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No.13469 : marybee [2015-02-15 19:27] 1424046474618.jpg [GIS] (1369887 B, 2432x4320)
1369887 B

I'm back. Do u remember me? ;)

No.13470 : marybee [2015-02-15 21:12] 1424052729265.jpg [GIS] (2190502 B, 4320x2432) []
No.13471 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 01:56] []

No, but I certainly will now. =]

No.13472 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [2015-02-16 19:55] []

I do =3 Love the big glasses look

No.13473 : marybee [2015-02-17 09:15] 1424182500940.jpg [GIS] (2065414 B, 2432x4320) []
No.13474 : marybee [2015-02-17 09:17] 1424182648622.jpg [GIS] (1910846 B, 2432x4320) []
No.13475 : marybee [2015-02-17 09:18] 1424182734976.jpg [GIS] (662803 B, 1080x1920) []
No.13476 : marybee [2015-02-17 09:20] []
No.13477 : marybee [2015-02-17 09:36] []

I have two vídeos but I'm too lazy to dead how to make a Webm video

No.13482 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 20:17] []

very sexy

No.13484 : Anonymous [2015-02-21 20:29] []

please upload vid would love to see you, never thought I'd see more posts from you

No.13486 : marybee [2015-02-22 08:32] 1424611935056.jpg [GIS] (1957010 B, 2432x4320) []
No.13487 : marybee [2015-02-22 08:39] 1424612351204.jpg [GIS] (2002251 B, 2432x4320) []
No.13488 : marybee [2015-02-22 08:40] 1424612414567.jpg [GIS] (1404075 B, 2432x4320) []
No.13489 : marybee [2015-02-22 09:09] []

Well...I'm trying to convert my vídeos to Webm. I leaved some pics too.
Let me tell you something about me:
I'm from Argentina and I've been dressing up since I was 12 yo. It has been a while since I took new pics but what you are looking At are the last ones.
In december I met a girl And now we are boyf and girf. It's the first time that happens to me so I'm pretty exited And I don't want to ruin it. So I put my girly side, aside for a while. What's funny it's that on november I bought a lot of things for my girly side And I planned that on january an february I was going to go out dressed as a girl to discos, bars And I also planned to have sex for the 1st time with a guy.(I've been fucked by a tranny once and I liked it. But I don't like guys, Ibut I was really to try sex anyway)
But, meeting this girl changed everything.
I always suck At trying to get girls and as Mary Bee I always get attention Haha. That always turns me on.
I closed my "marybee' facebook accout, hide my last pics And well here I am: trying to get some attention again.
I miss the attention that my girly side. Last time I dressed up(when I took last pics) I REALLY enjoyed feeling that way. Since I was little I always wanted to have a girlfriend. This could be take as a sacrifece...I don't know. Maybe some day I could talk about this with my girlfriend. This could be the best, but it's too soon now. What do u guys think about this? Sorry for my english

No.13490 : Anonymous [2015-02-22 19:21] []

Can I ask how old you are?

No.13491 : marybee [2015-02-22 21:50] []


I'm 24 years old :)

No.13492 : Anonymous [2015-02-25 01:34] []

>>13489 may I ask where in Argentina your from?

No.13493 : marybee [2015-02-25 12:31] []

I'm from Buenos Aires. Maybe we should take this conversation to another place. This is my email: marubelencd

No.13657 : Anonymous [2015-04-07 20:25] []

Beautiful face indeed.

No.13661 : marybee [2015-04-08 02:02] 1428472955865.webm [GIS] (918838 B, 616x392) []
918838 B

First time with new wig (I couln't stop playing with it).

I was drunk and pretty exited :P

No.13664 : Anonymous [2015-04-08 13:08] []

sexy video...

No.13790 : Anonymous [2015-05-07 14:26] []

Are you still there? Can we see more?

No.14190 : marybeecd [2016-03-07 21:33] 1457404436660.jpg [GIS] (1524066 B, 2432x4320) []
1524066 B

I'm back. But not for long...

No.14212 : Anonymous [2016-04-11 13:46] []

That is just the cutest thing ever!

