : Raz [12/09/07(Fri)02:57] [Report] 1347001051520.jpg (1749042 B, 2444x3144) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2659 : Raz [12/09/07(Fri)02:59] [Report] 1347001157989.jpg (615032 B, 1536x1904) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2660 : Anonymous [12/09/07(Fri)05:56] [Report] []

Love the new pics.

Keep them coming.

No.2661 : Anonymous [12/09/07(Fri)09:33] [Report] []

mildly scared and aroused.

No.2664 : Jully [12/09/08(Sat)12:22] [Report] []

Waaaaaah, just gorgeous!
I'm just madly in love with u right now XD

No.2665 : Raz [12/09/09(Sun)04:12] [Report] []

Thank you:3

And for those of you who are interested I've been nagged enough by everyone to make a tumblr :P
razieltyphon. tumblr. com/

No.2666 : Anonymous [12/09/09(Sun)06:00] [Report] []

I'll be following you on tumblr.

Love you cutie.

No.2672 : SelinaK [12/09/10(Mon)14:06] [Report] []

Lookin stunnin and sweet!

No.2676 : Jully [12/09/11(Tue)10:47] [Report] []

Your costumes are just awesome! And the makeup is absolutely great. The nurse from silent hill are so creepy and sexy XDDD
But i always had a fall for her and the monsters of the series.
Loved all the costumes, thx for sharing =B

No.2693 : Raz [12/09/13(Thu)01:55] [Report] []

Thank you :3
and np

No.2694 : Anonymous [12/09/13(Thu)18:24] [Report] []

What kind of fetishes and kinks do you have?

No.2695 : Raz [12/09/13(Thu)19:27] [Report] []

Bondage, choking, role play, spanking, slapping, biting, scratching, humiliation, age play, daddy daughter play,forced nudity, exhibitionism, pvc, whips, chains, blood, blind folds, name calling, torture play, forced oral,rape play, slave and master,pet play, anal, begging,hair pulling, etc.

I think that covers most of it :P lol

No.2697 : Anonymous [12/09/14(Fri)00:53] [Report] []

>>2695 jizzes

No.2699 : Anonymous [12/09/14(Fri)04:57] [Report] []


I got turned on just by reading the list.

No.2724 : Glasgow Smile [12/09/15(Sat)20:33] [Report] []



See now it makes sense why you have two partners. No one person can keep up with that shit.

No.2729 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)03:45] [Report] []

Lol yeah :3
I've been thinking about making it 3 and looking for a bf as well. Though tbh it hasn't been working out well with one of my gf's :[ so I may eventually just have a boy and a girl.(I'm engaged to one of my partners but we're very open minded)

No.2732 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)06:26] [Report] []


How lucky would it be to be that guy in your life.

No.2733 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)06:29] [Report] []

:3 hehe I certainly treat my partners well lol
However unfortunately for myself I'm uber picky when it comes to guys, making finding a bf quite difficult for me :P

No.2734 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)07:26] [Report] []

When you say picky, do you mean you mainly like straight acting but well put together effeminate guys?

Because every time I've seen a transgirl say this, it ends up she wants to date some 2012 Dr Who looking guy. (dresses nice, skinny, smooth skin, styled hair, etc)

If you dig that, I'm not faulting you. Everyone has their preferences. You can no sooner change your preferences than I can.

No.2737 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ [12/09/16(Sun)12:54] [Report] []

Easy with the fog faggot references. Not everyone knows who Dr Who is.

No.2738 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)16:05] [Report] []

I'm not really into the Dr. Who look. :P
I do like effeminate guys but I prefer them a bit more to my speed. Like Nero Bellum , wednesday 13, or younger Manson. Basically I like my boys to look like corpses :P ( though I do have a thing for crossdressers as well, in general boys in makeup make me Hnnnnng <3 )

No.2739 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)18:47] [Report] []


Can I apply to be your bf? I've got the corpse look down.

No.2740 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)18:49] [Report] []

Well I'd have to see you first :P
And where you live is a big deal, I hate long distance.

No.2741 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)18:57] [Report] []


Where are you from?

No.2745 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)19:27] [Report] []

Well I'm currently in Vegas.
Unless I absolutely drool over you idk about the long distance thing :P lol

No.2748 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)19:43] [Report] []


Damn, you're nowhere near me. And it's fine, I'm not into the long distance thing either.

No.2752 : Anonymous [12/09/16(Sun)22:02] [Report] []


thats cool. Hope it works out

No.2753 : Raz [12/09/16(Sun)22:37] [Report] 1347849456268.jpg (53367 B, 500x752) [YIS] [GIS] []
53367 B

Me too , but usually guys like this aren't into me :P

No.2754 : Anonymous [12/09/17(Mon)08:20] [Report] []


I can't imagine why. You look marvelous, and your look isn't completely opposite theirs.

No.2784 : Raz [12/09/23(Sun)03:01] [Report] 1348383702441.jpg (574121 B, 1241x2044) [YIS] [GIS] []
574121 B

New pics from a photo set for my band.

