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No.9689 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)05:58] [Report] 1364896717663.jpg (214234 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
214234 B

Hi everyone! First time actually taking pics of this. I have been sitting around bored all night, decided to play with different looks and makeup. Moar? or GTFO?

No.9690 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)06:03] [Report] 1364896989776.jpg (486341 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
486341 B

And here is one more just because I feel like being a dirty slut xD

No.9691 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)06:41] [Report] []


Hey Destiny, not a bad start, what else you got? ;)

No.9692 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)06:45] [Report] []


Your first pic reminds me a little of Foxtrap, which is always a good thing as well.

No.9693 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:08] [Report] 1364900893668.jpg (227180 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
227180 B

Hooray positive feedback xD. Thanks you guys! IDK I'm trying to go for the whole hipster look with the bright colors. I love pink, purple, and lime green they are my 3 favs =) here is another I have a ton.

No.9694 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)07:13] [Report] []

Ur cute n love ur bright smile I for one would love to see more of u

No.9695 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:15] [Report] 1364901304948.jpg (265993 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
265993 B

I painted my toenails too!!! <3 I'm so happy living on my own now, I feel so free to express myself now. I hope you guys can bare with me. Kisses

No.9696 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)07:21] [Report] []


So tell me Destiny, any body parts you particularly liked to have worshipped? ;)

No.9697 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:23] [Report] 1364901808288.jpg (590263 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
590263 B

Awwww thanx doll you made me smile a lot bigger than that just now. Y'all are so nice. Oh, and yes that is lace hun hehe I love VS panties.

No.9698 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:25] [Report] []

Any body parts? Ummm idk bout that, I don't have anything worth worshiping I don't think.

No.9699 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:31] [Report] 1364902304793.jpg (1505294 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
1505294 B

Hehe I thought of my favorite body part, It is my eyes =) Quality of this one=sux.

No.9700 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)07:41] [Report] []


I see something that could use some attention right there Destiny. hehe ;)

No.9701 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)07:57] [Report] []

>>9700 You do? What is it? Tell me, Tell me!!!! Btw do you guys like nylon? I bought some the other day and haven't tried them out yet.

No.9702 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)08:00] [Report] []


Yeah, that panty-clad ass of yours looks like it needs some attention Destiny.

I'll need to see it in nylons first, you know, to be sure. ;)

No.9703 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)08:07] [Report] 1364904457398.jpg (263510 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
263510 B

I will get to work on the nylons buy in the mean time can you settle for something like this?

No.9704 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)08:09] [Report] []


I don't know Destiny, perhaps you can tell me where you like to put it and how badly you want the real thing? ;)

No.9706 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/04/02(Tue)08:37] [Report] []


>"Shape me! Pluck me!"
No.9707 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)08:57] [Report] []

>>9706 I wish you were close so you could come help me with that. I am kinda self conscious bout it but i always end up messing them up.

No.9708 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)08:59] [Report] []

Would love to see u do naughty stuff with tht in those lace panties pulled to side mmmmmmmmm teasee me bb

No.9709 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:01] [Report] []


Where you located Destiny? ;)

No.9711 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:05] [Report] []

U look so lovely wowweeee

No.9712 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)09:29] [Report] 1364909387187.jpg (642516 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
642516 B

>>9709 Alabama...The absolute worst place in the United States ='(
>>9711 Thank You sweetie <3
>>9704 Never had the real thing I really don't know how I feel about that.
>>9708 Teasing is what I do best ;)

No.9713 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:33] [Report] []

I can see tht ur good at it the more the merrier as long as my dick approves ^_^

No.9714 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)09:37] [Report] 1364909868868.jpg (586634 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
586634 B

>>9713 Well maybe it will approve of this.

No.9715 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:41] [Report] []

I just got an instant ........ response
Do u chat r u on chat by any chance

No.9716 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:42] [Report] []

I am Echodan if u are on chat

No.9717 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:45] [Report] []


Looking very good there Destiny, it's a shame you aint anywhere near me, so instead I'll kindly request a picture of you bent over your bed with your nylon covered ass in the air.

