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closed No.2 : Cereal [11/06/20(Mon)04:15] [Report] 1308557757130.jpg (13526 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
13526 B

Front page by default! Yay!

Hidden in one of these archives is my contact details...

Shows are spur of the moment
cam4 com/cerealcd/

No.18 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/06/21(Tue)20:01] [Report] []


Fuck the Pacific Ocean.

No.30 : Anonymous [11/06/22(Wed)20:44] [Report] []

Oh man, missed a show today! Anything interesting?

No.198 : Cereal [11/07/08(Fri)06:20] [Report] 1310120417154.jpg (189716 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
189716 B

What's that? Cereal's doing a cam4 show RIGHT NOW?!(8pm Adelaide time) Better hit that shit up!

No.224 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/07/10(Sun)21:19] [Report] []

I don't want to sound like a fag or something but you guys should watch these cam shows. They're good.

No.267 : Anonymous [11/07/15(Fri)23:48] [Report] []

Do you have a twitter you could announce shows on?

No.285 : Cereal [11/07/18(Mon)06:24] [Report] 1310984667125.jpg (15924 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
15924 B

I had a twitter account, but it got hacked so I de-activated it.

No.286 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)18:26] [Report] []

wow you're so sweet
make some action vids ;)

No.287 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)23:46] [Report] []

need moar

No.290 : Anonymous [11/07/19(Tue)23:56] [Report] []


Take off shorts keep bathing suit on

No.296 : Anonymous [11/07/21(Thu)04:15] [Report] []


Should create one - means I can get a text when you're going to show ;)

No.618 : Cereal [11/08/21(Sun)04:02] [Report] 1313913745389.jpg (501010 B, 1280x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
501010 B

Fucking BAM!

No.619 : Cereal [11/08/21(Sun)11:00] [Report] 1313938856126.jpg (335739 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
335739 B

These are my pajamas :D

No.625 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/08/21(Sun)14:49] [Report] []

I want to be your pajamas. :(

No.626 : Anonymous [11/08/21(Sun)17:10] [Report] []


cuteness overload

No.631 : Cereal [11/08/22(Mon)10:09] [Report] 1314022140485.jpg (151988 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
151988 B

So here's tonight's sleepwear. I like this little nightly update thing, but soon I'll run out of outfits.

I'll probably do some proper cam whoring tomorrow because I get home early to work. But that will come after talking to the bank about home loans.

>>625 And I want you to be online at times convenient to me so I can tease... I mean talk to you.

>>626 Thanks, I was deliberately not trying to do a sexy pose or anything.

No.647 : Cereal [11/08/23(Tue)10:56] [Report] 1314111413593.jpg (170542 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
170542 B

Obligatory pajama update. I didn't get around to doing proper cam whoring so this'll do. It's actually a thigh length nighty-thing, but I pull it up and tie the back because I like to see my panties in the morning.

I wonder if these pictures have the GPS data that some smartphones save hidden in them...

No.653 : Anonymous [11/08/23(Tue)20:03] [Report] []


I'd like to see you in this outfit from the back, bent over and legs spread a bit...

No.655 : Anonymous [11/08/23(Tue)20:48] [Report] []

Hey Cereal, are you interested in other traps at all?

No.657 : AE [11/08/23(Tue)21:31] [Report] []

But i wanted to see some cam whoring really badly....

No.669 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/08/24(Wed)19:09] [Report] []



No.672 : Dandette [11/08/24(Wed)21:19] [Report] []

I actually live in the same city as he does though!

No.684 : CerealM [11/08/24(Wed)23:59] [Report] 1314244770645.jpg (168480 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
168480 B

Yes. I'm not keen an men normally, unless they're "fem-boys"

Spligitmoose on hotmail, gmail and steam. Get to it.

... Just for funzies my mobile is 0488520697. But only after 4pm. Sexy calls while I operate machinery could be a bad r>>655idea.

No.880 : Cereal [11/08/31(Wed)10:32] [Report] 1314801175007.jpg (369652 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
369652 B

So I went round to Dandettes (>>659) house.
This picture happened. Then there was sexy times.

...Also Robert, you will no longer be my first cock to suck...