No.2785 : Raz [12/09/23(Sun)03:02] [Report] 1348383745896.jpg (497088 B, 1292x1804) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2787 : Raz [12/09/23(Sun)03:04] [Report] 1348383870751.jpg (696688 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
696688 B

And last one for now :3
Sorry they're not more cutesy ones.I'll take some like that when I get some more free time :)

No.2788 : Anonymous [12/09/23(Sun)19:43] [Report] []

>>2784 Does your band have a page anywhere? I'd like to hear you.

No.2790 : Anonymous [12/09/24(Mon)10:29] [Report] []

Yes, is there a page? I need to shower you with more praise in multiple mediums

No.2798 : Anonymous [12/09/25(Tue)20:26] [Report] 1348619171934.jpg (67550 B, 720x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
67550 B

So for those of you who care, I have a bf Now x3 We may take some pics together in the future ;3
New pics of me to come soon :)

Aww thank you X3
But sadly no, not yet. My band agreed not to post anything until the entire first album is done. I will keep you guys updated though, Promise :3

No.2799 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [12/09/25(Tue)21:59] [Report] []

Which Hot Topic is your gift registry at?

No.2800 : Anonymous [12/09/25(Tue)22:16] [Report] []

Obvious troll is obvious

No.2801 : Nordicculous [12/09/26(Wed)16:32] [Report] 1348691563504.jpg (10447 B, 251x251) [YIS] [GIS] []
10447 B

Damn, you got some pretty crazy, yet quite intrigueing pics:P I can't help getting a little turned on with all the "crazy" makeup and lenses, for not to mention the serpent split:B
that is all..

No.2810 : Anonymous [12/09/27(Thu)11:23] [Report] []


Good for you. Glad to hear you found one after all the trouble you were having.

And yes, keep us posted on the page and post more pictures.

Not to be all weird, but could you post more face shots? Maybe weird faces? Your bangs, eye, and smile are just dreamy.

No.2811 : Anonymous [12/09/27(Thu)11:24] [Report] []


L O L, your eyes. Your eyes are dreamy.

No.2814 : Raz [12/09/27(Thu)18:40] [Report] []

thank you, I think.
I'll see what I can do, taking more pics at ren faire next Friday. Going as a fortune teller :3
And thank you :)

No.2824 : Raz [12/09/30(Sun)20:13] [Report] 1349050409569.jpg (515443 B, 1216x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
515443 B

I've done nothing but dance around my house today so I figured I'd take some new pics for you guys :)

No.2825 : Raz [12/09/30(Sun)20:14] [Report] 1349050478848.jpg (734310 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
734310 B

Fake smile, but meh :P

No.2826 : Anonymous [12/10/01(Mon)04:05] [Report] []

beauty! <3

No.2827 : Anonymous [12/10/01(Mon)05:02] [Report] []


You are so damn pretty. Love that fake smile. I wonder how much cuter a real smile looks.

No.2829 : Anonymous [12/10/02(Tue)17:16] [Report] []


our eyes would melt and yet we would live on, happily knowing that the last thing we saw was so magnificent.


thank you. so lovely

No.2831 : Raz [12/10/04(Thu)03:54] [Report] []

Thank you :)
O.O I'm so not that pretty lol :3
But thank you X3

No.2856 : Anonymous [12/10/08(Mon)17:43] [Report] []


>>I'm so not that pretty lol :3

no, no, the combination of bangs, smile, nose and eyes are very striking and beautiful. You've really got something special going on when presented just right.

No.2859 : Raz [12/10/08(Mon)22:44] [Report] []


No.2871 : Raz [12/10/13(Sat)03:23] [Report] 1350113034967.jpg (794119 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
794119 B

New Hair and New pics.

No.2872 : Raz [12/10/13(Sat)03:24] [Report] 1350113084323.jpg (351187 B, 878x1581) [YIS] [GIS] []
351187 B

My Mirror was dirty :P

No.2874 : Yuka [12/10/13(Sat)03:27] [Report] []

>>2871 omg love it Raz! So adorable ^_^

No.2875 : Raz [12/10/13(Sat)03:28] [Report] 1350113291237.jpg (1246025 B, 1528x1672) [YIS] [GIS] []
1246025 B

And One more :3
I know most people don't like dreadlocks, but I think they at least look ok on me :)

No.2876 : Anonymous [12/10/13(Sat)03:35] [Report] []

That hair is really cute.

No.2877 : Kayla Kill [12/10/13(Sat)03:45] [Report] []

They look great idk what anyone else is thinking if their against it.
You got me beat that's for sure.

No.2878 : Anonymous [12/10/13(Sat)04:49] [Report] []

So adorable. How can anyone not fall for you.

That is one lucky mirror because you stand in front of it.

The dreadlocks just adds to your already high levels of cuteness.

You are a breath of fresh air.

No.2879 : Anonymous [12/10/13(Sat)05:37] [Report] []

You look terrific! <3

No.2880 : Glasgow Smile [12/10/13(Sat)08:43] [Report] []

I'm just gonna keep it short and not gush about your dreads and that unbearably cute smirk.. You look fantastic. :D

No.2882 : Anonymous [12/10/13(Sat)09:24] [Report] []

deathtrap FTW

No.2888 : Raz [12/10/13(Sat)18:31] [Report] 1350167486907.jpg (656401 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
656401 B

D'aaw thanks you guys X3
Aww thank you :3 I wasn't sure how I would look with them, it's a nice relief :)
I'm Ok with this :3

No.2896 : Anonymous [12/10/14(Sun)23:58] [Report] []


omg, so many cute expressions! :D

You have the best smurk/smile! Adorable!

