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No.1794 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)22:31] [Report] 1320114705317.jpg (907739 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
907739 B

I think this would be my first post on this board...

No.1795 : Isaac Clarke [11/10/31(Mon)22:37] [Report] []

i like the blue corset, blue is the best colour. moar?

No.1796 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)22:39] [Report] 1320115152171.jpg (918638 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
918638 B


No.1797 : Isaac Clarke [11/10/31(Mon)22:39] [Report] []

good stuff ;)

No.1798 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)22:41] [Report] 1320115294623.jpg (814502 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
814502 B

I'm certainly not low...

No.1799 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)22:45] [Report] []

Adeptus Astartes Poster?

You are the girl of my dreams... :)

No.1801 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)22:47] [Report] []

ooh youre kinda cute :x

No.1802 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)22:51] [Report] 1320115900558.jpg (840850 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
840850 B

I'm a "For the Greater Good" type of girl to be honest.

No.1803 : Isaac Clarke [11/10/31(Mon)22:54] [Report] []

nice ass. and really nice smile

No.1804 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)22:55] [Report] []

I'm a "spank and take my time" kinda guy, how about that :p

No.1806 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)22:59] [Report] 1320116353751.jpg (829642 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
829642 B

Slaaneesh? you chaos kids...

No.1807 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:03] [Report] []

that bed looks cozy, looks nicer than mine D:

No.1808 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:14] [Report] []



No.1809 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)23:21] [Report] 1320117704890.jpg (844090 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
844090 B


In the flesh.

No.1810 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:27] [Report] []


Cool, I wasnt sure if you went by another name, your hair is really coming through. ;)

No.1811 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)23:31] [Report] []


Well I wont be able to afford a girl's haircut until around Christmas time. So That'll be a fun event. foreshadow's my mother's horror

No.1812 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:33] [Report] []

whats your hot self up to tonight

No.1813 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)23:37] [Report] []

Well I have left my plans pretty well open. I could either be invited out somewhere tonight or I stay in and take pics.

Typical life of a boss. Happy Halloween

No.1814 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:37] [Report] []

go out and take pics XD, post results

No.1815 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)23:41] [Report] 1320118871864.jpg (336195 B, 640x428) [YIS] [GIS] []
336195 B

I've done that a few times actually. my last set was done with an impromtu camera guy who could host a place.

pic related: its some random guy's bedroom.

No.1816 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:42] [Report] []

oh ya? did you guys have fun XD?

No.1817 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:51] [Report] []


She dont like you trapping?

No.1818 : Josie [11/10/31(Mon)23:55] [Report] 1320119720013.jpg (844284 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
844284 B


She's southern-american.

No.1819 : Anonymous [11/10/31(Mon)23:57] [Report] []


Haha, that must be fun.

No.1820 : Anonymous [11/11/01(Tue)00:05] [Report] []


Well thinking you're hot is a sin then I'm an unrepentant satanist. :P

No.1821 : Anonymous [11/11/01(Tue)01:05] [Report] []

CUTE! Glad you're here posting.

No.1823 : Josie [11/11/01(Tue)02:31] [Report] 1320129095902.jpg (907870 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1830 : Anonymous [11/11/01(Tue)05:30] [Report] []

Wow Josie. You like straight married men wanting to do things with you?

No.1836 : Josie [11/11/01(Tue)06:52] [Report] []

Who Doesnt?

No.1837 : Anonymous [11/11/01(Tue)07:16] [Report] []

can we get a look at that ass?

No.1839 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/11/01(Tue)07:58] [Report] []



No.1857 : Josie [11/11/01(Tue)19:29] [Report] 1320190145615.png (579846 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
579846 B

best pic of last night IMO.

No.1858 : ?EverOpeningFlower? ##nuerJyS6 [11/11/01(Tue)19:44] [Report] []

Duh. You have cute full lips. =3

No.1861 : Anonymous [11/11/01(Tue)21:17] [Report] []


sooo foxy!

No.1863 : Anonymous [11/11/02(Wed)01:48] [Report] []

I would love to be corrupted by you anytime :)

Do you have aim/email?

No.1864 : Josie [11/11/02(Wed)05:26] [Report] 1320225984144.png (597523 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
597523 B


Corrupted you say? I am happily pansexual and enjoy hearing from all sorts of people. but Chat on here most of the time so I can keep putting pictures up.

pic related.

No.1865 : Anonymous [11/11/02(Wed)05:47] [Report] []


Oh shit! Like that a lot.

