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No.16957 : Kayla Bottoms [2021-04-22 03:34] [Report] 1619076893919.jpg (893731 B, 958x2110) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
893731 B

Im in a sexless marriage. My wife says, Go out and have some fun! Having seen me in action during mmf 3somes, she knows I'm a submissive cock whore. I do miss sex with her, but she knows how I love to dress slutty and obsessed with being fucked. I admit it. I'm love to crossdress and have sex with anonymous men. Now, I can pursue my two biggest desires..being gangbanged and being in a porn film...

No.16958 : Anonymous [2021-04-22 09:06] [Report] []

sounds like you have AIDS

No.16978 : Anonymous [2021-05-14 22:26] [Report] []

Prn isn't as funny as you can imagine. Basically, they rape you for cash. If you really want something like this, try making homemade porn with someone you really like.

No.16979 : Anonymous [2021-05-14 23:22] [Report] []

>>16978 lol imagine calling it rape when you've agreed, and even accepted payment for it

No.16995 : Kaylabottoms [2021-06-11 11:20] [Report] 1623424841877.gif (2192301 B, 300x300) [YIS] [GIS] []
2192301 B

Seems the troll from other sites has showed up again with their snarky and grade school level thoughts....
Ty btw. I get so bloody turned on whenever they try to humiliate me.
Listen, I purposefully go down on men in dark allys, on bar stools and an yuh place where a whore can do what whores do while others watch and shake their heads. Without it being illegal of course...


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