No.2974 : VincentVega [12/10/30(Tue)17:55] [Report] []

Hi Raz you're absolutely terrific! ;) I just drop dead on arrival when I saw your last pics. Now I'm corpse n ready to raise from the dead to be your thing XD I'm goofin' XD you're really cute n like your hair n dress btw

No.2975 : Raz [12/10/30(Tue)18:22] [Report] []

Aww thank you hun :3

Sorry for the lack of pics btw guys, been getting ready for my Halloween party and an upcoming Anime con.
I'll be sure post pics from both though :)

No.2977 : Anonymous [12/10/31(Wed)01:35] [Report] []

I love your tattoo "die liebe ist mein fuhrer", it's beautiful

No.2978 : Anonymous [12/10/31(Wed)04:09] [Report] []


Can't hardly wait for these pics. You'll look lovely as always.

No.2981 : Raz [12/11/01(Thu)03:25] [Report] 1351754737783.jpg (882269 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
882269 B

Thank you :3
D'aaaw :)
These ones aren't too cutesy but I'm going to an Anime con in a few weeks and I'll take pics there :3 Going as Bridget. Unoriginal but hopefully cute :P
Happy Halloween:3

No.2982 : Raz [12/11/01(Thu)03:26] [Report] 1351754811135.jpg (772752 B, 1478x1874) [YIS] [GIS] []
772752 B


No.2983 : Raz [12/11/01(Thu)03:30] [Report] 1351755017377.jpg (87225 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
87225 B

Being classy as usual :P

No.2984 : Anonymous [12/11/01(Thu)04:23] [Report] []

I'd let you bite me. Good costume.

No.2985 : Anonymous [12/11/01(Thu)13:33] [Report] []

Scary yet cute.

Bridget the bounty hunter? If so, yum.

No.2988 : Anonymous [12/11/02(Fri)10:29] [Report] []

i just knew your halloween outfit would get the blood pumping to my bacon torpedo x

No.2990 : Raz [12/11/02(Fri)20:26] [Report] 1351902365734.jpg (795254 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
795254 B

Thank you :3, but my teeth are quite sharp sp be warned lol
Yup yup :3

No.2992 : Raz [12/11/02(Fri)20:28] [Report] 1351902483371.jpg (64641 B, 960x717) [YIS] [GIS] []
64641 B

I fell asleep in my friend's trunk that night :P

No.3003 : Anonymous [12/11/03(Sat)07:54] [Report] []


Wow, if I saw you asleep there I believe I'd stolen a kiss...on the forehead.

No.3011 : Raz [12/11/03(Sat)20:32] [Report] 1351989159962.jpg (802807 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
802807 B

So I usually just wear contacts, but I was recently made to buy glasses just in case

No.3013 : Raz [12/11/03(Sat)20:37] [Report] 1351989457597.jpg (740989 B, 1536x1824) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3014 : Raz [12/11/03(Sat)20:38] [Report] 1351989519202.jpg (598173 B, 1296x1772) [YIS] [GIS] []
598173 B

last one :3

No.3016 : Anonymous [12/11/03(Sat)22:21] [Report] []

You would make the cutest librarian ever. Those are too adorable.

No.3018 : Anonymous [12/11/03(Sat)23:58] [Report] []

I like 'em!

No.3019 : Anonymous [12/11/04(Sun)04:59] [Report] []

Raz+Glasses=Infinitely Cute

Also, I thought I had fallen for you before, but seeing you in glasses I believe I'll never get up.

No.3023 : Raz [12/11/04(Sun)12:51] [Report] []

Aww thank you, my mom got them for me :P
I won't be wearing them often as my contacts are more comfy to me. But I will eventually post more in them :)
D'aaw, you're too sweet :3

No.3027 : Glasgow Smile [12/11/04(Sun)16:36] [Report] []

"Kill these rotten bastards, SHOOT EVERY ONE OF THESE MONSTERS ON SIGHT!!... Except that one, let's. Bring that one, inside..."

No.3028 : Raz [12/11/04(Sun)18:52] [Report] []


No.3065 : Anonymous [12/11/10(Sat)08:42] [Report] []

How big is your ween? Just curious, cuz you know, you rock and all

No.3066 : Raz [12/11/10(Sat)11:43] [Report] []

around 7 inches :3

No.3070 : Raz [12/11/11(Sun)19:38] [Report] 1352680730010.jpg (2661554 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
2661554 B

So here was my last cosplay,
I do not look good blonde(even though I naturally am one)

No.3071 : Raz [12/11/11(Sun)19:39] [Report] 1352680790936.jpg (522818 B, 1536x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
522818 B

Some more new pics of me

No.3072 : Raz [12/11/11(Sun)19:40] [Report] 1352680828772.jpg (771526 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
771526 B

Odd face :P

No.3073 : Anonymous [12/11/11(Sun)20:25] [Report] []

Are your irises naturally huge? They're mesmerizing....

