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No.6317 : Anonymous [12/08/25(Sat)15:35] [Report] 1345923348284.jpg (55604 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
55604 B

First time posting here since 7's /cd/ is so slow, but I got the urge to take a couple new pics earlier so I hope you like them. Any comments or criticism would be appreciated.

No.6318 : Anonymous [12/08/25(Sat)15:36] [Report] 1345923373117.jpg (56804 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6319 : Anonymous [12/08/25(Sat)15:36] [Report] 1345923404833.jpg (50850 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.6320 : Anonymous [12/08/25(Sat)15:49] [Report] []

Ill wait to post some more til later.

No.6328 : Anonymous [12/08/25(Sat)20:26] [Report] []

Cute. Boobs look convincing too.

No.6331 : Philly [12/08/26(Sun)13:26] [Report] []

Pics look great- thanks for posting! Only crit from me is that your eyebrows look a lil bushy and they don't play well with the wig, but you still have a pretty face and nice smile!

No.6332 : NeverKissedABoy [12/08/26(Sun)14:54] [Report] []

Very cute

No.8035 : opuss [12/12/20(Thu)03:56] [Report] []

so cute and sexy

No.8091 : Anonymous [12/12/22(Sat)23:46] [Report] 1356237994854.jpg (49709 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8093 : Anonymous [12/12/22(Sat)23:48] [Report] 1356238094569.jpg (49514 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
49514 B

Did not expect this thread to still be here when I got back :P

No.8094 : Anonymous [12/12/22(Sat)23:48] [Report] 1356238135129.jpg (50683 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8095 : Anonymous [12/12/22(Sat)23:49] [Report] 1356238159523.jpg (44141 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8096 : Anonymous [12/12/22(Sat)23:53] [Report] []

My Gob I would put you in trap class

but until then...


moor pleez

No.8102 : Anonymous [12/12/23(Sun)02:00] [Report] []



No.8114 : Anonymous [12/12/24(Mon)03:14] [Report] []

Damn your cute, great body and cute face

No.8202 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)08:38] [Report] []

show off some more baby
very pretty

No.8208 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)14:53] [Report] 1356810799705.jpg (46175 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8211 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)14:58] [Report] 1356811088274.jpg (51529 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8220 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)21:56] [Report] 1356836195682.jpg (48246 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
48246 B

Different dress, trying to get some good shots but its difficult when I dont have any make-up on having to keep my face out totally.

No.8221 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)22:00] [Report] 1356836437475.jpg (47351 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8222 : Anonymous [12/12/29(Sat)22:01] [Report] 1356836460234.jpg (48049 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8261 : Anonymous [12/12/31(Mon)13:17] [Report] []

you look great, please more!

No.8413 : Anonymous [13/01/07(Mon)15:05] [Report] []

so hot, i would love to bang your back out and give you a nice facial

No.8423 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)13:44] [Report] 1357670688811.jpg (129905 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
129905 B

Phone camera pic so sorry for the fuzziness :P.
But thank you everybody for all the compliments I didnt think Id get nearly this much attention at all.

No.8426 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)19:55] [Report] []

>>8423 Are u kiddin me with a cute face n hott fit body i bet every guy n girl who sees ur pics r blown away

No.8428 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)20:54] [Report] 1357696462469.jpg (1376654 B, 1936x2592) [YIS] [GIS] []
1376654 B

Well Im glad, I thought I really fucked up the makeup in some of these.

No.8430 : Anonymous [13/01/08(Tue)22:24] [Report] []

Nah babe u look as cute as ever i wanna see more of tht sexy body of urs booty shots

No.8468 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)19:27] [Report] 1357864042360.jpg (62543 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
62543 B

Some ass as per request. :)

No.8469 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)19:28] [Report] 1357864122155.jpg (1822039 B, 1936x2592) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8471 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)20:42] [Report] []


Oooh. Moar!