No.1876 : Josie [11/11/03(Thu)04:48] [Report] 1320310130967.png (577849 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
577849 B

here ya go

No.1877 : <3femboys [11/11/03(Thu)08:49] [Report] []


i feel a fap attack coming on....

those lips are amazing too

No.1899 : Anonymous [11/11/04(Fri)01:04] [Report] []

did you nut on your own face XD

No.1908 : Kirill [11/11/04(Fri)10:09] [Report] []


Currently attempting to get rid of this boner you caused

500 faps later.....


No.1910 : Anonymous [11/11/04(Fri)10:28] [Report] []



No.1913 : Anonymous [11/11/04(Fri)14:25] [Report] []

More, please!

No.1914 : Anonymous [11/11/04(Fri)14:26] [Report] []

So fucking hot! I would love to shoot a load on your face.

No.1936 : Anonymous [11/11/05(Sat)16:28] [Report] []

We need vid/pics of you getting fucked or are crazy hot!

No.1941 : Anonymous [11/11/06(Sun)09:50] [Report] []

Oh Slaneesh please corrupt this lowly body and give me Heresy!

No.1942 : Anonymous [11/11/06(Sun)16:47] [Report] []

moar this set

No.1944 : Anonymous [11/11/06(Sun)19:52] [Report] []

Moar indeed.
You are amazing,

No.1947 : Josie [11/11/06(Sun)23:28] [Report] 1320640100467.png (595429 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
595429 B


so what if i did?

Heres another angle.

No.1966 : <3femboys [11/11/07(Mon)09:38] [Report] []


more girls need to nut on their face its crazy hot

love the look on your face in the newest pic too.

No.2040 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:06] [Report] 1320879992097.png (650665 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
650665 B

liiiiiiiike this?

No.2043 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:07] [Report] 1320880046851.jpg (89609 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
89609 B

also: Old pics!

No.2044 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:07] [Report] 1320880076557.jpg (89989 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
89989 B


No.2045 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:08] [Report] 1320880135851.jpg (48447 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
48447 B

And adventure!

No.2047 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:09] [Report] 1320880189320.jpg (102658 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
102658 B

and stockings

No.2049 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:10] [Report] 1320880258694.jpg (109321 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
109321 B

Happy to take requests by the way.

No.2051 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:11] [Report] 1320880289437.jpg (99382 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2052 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:12] [Report] 1320880347696.jpg (99453 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
99453 B

Hooray for camera angles! boo real life.

No.2053 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:13] [Report] 1320880429199.jpg (305296 B, 480x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
305296 B

not slutty outfit!? c'est pas possible!

No.2054 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:14] [Report] 1320880489608.jpg (409277 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
409277 B

and more from this set as requested.

No.2055 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)18:15] [Report] 1320880555037.jpg (393391 B, 640x428) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2056 : Anonymous [11/11/09(Wed)18:16] [Report] []

>>2047 Oh shit. That is fucking hot! 0.0

No.2057 : ml4p [11/11/09(Wed)18:44] [Report] []

Can we see cum leaking through your panties. that would be YUM!!

No.2058 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [11/11/09(Wed)18:45] [Report] []

Okay so our /traps/ board is in short supply of hotties and you like, way pass, and are way cute and dirty. So you know... if you want to move over yonder... be my guest.

No.2059 : ml4p [11/11/09(Wed)18:49] [Report] []

>>1802 Always good to see a girl who is willing to take one for the team.

No.2062 : Josie [11/11/09(Wed)19:40] [Report] 1320885645432.jpg (293917 B, 428x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
293917 B


Sure. Let me work on it.


You know that site that rhymes with 7khan also had that discrepincy between Traps and CD's. I am not opposed to being moved, but I DO identify as a CD since I'm not 24/7.


Well a nice fantasy WOULD be to be taken by a team. Would make a great photoset.

No.2063 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [11/11/09(Wed)20:54] [Report] []


Don't know what their criteria was but people who can pass as the opposite gender go in traps. Doesn't matter if they're straight, gay, trans-lesbian, whatever. Doesn't matter if it's full time or a hobby. If you can pass, you go there. It's more of a seal of quality than assessing someone's lifestyle. Real talk even some transgendered girls here couldn't make it in traps...

But yeah, just sayin.

No.2064 : Anonymous [11/11/09(Wed)22:39] [Report] []

>>2062 I'd love to slide that plug out and see the gape.