No.3075 : Anonymous [12/11/11(Sun)23:00] [Report] []

she's using contacts. it's pretty obvious.

No.3076 : Fam [12/11/12(Mon)10:38] [Report] []

>>3070 so does this mean you play guilty gear by chance?

No.3077 : Raz [12/11/12(Mon)12:19] [Report] []

No, I wear contacts
Why yes I do :3

No.3078 : Fam [12/11/12(Mon)13:20] [Report] []

Nice, i'm glad the game is making a comeback too with the new version and the console re-release.

No.3080 : Raz [12/11/12(Mon)18:15] [Report] []

Me too.I'm still waiting for Dark Stalkers to be put in the xbox downloadable content section as well

No.3085 : RikkiTikki [12/11/14(Wed)04:06] [Report] []

Like all pterosaurs, the wings of Pterodactylus were formed by a skin and muscle membrane stretching from its elongated fourth finger to its hind limbs. It was supported internally by collagen fibres and externally by keratinous ridges.

No.3090 : Anonymous [12/11/15(Thu)06:12] [Report] []


wowa, you are so cute in glasses!

No.3091 : Anonymous [12/11/15(Thu)06:14] [Report] []


fuck yeah, darkstalkers

No.3094 : Raz [12/11/15(Thu)21:02] [Report] []

Thank you :3

No.3095 : Anonymous [12/11/16(Fri)02:29] [Report] []


Odd face=cute as fuck.

No.3096 : Anonymous [12/11/18(Sun)19:03] [Report] []

>>3066 Let's see, plz :P

No.3116 : Anonymous [12/11/21(Wed)19:52] [Report] []

The youngest immature Pterodactylus specimens have a small number of teeth (as few as 15), and the teeth have a relatively broad base.[2] The teeth of older specimens are both narrower and more numerous (up to 90 teeth are present in some specimens).[4]
Pterodactylus specimens can be divided into two distinct year classes. In the first year class, the skulls are only 15-45mm in length. The second year class is characterized by skulls 55-95mm long, but still immature. These first two size groups were once classified as juveniles and adults of the species P. kochi, until further study showed that even the supposed "adults" were immature. A third year class is represented by specimens of the "traditional" P. antiquus, as well as a few isolated, large specimens once assigned to P. kochi that overlap P. antiquus in size. However, all specimens in this third year class also show sign of immaturity. Fully mature Pterodactylus specimens remain unknown, or may have been mistakenly classified as a different genus.

No.3117 : Anonymous [12/11/21(Wed)19:55] [Report] []

The genus now known as Pterodactylus was originally named Petro-Dactyle by Cuvier in 1809, though this was a typographical error, later corrected by him to Ptéro-Dactyle. In 1812, Samuel Thomas von Sömmerring named the same specimen Ornithocephalus antiquus. As the senior synonym, Cuvier's name has precedence, so applying modern rules for the combination of the genus name and the specific epithet, the valid species name became Ptéro-Dactyle antiquus. The genus name was Latinized to the current Pterodactylus by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque in 1815, which by these rules is the valid name as they do not allow for diacritics or hyphens. Unaware of Rafinesque's publication Cuvier himself in 1819 again Latinized the genus, but the specific name he then gave, longirostris, has to give precedence to von Soemmerring's antiquus. In 1888 Richard Lydekker designated Pterodactylus antiquus the type species. The original specimen is the holotype of the genus, BSP No. AS.I.739.

No.3120 : Fam [12/11/22(Thu)23:56] [Report] []

Not sure how into darkstalkers you are but there is a good stream going on right now on u-stream. Just search for sakamotosan.

No.3125 : Raz [12/11/23(Fri)11:00] [Report] []

I'll check it out :3

No.3132 : Anonymous [12/11/23(Fri)22:48] [Report] []

The Pterodactyls (or Pterodactyloids) were a group of flying reptiles that ranged in size from having a wingspan of a few inches (primitive Pterodactyls) to over 40 feet (12 m) (later Pterodactyls). They were lightly built with hollow bones, long, curved necks, long skulls, and small bodies. They had large brains and good eyesight. Some had short tails, some had no tails. Some had light-weight, bony head-crests, some did not. The crest may have acted as a rudder when flying or may have been a sexual characteristic. Some pterodactyloids had fur on their bodies.
Pterodactyloid wings were covered by a leathery membrane. This thin but tough membrane stretched between its body, the top of its legs and its elongated fourth fingers, forming the structure of the wing. Claws protruded from the other fingers.

Pterodactyloids could flap their wings and fly with power, but the largest ones (like Quetzalcoatlus) probably relied on updrafts (rising warm air) and breezes to help in flying.

Pterodactyloids were reptiles, but not dinosaurs. By definition, all dinosaurs were diapsid reptiles with an upright stance. Pterosaurs probably had a semi-upright stance. There is a small minority of paleontologists who think that the pterosaurs' stance could have been upright and that pterosaurs should therefore be included in the clade of dinosaurs (being derived theropods). Either way, dinosaurs and pterosaurs are certainly closely related.