No.886 : Cereal [11/08/31(Wed)11:02] [Report] 1314802971135.jpg (391210 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
391210 B

Also this picture despite generous man-face. I NEED TO BUY BOOTS LIKE THESE!

No.887 : Jones [11/08/31(Wed)11:35] [Report] []


awesome outfit

No.891 : Anonymous [11/08/31(Wed)13:47] [Report] []

you hot

No.896 : Anonymous [11/09/01(Thu)09:17] [Report] []

fucking hot

No.954 : Anonymous [11/09/05(Mon)04:18] [Report] []

>>886 i think you have a great face. you remind me of jeffree star

No.955 : Anonymous [11/09/05(Mon)08:48] [Report] []

One of these days I'm going to have the courage to hit you up for a dress up session.
most of my dresses are tight and short :D
Love Adelfag

No.956 : Cereal [11/09/05(Mon)10:54] [Report] 1315234489097.jpg (338013 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
338013 B

I've re-uploaded the "cam4 archive", but I've changed all the file types to jpegs instead of ".snaps"

>>955 Just email me. If I know you, who am I to judge. If I don't, what is there to lose?

No.965 : lez4Traps [11/09/05(Mon)19:00] [Report] []

Nice pink stuff

nice butt and nice package...

No.967 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/09/05(Mon)21:16] [Report] []


>best butt
>best package


No.970 : Ashley Comet [11/09/05(Mon)21:32] [Report] []

I'm sure someone must have already said this but I would eat you like breakfast.

No.1462 : Cereal [11/10/17(Mon)09:02] [Report] 1318856553914.jpg (429031 B, 1632x1224) [YIS] [GIS] []
429031 B

So I've gotten bored again and will soon be returning to cam whoring. A few things first:

What do I need to do to qualify to be a "banner girl" for tranchan? Particularly high quality photos or just good poses?

Secondly, people should totally check out my wishlist and send me things:

Lastly, if you are in my locale (South or West Adelaide) don't be afraid to send me an email or chat request.

Stay tuned for more.

No.1464 : Anonymous [11/10/17(Mon)11:35] [Report] []

>>1462 The criteria was a selection of the "hottest CDs, traps, trans people that have posted to the site." I'm not sure if you do face pictures but a picture including your face would probably be a bonus. The picture should be clear, at the very least.

To post your email address right to the board, just make it "...ail . com".

No.1466 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [11/10/17(Mon)19:47] [Report] []

Eh...I don't think I can really get into this without estranging people. Let's put it in a positive way. You're a staple of this site. But you're my god damn fucking waifu and I don't want to flaunt you around.

No.1499 : Cereal [11/10/19(Wed)05:51] [Report] 1319017911404.jpg (10390 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
10390 B

Getting a chance to get the month or so build up of man-hair is proving difficult, so in the mean time here's some stuff from my archives you might not have seen.


No.1500 : Cereal [11/10/19(Wed)05:58] [Report] 1319018283007.jpg (11805 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1501 : Cereal [11/10/19(Wed)06:08] [Report] 1319018929695.jpg (14237 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
14237 B

Next level cam whoring maneuver.

No.1503 : Cereal [11/10/19(Wed)06:15] [Report] 1319019349468.jpg (12969 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
12969 B

480x400 is not enough pixels to contain all of me...

No.1504 : Cereal [11/10/19(Wed)07:11] [Report] 1319022683757.jpg (11481 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
11481 B

Sitting flat is hard with a huge dildo, thus the funny legs and arm for support.

I'll take both those statements as the highest of compliments.

No.1506 : Anonymous [11/10/19(Wed)07:15] [Report] []

>>1501 oooh. damn. that is hot.

No.1516 : Anonymous [11/10/20(Thu)01:51] [Report] []

this needs a video

No.1517 : Anonymous [11/10/20(Thu)01:59] [Report] []

fuck you are perfect. please tell me you got msn or aim?

No.1543 : Anonymous [11/10/21(Fri)00:18] [Report] []

I saw a show of yours on Cam4 AGES ago and loved it, couldn't believe such a sexy thing was in the same city as me. Great to find you online somewhere else too.

