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No.14699 : huskybutt [2016-12-17 17:27] [Report] 1482013667655.jpg (916815 B, 3072x2304) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
916815 B

hey there you can call me husky butt

i dont really like doing this sort of stuff but iv been going through a rough time and and im not in a good situation financially. im needing money so iv decided to tell images of me crossdressing/trap.

there will be a minumum donation of $5 to receive the images. there is 25 images with 2 outfits this includes the preview image shown. if the donation are over generous i will see what else i can through in.

if your interest email

No.14701 : R-kun [2016-12-18 22:59] [Report] []

I doubt anyone who still frequents here is gonna pay money to a rando faceless crossdresser when all of us post our pics for kicks. If you're looking for sugar daddies, try 7chan or 8chan.

No.16888 : Anonymous [2021-01-16 01:30] [Report] []

>>14699 it's nice that you try and let us tell you look pretty, i would love to have you as my stepdaughter.
but as the man said, your spells don't have any effect here. we do this for kicks and fun, we like to treat each others like a girl


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