No.3213 : Anonymous [12/12/05(Wed)19:35] [Report] []

The true Pterodactyl, which has been described and recreated from 27 fossil records is a relatively small Pterosaur. Of course, I am not talking Chickadee small but with a wingspan of only 1.5 m (5′) the Pterodactyl was small for the time it lived in. Don’t worry though, since what it lacked in size, it made up for in teeth. They may have been small but with 90 large, long, cone-like teeth, I would not want to be the dentist working on this creatures mouth. So what did they use all of these teeth for? Eating of course! I would love to tell you exactly what these animals ate but to be honest, I am not 100% certain. Amongst the broader Pterosaur group, the diet varied between carrion (dead animals), invertebrates, small animals and some feasted on fish. Due to the hooked beak, the throat pouch and the webbed feet on our true Pterodactyl friend, I would guess they were among the fish eaters. Perhaps they were like today’s seagulls and swarmed the Dinosaurs as they ate their french fries near the water.

No.3215 : Anonymous [12/12/06(Thu)15:17] [Report] []

Need more Raz!

No.3231 : Anonymous [12/12/08(Sat)15:21] [Report] 1354998074445.jpg (19026 B, 300x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
19026 B

Needs more Pterodactyl facts

No.3239 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [12/12/09(Sun)22:08] [Report] []

Damn flying featherless turkeys.

No.3264 : Raz [12/12/17(Mon)01:44] [Report] []

I love how my threads all eventually become about pterodactyls ....

No.3278 : Anonymous [12/12/21(Fri)03:32] [Report] []


I guess they should be about something interesting when you're not posting.

Come for the Raz, stay for the dinos (and more Raz)

No.3280 : Raz [12/12/21(Fri)06:24] [Report] 1356089047868.jpg (691825 B, 1416x2028) [YIS] [GIS] []
691825 B

lol I suppose so :P
Well anyways been busy the last few weeks, ex moved out, have a new bf, changed my appearance again, lost my job etc,etc.So here's some new pics :P

No.3282 : Raz [12/12/21(Fri)06:28] [Report] 1356089324388.jpg (833226 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
833226 B

And the most recent pic of me.
Not dressing like an old woman at a funeral as much lately :P

No.3283 : oreotrap [12/12/21(Fri)08:41] [Report] []

Love the hair Hun, But your eyes take the cake. O:

No.3284 : Anonymous [12/12/21(Fri)22:26] [Report] []


Yes, some new pics. Still as beautiful as ever.

So you have a new boyfriend--how lucky is that guy.

No.3292 : Raz [12/12/22(Sat)07:45] [Report] []

Aww thank you :3
And nah, I'm the lucky one. Finally found a girly goth boy who doesn't treat me like shit :)

No.3294 : Anonymous [12/12/23(Sun)16:44] [Report] []


No.3313 : Raz [12/12/26(Wed)07:11] [Report] 1356523895227.jpg (706153 B, 1536x1884) [YIS] [GIS] []
706153 B

Another more recent pic of me

No.3331 : Anonymous [12/12/31(Mon)01:43] [Report] []
>This whole thread

I don't even use this site, and this is literally my first time here.

But holy jesus I'm in love.

No.3345 : Anonymous [13/01/02(Wed)04:31] [Report] []


Raz is the only reason i still come to this site

No.3347 : Raz [13/01/02(Wed)07:51] [Report] 1357131095664.jpg (570583 B, 1667x1442) [YIS] [GIS] []
570583 B

D'aaaw thank you, I try :3

Pic of me and my bf, we were both quite tired when we took this :P Out on the LV strip for new years all night :)

No.3348 : Raz [13/01/02(Wed)07:52] [Report] 1357131132816.jpg (597527 B, 1452x1864) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3349 : Raz [13/01/02(Wed)07:53] [Report] 1357131182089.jpg (586251 B, 1533x1817) [YIS] [GIS] []
586251 B

And one more new pic for now :3

No.3434 : Anonymous [13/01/07(Mon)04:39] [Report] []

Raz is the only reason I come back here.

I'll go like 3 weeks, then Raz will pop in my head and I'll come back to see if you she posted any more pics for me to 'daw' over

No.3461 : Raz [13/01/09(Wed)13:31] [Report] []

Aww x3

No.3565 : Raz [13/01/15(Tue)08:07] [Report] 1358255275834.jpg (729430 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
729430 B

Another new pic because I get bored not working :P

No.3566 : VincentVega [13/01/15(Tue)21:39] [Report] []

Hi Raz I wish you an happy new year from France to you and your bf.( how lucky he is ;))

No.3570 : Raz [13/01/15(Tue)23:56] [Report] []

Aww thank you :)
I've always wanted to visit France, but I'm poor so that will have to wait till much later in life.
My bf is French Canadian so we may be visiting Quebec sometime in the future, but I kind of doubt I will like it there. Too cold :P
Also planning on visiting my family in Florida this year.
Sooo much planning :P

No.3587 : VincentVega [13/01/17(Thu)09:09] [Report] []

Hi Raz! yeah come to visit France! There so much cliches, stereotypes about France n especially Paris (the city of love;p)and french people. I would like to visit the USA but as you I don't have the money for it :( I like also Sopor Aeternus and lot of old stuffs like Bauhaus. You're brave to be the person you wanted to be. kisses

No.3593 : Raz [13/01/18(Fri)06:58] [Report] []

Yeah,and even if I did have money I'd be so lost :P
I can't speak french at all. Only English,Neblin, and a very basic German.
I <3 Sopor Aeternus. Shes one of my favorite artists.