No.1546 : Cereal [11/10/21(Fri)10:25] [Report] 1319207137499.jpg (15085 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
15085 B

For those of you playing at home I'm doing a show now and it's the weekend so I could be at it for hours.

cam4 / cerealcd

ps Spligitmoose on msn aim or gmail

No.1547 : lucas [11/10/21(Fri)11:10] [Report] []


Well I was going to have an early one tonight but I guess I could stay up a little longer.

No.1549 : Cereal [11/10/21(Fri)11:37] [Report] []

The pigs shut me down man! Turns out advertising your amazon wish list is against the rules. Time to find another cam streaming site... Gimme a little while and I'll post details here.

No.1550 : lucas [11/10/21(Fri)11:42] [Report] []


I was wondering where the hell it went.

Unfortunatly I got impatient and I finished off without you but I hope to catch you again.

No.1589 : Cereal [11/10/21(Fri)21:46] [Report] 1319247980517.jpg (170752 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
170752 B

This would be so much easier if we could do more then one pic at a time...

also, spligitmoose on skpe. (Anyone notice a trend?)

No.1591 : Cereal [11/10/21(Fri)21:51] [Report] 1319248265208.jpg (183643 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
183643 B

I really need to do a shot that will merit putting me on a banner...

No.1592 : Cereal [11/10/21(Fri)21:54] [Report] 1319248474698.jpg (182886 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
182886 B

What I think is a pretty adorable face pic. I time stamped it in an attempt to get money/gifts out of someone

No.1593 : Kirill [11/10/21(Fri)22:10] [Report] []


Adorable indeed

No.1640 : Cereal [11/10/24(Mon)10:00] [Report] 1319464852667.jpg (21226 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
21226 B

So I'm on chaturbate now. They take abazllion more pictures per show which makes my life easier. Here's more bulge.

No.1641 : Cereal [11/10/24(Mon)10:02] [Report] 1319464948102.jpg (21404 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
21404 B

And more arse. Look up cerealcd. Don't forget spligitmoose for all the other things. Private shows for shiny on skype.

No.1650 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/10/24(Mon)19:55] [Report] []

How about I clean your room for free. =P

No.1655 : Anonymous [11/10/25(Tue)09:47] [Report] []

your ass is soo great, want to tap that all day

No.1905 : Cereal [11/11/04(Fri)08:06] [Report] []

I'm on chaturbate now, just chillin and teasin, might do something naughty later. Can't figure out how to access the pictures it takes while I'm broadcasting, so they will come later.

No.1982 : Anonymous [11/11/07(Mon)21:51] [Report] []

I cant find you on chaturbate... :S

No.2266 : Cereal [11/11/21(Mon)08:54] [Report] 1321883690501.jpg (177063 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
177063 B

So chaturbate disabled their picture taking thing. Annoying to no end. In the mean time I'll just post random pictures that I haven't uploaded here yet.

No.2267 : Cereal [11/11/21(Mon)09:26] [Report] 1321885583307.jpg (16883 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
16883 B

Here's another pink one...

No.2268 : Cereal [11/11/21(Mon)09:31] [Report] 1321885917615.jpg (12865 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
12865 B

More arse. I really need to get a new outfit and take some new pics. I'll be moving into my new house Dec 6th, then there will be a sexy reckoning!

No.2269 : Cereal [11/11/21(Mon)09:37] [Report] 1321886222991.jpg (16505 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
16505 B

Should've done these a bit more in order. Deal with it.

No.2270 : Cereal [11/11/21(Mon)09:58] [Report] 1321887494044.jpg (11847 B, 480x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
11847 B

AHhahaha! I tricked you all! I was posting with symmetry!

This isn't a particularly good shot, but it shows my interest in belly stretching enemas so it'll do.

No.2275 : rory laine [11/11/21(Mon)14:44] [Report] []

looking cute

No.2278 : Anonymous [11/11/21(Mon)19:42] [Report] []

>>2268 nice one

No.2279 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/11/21(Mon)19:47] [Report] []

He's lying. We're expecting. Whatever it is it'll be pretty. =3

No.2283 : Anonymous [11/11/21(Mon)22:56] [Report] []

That booty is looking mighty fine, yum ;)

No.2284 : lucas [11/11/22(Tue)02:25] [Report] []

Very nice. Having a house warming party? :P

Any usual time to catch you on chaturbate?