Pretty please? ;)

No.9718 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)09:53] [Report] []

>>9715 sorry babe im not Email me?!? destiknee at yahoo dot cum ;)
>>9717 2 seconds kind sir =)

No.9719 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)09:56] [Report] []

It sure does btw my ultimate destiny is to tast those luscious lips of ur squeeze n pound tht sexy ass with those nylon/lace panties pulled to the side

No.9720 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)10:02] [Report] 1364911366821.jpg (249668 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
249668 B

>>9719 You sure are dirty sir! Do you make love with that mouth as filthy as you talk ;)
>>9717 something like this hun? I love mirrors.

No.9721 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)10:07] [Report] []

Mostly tongue actually n a lot of slippin sliding n penetrating ^_^
Nice ass btw a bit hard to see though

No.9722 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)10:15] [Report] 1364912103293.jpg (225239 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
225239 B

>>9721 bby you ain't gotta lie to kick it! I know I have no ass. But thanks anyways. Oh kay kay kay one last one and i gotta try and get some sleep before I go to work =/

No.9723 : anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)10:17] [Report] []

Ok so u say but still ediible n smashable :)

No.9724 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)10:19] [Report] []

>>9723 Well if you come rescue me from the hell hole of the world then ill make sure it's ready for you to eat and smash then. lmfao

No.9725 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)10:23] [Report] []


Yes, that's a very nice picture there Destiny, hopefully you'll find a nice hot guy to give that ass of yours a good hard pounding.

While it's a shame that cant be me, I'd love to see more of you when you can come around, perhaps even chat online? ;)

Sweet dreams now. <3

No.9726 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)10:26] [Report] []

>>9725 I don't wanna find a guy honestly. I would much rather settle down with a girl or a CD/TV i want someone that is more girly than I am. That's hard to find.

No.9727 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)10:38] [Report] []


That's such a shame, you certain a little more sweet talking can't persuade you? ;)

No.9728 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)11:01] [Report] 1364914878594.jpg (199997 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
199997 B

>>9727 Maybe it can ;)

No.9729 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)11:06] [Report] []


Wow, you look really nice there Destiny, very feminine, it must be those eyes of yours. ;)

Is it working yet? hehe :p

No.9730 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)11:11] [Report] []

>>9729 oh yes of course it is i need you to ravage my ass =) lol I'm so sarcastic right now for some reason I'm sorry. But ok ill admit that helped haha.

No.9731 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)11:15] [Report] []


I was trying to be sincere for a moment, but if you wanna be all sassy to me, be careful what you wish for Destiny, because you just might get it. ;) hehe

How does that sound? ;)

No.9732 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)11:25] [Report] []

>>9731 sounds juicy lol bring it on big boy

No.9733 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)11:33] [Report] []


Oh really?

What did you have in mind? ;)

No.9734 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)11:36] [Report] []

>>9733 well that's for me to think about and you to wonder what I'm thinking ;)

No.9735 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)11:42] [Report] []


Well I do believe that you previously expressed a fondness for presenting yourself in front of a mirror, leaving you all exposed and vulnerable, isnt that right? ;) hehe

No.9737 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)11:45] [Report] []

>>9735 Shhhh I couldn't even get my dick hard earlier to cum. You are gonna get me all excited and gonna make me use my vibey and ill be all upset cause i won't even be able to cream in my panties.

No.9738 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)11:51] [Report] []


Aww...what's the matter sweetie?

You getting flustered all of a sudden? ;) hehehe

No.9739 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)12:26] [Report] []


Maybe you're already more girlier than you'd like to admit Destiny. hehehe ;)

No.9740 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)12:42] [Report] []

>>9739 maybe you are right sweetie =)

No.9741 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)12:52] [Report] []


Of course I am, there was never any doubt. :p haha

No.9743 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/04/02(Tue)14:01] [Report] []

You mostly just have to work on strays. Your shape isn't bad, because it's natural. The biggest mistake you can make as a newbie is going overboard and having those super thin or high arched brows. Start modestly, work on the shape most of all, not the thickness. After you get used to shaping them then you can start thinning them.