No.3699 : Anonymous [13/02/01(Fri)15:50] [Report] 1359751830567.jpg (20503 B, 350x245) [YIS] [GIS] []
20503 B

baw, sorry /soc/ was mean to you today ;-;
i actually think you're really cute and not boring at all! but you deleted your thread before i got to actually talk to you
you kind of remind me of my exgf, but i think it's just how because you're both pro at makeup
anyway, have a better one!

No.3700 : Raz [13/02/01(Fri)18:29] [Report] 1359761394843.jpg (391412 B, 1288x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
391412 B

meh happens, it's 4chan. What else would you expect ? :P
You can easily talk to me on here :)
And I'm sure I will. Headed out to an impromptu concert tonight.
Blurry pic but meh, you get the idea.

No.3701 : Anonymous [13/02/02(Sat)06:16] [Report] []

Love the pic.

Since when are boring? I'vd been head over heels for you since you started posting here. The 2 things that I love about you is that you are pretty cool when you write and second, you are just so adorably beautiful. I guess what I'm saying that you got a fan and admirer in this guy.

No.3702 : Raz [13/02/02(Sat)15:53] [Report] []

D'aaw thank you :3
Yeah I'm unsure why I was called boring.
I don't think I'm some kind of dullard :P
Been uber busy, Even though I don't have a job right now I'm still running around most of the day.
Ohh and I just left my bf a few days ago.So for now I'm single again :P Whoo!
Anyways I'll be sure to take more new pics when I can. :)

No.3703 : Voight-Kampff [13/02/02(Sat)20:22] [Report] 1359854554698.jpg (519185 B, 1280x1919) [YIS] [GIS] []
519185 B



so wha'chu doing next weekend?

No.3704 : Anonymous [13/02/03(Sun)00:13] [Report] []


Single you say.

More pictures as well.

More Raz makes me excited.

Also, are you taking bf applications because I'd so fill one out.

No.3705 : Raz [13/02/03(Sun)03:20] [Report] 1359879623583.jpg (228122 B, 720x2169) [YIS] [GIS] []
228122 B

Nothing as far as I know
Here's your application :P

No.3709 : Anonymous [13/02/03(Sun)07:02] [Report] []

I'll be filling out that application asap.

No.3717 : Darby [13/02/03(Sun)13:04] [Report] []

Right I've completed my application form, where do I send it to again?

No.3724 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/02/03(Sun)23:58] [Report] []


I'm gonna fill it out as well. I won't get anything out of it, but hell, I've been lucky a couple times in my life...

No.3727 : Voight-Kampff [13/02/04(Mon)00:56] [Report] 1359957392204.jpg (538846 B, 720x2169) [YIS] [GIS] []
538846 B

don't bother, guise
btw link to your soundcloud?
if your band is shit, well it just won't work out

No.3728 : Raz [13/02/04(Mon)02:11] [Report] []

All applications are to be sent to razieltyphon@gmail(dot)com for review.
Must include a photo of yourself.

No.3739 : Anonymous [13/02/05(Tue)02:32] [Report] []

GL Finding a boyfriend.

No.3740 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [13/02/05(Tue)14:55] [Report] []

Underrated post, imo

No.3758 : Anonymous [13/02/08(Fri)05:29] [Report] []

Guessing you just want super thin emo guys right

No.3774 : Raz [13/02/09(Sat)03:06] [Report] []

Goth guys not emo.
But yes, I prefer skinny guys with long hair.

No.3775 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/02/09(Sat)20:59] [Report] []


Well god damn my haircut and milkshake addiction. >_<

No.3776 : Raz [13/02/10(Sun)04:38] [Report] []

Lol well I'm kind of a health freak so I usually want my partner to be as well.

No.3777 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/02/10(Sun)11:09] [Report] []


Well, I still stick by the idea that milkshakes are healthier than alcohol. :P

No.3780 : Raz [13/02/11(Mon)05:33] [Report] []

Well I'm sure that's true, but I don't drink either :P
I'm also vegetarian, so I don't really eat a lot of things :P

No.3782 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/02/11(Mon)14:39] [Report] []


Ooooh.. yeah... that would be a dealbreaker. I gots ta have my bacon. :P

No.3786 : Raz [13/02/12(Tue)02:42] [Report] []

I'm getting a pet pig soon....

No.3788 : Vanonymouse #w.OxY3rAM6 [13/02/12(Tue)10:54] [Report] []


Name it BLT. :D

No.3790 : Raz [13/02/12(Tue)17:37] [Report] []

Was actually planning on naming him Ganon :P

No.3791 : Anonymous [13/02/13(Wed)06:38] [Report] []



post pics of you and the pig being cute

No.3810 : Anonymous [13/02/17(Sun)11:33] [Report] []

I'm not really a goth looker; but I appreciate the music. Fav bands are Skinny Puppy and Psyclon Nine; industrial/goth wise. I'm mainly into melodic death metal.