No.14387 : marybee [2016-06-18 12:45] 1466268339755.jpg [GIS] (1586890 B, 2432x4320) []
1586890 B

New stuff!

No.14388 : marybee [2016-06-18 12:46] 1466268388417.jpg [GIS] (2216142 B, 2432x4320) []
No.14389 : marybee [2016-06-18 12:47] 1466268450603.jpg [GIS] (1988365 B, 2432x4320) []
No.14409 : Anonymous [2016-07-03 07:06] []

>>14387wow u look hot xx

No.14425 : Aj [2016-07-18 21:53] []

Que Linda eres, mamacita. Te deben dar te contrato para hacer modelo

No.14438 : marybee [2016-07-29 15:05] 1469819131209.jpg [GIS] (86838 B, 1115x1952) []
No.14439 : marybee [2016-07-29 15:05] 1469819159871.jpg [GIS] (103564 B, 1153x2048) []
No.14440 : marybee [2016-07-29 15:06] 1469819216249.jpg [GIS] (181144 B, 1153x2048) []
181144 B

Kinda Bimbo lipstick here

No.14441 : marybee [2016-07-29 15:07] []

>>14425 gracias amor

No.14560 : Anonymous [2016-10-19 18:28] []

So, what happened with gf? Btw, that's really hot look! Too bad that I didn't meet you, when I was in ba last time. Went to some clubs in ramos.

No.14615 : marybee [2016-12-01 13:57] 1480618638042.jpg [GIS] (2009695 B, 2432x4320) []
No.14616 : marybee [2016-12-01 13:58] 1480618722257.jpg [GIS] (469571 B, 1759x2187) []
No.14617 : marybee [2016-12-01 14:06] []

Hi, I went to a disco for the first time and with a shemale friend some months ago. I arrived late to her house so we didnt have much time to dress and do makeup. We got drunk ans it was fun. I talked with some women and some men tried to flirt but I was focused on looking good and enjoying the experience. I was not to confortable But the main problem was my voice. If I really want to continue doing this I will have to practise my fem voice. I will add more pics later. Hope u like it

No.14618 : marybee [2016-12-01 14:07] []

>>14560 hi. Well maybe next time bb. We can start talking by Facebook.

No.14619 : ☆Robertagrammaton☆ ##nuerJyS6 [2016-12-01 16:39] []

You are stunning. I use my natural voice and still get play, it might feel weird but I think you should be fine. Not to be insulting but you are kind of big so I think people know what they are getting into.

No.14620 : marybee [2016-12-01 17:43] []

>>14619 thanks honey! Yes, I'm 6ft tall and 167lb si yup pretty big.

No.14622 : marybee [2016-12-02 00:34] 1480656883972.jpg [GIS] (2493666 B, 2432x4320) []
2493666 B

Bonus no-makeup

No.14623 : marybee [2016-12-02 00:46] []

>>14560 the relationship last 7 months. I have never found the oportunity to tell her. now I have moved from my parents house. I have a lot of clothes But those last pics were taken around July. I'm really away from the femme side. I always say that it's like a cicle

No.15108 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:45] 1510386356039.jpg [GIS] (924491 B, 2432x4320) []
No.15109 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:46] 1510386417009.jpg [GIS] (125625 B, 1032x1116) []
No.15110 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:47] 1510386457422.jpg [GIS] (111802 B, 1248x2015) []
No.15111 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:48] 1510386505947.jpg [GIS] (41216 B, 720x960) []
No.15112 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:49] 1510386562107.jpg [GIS] (791219 B, 1232x3315) []
No.15113 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:49] 1510386596932.jpg [GIS] (19107 B, 640x480) []
No.15114 : marybee [2017-11-11 02:53] 1510386807655.jpg [GIS] (22625 B, 640x480) []
22625 B

Hello, I'm back. I have new pics, and I also have vids but in my Facebook. You can try to find me as . I have a dedicated cellphone for my female side, so if you are from Argentina and want hot pics or vids (if you are trans, woman or cd would be great), contact me via Facebook and I will send you my number. A lot of new clothes but still have to practise a lot with the makeup.

No.15135 : Aj [2017-11-27 01:01] []

Sigues la mas preciosa mujer


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