No.9744 : Destiny [13/04/02(Tue)14:08] [Report] []

>>9743 Thank you sweety! I have been a logtime admirer of you btw, I think you are absolutely GAWJUS!

No.9749 : Anonymous [13/04/02(Tue)21:14] [Report] []


Hey again Destiny, hopefully you'll grace us with your fine presence and post some more pictures of yourself. ;)

No.9757 : Destiny [13/04/03(Wed)04:57] [Report] 1364979461147.jpg (245614 B, 1080x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
245614 B

I hope you guys like anal penetration ;)

No.9758 : Anonymous [13/04/03(Wed)05:05] [Report] []


Aww what's the matter Destiny? Having trouble getting hard still? ;) haha

No.9771 : Destiny [13/04/04(Thu)00:47] [Report] []

hehe nah no point when i can cum other ways

No.9772 : Anonymous [13/04/04(Thu)01:13] [Report] []


Oh really? What's your favourite now? ;)

No.9773 : Destiny [13/04/04(Thu)01:42] [Report] []

Well, I enjoy spell check a lot...... ;)

No.9775 : Anonymous [13/04/04(Thu)02:59] [Report] []


You being sassy with me again, Destiny? ;)

No.9776 : Anonymous [13/04/04(Thu)15:40] [Report] 1365104417836.jpg (104066 B, 337x455) [YIS] [GIS] []
104066 B

Super cute.

Definitely Moar.

No.9791 : Destiny [13/04/05(Fri)03:08] [Report] []

>>9776 hehe thank you sweetie =)

No.9792 : Anonymous [13/04/05(Fri)05:38] [Report] []


So Destiny, you never really told us your favourite way to cum? ;) haha

No.9826 : FryGuy [13/04/06(Sat)17:41] [Report] []

More of that face & ass you pretty thing.

No.9836 : Anonymous [13/04/06(Sat)21:13] [Report] []

What he said.

No.9860 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)04:46] [Report] 1365410817746.jpg (445363 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
445363 B

Hi bbys ;)

No.9863 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)04:50] [Report] 1365411030396.jpg (478605 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
478605 B

OOOOOPPPPPPSSSSS!!! sorry guys I was drunk posting and posted 2 outside the thread I'm sorry I'm tipsy =p

No.9864 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)04:52] [Report] 1365411124311.jpg (430454 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
430454 B

what do you call an alligator in a vest? an investigator =p

No.9865 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)04:53] [Report] 1365411217514.jpg (504547 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
504547 B

Watching elizabethtown.... Tell me how much you love the sound track <3

No.9867 : Anonymous [13/04/08(Mon)05:19] [Report] []


Don't worry Destiny, I'm sure no one will mind too much. ;)

So tell me, how much more susceptible are you to flattery after having a few drinks? ;)

No.9868 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)08:47] [Report] 1365425253388.jpg (486821 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
486821 B

>>9867 Hehe why you love me so much bby? Im pretty sure you are the only one =( but thank you sweety i love compliments anytime though

No.9869 : Anonymous [13/04/08(Mon)08:55] [Report] []


Well, it's no secret I think you're cute Destiny, plus teasing you is so much fun. <3

The only one, huh? I guess I'll need to pay you extra attention then. ;) hehe

No.9870 : Destiny [13/04/08(Mon)09:44] [Report] []

well den y not u not message me =(

No.9986 : Anonymous [13/04/14(Sun)05:52] [Report] []


But I did, it would be easier if you had some form of actual chat. nudge nudge hint hint

No.10328 : Destiny [13/05/19(Sun)03:47] [Report] 1368949646654.jpg (280584 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
280584 B

Sorry guise long time no see =/

No.10329 : Destiny [13/05/19(Sun)03:48] [Report] 1368949682900.jpg (253883 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
253883 B


No.10330 : Destiny [13/05/19(Sun)03:50] [Report] 1368949840336.jpg (110694 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
110694 B

Hehe my fav =)

No.10331 : Destiny [13/05/19(Sun)03:51] [Report] 1368949886989.jpg (286450 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
286450 B

last one for tonight ;)

No.10447 : Destiny [13/06/13(Thu)14:25] [Report] 1371147950562.jpg (301591 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
301591 B

Long time no see guise ;) lookie what i got!