No.2065 : bobby [11/11/10(Thu)04:13] [Report] []

i tried your email but it didn't work, so i'll just post it here. you said you were open to emails you look amazing and i hope you keep posing ever consider high heal boots or gloves>?

No.2067 : Anonymous [11/11/10(Thu)04:42] [Report] []

You're pretty ^^

No.2152 : Anonymous [11/11/14(Mon)01:39] [Report] []

do you have a cam4 josie or skype?

No.2164 : Anonymous [11/11/14(Mon)10:37] [Report] []

you're the best <3 really. the best thing I've seen

No.2166 : Anonymous [11/11/14(Mon)13:42] [Report] []

More cum on face. That was fucking hot.

No.2171 : Anonymous [11/11/14(Mon)18:09] [Report] []


No.2206 : Anonymous [11/11/15(Tue)23:59] [Report] []


Well what is your favorite sport then and we will see if we can put an approprite team together for you.

No.2213 : Josie [11/11/16(Wed)17:33] [Report] []


Baseball. Baseball for sure. 9 players + benchwarmers + a bullpen? How could anyone resist a lineup like that?

No.2214 : ml4p [11/11/16(Wed)17:52] [Report] []

I am a rugby player myself. 15 on the team plus 7 reserves. Big burly blokes.

No.2247 : Nor cal fighter [11/11/20(Sun)02:12] [Report] []

Hey fox
I'm from nor cal
maybe we can talk some time

No.2636 : Anonymous [11/12/22(Thu)01:51] [Report] []

I'd love to see you showing ass and cock between closed legs kneeling and looking at the cam!

No.2637 : Anonymous [11/12/22(Thu)05:07] [Report] 1324548427387.jpg (85112 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
85112 B


c'est pas possible!

...but here's something.

No.2638 : Anonymous [11/12/22(Thu)05:14] [Report] []

The world will be a better place if you make more videos Josie! Preferably involving dildos.

No.2640 : Anonymous [11/12/22(Thu)10:08] [Report] []

ahhh loved your vids josie. btw, looks like you've slimmed down a bit? nice.

No.2673 : Anonymous [11/12/23(Fri)15:41] [Report] 1324672889935.jpg (60137 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
60137 B

Well as it stands, the deal is I make private vids for anyone nice enough to get me a christmas present from my wishlist.

It's a pretty good system, and It also counts for private cam sessions :)

No.2677 : Anonymous [11/12/23(Fri)17:34] [Report] []

>>2045 tell us more

No.2680 : Anonymous [11/12/23(Fri)21:11] [Report] []


Thats from my evening with Elevation. She was pretty cute, but for several reasons we didnt really mesh well, and haven't seen or heard from her since.

No.2690 : Anonymous [11/12/24(Sat)03:48] [Report] 1324716508405.jpg (175593 B, 824x1631) [YIS] [GIS] []
175593 B

i found these two pictures of you floating around

No.2691 : Anonymous [11/12/24(Sat)03:49] [Report] 1324716550329.jpg (112730 B, 637x1639) [YIS] [GIS] []
112730 B

personally i think you look gross as fuck. but w/e

No.2692 : Foxtrap [11/12/24(Sat)04:04] [Report] 1324717480770.jpg (2916425 B, 3072x2304) [YIS] [GIS] []
2916425 B


Hahaha well thanks, and dont worry I don't take offense to your feelings, no one understands that better than me. I must have been pretty blasted at that time. Makeup doesnt seem to have made an appearance into those pics, and I dont remember taking them, so my judgement is: Was drunk as fuck.

But not the worst pics of me. Who wants to see the worst pic of me? Pic related. its the most pathetic angsty teen version of me ever. Like honestly, I look at this pic and just giggle to myself sometimes. I sucked at being a girl and was a wuss for a boy. all bad.

;-) Can't always bring the A-game. Thanks for sharing though, it's always nice to know you anon's can recognize me whether you'd like to or not hahaha.

No.2693 : Anonymous [11/12/24(Sat)09:52] [Report] []

Just dumped a thick, creamy load for that ass. You're quite the looker, sweetie. :)

No.2705 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [11/12/24(Sat)15:23] [Report] []


>personally i think you look gross as fuck. but w/e

Raz, I know even though this is your IP this probably isn't you, but if you can't keep your stuff away from Manbid I'll probably end up banning your IP too.