No.3822 : Raz [13/02/21(Thu)23:22] [Report] 1361506949795.jpg (1331801 B, 1220x1676) [YIS] [GIS] []
1331801 B

It's my birthday, so new hair and new clothes :3

No.3823 : Raz [13/02/21(Thu)23:23] [Report] 1361507031308.jpg (810514 B, 1504x1824) [YIS] [GIS] []
810514 B

And one more :3

No.3824 : Anonymous [13/02/22(Fri)00:39] [Report] []

Well, you look great as usual, hope you had a good birthday.

No.3830 : Anonymous [13/02/23(Sat)16:31] [Report] []

you look like if Stevie Nicks was goth and got fucked by a peacock

No.3831 : Raz [13/02/23(Sat)21:55] [Report] []

Thank you :)
Since when do people take on the properties of things that fuck them? O.o

No.3833 : Glasgow Smile [13/02/24(Sun)12:26] [Report] []

Yeah what the fuck am I reading.

No.3841 : Raz [13/02/25(Mon)07:19] [Report] 1361794784757.jpg (1046381 B, 1220x1046) [YIS] [GIS] []
1046381 B

My baby and I <3

No.3843 : Anonymous [13/02/25(Mon)10:38] [Report] []


You don´t want to take full body shots? I mean I would like to see your legs. Some patterned stockings or pantyhose maybe. I like your style a lot and you are pretty.

No.3845 : Raz [13/02/25(Mon)23:54] [Report] []

I'll see what I can do :)

No.3847 : Anonymous [13/02/26(Tue)06:23] [Report] []


>>You don´t want to take full body shots?

who needs body shots when they have a face like that? Just look at her eyes. Beautiful.

No.3848 : Raz [13/02/26(Tue)07:18] [Report] []

D'aaw<3 Thank you
But I will still be trying to make time to get some full body pics for you guys :3

No.3877 : Anonymous [13/03/03(Sun)09:23] [Report] []

Indeed Raz is a beautiful And JUST EPICNESS

No.3888 : Anonymous [13/03/07(Thu)21:40] [Report] []

How are things going for you Raz?

No.3889 : Raz [13/03/08(Fri)07:58] [Report] []

thank you :3
things are going quite well actually. Just been kinda busy despite being jobless :P Hoping to have time to take new pics soon. Ohh and I'm working on a few cosplays atm :)

No.3924 : Anonymous [13/03/10(Sun)09:22] [Report] []

Well that's good! I'm sure your cosplay will look great, you always do.

No.3942 : Raz [13/03/12(Tue)01:41] [Report] 1363066896170.jpg (142852 B, 561x964) [YIS] [GIS] []
142852 B

Aww thanks :3

Here's a pic of my outfit today. Not the best , but until I get a new cam its the best I can do for now sadly

No.3943 : Raz [13/03/12(Tue)01:42] [Report] 1363066958504.jpg (568801 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3944 : Raz [13/03/12(Tue)01:43] [Report] 1363066996247.jpg (403780 B, 1130x1482) [YIS] [GIS] []
403780 B

I <3 old lady sweaters

No.3945 : Raz [13/03/12(Tue)01:43] [Report] 1363067023342.jpg (428473 B, 1161x1330) [YIS] [GIS] []
428473 B

and last one for now :)

No.3948 : Anonymous [13/03/12(Tue)10:52] [Report] []

Your pictures do look good ^-^. However I have a feeling I'll probably get flamed by other lurkers for continually praising your looks lol.

No.3950 : Glasgow Smile [13/03/12(Tue)18:14] [Report] []

Nah, man, keep at it, I'm terrible at compliments so I just lurk. Praise her FOR me.

No.3954 : Anonymous [13/03/13(Wed)01:41] [Report] []

Ah ok, fair enough, will do...

But she does always look good.

No.3956 : Raz [13/03/13(Wed)05:19] [Report] []

aww thank you :3
lol XP

No.3965 : Anonymous [13/03/13(Wed)21:01] [Report] []

adorable and wonderful

No.3972 : Anonymous [13/03/15(Fri)10:52] [Report] []

Well, I look forward to seeing what photos you come up with after you get your new camera lol.

No.3988 : Raz [13/03/16(Sat)09:53] [Report] 1363442017116.jpg (870762 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
870762 B

Thank you
Sadly I'm unemployed and it will be a while, so for now phone pics :P

No.4026 : Anonymous [13/03/17(Sun)02:09] [Report] []


you have really really nice legs.

No.4028 : Anonymous [13/03/17(Sun)02:40] [Report] []


Nah thats fine. Been there before and it sucks lol. Nice photo :D.

No.4034 : Anonymous [13/03/18(Mon)18:14] [Report] []


Looking sweet. I wanna hold those pretty cheeks and kiss you gently. I was the one that asked you to take a full body shot. Thank you for the picture and that doesn't mean I don't love your face, cause I do. Still waiting to see you in socks/stockings/pantyhose with more feminine shoes. Within your style of course. Or have you got any?