No.8477 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)21:40] [Report] 1357872030636.jpg (48337 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8478 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)21:41] [Report] 1357872075460.jpg (46204 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8479 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)21:42] [Report] 1357872155636.jpg (43178 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
43178 B

That is all the ass I have for right now I think. :P

No.8482 : Monica [13/01/10(Thu)22:26] [Report] []

We likes the munchable buttses, preciousss... but where's all da cawck at? :/

No.8487 : Anonymous [13/01/10(Thu)23:12] [Report] 1357877564133.jpg (2112344 B, 1936x2592) [YIS] [GIS] []
2112344 B

You know what they say; "Save the best for last."

No.8493 : anonymous [13/01/11(Fri)05:26] [Report] []

Well well well oh my u really r a gem bb a site to behold indeed I asked for booty n u sure do have some looks so poundable n sexy mmmmmmmmm more

No.8550 : Anonymous [13/01/15(Tue)17:11] [Report] 1358287898552.jpg (44814 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
44814 B

Any other requests for me? ;)

No.8560 : DJ [13/01/15(Tue)22:40] [Report] []

>>8550 Come to my house spend the night?

No.8561 : Anonymous [13/01/16(Wed)01:08] [Report] []

I would love to see your lips wrapped around something thick and phallic.

No.8685 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)07:56] [Report] []

something big in your butt would be nice

No.8697 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)19:43] [Report] 1359333802685.jpg (50423 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
50423 B

Ive been unable to dress up and take pictures for a while but I will be back to fill those requests when I can ~<3!

No.8699 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)19:43] [Report] 1359333837581.jpg (58135 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8700 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)19:45] [Report] 1359333937700.jpg (1612168 B, 1936x2592) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8704 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)19:54] [Report] 1359334475758.jpg (1429386 B, 1936x2592) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8705 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)20:07] [Report] []

moar ass please

No.8708 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)20:38] [Report] 1359337097634.jpg (57824 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8709 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)20:39] [Report] 1359337176147.jpg (42138 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.8727 : Anonymous [13/01/28(Mon)16:42] [Report] 1359409330205.jpg (115809 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
115809 B

I hope I get a chance to dress again this weekend so I can take more pics.

No.8731 : Anonymous [13/01/28(Mon)20:47] [Report] []

Request: poses like this with shoes, no pants >>8479

No.8732 : Anonymous [13/01/28(Mon)21:32] [Report] 1359426729569.jpg (44625 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
44625 B

Closest I have right now!

No.8736 : Anonymous [13/01/28(Mon)23:04] [Report] []

Try looking less hideous and cleaning up a bit.

No.8740 : Anonymous [13/01/29(Tue)00:02] [Report] []

Cool story bro.

No.8741 : Anonymous [13/01/29(Tue)00:55] [Report] 1359438956727.jpg (42245 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
42245 B

Well that's unnecessary.

No.8744 : Anonymous [13/01/29(Tue)02:29] [Report] []

>>8741 Well i think your cute

No.8747 : wizzy [13/01/29(Tue)05:24] [Report] []


No.8775 : Anonymous [13/02/01(Fri)06:47] [Report] []

Post some pictures of your feet please? <333

No.9014 : Anonymous [13/02/20(Wed)17:51] [Report] 1361400701348.jpg (37447 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
37447 B

Hey /cd/ I haven't been able to take some pics or post anything in a while. However I just bought a nice set of butt plugs (I have the smallest one in now :P) so hopefully Ill be able to fill some of those requests as well as some other new pics!

No.9024 : Anonymous [13/02/23(Sat)13:54] [Report] []

Looking forward to more!

No.9064 : Anonymous [13/02/26(Tue)07:19] [Report] []

Please take a thong pic standing up nice and straight and half sideways/half back to the mirror... I think I speak for most guys when I say that's the prime booty pic photo. It's all about where the cheeks meet the thighs.

No.15287 : Anonymous [2018-07-06 23:18] [Report] []

How do you fight the urge to suicide?

No.15293 : Veronica [2018-07-10 19:57] [Report] []

Babe, you should leave your KIK user name so we can write.. mines blue2666 and you can find my pics on here

No.15636 : Gabbysis [2019-02-21 01:20] [Report] 1550730057511.jpg (73852 B, 480x1203) [YIS] [GIS] []
73852 B

U am a CD and a virgin never been with a CD or tran but I would hold you down and suck your cock if you made me your CD sex slave


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