No.2707 : Anonymous [11/12/24(Sat)16:34] [Report] []

did you ever get some girly action irl (sucked a dick or took once etc)?

No.2717 : FoxTrap [11/12/25(Sun)20:56] [Report] []

Who did what now?
Well I may have shown my appreciation for the work my photographers did in one way or other ;-)

No.2722 : GuyfromTexas [11/12/26(Mon)09:36] [Report] []


Thanks for these sexy pics Foxtrap. You've got that killer combo - Pretty face, thin waist, & Incredible ass. Would like a new video or new pics. Possibly in some booty shorts teasing.

No.2723 : Rhynmei [11/12/26(Mon)09:48] [Report] []

you're so beautiful, i want to be nice as you, and cute, and beauty, and same as you! you're my hero!
How many sex experience you have as a girl?

No.2726 : jitterbug100 [11/12/26(Mon)14:56] [Report] []

you're super hot! more bare toes though? that would static my brain:)

No.2730 : Anonymous [11/12/27(Tue)01:34] [Report] []


For what it's worth, I love the way you look in this pic and really don't get the hating. Even without makeup you're cute and seductive. Though I must admit I'm pretty fucking stoned right now.

The one you posted in reply to those two pics really is kinda awful though. Did not want to see that.

No.2733 : Anonymous [11/12/27(Tue)04:37] [Report] 1324978623938.jpg (44486 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
44486 B


Well thank you. I posted that because people really should know a few things.

1: With enough effort, pretty much anybody can take a really good looking picture.

2: People typically take less than perfect pictures of themselves due to lack of technique.

3: You can't let haters get to you, and the best way to do that, is to know yourself and your look better than anybody. I'm confident enough to not care if someone doesnt like what I look like, because I know plenty of people that do, and I'm a pretty happy person anyway.

Here's a pic from the same set, but with a wig and more effort. (Protip: take pics in bursts. then cherry pick the favorites.)

No.2734 : Anonymous [11/12/27(Tue)06:51] [Report] []


That one looks great. You seem so vulnerable and excited. Sexy. Wishing I hadn't seen the previous one even more right now.

You wouldn't happen to have any more pics of you wearing a wig, glasses and preferably some slutty outfit, laying around, would you?

No.2741 : MODZILLA ##wYxmLlt9 [11/12/27(Tue)19:10] [Report] []


>Who did what now?

Manbid (MorbidTrap) lives in some kind Eyeliner based Sp00kyGurL commune with Raz and Eva on the /tg/ board. The other two are innocuous but Manbid is annoying as fuck and got upgraded to permaban in part for posting macabre self mutilation photos. Any way, he apparently uses the other two's stuff to post sometimes and I'm just letting them know I will ban those IPs if I have to.


>For what it's worth, I love the way you look in this pic and really don't get the hating.

I wouldn't confuse Manbid's fits for attention as a consensus of any kind. Foxy looks a little drunk and sloppy in said pic but anyone who's ever hooked up at a party knows that look has a charm of its own.

No.3009 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:14] [Report] 1326366881770.jpg (2550528 B, 2304x3072) [YIS] [GIS] []
2550528 B

Heres some of the nice times with wigs. Hopefully my hair grows out this long sooner rather than later.

No.3010 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:16] [Report] 1326366984780.jpg (58971 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
58971 B


No.3011 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:17] [Report] 1326367038869.jpg (59538 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
59538 B

Ive had some fun times in this outfit.

No.3012 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:18] [Report] 1326367109365.jpg (58334 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
58334 B

This one was always a favorite for the chans.

No.3013 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:19] [Report] 1326367182978.jpg (59508 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
59508 B


No.3014 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:20] [Report] 1326367237380.jpg (50922 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
50922 B

silly face. But it was on a timer, and she was doing a great job.

No.3015 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:21] [Report] 1326367304186.jpg (89850 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
89850 B

I mean.... I'd do me.

No.3016 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:23] [Report] 1326367417421.jpg (135457 B, 1000x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
135457 B

this was supposedly a good one no?

No.3017 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:24] [Report] 1326367463647.jpg (237965 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
237965 B

Day to day Josie time back when i wore the wig.

No.3018 : FoxTrap [12/01/12(Thu)06:25] [Report] 1326367556019.jpg (235368 B, 1200x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
235368 B

Also.... I guess I'll keep posting pics on here if you guys keep filling out the wishlist. Ill be doing a new set + vid shoot since you've already been so nice and gotten me some really cute new items!