No.4035 : Raz [13/03/18(Mon)19:02] [Report] []

D'aaw :3 thats sweet.
And yes I do actually, I just don't wear heels often.
Only if I'm on a date or at a formal event.
I Usually wear flats when I'm in dresses and knee high boots while I'm in pants(which is rare).
But I'll see what I can do :)

No.4036 : Anonymous [13/03/19(Tue)00:58] [Report] []


take pictures of anything you want. You'd be adorable just making a peanut butter sandwich

No.4049 : Anonymous [13/03/21(Thu)18:31] [Report] []

Pics you posted of you in a corset a while back inspired me to try to bring my waist in using one. Any tips/suggestions? I think you were pretty successful at it~

No.4054 : Phyrexia [13/03/22(Fri)21:06] [Report] []

I miss you to so badly :(

No.4055 : Raz [13/03/23(Sat)01:53] [Report] []

Aww :3
Those are some old pics lol. I do still tight lace (I'm at 6 in or cinching now) though I don't wear mine as often as I did before.
And as for tips, don't start off too quickly. Wear it for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week if you're tight lacing. Don't tighten it any more than you are comfy with or you'll get stretch marks. Don't sleep in it or you'll get back issues (although corset wear is actually good for the back, just not in the case of sleeping). If you are tight lacing, an under bust corset is a better choice because it can be work under clothing without too much difficulty(plus over bust corsets make tits look weird after a while and aren't recommended for tight lacing).
O.o ?

No.4091 : Phyrexia [13/03/24(Sun)14:55] [Report] []

You and I and her use to be inseparable a while ago :x

P.S we were the first to make tranny tree pron.
God times.

No.4093 : Anonymous [13/03/24(Sun)19:20] [Report] []

Thank you! I have an underbust but I'm finding it weird to wear it all day because the one I bought is a little bulkier than I'd expected. It's hard to wear with pants because I have to try to tuck the pants back under the corset after using the restroom, haha.

Any specific companies you'd recommend? I might look at buying one I can wear consistently under clothes. Without a jacket, I'd either have to wear my current one over my clothes or it's kind of obvious I'm wearing one under.

No.4095 : Raz [13/03/25(Mon)02:33] [Report] []

No specific brand I'd recommend. Just get one that's steel boned, a plain color (black is best), an if you haven't already I'd get a corset liner so you can sweat without worrying about ruining your corset.It's a good idea to have one for show and wearing over clothes, and one for wearing under(this one doesn't have to be pretty so it can be simple, shirt , and effective)
If you're having issues wearing it with pants perhaps try getting one that is a tad shorter so it won't irritate your hips(Ive had this issue before).
Ohh and its only recommended that you get a corset 2-4 in smaller than your current waist size so you won't size down too quickly and hurt yourself. Hope this helped

No.4114 : Anonymous [13/03/28(Thu)00:38] [Report] []

Any chance of seeing you in a corset Raz? I'm sure you'd look really pretty.

No.4116 : Raz [13/03/28(Thu)08:05] [Report] []

Well there's an old pic of me in one on the traps board that someone posted.
But I will be taking new pics of me in some of them again soon. I do still wear them often, just don't often photograph it. :)

No.4117 : Anonymous [13/03/28(Thu)08:18] [Report] []


Ohh that's cool. I have seen that picture now you mention it I wasn't sure if it was you or not. Well yeah thats because girls in corsets rock lol. I look forward to seeing those new pictures :D.

No.4118 : Raz [13/03/28(Thu)09:34] [Report] []

Yeah that was an older pic so there was apparently some debate as to who it was :P
And yes girls in corsets do rock, should have new pics soon :)

No.4132 : Anonymous [13/03/28(Thu)21:12] [Report] []

Well that's cool. Ty ^-^. And I remember you saying you're jobless and possibly broke so, I can wait!

No.4140 : Anonymous [13/03/30(Sat)16:07] [Report] []

That does help, thank you so much!

I think I may end up buying a couple more corsets, haha.

No.4144 : Raz [13/04/02(Tue)19:37] [Report] 1364945852934.jpg (36479 B, 450x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
36479 B

Filled my roommates room with over 850 balloons reaching around five- six feet high as a prank yesterday.He just sat in awe when he saw it lol.
Night ended with a drunken half naked balloon party with our friends.
It was a good day.

No.4171 : Anonymous [13/04/04(Thu)22:34] [Report] []


That's pretty cool. How long did it take to blow up all those balloons?

No.4180 : Raz [13/04/07(Sun)03:35] [Report] []

like six hours :P
I've just recently got my cheeks pierced so my photo updates will take a while due to swelling :P

No.4190 : Anonymous [13/04/07(Sun)23:30] [Report] []


Ohh nice, thats determination. Cheek piercings eh? Not as painful as some of the places people get piercings, I'm sure you'll look great with them :D.

No.4191 : Anonymous [13/04/08(Mon)23:56] [Report] []

is this a "how many regrettable decisions can one person make" contest?

No.4193 : Anonymous [13/04/09(Tue)21:44] [Report] []


No.4700 : JM [13/07/08(Mon)09:18] [Report] []

Hey, u probly don't remember me but we met once and I just want you to know that your beauty really changed my view on my sexuality.

No.7000 : Raz [2017-02-12 20:42] [Report] []


No.7943 : VampireQueen [2022-12-06 06:00] [Report] []


Miss your fucking face, sucks your gone.

No.7956 : Ukhardnhorny [2023-01-09 16:30] [Report] []

Mmm looking hot as fk


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