No.10448 : Destiny [13/06/13(Thu)14:28] [Report] 1371148081979.jpg (281195 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
281195 B

Damn I take a lot of pictures in this purple shirt!

No.10449 : Destiny [13/06/13(Thu)14:30] [Report] 1371148256531.jpg (516486 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
516486 B

Here is a cute dress I sported, And dem legs ;)

No.10475 : Daryl Washington [13/06/16(Sun)07:42] [Report] []

I wanna fuck you!

No.10491 : FryGuy [13/06/19(Wed)19:35] [Report] []


Well that woke my Dick up. More in some tight or short dresses.

No.10699 : Destiny [13/07/11(Thu)17:04] [Report] 1373576666852.jpg (170886 B, 720x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
170886 B

Sorry it's been a while ;)

No.10700 : Destiny [13/07/11(Thu)17:08] [Report] 1373576904914.jpg (8341 B, 307x308) [YIS] [GIS] []
8341 B

Wow i look SooOOOooo much different than when I first started!

No.10701 : Destiny [13/07/11(Thu)17:24] [Report] 1373577841429.jpg (450597 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
450597 B

Hehe Makeup skilllllzzzzz

No.10702 : Destiny [13/07/11(Thu)17:24] [Report] 1373577872818.jpg (410350 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] []
410350 B

and one moar!

No.10704 : Destiny [13/07/11(Thu)17:50] [Report] 1373579443930.jpg (102980 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
102980 B

Last one I promise!

No.10705 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/07/11(Thu)18:37] [Report] []

Meow! Sexy! It sucks that eye makeup doesn't work with glasses.

No.10788 : Destiny [13/07/18(Thu)18:17] [Report] 1374185838772.jpg (74678 B, 480x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
74678 B

Can't sleep =(

No.10789 : Destiny [13/07/18(Thu)18:23] [Report] 1374186208491.jpg (87310 B, 480x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
87310 B

Matching toenails and lips <3

No.10790 : Destiny [13/07/18(Thu)18:26] [Report] 1374186377044.jpg (100632 B, 480x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
100632 B

If someone would just come fuck me already I would shut up ;)

No.10791 : Destiny [13/07/18(Thu)18:29] [Report] 1374186582447.jpg (123326 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
123326 B

Someone shut this thirsty whore up!!!! Just KIK me! pinkbowsandlace

No.10795 : Anonymous [13/07/18(Thu)23:46] [Report] []

You need a boyfriend to wear you out Destiny. It shouldn't be that hard for a girl as cute as you.

No.10821 : Destiny [13/07/21(Sun)10:52] [Report] []

>>10795 Ya know I would honestly much rather have a Girlfrand with a strap on than some dumb ol' Boifrand! I hate masculinity so much it is ridiculous, and besides I need someone to go shopping with and do all kinds of other stuff that bois do not like to do!

No.10837 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [13/07/22(Mon)20:54] [Report] []

So you dress all uber desperate like that so you can get fucked by a fake dick by someone who can't even cum in your mouth? LOL @ your life.

No.10850 : Destiny [13/07/24(Wed)13:01] [Report] []

>>10837 actually, i think i may have to take that back cause i just met a boi I'm actually attracted to!!!!

No.10853 : soleman [13/07/25(Thu)19:54] [Report] []

Oh wow u are gorgeous! Im from the same shithole u are from. Bama. Ughh!! Not many pretty gals like u around here though!

No.10958 : Anonymous [13/08/06(Tue)10:06] [Report] []

You seem to have a negatively defined view as to what constitutes masculinity. That's too bad. It would be a blast to for me to get a pretty girl like you off.

No.11202 : Destiny [13/09/13(Fri)10:26] [Report] []

>>10853 hehe thnks babe where you from in Bama??? Im around Gadsden area! ;) kik me pinkbowsandlace

No.11287 : rex [13/09/27(Fri)12:30] [Report] []

holy hell! you are incredible. great look, great personality, humor. The way you've carried out your look… wow. Awesome.


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