No.3019 : ?Robertagrammaton? ##nuerJyS6 [12/01/12(Thu)08:40] [Report] []

FUCK. You are impossibly hot.

No.3020 : Anonymous [12/01/12(Thu)10:44] [Report] []


new set AND VID! Great to hear can't wait to see them!

No.3021 : Anonymous [12/01/12(Thu)12:11] [Report] []

Could somebody give me a link of wherever she uploads her vids?

No.3026 : Anonymous [12/01/12(Thu)16:55] [Report] []

We should get together for a play date. I mean u ain't that far from me ;)

No.3028 : Foxtrap [12/01/12(Thu)20:33] [Report] []

Email me then: JosieCDgurl69 at g mail

pic related. Took this today

No.3029 : Foxtrap [12/01/12(Thu)20:45] [Report] 1326419125612.jpg (959284 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
959284 B


No.3030 : Foxtrap [12/01/12(Thu)21:40] [Report] 1326422420333.jpg (843498 B, 2560x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
843498 B

Thats all for today

No.3032 : Anonymous [12/01/12(Thu)21:49] [Report] []

you know what you need?..........


these pics would be super way hotter without ur little tikes my first webcam

No.3033 : Anonymous [12/01/12(Thu)22:02] [Report] []

Excellent. This pic dump has my wang standing at attention.

No.3037 : lucycdslut [12/01/13(Fri)05:55] [Report] []


indeed, i would do you too...x

No.3049 : Hunter [12/01/14(Sat)00:28] [Report] []

This pix dump makes me cum pretty DAMN hard. Where's your wishlist?

No.3063 : Anonymous [12/01/14(Sat)10:37] [Report] []

I wanna be in that bed with you XD

No.3112 : Anonymous [12/01/16(Mon)22:07] [Report] []

here abouts: amzn. com/ w/3LU0Q11YITQU7

I must say I adore all the emails I got from you boys (and girls) and I'll try to keep this thread alive and chatty by responding and posting pics. You know, for science afterall.

No.3126 : Anonymous [12/01/17(Tue)21:51] [Report] []

You are sooooo yummy :)

No.3136 : Anonymous [12/01/18(Wed)19:04] [Report] []

meaning a dick in ur butt

No.3146 : RU10 [12/01/19(Thu)13:56] [Report] []

You are gorgeous

No.3160 : Anonymous [12/01/21(Sat)08:08] [Report] []

Your name was appropriately chosen. You are so foxy, I would kiss you until I couldn't stand it anymore... then I'd fuck you until you screamed. <3

No.3579 : Anonymous [12/02/19(Sun)05:20] [Report] []

I've heard of a Josie.7z file that was floating around that had videos of Foxtrap cumming... Is this true?!?

No.3591 : Anonymous [12/02/19(Sun)13:33] [Report] []

Gotta say, this is my favorite pic Josie (foxtrap?). Do you full-time?

No.3644 : Anonymous [12/02/24(Fri)12:38] [Report] []


Oh man I want to find these videos SOOOO bad! Come on guys. One of you beardnecks has to have the file of this hottie.

No.3770 : Anonymous [12/03/06(Tue)16:37] [Report] []

sissysocial. net/video/ viewvideo/92/ just-me-playing-with-a-toy

Found a video.

No.3783 : Anonymous [12/03/06(Tue)22:22] [Report] []

vid is excellent. moar?

No.3789 : Anonymous [12/03/07(Wed)04:14] [Report] []


No.3808 : Bex [12/03/08(Thu)18:19] [Report] []

I remember you from the fetlife /d/ stuff...

correct? :D

lov the pics obviously ;)

No.3925 : Anonymous [12/03/20(Tue)15:56] [Report] []

moar plz

No.3930 : Anonymous [12/03/21(Wed)00:19] [Report] []

Is there a vid???

No.3981 : Anonymous [12/03/25(Sun)02:34] [Report] []

fuck man, I want you in my bed and sucking me off first thing in the morning every day XD

No.3997 : Anonymous [12/03/26(Mon)06:05] [Report] []

hey cutie
r u still taking requests?
would love to see some bondage...^^

No.4197 : photonymous [12/04/07(Sat)00:38] [Report] []

Hey Josie, it's you're 'impromptu' photog here. Just found this as I was wandering the web. Let's do another shoot soon...I'm 'fulltime' now; got new lights, lenses, and gear. Mind if I post pics from our shoots here? I'll text you

No.5357 : FoxTrap [12/06/27(Wed)05:06] [Report] 1340788013701.jpg (76124 B, 702x619) [YIS] [GIS] []
76124 B

Do it. Post all the pics you'd like.