No.2290 : Cereal [11/11/22(Tue)07:02] [Report] 1321963324598.png (290966 B, 459x404) [YIS] [GIS] []
290966 B

Not anytime soon, I keep wasting all my horniness on Roberta

No.2291 : lucas [11/11/22(Tue)08:37] [Report] []


I support that decision 100%.

No.2292 : wizzy [11/11/22(Tue)14:27] [Report] []

I can see their BITS N PIECES!

No.2293 : Anonymous [11/11/22(Tue)16:36] [Report] []


Holy shit, I liked you before, but you have no idea how much belly stretching enemas rock my socks off.


No.2295 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/11/22(Tue)19:13] [Report] []


Ha ha ha. You on top of me would be like cream soda--white froth on top of orangey brown.

No.2318 : Cereal [11/11/25(Fri)05:16] [Report] 1322216180176.jpg (314673 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
314673 B

So good things happen when people buy me gifts from Amazon...

amzn com /w/ 89PTYYO4QPE0

No.2319 : Cereal [11/11/25(Fri)05:17] [Report] 1322216264263.jpg (297792 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
297792 B

Well technically it was from ebay, but you get the idea.

No.2320 : Cereal [11/11/25(Fri)05:20] [Report] 1322216424187.jpg (315115 B, 768x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
315115 B

It was definitely designed for petite Asian women, not tall boys of Scottish decent.

Roberta, I'm sorry. I know you would've wanted exclusive first viewings but I couldn't resist.

No.2325 : Anonymous [11/11/25(Fri)14:09] [Report] []


I like this ;P

How much can you take? Ever tried something else than water?

No.2327 : Cereal [11/11/25(Fri)20:10] [Report] []

Anything but water seems like it would be inviting bad things into my butthole.

The bag I use is two litres, so somewhere between 3 and 4 litres?

No.2331 : lucas [11/11/26(Sat)03:49] [Report] []

You've put Adelaide water up your backside, things only get better from there.

No.2332 : DJ [11/11/26(Sat)12:41] [Report] []

>>2270 You are so HOT to begin with and I love your pics, but when you got to "belly stretching enemas" I also came in my shorts. Love agood enema from time to time myself

Would really love to do some enema play with a partner!!

No.2349 : LazerWolf [11/11/28(Mon)01:55] [Report] []

Wow! It's really nice to see you still being a slut. P:<
I used to perv on you like, last year or so. Chatted a bit, made the first cam4 archive, etc.

Count on me busting another nut tonight to your perfect ass.

No.2413 : Cereal [11/11/30(Wed)06:42] [Report] 1322653327206.jpg (186902 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
186902 B

Hard day at work. Comfort foods and bunny suits are called for. I was gonna take more but then the halter tie broke and I got side tracked by Roberta...

No.2414 : Cereal [11/11/30(Wed)07:05] [Report] 1322654729179.jpg (194830 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
194830 B

This is me. Browsing Tumblr. In a bunny outfit...

No.2415 : Cereal [11/11/30(Wed)07:25] [Report] 1322655925523.jpg (192413 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
192413 B

I really like this outfit. It's surprisingly comfy.

No.2520 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/12/04(Sun)23:11] [Report] 1323058310876.jpg (557098 B, 1440x868) [YIS] [GIS] []
557098 B






No.2521 : Cereal [11/12/04(Sun)23:31] [Report] []

My cam is only 640x480, blowing it out to those resolutions is just silly!

No.2527 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/12/05(Mon)22:51] [Report] []



No.3299 : lucas [12/01/28(Sat)09:30] [Report] []

Anything new to share in the new year?

No.3554 : Anonymous [12/02/14(Tue)17:24] [Report] []

God, your ass is to die for. Any chance of more enema pics? :D

No.3920 : Anonymous [12/03/20(Tue)00:16] [Report] []

please cereal, moar pics

No.4918 : Anonymous [12/05/27(Sun)04:11] [Report] []

The file "cereal 3" not working. Someone make upload please?

No.4977 : Anonymous [12/05/31(Thu)19:04] [Report] []




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