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No.886 : Anonymous [14/02/27(Thu)00:09] 1393477793519.jpg [GIS] (571617 B, 960x1600)
571617 B

Finally moved to a place by myself and got my first lingerie. Really want somebody to see it so posting here. Sorry for being fat and ugly. :(

No.887 : Anonymous [14/02/27(Thu)00:55] 1393480533640.jpg [GIS] (676348 B, 1600x960) []
676348 B

It came with a thong! I was so excited! Good thing my dick's so small or it'd spill out.

No.888 : Anonymous [14/02/27(Thu)02:23] []

>>886 oh baby you don't look fat at all! You look good in that lil number. Come on show daddy some more. I'd like to come over and show you a good time
>>887 Be a good girl and take those panties off.

No.889 : Anonymous [14/02/27(Thu)22:43] 1393558997298.jpg [GIS] (607868 B, 1600x960) []
607868 B

Aww, you're so sweet daddy. I guess I'll have to listen.

No.890 : chubacca [14/02/28(Fri)02:36] []

You're hot :) Show us more of that cute butt :3

No.891 : Anonymous [14/03/01(Sat)01:52] []

Thank you! I just ordered some comfy pastel colored panties. Maybe I'll post some more once I get them in the mail. :3


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