No.5358 : FoxTrap [12/06/27(Wed)05:09] [Report] 1340788197663.jpg (250956 B, 640x570) [YIS] [GIS] []
250956 B


No.5359 : Darby [12/06/27(Wed)14:59] [Report] []

Yes, please post all the pics!

No.5397 : Anonymous [12/06/28(Thu)20:51] [Report] 1340931117492.jpg (64831 B, 352x264) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.5398 : Anonymous [12/06/28(Thu)20:56] [Report] 1340931393486.jpg (198270 B, 1440x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.5399 : Raz [12/06/28(Thu)22:32] [Report] []

Cute :3

No.5400 : bobby [12/06/29(Fri)05:29] [Report] []

don't take this the wrong way but i always remember you as the slanish girl lol for calling everyone chaos kids. Looking great. Sorry about the mixed message.

No.5403 : FoxTrap [12/06/29(Fri)06:22] [Report] []


:-P I LOVE captions of me!

No.5405 : Anonymous [12/06/29(Fri)06:35] [Report] []


oh god i love this picture.

any chance you'd mind telling us what state you're from? i'm always curious.

No.5406 : Anonymous [12/06/29(Fri)06:37] [Report] []


but this one is the best. holy mother of god, you look so fucking sexy in this one.

No.5411 : Anonymous [12/06/29(Fri)15:02] [Report] 1340996558749.jpg (147159 B, 1440x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.5417 : FoxTrap [12/06/30(Sat)05:40] [Report] []

I'm in California. And hopefully have money to relax a bit this summer. So hopefully that means being en femme a bit more (But im working right now and thats generally not the sexiest thing.)

No.5425 : β˜†Robertagrammatonβ˜† ##nuerJyS6 [12/06/30(Sat)14:28] [Report] []


>I'm in California

Oh? ¬_¬

No.5459 : FoxTrap [12/07/01(Sun)20:01] [Report] []


No.5542 : Anonymous [12/07/05(Thu)23:34] [Report] []

Hot. Just sayin, keep up the good stuff.

No.5551 : FoxTrap [12/07/06(Fri)05:03] [Report] []

i'm on skype right now: josie.(nospacehere)foxtrap

No.5557 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)10:51] [Report] []


Added ya Josie, hope you don't mind ;)

No.5559 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)13:51] [Report] 1341597075566.png (169054 B, 320x239) [YIS] [GIS] []
169054 B

first capture

No.5560 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)13:51] [Report] []

^^ forgot to ask, what do you think?

No.5562 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)14:12] [Report] []


Very voluptuous looking if I say so myself. ;)

Btw Foxtrap is your Skype name Josie Robertson?

No.5564 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)14:20] [Report] 1341598849685.png (126397 B, 316x237) [YIS] [GIS] []
126397 B

thanks, heres another

No.5565 : FoxTrap [12/07/06(Fri)14:26] [Report] 1341599170701.jpg (82133 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
82133 B

newest pic. lol sorry I didnt take more, I was a bit drunk.

No.5569 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)17:24] [Report] []

Whatever happened to your newer set of pics from like last yr? Seems like they've been scrubbed from the net. Higher def = more faps :(

No.5575 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)22:02] [Report] []


That cup looks like it's nearly empty, care for a refill? :p

No.5634 : lauratchan [12/07/08(Sun)23:32] [Report] []

You... Crap, I do believe IÒ€ℒve come down with the vapors... I've seen your pics at various times on various corners of the intarbuttz and been absolutely flabbergasted. I cant quite tell which I want more; to be you or to be with you, but I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere. Like, Im wandering the filthy halls of the net with my wits completely about me, then I turn a corner into a gallery with nothing but pics of you and ur foxy-ness gets into my brain, making me just a lil insane (In a good way) Up is red and black is seventy-two and the whole world becomes two bulges; one on screen, and one here in a lace thong straining to contain it.

No.5654 : Anonymous [12/07/09(Mon)08:34] [Report] []

ur just adorable

No.5673 : Anonymous [12/07/10(Tue)05:09] [Report] []

are you also on MSN?

No.5677 : Philafanindc [12/07/10(Tue)09:01] [Report] []

You are glorious Josie- I would love to see you on skype sometime!


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